Where to find (and defeat) bosses: Part 2 - Guide for Pikmin 2

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Here is a continued list of bosses and their holes.

White Flower Garden: Burrowing Snagret             Reward: White Pikmin join your team
BOSS:Burrowing Snagret: (1)Find where the snagret will come out. (2 optional) Use an Ultra-Bitter 
 (3)If it attacks right away just avoid it and wait for a chance to throw Pikmin onto its white head. It 
make grunting noises and when it stops call back your Pikmin. (4)Repeat step three.

Bulblax Kingdom: Emperor Bulblax 
BOSS:Emperor Bulblax: (1)You can see the stalks of its eyes while it is underground so you just have to 
come close and...BAM it comes out of the ground. (2)It will make a weird noise before it attacks so 
watch out. When you do get a chance THROW YOUR PIKMIN ON ITS HEAD! Throwing them on the hump 
works too but DO NOT attack the legs. If you get all of your Pikmin on the legs it will jump up and 
smash them all and cause a Pikmin extinction. I lost all of my yellow and blue Pikmin before i knew not 
to attack the legs...

Snagret Hole: Pileated Snagret and Burrowing Snagret
BOSS:Pileated Snagret: (1)Basically its the same as a burrowing snagret except it has a foot. Also there 
is many burrowing snagrets along the way and there is even one outside the hole.

That is all for today and i will right the Perplexing Pool (and MAYBE the Wistful Wild later.

Zach Ponath
[email protected] 

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