Which Dog should You Choose? - Guide for Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends

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Do you want a cute dog? A fast one? A active one? Ill Help you....

Minature Dachshund:
Not a real good dog for the Disc and Agility Competition... He could be good 
for the Obediance trail.My opinion when your picking this dog...pick the one 
with the personality for First time dog owners.

These dogs are cute and they are medium sized AND they are cute! So if you were 
picking this dog, Good idea.

Golden Retriver:
I think this could be the best dog in the game! They are good at everything! I 
beat championship on the Agility trails with a Golden Retriever.If you wanna 
rack up on money, get this dog!

Not cute and very ugly-faced!!!! I wouldnt get this dog PERIOD!

Shih Tzu:
Funny name.....I would get this dog if you cant make up you mind.To make you 
feel better this thing is SO cute!

Siberian Husky:
This dog is a good choice if you want to win the Agility Trail!These dags arent 
all cute but they are fuzzy in the inside!

Im going to list them in the Get rankings!

1.Golden Retriever
2.Siberian Husky
3.Minature Dachshund
4.Shih Tzu

Made By: Me!

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