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Hello! I know that some people get ticked off when they do a difficult task and get 
nothing for it. I'm one of those people. So, anyway, I made this list for City 
Trial and Top Ride showing which tasks earn you what. When I complete Air Ride I 
will make a guide for that too.

******Top Ride******

Music (X or Y on Select Course)

Grass: Finish 1st and hit 5 or more Dash Panels on the Grass Level.
Light: Complete Light Time Attack in under 33 seconds.
Fire: Finish 1st while holding the Fire item. 
Sand: Finish Sand Time Attack in under 29 seconds.
Water: Finish 5 seconds faster than the 2nd placer on the Water level.
Metal: Take 1st place without using Boost.
Sky: Do one lap in under 9 seconds in Sky Free Run.

Kirby Colors (X or Y on Player Entry)

Purple: Compete in over 50 multiplayer races.
Brown: Finish 1st with CPUs set to level 5 on the Sky level.
White: Finish 5 seconds faster than the second placer on the Metal level.
Green: Cross the goal 20 times.

New Items

Lantern (darkens all of level except you): Finish 1st on all levels without using 
the "Zero Items" rule.
Who? Paint (makes Kirbys invisible): Collect a total of 500 items.
Chickie (messes up enemy controls): Get over 18 different types of items.

Free Boxes

Drop into Ant Doom (the giant worm on the Sand level) a total of 50 times.
Finish all courses without using Boost.
Grind the rails 5 times on the Light level and take 1st place.
Finish Grass Time Attack in under 33 seconds.
Cause a huge eruption on the Fire level 3 times or more.

Sound Tests

Fire: Take 1st place 10 times or more on the Fire stage.
Sand: Take 1st place on the Sand level without using Boost.
Sky: Hit the Isle Knob(the blue circle near the 1st jump pad) 5 times and take 1st 
Water: Finish 5 laps in under 1 minute 2 seconds.
Results Screen: Finish one lap in under 7 and a half seconds on the Light level.
Metal: Break 5 gear walls and take 1st place.
Light: Race more than a total of 100 laps on the Light level.
Grass: Take 1st place without picking up any items or using the "No Items" rule.

Extra Rules

Only Attack Items: Finish Water Time Attack in under 56 seconds.
Stage Event Quantity: Enter the falls in the Water stage 5 times and take 1st place.
Diagonal Camera: Take 1st place on all courses.
Side Camera Angle: Do one lap in under 10 and a half seconds on the Water level.
Mystery Items: Race one lap without hitting a wall and take 1st place on any level.

Also, complete 100 checkboxes to unlock a movie.

******City Trial******

This is more unorganized. Sorry.

Unlock Dragoon Parts A, B, and C.- Use Dragoon in Free Run
Unlock Hydra Parts X, Y, and Z.- Use Hydra in Free Run
KO over 1,500 enemies in Kirby Melee.- Hydra Part Z
KO 10 enemies in Destruction Derby 2.- New Stadum: Destruction Derby 3
Pick up a total of 1,000 items.- Music: City
Unlock 10 Stadium modes.- New Stadium: Single Race- Nebula Belt
Jump higher than 1,000 feet in High Jump.- Dragoon Part A
KO 10 enemies with Fireworks.- Green Kirby
Complete Drag Race 4 in under 19 seconds.- Sound Test: Drag Race
Break more than 500 boxes.- Sound Test: Dense Fog Today
Change machines 10 times in Free Run.- Sound Test: Legendary Air Ride Machine
Complete Drag Race 1 in under 20 seconds.- Sound Test: Rowdy Charge Tank
Pick up a total of 500 items.- Pause Screen Stats
Bust Warpstar while on Swerve Star.- Sound Test: The Lighthouse Light Burns
Bust all of Destruction Derby 1's rocks.- Free Purple Box
Complete Drag Race 3 in under 27 seconds.- New Stadium: Drag Race 4
Stay in the air for 15 seconds in Target Flight.- Sound Test: Target Flight
KO 30 enemies in Kirby Melee 2.- Sound Test: What's In The Box?
KO 75 enemies in Kirby Melee 1.- New Stadium: Kirby Melee 2
Break 1,000 boxes.- Use Meta Knight in Free Run.
KO 40 enemies in Kirby Melee 2.- Sound Test: Kirby Melee
Bust Slick Star while on Formula Star.- Sound Test: Station Fire
Break 5 or more CPU machines.- Purple Kirby
Collect 100 items.- Sound Test: Item Bounce
Bust the Star Pole 10 times.- Free Purple Box
The meteor attacks the city 3 times.- Sound Test: Flying Meteor
Drive for a total of 30 minutes in Free Run.- Sound Test: City Trial
Fly through rings 5 times in one game.- Dragoon Part B
Fly farther than 1,300 feet in Air Glider.- Dragoon Part C
Race over 60 miles total.- Free Purple Box.
Steal 8 items from Tac.- Sound Test: Tac Challenge
Get trampled by Dyna Blade.- Free Purple Box
KO 10 enemies in Destruction Derby 4.- New Stadium: Destruction Derby 5
Complete Drag Race 2 in under 29 seconds on Winged Star.- Brown Kirby
KO 150 enemies in all of the Destruction Derbies.- Hydra Part Y
Drive for a total of 2 hours in Free Run.- Free Purple Box
KO King Dedede in less than a minute in VS, King Dedede.- Use King Dedede in Free 
Destroy all of the concrete blocks.- Hydra Part X
Stay in the air for 30 seconds in Air Glider.- Sound Test: Air Glider
KO 5 enemies in Destruction Derby 3.- New Stadium: Destruction Derby 4
Do damage do Dyna Blade.- Sound Test: Dyna Blade Intro
Break 5 huge pillars.- Sound Test: Huge Pillar
Assemble Dragoon and Hydra in one game.- White Kirby
Also, complete 100 checkboxes for a movie.

That's all! I'll make one for Air Ride when I finish it. Bye!

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