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This boss is King Boo.
King Boo Specs.:
Weapon Used:Fruit, Boos
POW: ***
DEF: **

 This guide is about King Boo. You find King Boo on Sirenia Beach. 

 Thanks for starting to read this! Now, to find King Boo, choose the episode 'King 
Boo Down Below'. Walk up to the hotel owner then he'll get you inside. Then go to 
the casino entrance. Here's a hint: DON'T HIT THE COINS THAT DON'T MOVE CLOCKWISE! 
They are Boos! Even that blue coin! Now, defeat the Boos. Then hit the purple 
square on the wheel. Then you'll begin going down. Once u reach the rest of the 
wheel, you'll hear boos laughing, then the wheels start to move, then King Boo 
appears! King boo carries a wheel(we'll get there later). He'll spit Boos at you. 
Hit them at him... that'll make him spin the wheel. If you get Fruit, throw the Red 
Pepper at his crown. His tounge will burn like mad, but DON'T USE WATER! If you do, 
the fire is gone. If you didn't use water and he is still burned, throw a orange 
fruit at his crown. Then he'll lose HP. Do this twice....BUT! Other specs are 
there! Coins aren't Boos, they are the main health. The ?'s are enemys. Usually, 
there are fire enemys that are following you. The Enemy with a ? are those enemys 
on Pinna Park... they aren't the koopas. Those things with the big one on the 
bottom. That one. Either they are on fire or they are in regular stage. Fruit i 
told you earier... This doesn't require a single turn, it's 2 turns required.

 Here are some tips.

 1. Don't aim at the tounge, his crown.
 2. Fire Boos at his tounge to make the wheel go.
 3. Come here with full health. Experts, come here with half.

  I hope you liked my guide! E-Mail me anytime for any extra things needed at 
[email protected] Again, thanks for reading!

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