Why do they patch glitches? - Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops

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  They patch glitches because the creators want you to play fair.They dont want 
people cheating.They say "whats the point of playing when you're cheating?".If 
you cheat you dont really earn what ever you've earned while cheating.The 
creators always patch glitches that alot of people talk about because they want 
to play fair!The developers play fair!Most people dont play fair like ME!      
Reasons why they should not patch:
*Glitches help you get on the leader boards!
*Glitches help you practice!
*You can earn achivements!
Reasons why they should patch:
*You'll feel good about not glitching!
*You're following the creators!
*It's fair!
            I still glitch when I can but barely.I'm on both sides!Dont fight!
BYE!$D :0 :(!

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