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         1. Ganondorf
         2. Combos
         3. Summary

1. Ganondorf- Ganondorf is a very flexible character that you can use to send 
many a enemy flying.  He is strong, has powerful moves, but is slow.  He is 
best in places with alot of platforms, and obstacles, such as Hyrule Temple, 
where he can bounce off of some uneven ground.  Ganondorf is just like Captain 
Falcon, yet slower.  He has many combos that fit and max out his strength and 
increase his speed.  His main weaknesses are his speed, special move recovery, 
and his attacks.  what I mean by special move recovery is that if you use b-
down and miss, then it takes a while for him to get back up and get in the game 
again.  His attacks are a weakness because in some areas, if you accidentally 
press b-side instead of a-side smash and they jump, you could fall off.

2. Combos- Ganondorf has many combos, which you can use to weaken your 
opponent, stun them, or send them flying.  Combos go as follows

-b-side, b-up, b-up- this combo works best if the enemy has at least 50% on 
them, otherwise, it doesn't work so well.

-b-down, b-down, b-side, b-up- this combo is very hard to pull off, mainly 
because you need to have the enemy against a slightly uneven area, like in 
Hyrule Temple, and it is very hard to hit them with all parts of the combo, 
because, unless they're unsuspecting, they can dodge you're fist attack.  This 
combo is mainly meant for stunning and dame=aging the enemy.

-b-side, b-side, b-side, b-side, b-up- this combo is great for getting the kill 
in.  You first damage and stun the enemy, then you electricute them with your 
special jump.  Side effects of this combo may include: panic, worry, frustration
(that they cant move), and the urge to give up(I mean it, this has happened 
sometimes when I play =)and I get really happy).

-last, but not least: jump, b-up, b-down, b-side, b-side, b-side, b-up-If 
someone you're playing against has read this up till right now, you would fake 
them out with this combo by jumping first.  This, instinctively, makes them 
jump so that you can execute this.  This combo devastates the opponent but is 
very hard to execute, memorize, and hit them.  Normally, this combo misses.  
I've done it once, and I killed the opponent when they started at 0%.  When 
possible, use this combo!!!

3. Summary-Ganondorf has many combos that dan give you a huge edge when playing 
an unsuspecting opponent.  They may cry and weep, but you'll know that it 
wasn't them, but it was you, and a new arsenal of combos, that kicked their but 
in the neverending battle of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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