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                      This covers the last level, Yavin Final.
	You enter this level in the temple. Pull out your lightsaber and slash 
the rocks blocking the entrance in front of you. Walk down the path. Keep going 
until you reach a large room. Be careful, Desan is using his force powers to
knock the ceiling down. To pass this easily, use the force power speed, and jump 
up the steps into the next hall. Do not go down the path, instead go to the dead 
end to your left. Walk through the wall. Yuo will need your force power speed again. 
There are flames shooting out of the walls, so be careful. Using protect may help
too. There are gaps between the shooting flames, so use it to your advantage. 
Once you pass these, you will reach the end of the hall, which opens to a large room. 
You will see 3 Desans, each walking down a different path. Do not go into the one 
with a dead end, the wall is a fake that sends you into a pit. The room with the 
mirror won't harm you, but it is pretty cool to see. The hall you want has a big 
fire at the bootom, which you need to put out to pass. It kills you instantly. 
At the top of that hall, there is a leaky pipe. Busat it open with a gun, and wait
until the water drains to the bottom and puts out the fire. You then can pass. Drop
 in to the hole in the floor. There are four really small halls. 3 have the force
push insignia. Push them using the force. Then go down each new hall and look for 
another push insignia lower on the wall. It might take time to find it. It is as high
as your knee. Push it, and search the halls again until you find the hall with
the large stones going in and out. To pass these, you need the force power speed 
again. Dodge them carefully, because they crush you and you die instantly. Once
 you pass them, the hall opens to the biggest room in the temple. In the middle, 
Desan is charging up using the red beam in the middle. To defeat him, it will be 
difficult. Save while you are still high up in the room. USe force speed and jump to 
him and attack , getting in as many hits as possible. Use hit and run tactics. Watch
out for him throwing his lightsaber, he can hold it very long. Use the invincibility 
beam in the center so it doesn't hit you. Use force speed to run behind the stone
pillars, and make him throw his lightsaber at you, cutting the rock and it falls on 
him. It kills him instantly. Another tactic: USe thermal detonators from a good distance
 while he throws his light saber, but be careful, he might use the force to push it back.
 It takes about 5 hits from thermal detonators or rocket launchers. 

                                  May the force be with you,
                                                             [email protected]

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