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 Part1: The Clone Wars
 Part2: Galactic Civil War
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Faction info--------------------------------------------------------------------

For thousands of years the Republic ruled tha galaxy, but parts of it have 
grown corrupt (Hmm, sounds like a certain government I know).  Now some want to 
see it changed and are taking up arms, throwing the galaxy into a war.  Little 
does anyone know the entire war is being monitored and controlled by a 
mysterious Sith named Darth Sidious, aka Chancellor Palpatine... (:o 
For thousands of years, the Republic has been the galaxy's government.  Now 
they must defend themselves from the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS).


Clone Trooper
Bred to be perfect soldiers, clone troopers know nothing but war.  Their armor 
is recognized across the galaxy now.

Heavy Trooper
The CIS has a ton af vehicles, and trust me, they're all good vehicles!  So the 
heavy trooper's job-blowing up vehicles-is extra important.

Tip: Use the Heavy Trooper's rocket launcher to take out the shields of 
droidekas and then destroy them.  Nothing works better!

Clone Engineer
The Republic has a lot of vehicles to maintain, so engineers are important.

Clone Sharpshooter
Unlike ordinary snipers which are taken from the most accurate soldiers, clone 
snipers are bred to be good marksmen.  It's funny to see a clone take advantage 
of unsuspecting droids!

Clone Commander (8 points to unlock)     
Clone commanders command the clone armies.  They are a strong leading force, 
and their chaingun kicks butt!
Weapon:       Ammo:  Description:
Chaingun      N/A    The chain gun has a high rate of fire and lots of power, 
                     making the Clone Commander a favorite among gamers.  
                     it requires a second to warm up and can easily overheat, 
                     it is very heavy, so the clone commander is very slow.

pistol       N/A     A more reliable backup weapon.

Rally        1       This gives all nearaby friendly units a 50% damage 
                     reduction for 20 seconds.

Recon droid  1       The recon droid is armed with a light blaster and can be 

Tip: the chaingun works best on infantry, but isn't as good on vehicles.

Jet Trooper (12 points to unlock)
Just like Jango Fett, these special tropers have jetpacks that can allow them 
zip around the battlefield and get to high places.
Weapon:      Ammo:  Description:
Merr-Sonn    2/7    This weapon works best on infantry, creating circut-blowing
EMP launcher        electrical blasts.  It's kinda inneficient and I don't
                    really like it. :P               

DC-17        N/A    Jet troopers are more likely to get in a tough situation, so
commando            they get DC-17 blasters which have a higher rate of fire.

Grenades     4      Jet troopers get more grenades than standard troops.

Tip: Jet troopers can get to command posts faster and more easily than any 
other Republic unit, and are well armed, so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!  They can 
also hit snipers in high places.

Clone Pilot (space only)
Clone pilots are specially trained clones that fly starfighters, they can 
regenerate a ship's health while in it.

Clone Marine (space only)
Clone marines are just like clone troopers but are trained for boarding actions 
and combat inside starships.


Alaya Secura
Hero rating: good
Alaya has seen a lot of the galaxy, and the war.  She has been part of numerous 
Weapon:      Ammo:  Description:
Lightsabers  N/A    The weapon of the Jedi.  Their name says what they are.

Block        N/A    This blocks incoming shots; good and annoying!

Saber throw  N/A    This can hit faraway enemies.

Force pull   N/A    This brings enemies close enough for a saber slash!

Tip: Alaya is fast and works good for clearing infantry. 

Hero rating: average
Ki-Adi-Mundi is the only member of the Jedi Council that isn't a master.  A lot 
of time he is gone on campaigns.
Weapon:      Ammo:  Description:
Lightsaber   N/A    The weapon of a Jedi.

Block        N/A    Blocks incoming shots.

Saber throw  N/A    This can hit faraway enemies.

Force pull   N/A    This brings enemies close enough for a saber slash!

Tip: The Mygeeto map is the only one Ki-Adi-Mundi is on, however it is very 
but Ki-Adi-Mundi is fast, so he can go from one end of the map to another in a 
short time. 

Mace Windu
Hero rating: above average
Mace Windu is a senior member of the Jedi Council almost as respected as Yoda.
He is a good fighter.
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
Lightsaber  N/A     The weapon of a Jedi.

Block       N/A     Blocks incoming shots.

Saber throw N/A     This can hit faraway enemies.

Force push  N/A     This pushes enemies back.

Tip: Windu is a lot better at hitting enemies close up.

Hero rating: average
In the Clone Wars, Obi Wan became a Jedi Master and became a member of the Jedi 
Council.  He is a respected Jedi and General. 
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
Lightsaber  N/A     The weapon of a Jedi.

Block       N/A     This blocks incoming shots.

Saber throw N/A     This hits faraway enemies.

Force push  N/A     This pushes enemies back.

Tip: Obi-Wan's moves are well suited to clearing out enemies from areas.  Use 
to lead charges.

Hero rating: below average
Yoda is short, green, has big ears, is 900 years old, and talks funny.  That 
describes most of him.  He is also a senior member of the Jedi Council and 
very, VERY respected.
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
Lightsaber  N/A     The weapon af a Jedi

Block       N/A     This blocks incoming shots.

Force push  N/A     This pushes enimies back

Force pull  N/A     This brings enemies close enough for a saber slash!

Tip: Trust me, Yoda is short and very hard to hit (hmm, maybe that's why he's 
such a pain in Mos Eisley: Assault).


BARC Speeder
A fast and highly manuverable speeder bike, but the cannon is fairly weak.
weapon: 1 laser cannon
crew: 1 pilot

IFT-X (TX 130S Fighter tank)
A fast and decently armed speeder that can mow down enemy infantry.
weapons: 2 blaster cannons, 2 missile launcer, 1 beam cannon turret
crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner
Note: the gunner is exposed to enemy fire.

AT-RT (All Terrain Recon Transport)
The AT-RT was one of many predecessors of the AT-ST.
It is small and fast.
weapons: 1 laser cannon, 1 mortar cannon
crew: 1 pilot
Note: the pilot is exposed to enemy fire.

AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer)
The AT-TE is extremely slow, but equally well armed.  It looks like an insect, 
crawling on 6 legs.  It was the predecessor to the AT-AT.  It blows through 
anything in the way and can spawn clones at it's location.
weapons: 4 laser cannons, 2 particle cannons, 2 repeating blasters, 1 
projectile cannon turret
crew: 1 pilot, 1 copilot,1 gunner
Note: If you have almost unlimited patience, drive this. If not, ignore it.

Republic Starfighter
The Republic Starfighter is the favored ship of the jedi.  It is very fast, so 
it can be deadly in the hands of a jedi knight with force reflexes.
weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 homing rocket launcher
crew: pilot

ARC-170 Starfighter
ARC-170 (Agressive ReConissance) starfighters are a balanced mix of firepower 
and speed.  It was designed for a multitude of missions.  It's S-Foil wings 
would later be featured in the X-Wing Fighter.
weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 proton torpedo launcher
crew: pilot

The CIS has wealthy weapons companies manufacturing whole fleets of warships 
for them, so obviously a ship was needed to attack them.  That's where the V-
Wing comes along.  It is fast for it's size and I've found it to be the easiest 
bomber to use.
weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 proton bomb dispenser
crew: 1 pilot

LAAT/I Gunship (Republic Gunship)
The Republic gunship is slow, bun is very reliable.  It is used as a boarding 
craft.It can spawn troops in the enemy hangar as long as it is there.
weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 missile launcher, 1 guided rocket launcher, 2 beam 
cannon turrets
crew: pilot, copilot, 2 turret gunners

Acclamator-Class Frigate
The Acclamator was once the pride of the Republic navy.  They are now used as 
escort frigates.
weapons: auto turrets
crew: N/A

Venator-Class Star Destroyer.
The Venators are the first in a long line of ships called Star Destroyers.  
They are very powerful and house the Republic's troops and spacecraft.
weapons: 3 particle cannons, auto turrets
crew: 3 gunners (although an unlimited amount of people can be on at any time)

The CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) believes the Republic has grown 
and wants to stop it.  They have a lot of power because of wealthy weapons 
companies that are producing massive amounts of starships, fighters, tanks, and 
battle droids for them.


Super Battle Droid
The Trade Federation learned a valueable lesson at the Battle of Naboo: cheap, 
bare bones battle droids are fine at terrorizing unarmed civillians, but are 
useless when the opposition are Jedi.  So they redesigned the battle droid, 
giving it reinforced armor and designating the new droid B2.

Assault Droid
Although the CIS was successful with their Super Battle droid, it lacked good 
qualities for using rocket launchers (i.e. hands with fingers).  So the cheapo 
CIS decided that instead of wasting credits on a new design, they could save 
money by equipping the old battle droid design with a rocket launcher and the 
programming to use it.

Assasin Droid
Assasin droids also utilize the original battle droid design because it is 
smaller than the super battle droid. 

Tip: the republic has more vehicles where at least 1 crew member is exposed to 
enemy fire than any other faction.  Take advantage of that!

Engineer Droid
The engineer droid is programmed for basic repair.  It has been programmed with 
technical readouts on a number of military vehicles.

These droids are designed as bodyguards, but can do so much more...
Weapon:      Ammo:    Description:
Bulldog      6/30     This rocket launcher locks on to troops isnstead of 

Radiation    15       By default, the radiation grenades explode on impact but 
launcher              can lengthen the fuse the longer you hold down the 

Neuro        1        Neuro poison affects living things only.  It will damage 
poison                nearaby enemies.

Recon        1        The recon droid can gather data on enemies and self 

Tip: Need to clear an area of infantry?  Use the Magnaguard.

Droidekas are feared even by Jedi.  Armed with twin repeating blasters and a 
shield, droidekas are formidable foes.  It is slow in walking mode, but can 
fast in wheel mode.  When a droideka fires at you, get out of the way!
Weapon:      Ammo:    Description:
Repeating    N/A      These guns are fast and deadly.

Shield       N/A      This shield makes the Droideka a tough kill.

Tip: With a Droideka, don't expect to lead the charge.  But you can still be 
the heavy hitter.

Droid Pilot (space only)
Programmed to fly a variety of craft.  Cheap and expendable.

Droid marine (space only)
Simple droids programmed to board and defend ships.


Count Dooku
Hero rating: above average
A former Jedi, Count Dooku built the Sepratist movement under the instruction 
of Darth Sidious.  He is a charismatic leader and a good fighter.
Weapon:      Ammo:   Description:
Lightsaber   N/A     The weapon of a Jedi 

Block        N/A     This blocks incoming shots.

Force        N/A     A power used by only Sith, force lightning can hit 
lightning            foes.

Force        N/A     Another Sith only power, you can target an enemy and 
choke                them and damage them at the same time.

Tip: Dooku's sith powers will drain your energy bar when you are using them.

Darth Maul
Hero rating: Freakin' Awesome!
Maul was the first apprentice taken by Darthv Sidious.  Although he died in 
I, you can play as him again.  Take advantage of him every time you get the 
oppurtunity to play as him. 
Weapon:     Ammo:    Description:
Lightsaber  N/A      Darth Maul wields a double bladed Sith Lightsaber.

Block       N/A      This blocks incoming shots.

Saber throw N/A      This hits faraway enemies.

Force push  N/A      This pushes enemies back.     

Tip: Never engage Maul close up!

General Greivous
Hero rating: average
General Greivous is an alien cyborg who leads the CIS armies.  He has been 
trained in lightsaber combat by Count Dooku.
Weapon:     Ammo:    Description:
lightsaber  N/A      The weapon of a Jedi

Block       N/A      This blocks incoming shots.

Rage        1        This boosts the damage done by all nearaby enemies

Tip: Greivous does best in smaller areas with less places to hide or run.

Jango Fett
Hero rating: average
Jango was hired to help the CIS.  He is the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter.  
Although anyone who saw Attack of the Clones knows he died, you can play as him 
now.(but seriously, takin' on Mace Windu and expecting to win? He must have 
really lost his head that time, LOL) 
Weapon:    Ammo:     Description:
Westar-34  16/128    This baby is custom made and has a better rate of fire and 
blaster              power than a normal blaster.

Wrist      6         These rockets are essentially tha same things super battle
rockets              droids have.

Time       3         These time bombs blow up in a few seconds.

Tip: Jango is almost like a supercharged special unit.  His jetpack gives him 
great mobility and his weapons are powerful, allowing him to hit fast and hit 


The stap is basically a wierd looking speeder bike that the CIS uses.
Weapons: 2 blasters
Crew: 1 pilot
Note: this is the CIS speeder bike equivalent

This is the CIS's main battle tank.  This is a good vehicle for making big 
comebacks in a battle.
Weapons: 2 blasters, 1 missile launcher, 1 laser cannon
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner
Note: Thisv tank si best suited to destroying stuff rather than as a speedy 
getaway.  It works good on infantry.

Armored Tank Droid
Faster than the AAT and more annoying to enemies on foot, this is the Armored 
Tank Droid.  I recommend using it on troops instead of vehicles.
Weapons: 2 shotguns, 1 grenade launcher
Crew: 1 pilot
Note: This tank isn't well suited for fighting vehicles and works best as an 
anti-infantry vehicle.

Hailfire Driod
The CIS's missile tank, the hailfire just says: "run away!" all over it.
Weapons: 2 missile launchers, 1 chaingun
Crew: 1 Pilot
Note: The Hailfire works better on vehicles than infantry because of its weak 
lasers and strong missiles, unlike most other vehicles.

Spider Walker
The CIS seem to have a vehicle for everything.  The Spider is useless against 
vehicles, but works good on clones.
Weapons: 1 laser, 1 blaster
crew: 1 pilot
Note: This vehicle is slow, but has a good balance of weaponry.

This has a pretty self-explanatory name.  It's fast but weak.  Good for a quick 
getaway.(hint hint to campaign players)
Weapons: 3 chainguns, 1 missile launcher
Crew: 1 pilot

Droid Fighter
Not as weak as the Trifighter but not as strong as a bomber-the CIS Droid 
Starfighter.  I think it's better than the Tri-Fighter. 
Weapons: 2 lasers, 1 proton torpedo launcher
Crew: 1 pilot

CIS Strike Bomber
If you're a star wars nerd, you might wonder why General Greivous's starfighter 
is the CIS's bomber.  It's because Pandemic is lazy and Lucasarts rushed them 
to get this game out the Christmas season after episode 3.
Weapons: 2 blasters, 1 proton bomb dispenser
Crew: 1 pilot

Droid Gunship
Ok, where do the droids go? Anybody notice that the back on the ship looks too 
thin to hold guys?  Just my random observation. :)
Weapons: 1 beam cannon, 1 homing rocket launcher, 2 blasters
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 copilot, 2 gunners, 2 passengers
Note: The Droid Gunship is fairly effective on starships.

Banking Clan Comms Ship
This used to be the Banking Clan's communication ship.  Now it's just a frigate.
Weapons: auto turrets
Crew: N/A

CIS Battleship
This is the most fun capital ship because it's the only one with a double sided
hangar.  I like to fly a Jedi fighter upside down through it. :D
Weapons: 3 particle cannons, autoturrets
Crew: 3 gunners, but infinite people can be on it.

The Republic win, but it turns out Palpaitine was an evil dude who started the 
war just to get himself in power.  Now he's Emperor because he turned the 
Republic into the Empire and has ordered the clone troopers to kill all jedi. :(
There is a new war between the Empire and the Rebels.  This is the era or the 
original Star Wars movies from the 80's with the cheezy dialogue and lame 
special effects that your parents probably saw.
Galactic Empire
The new government in town, the Empire has a strong military and rules with an 
iron fist.  Anyone who dares to resist gets severe consequences, too bad there 
are many people who resist.


The next version of the clone trooper, stormtroopers are completely loyal to 
the Empire, if only because they're weak minded.

Shock Trooper
The Empire trained some of their Stormtroopers to use rocket launchers instead.

Tip: Try putting mines on the side or front of speeder bikes (yes, it's 
possible) and driving them into enemy tanks! :D

Scout Trooper
Scouts are good at fighting solo and engaging enemies from far away.

Imperial Engineer
The Empire sure loves it's tech, which is always top of the line.  That means 
that it needs good engineers to maintain it.

Imperial Officer
After the Clone Wars, instead of having the same genetic template serve as 
soldiers and commanders, the Empire decided to hand over the job of commanding 
to these British accented, short-temperd dudes.
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
Sonic       5/25    Basically useless.  If you're stuck with it, run.

V-6d        5/25    Shoots a grenade farther than a person can.    

Recon       1       This is good for getting tactical information, or blowing
driod               up in enemies' faces. :)

Dark Trooper
Basically a Stormtrooper on steroids.  They are cyborgs with enhanced abilities
and equipment.  Think super-soldier.
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
Arc         5/25    It can be powerful fully at close range with lots of    
caster              enemies, but only when fully charged.  It's otherwise

SE-14r      N/A     Ok, I think you get the idea that I don't like this gun.

Grenades    4       Good for blowing stuff up.

Imperial Pilot (space only)
They get years of training...to fly ships that can barely take a few seconds of 
blaster fire?

Impreial Marine (space only)
Basically a stormtrooper in space.


Anakin Skywalker
Hero rating: average
Anakin was tricked into being evil (joining the Dark Side) by Emperor Palpatine.
He did a few things for Palpatine before his little accident.
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
Lightsaber  N/A     The weapon of a jedi.

Block       N/A     Blocks attacks.

Saber       N/A     Hit enemies with your lightsaber from range.

Force       N/A     Pushes enemies away.

Tip: Anakin has a lot of basic skills of the jedi.  He is esentially a copy of 
Luke Skywalker.

Boba Fett
Hero Rating: above average
Boba is Jango Fett's son, but he's an exact clone of Jango (It's an easier way 
for Jango to carry on his family line than hooking up with a woman. :D  Nice 
one, Jango my man!) Boba wears the same type of armor as Jango and almost all 
his weapons are the same.
Weapon:     Ammo:   Description:
E-3         36/144  The only weapon different from Jango. It fires 3 shots at a 
Blaster             time.

Flame       60      Who doesn't love the flamethrower?  This one is kinda
thrower             confusing because it looks just like Boba's rifle. (Stupid

Wrist       5       Essentially the same things Super Battle droids have.

Detpacks    4       The same things all engineers carry.

Tip:  Like Jango, Jet Troopers, and Dark Troopers, Boba carrys a Jetpack.  It's 
a lot nicer than the ones the Dark and Jet Troopers have.

The Emperor
Hero Rating: above average
Who doesn't love playing as the big guy, the evil mastermind, the biggest 
baddie: The Emperor?  He's the sith who masterminded the Clone Wars and the 
fall of the Republic and the Jedi.
Weapon:     Ammo:    Description:
Lightsaber  N/A      The weapon of a Jedi.

Force       N/A      Although it shoots out of The Emperor's fingertips instead
lightning            of a gun, the Force Lightning functions a lot like the 
                     Dark trooper's Arc Caster, except it drains stamina

Force       N/A      This lets you hold enemies in midair while draining their
choke                health!  Yay!

Tip: The Emperor works best in close combat with large groups of enemies.

Darth Vader
Hero rating: average
Darth Vader is the name given to Anakin Skywalker when he became a Sith.  He 
was burnt badly on Mustafar after a lightsaber fight with Obi-Wan.  Now he must 
wear a protective suit wherever he goes. :(  Not the kind of dude you want to 
make angry.
Weapon:     Ammo:    Description:
lightsaber  N/A      The weapon of a Jedi.

Block       N/A      Blocks attacks.

Saber       N/A      Hit enemies from range with a lightsaber.

Force       N/A      This is Vader's "signature move".  It suspends enemies 
choke                while choking them.

Tip: Darth isn't the fastest of heroes, so use him as a heavy hitter in large 
battles rather than small ones faraway.


74-Z Speeder Bike
If you need to get somewhere quick, use the speeder bike.  It's ineffective 
for pretty much anything else.
Weapons: 1 blaster
Crew: 1 pilot.
Note: The Speeder Bike functions just like the BARC speeder.

IFT-T Fighter Tank
The Empire supposedly "improved" the old Republic fighter tanks with better 
handling and weapons.  In reality, it's nothing more than a reskinned Republic 
Fighter Tank. (Stupid Lucasarts/Pandemic, again!)
Weapons: 2 blaster cannons, 1 missile launcher, 1 beam cannon.
Note: This is exactly the same thing as the IFT-X Tank save for a new paint job.

AT-ST (Al-Terrain Scout Transport)
Basically a next-generation AT-RT, the AT-ST is more powerful.
Weapons: 2 lasers, 1 heavy cannon, 1 rocket launcher
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 copilot

AT-AT (All-Terrain Armored Transport)
The most powerful ground vehicle in the game, the AT-AT is well suited for 
leveling Rebel bases.
weapons: 2 laser cannons, 2 heavy cannons.
Crew: 1 pilot
Note: Because the cockpit is so high up, you can see lots of enemies.  Pick off 
as many infantry as you can before you reach your target.

TIE Interceptor
Basicallly a weaker, faster TIE.
Weapons: 2 lasr cannons, 1 missile launcher
Crew: 1 pilot

TIE Fighter
The TIE Fighter is the Empire's hilariously expendable multipurpose fighter.
Weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 proton torpedo launcher
Crew: 1 pilot

Imperial Shuttle
Wait!  This isn't the right shuttle!  This is the Episode 3 one!  What's it 
doing here?  Can this game obsess over any more Episode 3 crap at all? (Stupid 
Lucasarts/Pandemic yet again!)
Weapons: 2 heavy cannons, 1 proton torpedo launcher, 1 guided rocket launcher, 
2 repeating blasters
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner, 3 passengers

Victory II-Class Star Destroyer 
This ship saw lots of action during the Clone Wars and is now the Empire's 
frigate of choice.
Weapons: autoturrets
Crew: N/A

Imperial Star Destroyer
The next generation version of the Venator is the Empire's capital ship.
Weapons: 3 heavy turrets, autoturrets
Crew: 3 gunners, alhough an unlimited amount of people can be on board.

Rebel Alliance
The Empire did a good job of killing anyone who opposed them, but not good 
enough.  The Rebellion is lead by those they missed.  It's members range from 
simple people who decided to step up, former Imperials, and people who were 
neutral until the Empire did something horrible to them.


Rebel Soldier
While they may not be nearly as trained as the Imperials, Rebel soldiers are 
more determined to win.  Remember: nobody is a Rebel who doesn't want to be one.

Rebel Vanguard
The Imperials make the expensive state-of-the-art tanks, these guys blow them 

Rebel Smuggler
Smugglers have good knowledge of machinery and can repair it.  It just so 
happens the Rebels have a lot of these guys.

Rebel Marksman
The sniper is always valuable in any good guerilla outfit.  The ability to kill 
an enemy before he can see or get close enough to you is extremely valuable. 

Bothan Spy (8 pionts to unlock)
The Bothans specialize in stealth and sabotage.  They've cast their lot with 
the Rebels.
Weapon:       Ammo:    Description:
Incinerator   10       Completely vaporizes an opponent in seconds.  I can't   
                       describe in non swear words how annoying it is to be   
                       killed by an invisible Bothan Spy using one of these.

Stealth       N/A      Allows the Spy to become invisible as long as it's energy
                       bar allows.

Regeneration: 1        Allows all nearaby allies to regenerate health for 30  

Time                   Put it wherever you want, as long as you have 5 seconds  
bomb                   to run.

Wookiee Warrior (12 points to unlock)
The Wookiees were enslaved by the Empire after the Clone Wars.  Unfortunately, 
many got free and joined the Rebels.  They aren't the kind of guys you want to 
anger, and right now, they don't like the Empire.
Weapon:       Ammo:    Description:
Bowcaster     35/210   The Wookiee special weapon.  Think cross of laser      
                       and crossbow.

Grenade       5/15     Launches grenades. (duh!)

Grenades      4        Blows stuff up.

Recon         1        Good for looking around when you don't wanna waste your 
droid                  own neck.

Rebel Pilot (space only)
The TIE pilots may get more training, but most Rebel pilots end up with more 
experience because they fly sturdier ships and live longer.

Rebel Marine (space only)
Trained in boarding and anti-baording techniques.


Hero rating: above average
Chewbacca was rescued by Han Solo and has been loyal to him ever since.  This 
has gotten him entangled with the Rebels.
Weapon:      Ammo:     Description:
Bowcaster    35/210    Chewbacca's main weapon.

Guided       4         Guide this rocket like a starfighter.

Rage         1         Increases damage dealt by all nearaby allies.

Time         3         A favorite weapon of the saboteur.

Tip: Chewbacca is essentially an overpowered heavy unit.

Han Solo 
Hero rating: Average
Han Solo never wanted to join the Rebels.  Little did he know giving Luke 
Skywalker a ride would force him to do just that.
Weapon:      Ammo:      Description:

Modified     N/A        Han's DL-44 fires 3 shots in a row.

Fusioncutter N/A        Repairs equipment.

Detpack      5          Put it somewhere and explode it from a safe distance.

Rally        1          Weakens the damage nearaby allies take for a short time.

Tip: In Hero assault mode, Han is the only hero that can fix broken droids. 

Luke Skywalker
Hero rating: Average
Luke is the son of Anakin Skywalker and brother of Princess Leia, but he 
doesn't know that.  He barely knows about anything.  He got sucked into the war 
between the good and bad guys and also found out he was a Jedi.
Weapon:     Ammo:       Description:
Lightsaber  N/A         The weapon af a Jedi.

Block       N/A         Blocks attacks.

Saber       N/A         Hit enemies from range.

Force       N/A         damages nearaby enemies while pushing them back.

Tip: Luke is well balanced.  He is good for leading the charge.  

Princess Leia
She is a Princess and Senator, but also a rebel leader and a fighter.
Weapon:     Ammo:       Description:
Sporting    N/A         This scoped pistol can shoot through multiple enemies.
blaster                 It sacrifices rate of fire, though

Grenades    3           Blows stuff up.

Invulner-   1           Allows nearaby allies to take more damage.             

Tip: Leia is a good support hero, but isn't good on the front lines.


74-Z Speeder Bike
The same speeder the Imperials use.  
Weapons: 1 laser cannon
Crew: 1 pilot

A pretty average tank.
Weapons: 2 laser cannons, 2 particle cannons, 1 missile launcher turret
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner

This prototype starfighter is one of the fastest there is.
Weapons: 2 1asers, 1 missile launcher
Crew: 1 pilot

A very well balanced ship. 
Weapons: 4 lasers, 1 proton torpedo launcher
Crew: 1 pilot

It's old but sturdy, so it works for the Rebels.
Weapons: 2 particle cannons, 1 proton bomb dispenser, 1 chaingun turret
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner

This is a perfect example of how lazy the people who made this game are.  The 
Rebels don't even get their own ship, just a copy of the Republic one.
Weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 missile launcher, 1 guided rocket launcher, 2 beam 
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 copilot, 2 gunners

Corellian Corvette
A small but fast battleship that is the Rebel's frigate.
Weapons: Autoturrets
Crew: N/A

Rebel Transport
Basically a freight ship with guns
Weapons: Autoturrets
Crew: N/A

Mon Calamari Cruiser
It looks kinda like a fish because it's built by fish people.  But does it need 
to be named after a food?
Weapons: Autoturrets, 3 repeatig blaster turrets.
Crew: 3 gunners, but an unlimited amount of people can be on.


Gun Turret
Basic turrets.  In terms of added firepower, I don't think they're worth the 
hassle of that they make you a sitting duck for rocketmen.

Sonic Turret
Shoots blasts that push back enemies.  Never use one, they won't help.

Anti-Infantry Turret
These are actually useful and can kill guys.

Anti-Vehicle Turret
These would be useful, if they weren't just on Hoth, where all the enemy 
vehicles take, like, a bajillion shots to kill.

Concussion Cannon Turret
Fires 2 mortarlike blasts in a row.  It has a slow rate of fire, but works 
well, especially on vehicles.

V1.1 patch----------------------------------------------------------------------
This is worth the download.  It includes small updates to the game you'd never 
notice, plus the ability to play campaign missions on instant action, Coruscant 
Jedi Assault (broken, don't bother), and concept art and cut content.

There are a ton of mod maps for this game to install most of them, simply 
download it, and put the map in the "Addon" folder, which is inside "Star Wars 
Battlefront II", if you have the 1.1 patch.

I'll highlight some of the better mods.

Coruscant: Streets- Fight through the streets of Coruscant.  Be sure to set the 
reinforcement points up to 500.

(SBF) Hypori: Greivous Attacks- This map lets the republic play as Jedi with 
NPC clones versus General Greivous and droids.

Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack-Remember all the old Battlefront maps 
that were cut out of Battlefront 2?  This has all of them, plus a few I've 
never heard of.

Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod
This makes the game a lot more realistic. Ships have ammo, you get killed 
easily, and some units have been changed and made to look more realistic.
Note: It's in German.

The Battlefront Project
While it doesn't aim for damage realism like the Tactical Enhanced mod, it 
features new models and better reskins of some units.

Battlefront Extreme
Another mod with more realism in clones.  It also has new ships and characters, 
and has made the sides more unique.  Worth a look.

Hopes for Battlefront 3---------------------------------------------------------

Information is scarce, but I've heard that British developer Free Radical (the 
guys behind TimeSplitters and the original N64 Goldeneye 007) are going to be 
making Battlefront 3.  It's also been said that it will be an Xbox 360 
exclusive, although knowing the last 2 games, I'd expect at least PC and PS3 
versions as well.

Here's what I was hoping for in Battlefront 3:

1)Improved AI that is capable of actually boarding ships (It would make non-
multiplayer space battles so much less one-sided).  As well as AI that can make 
their own squads without a player.

2)Better squad system.  The original Battlefront had more squad commands than 
the second one.

3)Improved reward system.  Instead of just making your weapon better, give you 
a new weapon that actually looks different.  Each side's reward weapons would 
look different but function similar.  Also, a "Grenadier" medal for getting a 
certain amount of granade kills would be cool. Oh, and make the rocket launcher 
medal not impossible to get, please.

4)More asymmetrical balance between sides.  For example, Clones would have more 
health, but Droids carry more ammo.  The Rebel sniper rifle would be good when 
the Imperial sniper rifle wouldn't, but the Imperial rocket launcher is better 
than the Rebel one. 

5)Improved heroes.  Make the jedi characters each have unique moves, instead of 
most of them having the same ones over and over.  Fix the camera for Yoda, and 
make it easier for General Greivous to wield all 4 lightsabers.  Oh, and give 
Jango Fett 2 pistols that actually look like his, instead of 1 that looks like 
the Droid pistol.

6)New heroes.  I'm thinking expanded universe characters like Mara Jade (She's 
probably the most famous character not in the movies) for the Empire.  As well 
as Lt. Janek "Tank" Sunber of comic series Empire/Rebellion fame. (He's 
mentioned once when Luke complains that his friends Biggs and Tank have already 
signed up for the Imperial accademy.)  Durge and Asajj Ventress from the Clone 
Wars cartoons would be for the CIS.  Maybe you could even throw in some of the 
countless Clone Commanders mentioned in Episode 3 for the Republic, as well as 
Quinlan Vos from the Clone Wars comics, and Qui-Gon Gin from starwars 1.  
Finally, Kyle Katarn from the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games and Wedge Antilles 
for the Rebellion.

7)More realism.  Clones on Mygeeto should look like the Battlefront 2 Clone 
Commander, Utapau Clones wear gold stripes instead of 501st blue.  
Stormtroopers on Dagobah would be Swamp Troopers.  Mygeeto Rebels and Imperials 
would look like they do on Hoth.  The AT-AT should seat 2.  Don't use General 
Greivous's fighter as the CIS bomber, or the starwars 3 shuttle as the Imperial 
shuttle, and please don't use the Republic Gunship as the Rebel Shuttle  Oh, 
and if you can't think of a hero for a map, don't put one in!  I don't want to 
see Jango Fett on Kassyyk or Darth Maul on Mustafar!  Oh, and what about 
improved physics?

8)Space Heroes with their own ship.  Take a moment to think  of how awesome 
that would be!  Luke would fly and improved X-Wing.  Boba and Jango Fett would 
get Slave I.  Han and Chewie would get the Mullenium Falcon. The possibilities 
are endless!

9)New classes for each side.  I'm thinking just a medic, a pilot for ground 
combat, and a heavy gunner.

10)New maps.  I'm thinking stuff from the expanded universe.

11)Maps from the first game and improved maps.  Make the Coruscant map in the 
city, and give us back Rhen Var!

12)Good campaign.  Battlefront 2's campaign felt cobbled up.  Maybe instead of 
trying to do a deep story about a particular leigion, relive a bunch of famous 
star wars battles (including expanded universe).  If the maps were fun, the 
objectives good, and the realism respected, it could be great.





I might add more, I might not.  I decided not to do a maps section (too long!)
But right now I've added everything I want.  Contact me at 
[email protected] .  May the Force be with you in the game, and may 
God/Buddha/Allah/Whoever be with you in real life.





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