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Yo I'm HAC (Hannah A. Caronna) and if your not a beginner GO AWAY you'll think this 
is stupid

 1. The art of fighting
 2. Playing "Classic"
 3. Playing "Adventure"
 4. Stadium


 The Art Of Fighting

 A--- Punch

 B--- Attack

 Smash B--- Smash Attack

 L/R--- Shield

 Z + <,>, ^ , or v--- Throw

 v + B--- Special Attack

 ^ + B--- Attack/Aerial Attack



Playing "Classic"

1. Regular Battle
You against a random character

2. Team Battle
You and opponent both have a teammate

3. Targets
See "Stadium"

4. Regular Battle

5. Giant Battle
U have 2 teammates, your against one giant.

6. Trophies
Hit trophies into that thing in the middle.

7. Big team
Beat at least 10 characters---they're all really weak.

8. Race to The Finish
Find a white door---they're evrywhere.

9. Metal
Seem hard, but they fall to fast to save themself

10. HAND
Duh just jump+A!


Playing "Adventure"

1. Mushroom Kingdom:
a. Adventure
b. Mario/Luigi and Peach Battle

2. Kongo Jungle
a. 2 tiny Donkey Kongs
b. 1 big Donkey Kong

3. Underground maze
a. Adventure
b. Zelda

4. Brinstar
a. Samus

5. Green Greens
a. Kirby 
b. Team Kirby
sometimes: c. giant Kirby

6. Corneria
a. Fox
b. Fox2: Corneria w/ more shooting

7. Pokemon Stadium
a. Team Pikachu

8. Grand Prix
a. Adventure
b. Capt. Falcon

9. Onnet
a. Ness x3

10. Icicle Mountain
a.Adventure/Ice Climbers

11. Battlefield
a. Wire frames
b. Metal Mario/Metal Mario and Luigi

12. Final Destination
a. Giant Bowser




a. Targets

All the characters have a different one based on their abilities.

b. Home-Run Contest

Make Sandbag go really far (you don't have to use the bat).

c. Multi-Man Melee

Battle the wire frame people

Any questions? E-mail me at [email protected]

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