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Here's how to get all of the hidden characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee(SSBM). 
But you know what? Mine is better, because it isn't a lie. Don't you hate when 
people give you that garbage. Well here it goes.

>To earn Luigi play in Adventure Mode and in the Mushroom Kingdome walk through 
scrolling level thingy finish the level with :22 in the seconds spot.

Dr. Mario
>Complete Classic Mode without losing a life.

>Complete the 100 man melee challenge. 

Young Link
>Complete Classic Mode 10 times and two of those times have to be with Zelda and Link

Prince Marth
>Complete Classic Mode with all original playable characters.

>Complete Classic Mode with Prince Marth.

>Finish Event 37

JigglyPuff (Purin)
>Beat Classic Mode With anyone, how ever many lives, and any difficulty. Simple.

>Beat Event 29

There are two more hidden characters, I don't know how to get them or who they are. 
I think I've heard rumors about there being a Mr. Game and Watch (?), and Mewtwo, 
apparently a pokemon. If you find out any cheats about these two mystery men e-email 

Now here is another little nugget of joy. Here are 4 secret levels. Good luck 
getting them though. You might want to get some asprin. I might not have put these 
in the right order but please just bear with me.

BrineStar Depths
>Play 50 vs. Mode  matches

>Play 100 vs. Mode matches

Big Blue
>Play 150 vs. Mode matches

Pokemon Floats
>Play 200 vs. Mode matches

I have no idea what's beyond 200, but really don't feel like trying. I had to do all 
of that, so I would like to help you out. Go to the vs. mode options and set the 
stock to 1, put handicap on and set the cpu handicap to 1, and their difficulty to 
1. It makes it alot easier. I did test everything on here, so trust me on this.

*Written by the Main Man Bean64

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