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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Mature
  • November 9, 2005


Replay Mode

Whenever you first start the game, you're in a small are with Ned standing right in front of you telling you to follow him, don't follow him. Instead, turn to you're right and stare at the water, realize how beautiful nature is for a second, then walk until you see 2 rocks in the water. Stand in between them facing toward the river, then all at the same time, press L1, L2, R1, R2, and X. Then walk out of the river QUICKLY! Then go to the start menu, the select options, if you did the cheat right, then you'll see a new option named GUN, select that, and you'll be able to skip forward or backward, watch any cutscenes, but the only missions that change are the story missions, you'll still have to do all side missions to get full stats, oh and if you skip all the way to story complete, you'll have all weapons, and full stats. Except for game completion 100%.

Drink Up

If your low on your flask here's a couple spots too fill'em up. Go to the rancher in the chicken coop you'll find unlimited flasks and go to the bridge at dodge go too the bottom part at the far end from dodge and the will be a water fall at the bottom you can also find unlimited flasks there to, also some gold.

Lot 'o' Ammo

First go too the meadow (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and then go to the mine shaft ahead go in deep in the mine shaft next to some carts there will be some tnt take one barrel to the little house with a chimney set the tnt next to the chimney and blow it up you'll find ammo for all of you guns and molatavs plus dynamite.

Do Any Mission

When you beat the game and have nothing to do, go back to where Ned first kicks you in the side. And you will see two little rocks in the water go between them and at the same time hold L1, L2, R1, R2, x then go to pause menu go to options and you will see new category called GUN click on that and you will be able to play any mission, side mission, do the intro to a mission, and you will also get to watch all the cut scenes from the game.

Get Reed's Black Horse

To get the black horse that Reed rides, complete the game which means you have to win the poker tournaments, complete all side missions, and defeat magruder in his mine then go to the entrance of magruders mine and you will see it there. NOTE:the horse will always reset back there if you lose it.

How To Kill People Faster

Once you have your first sniper rifle when you battle any1 on the ground zoom in and keep on shooting him in the neck/head area.

Beating Magruder

After you defeat Magruder, you win his shot gun. Best gun in the game. And when you beat Reed, you get his sword.

Max Ammo 4 All Weapons

Go across the train tracks from the ranch and go to the buffalo. Turn left and go into the mine and pick up some tnt. Walk out with the tnt and turn to the left of the chimney on the house but go into the corner of the house where the chimney meets the house and set the tnt down. Stand pretty far back and shoot it with your rifle. Then go into the hole and there you go.


God Mode

Hold L1 and press X, Square, Circle, X. Once activated, it might say cheat activated or make a sound.

Unlimited Ammo

R1, L1, X, R2, L2.

Never Die

Up(2), Down(2), X(2), Triangle(2)


How To Get The Nock Gun

To get the nock gun you have to kill Thomas Magruder.

How To Get The Cannon Nock Gun

To get the Cannon Nock Gun, you have to complete all side missions, pony express missions, ranching missions, bonty hunting missions, poker missions, keep the peace missions, this means helping out Pat Denton, hunting missions, and all rescue missions.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Gun yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Gun yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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