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  • Biohazard 5: Resident Evil
  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • March 13, 2009


Better Guns

In the game you will start off with sucky weapons but the more money you earn the closer you get to better guns. You get better guns by fully upgrading the first gun of every type of gun. You then go to the store and it will say new and that's when you know you fully upgraded a certain gun. Note three of the guns will cost $30, 000 and the other two will cost $50, 000.

Hidden Jewel

When you go to the emblem on the right in 4-2 you would see a jewel that is hidden when you turn around when you got the key use a scope rifle and look up and move slowly to the left and you will find it.

Treasure Island

If you play the level marshlands get on the boat and go to the middle island there is treasure there that is worth money.

Costumes For Chris And Sheva

Safari:Beat the game
S. T . A . R . S:Beat Game and collect 25 B. S . A . A . Emblems

Clubbing:Beat the game
Tribal:Beat the game and collect all 30 B. S . A . A emblems

(Note:You can beat the game on any difficulty to unlock these costumes. ).

M500 S&W MAG

Purchase the M29 S&W and fully upgrade it. The M500 will appear then purchase it. (costs 30,000).

Beat Wesker (First Battle And No Launcher Needed)

Just follow the same steps you would use with the RPG except with a MAG or a HG. Have one person keep Wesker's attention and you try to shoot him in the back a couple of times until he looks like he's doing a chicken dance (or waving his arms as if he's gonna fall over). Then, run up to him (Note: No matter how many time you do this the buttons will always be the same. ) Press Square, Square, Circle, X, Square and X at the same time, and you will do a finishing move. Repeat this over about 3-5 times (I think its fun cause I get to beat the crap out of Wesker. ) and you will eventually make him fall over. Another little note: The first time you try to inject wont work which is why I prefer to do it 3-5 times.

Easy Money

I have found out that the best level to get money is 4-1 one run through it take's about 20 to 25 minutes but brings in around $50,000 you just have to know where to look for gyms look in most fires and when you pull the chain in front of the statues look on the grouung where the statue was sitting and the bat creature has a gym worth $10,000.

Flash Grenade Kills

This is a list of enemies can kill with flash grenades. Reapers (those things that look like roaches) note. You must use flash rounds when trying to kill reapers. Not hand held flash grenades. The grenade laucher does the trick shoot 2 flash rounds and its weak spot comes out ready to be shot. You can kill zombies when their heads are transformed one flash should do the trick rounds or grenades it doesnt matter.

Beat Jill Easier

Use flash grenades. They stun her and you can run in and try to pull the device off her chest while shes looking side to side just throw a flash grenade and run to her quickly and press the button it tels you to.

Beat Jill Faster

Let shever grab her then shoot the device on her chest twice with a handgun before grabbing it it cut the time it takes to remove it in half.

Infinite Ammo

If you beat the game it gives you the option to turn on infinite ammo, but you also have to upgrade the gun you want to the max and then go to bonus features and go all the way down and buy the infinite ammo. (ex. S75infinite ammo).

Infinite Rocket Launchers & Infinite Money

Note: Both cheats work in 3-1 Marshlands (Rocket Launchers have to be in 3-1 Marshlands. Money can be any level.
Infinite Rocket Launchers: Go to the wrecked boat near the top left part of the level and get the rocket launcher.
Infinite money: Grab all the money and treasures around, but don't grab the slabs.
p. s . Grab all the eggs in the center of the map too. 4whites= $1000 1Gold=$1000 1rotten=$2000 2browns=$1000
p. s . s . Once done quit the game and save your equipment, then repeat.

End Of Chapter Requirements

Accuracy-S-ranking requires 70% or above Death-S-ranking requires 0 deaths Enemies routed (killed) and the clear time are subjective to each chapter. Rats, Spiders, and Birds also count as enemies routed if you are n ot meeting the criteria. The rewards work in this manner: Between the four categories an S ranking in a category is worth zero penalty, and A ranking is worth 1 penalty, B ranking is 2 penalty, and a C is 3 point penalty. You may receive a S ranking with zero to two penalty points. Meaning you may have all S rankings, two S rankings with two A rankings, or 3 S rankings and one A ranking, or 3 S rankings and one B ranking.

Getting Herbs, Money, Bonus Credits

There are obviously a few maps that are good for playing over and over. If you need herbs and health items, rather than buying play the first level over a few times. Upgraded weapons should make this level a breeze to walk through. Secondly, if you need cash I would recommend playing the marsh level over. There are plenty of treasure hidden throughout this level. Most of the enemies may be avoided as you can collect the treasure safely and return to your boat. If you have the infinite rocket launcher, the 6-2 the bridge can be done in under 6 minutes, the key is to kill enough of the little "sludge" creatures so you kill at least 25 enemies or more, and a clear time of 22min which as stated isn't a problem to get the S ranking.

Easy Money

You can spend about 15 minutes chapter 3-1 the marsh by collecting all the jewels, treasures, eggs and all the items you can carry without being attacked just don't collect any of the stone tablets quit and save then continue and you can get 25,000N by simply selling everything gathered.

Completed Game Unlockables

First time round you complete the game, you'll get to play the game from the beginning-with all your previous equipment. If you prefer playing solo, but like a chance to play as Sheeva, you'll unlock her as an playable character too (this is only optional-you can always start over with Chris instead). You'll unlock a few other things as well, including The Merceneries mode. Be sure to check the bonus items menu for some of the rewards.

Beat Wesker (In 6-3, First Battle)

The best thing to do here is to turn off the lights, grab the nearby rocket launcher, wait for him to lose sight of you AND your partner, and shoot him. After that, grab him and he'll break free. Do it for a second time (the ammo for the RPG is on the top balcony). He'll follow you up there, so be careful. Then quickly get your friend close enough to inject him (or you'll have to start all over again-and I don't think you'll have unlimited ammo to pick up for the RPG, so aim carefully).

Beat The Game In A Week Or Less

Turn rogue mode off and allow any gamer to join your game and grab your friend with you and tell them to press start on controller 2 or grab a friend from online and start destroying zombies! (I had the experience playing with my dad we beat it in less than a week and I'm only 12).

Beat The Game In A Week Or Less

Turn rogue mode off and allow any gamer to join your game and grab your friend with you and tell them to press start on controller 2 or grab a friend from online and start destroying zombies! (I had the experience playing with my dad we beat it in less than a week and I'm only 12).

Unlimited Rocket Launcher

Completely beat the game in less than 5 hours on any difficulty. Tip: beat in on amateur first.

Unlimited Ammo

To get unlimited ammo you must beat the game once and fully upgrade the weapon you wish to put infinite ammo and you must put infinite ammo mode on. Note: some weapons don't get unlimited ammo.

How To Kill Licker

Lickers weak spot is his chest it takes 300% of damage his hp is 4000-7000. An upgraded shotgun should do the job.

How To Kill A Reaper

Shoot at the white bubble in its chest and that's it. Use a l. Hawk hand gun or a sig 556 to kill it faster but keep distance between you and it.


We have no cheats or codes for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Secret Weapon (Burst Handgun)

To obtain the burst handgun, fully upgrade one of the handguns Chris and Sheva are given in the first chapter. The Shop will then sell a burst handgun. I believe it will unlock a special weapon if you upgrade other weapons fully as well.

The Mercinaries

To unlock the mercenaries, beat the game on any difficulty level.

Profesional Mode

To unlock the professional mode beat the game in veteran ones.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no achievements or trophies for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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