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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • March 13, 2009


Mercenaries Mode Bonus Characters

Once you get mercenaries mode, you get a bonus characters by getting at least an A on the mission. The bonus characters are:

      Chris (Safari): "The Village" mission
      Chris (S.T.A.R.S.): "Experimental Facility" mission
      Jill (Battle Suit): "Ship Deck" mission
      Jill (B.S.A.A.): "Public Assembly" mission
      Sheva (Clubbin): "Ancient Ruins" mission
      Sheva (Tribal): "Missile Area" mission
      Wesker (Midnight): "The Mines" mission
      Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.): "The Prison" mission 

Hidden Amo Room/guns

In level 1 there is a door that can't be unlocked. When you first see the dead dog on the floor, go to the door and shoot it 5 times then back up n throw a grenade. Wait 5 seconds then shoot it again. Then 5 more seconds later it will be unlocked then bust open it quick and kill the 10 zombies that are there to get the gun/ammo room. THROW A GRENADE TO ALMOST KILL THEM ALL.

Easy Way To Get Money And Medallions

Choose the mission where you start off at by army jeeps go forward and there is case get the gun then on the wall is a medallion then save and quit then go the mission again then sell the gun in the case.

Bsaa Emblems

First in chapter 1-2, in the part where the door is locked when you try to get to the house, go under the stairs and go in to the second floor. There in the balcony, on your right, you will see the the emblem. Next, on the same chapter, you will come to a house with no roof. When you look up you'll see the other emblem sitting on the water tower. Also on the same chapter, after you have beat the uroburos monster (the one that killed all of delta team)you will come across a silver case with pistol ammo in it. Walk a little ways and you will see it behind the black fence. In chapter 2-1 it is near the exit door in the very room where you started the mission. You will see it hanging on the wall on your upper right area.

Ammo for Free

If you go into co-op and one player gives the other ammo and then you quit the game, the person who gave the ammo says no to over write and the person receiving says yes. When you go back into the game the person that gave the ammo still has all that they gave and the person that they gave it to also has it. This only works with ammo not guns. Grenades are a good one to do this with to build up and sell for fast cash.

HEART Stopper

If you shoot a licker in the leg an go up to it it will say stab an when you do you will gain heart stopper.

Need Ammo

For all the people that always need ammo constanly here is what you do, upgrade the M92f an then you will unlock the M93r, Next go to bonus features menu, an buy infinite ammo for m92f then go through the chapters all over again, save all the ammo you come by on any difficulty.

Best Way To Get RPG Infinite Ammo

Keep playing amateur mode till you get extremely good at the game. It also helps to have a couple of weapons with infinite ammo.

Veteran Trick

The best way to start Veteran difficulty: Have a ton of weapons with infinite ammo. I know it will take forever, but it will save your life.

Need Ammo?

If you ever run low of ammo just go back and play previous chapters (chapter one works the best) of the game on amateur. Have Chris take all the ammo and only let Sheva use the MG or something like that. And only use the rifle because it can kill most zombies with one shot. Do that enough and you'll have more ammo then you know what to do with.

Wesker's Teleportation On Mercenaries And Versus

When you choose any of the two weskers on versus or mercenaries you can use his teleportation ability by clicking down the right thumbstick. Also while you are in teleportation mode and targeting at an enemy you can unleash a powerful kick if you press the right thumbstick, and it takes major damage to bosses, but I wouldn't considering doing to the chainsaw majini because he will not move and you'll stop right in front of him after you kicking, causing your chances to get head cut off at a high rate. (warning teleportation will drop your health by a small amount).

Easy Kill For Duvalia

An easy kill for this almost impossible sub boss is shoot its legs and wait for its shell to open and go in for the kill.

Easy Giant Majimi Kill

As I'm sure you've had trouble with the giant majini, here's an easy kill-first you have to have a magnum, upgrade the firepower twice (required) and upgrade the capacity -then you go on any stage with giant majini and have an easy kill. Note: this trick works only with the s&w m29.

Chainsaw Majini Weakness

When you face a chainsaw majini all you have to do is aim a shotgun at the majinis face and melee him and shoot him again.

Massive Money

If you are some-what good with the game, run through chapter 4-1 and get all the treasure you can find. When it comes to the end of the chapter where you have to fight the giant bat, using the grenade launcher you find earlier will kill it straight away (just get trigger happy) and he'll drop the Heart Gem which by itself sells for 10k. Overall after the mission and after selling everything in Item Management you'll be 50k richer. And if you're VERY proficient, you can do this on professional mode which makes all money you find double what its originally worth when playing in other modes.

Fast Way To Kill Wesker W/O Rocket Launcher

Fast way to kill wesker is to fully upgrade your S&W M500 and shoot his weak spot (the orange spots). This should cause him to instantly go to the next few steps. Keep shooting him with the S&W M500 and you should be able to defeat him.

Fast Wesker Kill

For those of you who are playing re5 on two player and have trouble with weskers final form then here's the fastest way to beat him. Ok when you first start off in the volcano and your separated (note:only works for two players). Equip sheva with the sl something and keep shooting wesker then while hes chasing chris don't hit the weak spot but once Chris jumps down wesker will follow him around and when hes on the slope shoot him in the chest with a rocket launcher. If done correctly then wesker will die.

Faster Reload

There's a faster way to load your guns just quickly press y press x on the required ammo (this is faster when your gun and ammo are closer to the top of the menu) then press x again on the gun. Please note you wont be able to do this instantly it may take time to master but it is a great skill to have and you can save a little bit of money because you wont have to upgrade reload speed, although this will work better for guns with slow reload speeds like shotguns, the grenade launcher, magnums, etc.

How To Get The Infinite Rocket Launcher

This is what I did to get the infinite rocket launcher i did the whole game until I got to chapter 5-2 and got to the boss. Now all you have to do is beat the boss and when you are in the marshlands go to that ship reck is at you get a brown beetle and you will see a pot now go up the ramp and you will see a chase its the rocket launcher put that up in the bigger inventory and save it. The rocket launcher is in the marshlands now when you beat the B. O . W at the end of chapter 5-2 you will get the infinite rocket launcher unlocked people say that you have to beat the whole game in order to do this but you don't have to beat the whole game just get to chapter 5-3 on any mode.

Easiest Way To Kill Duvalia

The easiest way I found to kill these armored balls is to throw a Flash grenade at them and in One hit they're dead.

Killing Wesker Final Battle Easy

At the end of chapter 6-3 if you don't want to waste time on this level, it'll cost you 10, 000 dollars. Keep a rocket launcher for the final fight with wesker this is best done with sheva, when the bridge collapses pull out the rocket wait for the weak spot on his back to appear, shoot that with the rocket and you will end the fight.

Hidden Cutscene

At the beginning of chapter 1-1 if you go to the right past the building to the right go that way you will see a guy getting carried away by 2 guys if you run towards them it will activate the cutscene.

Sniper Rifle

In the mission where you first encounter the lickers after you pass the door where you see the lickers tail pass through that door and you should soon find another one on your left enter there and there will be computers look to your right and you will find a silver case open it and you will find a sniper rifle.

Easy Way To Beat Wesker And Jill

When you face albert wesker and jill together run north east to the blue door and hit the button it tells you. Then you`ll activate a cut scene. Then run and hide. Some where in the back is a coffin with gems and a lighting hawk. Any way hide against a wall and wait for wesker and when you have him in site shot him with your strongest gun. If you use a rocket launcher he`ll catch it and you have to shot it. It may sound hard but if you do it it`s a 1 shot kill. Plus you`ll unlock the bad blood achievement and you can get the heart of Africa gem. After that you have to face jill. But you can't kill her or game over. You have to get the devise off her chest. But you can shot her all you want with you grenade launcher with FLASH, NITROGEN, and ELECTRIC, ROUNDS. But be careful with electric rounds because they CAN kill her. When you stun her run up and hit the buttons it tells you. If you hold her back and sheva rips the thing off or visa versa you`ll unlock master of removing achievement.

Quick And Easy Money & Ammo

Tired of having to redo levels that take forever when you want money quickly? Here's how! NOTE: If on XboxLive, you must decide who's either recieving or givng the items and who's makig the party. If w/o XboxLive, make sure you have 2 profiles. First, start collecting the ammo or item you want (Machine gun ammo, etc. ) For easy ammo or money, make sure you FIRST store enough in your storage to fill ALL the boxes in your inventory. NOTE: For easy money, use rotten eggs. They're 2, 000 a piece. Since you can carry 5 per bundle times 9 slots = 45 eggs times 2, 000N = 90, 000! Once finished, start a new campaign (None specified) with your inventory fill with your duplicated item. Quit and save the game. Then start it up and let your friend join or sign your second profile in. Now start trading the item to the giver. Once they have the items, both save games. Now start back up the campaign again. Now trade the items back to the receiver. BUT! This time, only the receiver saves their game. THE GIVER MUST NOT SAVE THE GAME OR ELSE IT WILL RUIN THE ENTIRE PROCESS! Now quit and start the campaign once more. Let the other profile of friend join and tadah! They should still have their inventory filled with the items or ammo you gave them. Trade the items to the receiver, receiver saves while giver does not and repeat. Best suggested in local. It takes about 2-3mins. TOPS! If you are confused with any part of this, message Emoonal5car on XboxLive.

Easy Points

If you don't wanna have to play though the story line over and over but just kill zombies, try Mercenaries Mode! You must survive endless zombies for 2mins. Look around for time bonuses to increase time. The more kills you get, the better your score. The better the score, the better the points. On XboxLive, you can play Duo and get loads of points and Both players benifit! Have fun pwning zombies! :D.

Snipers Wanted

In Re5 if you own a sniper rifle here are a few tips to keep you alive in the game: Aiming and shooting at the head isn't always a good idea because those pesky granados might pop out and waste your ammo so aim for the chest area its alot easier, also when up against a horde of zombies (majinis)run to a safe distance buildings, cars, etc. Then pick them of one by one. Be warned your cover maybe compromised to stay alive kill 2 then move kill 2 then run use this strategy and save a lot of herbs and ammo.

Easy Reaper Kill

If you're getting annoyed by the reapers (big bugs) killing you then here's a tip for you. When it stands up (this is when its dangerous so don't let it get too close) its chest will open revealing a white bubble (i don't really know what it is I think it might be it heart or something) shoot that bubble w/ a magnum or a grenade launcher (exp, flame, or ice'll work) or if you want to do it the expensive way and shoot it w/ an RPG and it will fall on the ground and start squirming and finally die.

Reviving Enemy

Just a little hint for you people when you encounter a chainsaw, there's a chance he'll come back to life. There is a way to tell if he's going to revive. After you kill (or supposedly) him if he rolls on his back get ready because he'll be even more dangerous than before. If he falls on his chest then its hes dead for good.

Easy Pts

The best way that I found to get PTS (the stuff you trade with in the bonus menu) is to repeat the section that you found the easiest. When you beat it it tells you how you did.

Ultimate Weapons

You must fully upgrade these guns to unlock their stronger versions.
M92F PISTOL= M93R PISTOL (3 round fire capability)
S&W M29 MAGNUM= S&W M500 (hand cannon) If you get unlimited ammo for these gun you will be unstoppable.

The Treasure Box

In case any one is wondering how to get the treasure box in the center of the fruit stands in chapter 2-2 (may be the wrong chapter) you need to use a grenade or a grenade launcher to destroy one of the stands. The box only contains a ruby worth about 3, 000 but that still a lot of cash for the beginning of the game.

The Perfect Gun

After beating the game you can go to the bonus features and buy unlimited ammo for guns you have maxed out. The magnums have the best firepower on the game and you can kill bosses with five shots or less. The best part is you don't even have to reload.

Better Weapons

This is how to make a regular magnum hand gun and regular shot gun into a better gun- first you need to have the s&w m29 ithaca m37 and the m92fand to get their better versions you need to upgrade them to the max in everything and be rewarded with a s&w m500 hydra and the m93r.

Wheres My Money

So far as you play, you pick things up and sell them or you come across money or large gold.If your just starting and do not know yet in order to do more damage you will have to upgrade your weapons. In order to do this you will have to spend money. Where do you get the money you ask. Well you can either save up and take forever, or you can do it vary simple. And again this is for people just starting. Find someone who is playing level 4-1 and beat it with them, then go back and start it over either with someone else or by yourself, I would recommend it the first time by yourself. As you start it off you come to the dock in the cave and get off and say your good bye's to the driver. Go through and as you go through put out all the fire's you can, once you put the flame out you will be able to pick up gems worth about 1,000 to 2,000. Look for anything shiny over head or encased in bone heads. There will be a brief case with a grenade launcher in it. Also there will be three boxes made out of stone, 2 of the 3 will give up 900 for the first one and 700 for the second and the third will be a tiggger for the floor to the next area. When you and your partner pull on the chains attached to the idols they give up a gem each. Defeating the boss before you leave will give you a Soul Gem worth 10, 000.
So when all said and done and you finish the level you should leave with 20,000 to 40,000 each time and a grenade launcher. Do this as many times as needed to get the dough and up grade your weapons.
Also if you play with people that have better weapons then you play a round with them and the next time you go shopping you will find that same item for sale, but just know that all those items you will come across them in the game.


We have no cheats or codes for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Weapon Unlocks

MF92--M39R[Weskers Pistol]
S75--Longbow[Sheva Only]
VZ61--Gatling Gun[Chris Only]
Ithica--Hydra[Triple Barrel]
Beat Game In Under 5 Hours--RPG[OWNS]
Upgrade 2 max to unlock Add More Soon.

Chain Gun

Fully upgrade the VZ61 and the chain gun should be available for purchase for 50,000.

Hidden Weapons

Gatling Gun (Chris Only) Fully upgrade the VZ61 Machine Gun
Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun Fully upgrade the Ithaca M93 Shotgun
Longbow (Sheva Only) Fully upgrade the S75 Rifle
M93R Pistol (Samurai Edge Custom) Fully upgrade the M92F Pistol
S&W M500 (Handcannon).

Topaz Marquis

To get the topaz marquis you need start the first mission. Play through till you jump out the window. This works best if you have unlimited ammo for one of your guns (magnum works best). Stay and fight the mob, when you see a guy with dynamite kill him and he will drop the topaz marquis.

Heart Stopper Achievement

When you face the horde of lickers you shoot one until it rolls over (plays dead or something) go up to it and stab it.

Infinite Ammo RPG

To get the infinite ammo rocket launcher you must beat the game in under 5 hours in any difficulty. Afterwards you must then buy a RPG.

How To Unlock All Graphic Filters

Classic Horror (Black & White) Beat the game on Amateur difficulty.
Noise (Grain effect) Beat the game on Veteran difficulty.
Retro (Sephia) Beat the game on Normal difficulty.

Mercenary Characters

Chris (Safari) Get an A Rank or higher in The Village Chris (Stars) Get an A Rank or higher in Experimental Facility Jill (Battle Suit) Get an A Rank or higher in Ship Deck Jill (BSAA) Get an A Rank or higher in Public Assembly Sheva (Clubin) Get an A Rank or higher in Ancient Ruins Sheva (Tribal) Get an A Rank or higher in Missile Area Wesker (Midnight) Get an A Rank or higher in The Mines Wesker (STARS) Get an A Rank or higher in The Prison.


History of Resident Evil - Beat the game on any difficulty.
Mercenaries Mode - Finish the game in any difficulty.
New Game+ - Finish the game in any difficulty.
Playing with Sheva - Finish the game in any difficulty.
Professional Difficulty - Beat every chapter on Veteran.
Unlimited ammuntion for a weapon - Finish the game then max out the upgrades for that gun.


Chris (S. T . A . R . S . ) Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 25 BSAA Emblems Chris (Safari) Complete Chapters 1 - 6 Sheva (Clubbin') Complete Chapters 1 - 6 Sheva (Tribal) Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 30 BSAA Emblems.

Easter eggs

Get All The Eggs

Whilst playing marshlands you will find a little island (north-east of where you start) there is a bunch of chickens there that will lay eggs. When you get there are 2 white eggs on a shelf behind the tower. After this wait for about 5-10mins for the chickens to lay eggs, you should get 1) A golden egg. 2) A brown egg. 3) A white egg 4)A rotten egg (the rotten egg is harder to come by tho and might take you a while to get using this method so I suggest looking around on the other chapters, there are no specific chapters that have rotten eggs on them no matter what you read. (The above is variable, and the times are an estimation).


You go through the campian and collect all the rotten eggs then you put them in your inventory, then save and quit. Next, go to the public assembly and sign in on a second profile then the first player gives all the easter eggs to the second player and start the game then player two gives all the eggs the player one and the player one quits and saves. Then player two does (NOT)save then you both will have rotten eggs P. S [if you do that for about 10 min you'll have 1,000,000 dollars].

Rotten Egg Cheat Or Glitch

The Rotten egg cheat is you can have 1 rotten egg and get to 45. First you have a second controller when you get in a game in season mode you press start then you have nothing in both boxes then chris redfield take out 1 or how many rotten eggs you have to the desktop then he gives it to Sheva then press ready on both controllers then Sheva keeps giving the eggs to chris when she is done you press start this is the important part ever you press (Quit)then you press (YES) for Chris redfeild or know as First controller and (NO)for Sheva know as second controller then go back to the game you were in and do samething But when you press start for second controller you both should have the same amount of rotten eggs on your desk top and you keep doing it until you get 45 rotten eggs then if you sell 45 you get $90, 000 P. S . It works with any kind of egg.


We have no glitches for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no achievements or trophies for Resident Evil 5 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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