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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sonic Team
  • Sega
  • Everyone-10
  • November 15, 2005


Super Shadow

To become super shadow you must beat every level and boss in the story mode, (once you beat it once you can start it over and take it over but in a different path,) then you will have unlocked the final story. Do that and then beat the first level. If you do it in time then you will move on to the next level and and turn into the super shadow. Then you will have fight Devil doom as Super Shadow.

Stage 04 Space Gadget - Speed Tip

Inside of the Ark there are two spots in which you can cut down on your time. The first is when you reach the second room while riding the air saucer. Jump off it, and use the Homing Attack to bounce off of the Black Wings to reach the platform on the other side. The second is when you reach the room with lasers. Use the Black Wings to get to the door on the other side. If you don't make it, you probably will not complete the Hero Mission.

Super Shadow

To turn into Super Shadow you must complete all levels and final bosses then go through the one more story and you'll have to fight Devil Doom in Super Shadow.

Motorcycle Or Corvette

On story mode (only) complete the Hero Mission and you will go to "Lethal Highway". Once you're there you won't see the motorcycle/corvette, but go on in the level for a while and you will see a motorcycle on the left and the corvette on the right when you get there. (me and my friend like to get the machine gun and ride the cars- me:motorcycle/friend-corvette) so hope you like the level and it's awesome!

Easily Defeat Devil Doom

Having trouble beating Devil Doom? Well I defeated him with no problem, all you need to do is keep your rings over 100 so you know that you have enough and won't run out anytime soon. Distroying the stuff that devil doom summons up around him will fill up your dark gauge [the red bar] and hitting devil doom will fill your hero gauge [blue bar]. Use caos spear at full power to put a lot of damage onto devil doom [it doesn't take so long to beat him this way].What also takes away a chunk of his health is the chaos blast. If you get just close enough to hit him it will take away about the same amount as the full power chaos spear, but if you get to close he WILL wrap away from you.You can find rings in the red balloons [beware: if devil doom's health is half gone or more he will spin the balloons and stuff around his body making it hard to get balloons]. ONLY use chaos control to get to devil doom if you don't it will take a lot longer to reach him and if you get there before time runs out you may be able to destroy a lot of stuff to fill up your dark gauge and get some extra rings. Just get a plan and stick to it. The way that I just typed should only take two or three minutes if done right. GOOD LUCK!

Special Weapons

Getting through the game and defeating one of the bosses will get you a special weapon such as a healing gun which can be used torestore health to an ally if they are hurt. The special weapons can be found, once earned, in the Boxes With Shadow's head on them during gameplay.

Another Space Gadget Speed Tip

If you are doing the Hero Mission and racing Sonic once you get out of the ark you will land on a rail keep going on the rail until you reach the second one keep on that one until you reach the platform with the gravity shifter on it, hit it and you will see a long twisted rail below you, DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO ON THE RAIL, ski- dive down until you reach the platform at the bottom.

Easily Beat Black Bull

If you have a weapon, just go underneath his stomach and shoot him. Watch out for his fire attacks. It is easier if you do it this way the 2nd time if you are completeing hero missions.

Easily Beat Black Doom

You can only fight him if you complete all the other hero missions first. While fighting Black Doom, you must get up on the platforms and hit him with 3 homing attacks. When you get him to aabout half health, he will start making copies of himself and they will attack you. He will also start moving extremely fast. Once he is the only one left of himself, you can homing attack him. When he is at 1/4 health, you can go to the gun boxes and start to shoot at him.

Hero Power

To use the hero power CHAOS CONTROL destroy all of the black aliens you find. A blue meter will grow at the top of the screen. Once the meter is full a flashing triangle will apear beside the meter. Press triangle and you will preform the hero power CHAOS CONTROL!

Dark Power

To use the dark power CHAOS BLAST kill every human soldier you find. A red meter will grow at the top of the screen. Once the meter is full a flashing triangle will apear beside the meter. Press triangle and you will preform the dark power CHAOS BLAST!

Stage 06 Cosmic Fall - Secret Door

Find the Secret Door right after fifth checkpoint and you'll open a room with an Extra Life.

Yuji Naka Reference

Sometimes the GUN soldiers will say odd things. One of the things that they say is "Mr. Yuji Naka is all right". Yuji Naka is the creator of the Sonic series.


Unlimited Ammo

At the main menu, press Down, Left, Right, Up, R1, L1, L2, R2. If you enter it correctly, you will hear a gunshot.

Unlimited Health

At the main menu, press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, R1, L2, R2, L1. If you enter it correctly, you will hear a gun shot.


Last Story

You have to complete all missions and all bosses to unlock the Last Story.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Shadow The Hedgehog yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Shadow The Hedgehog yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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