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Street Crime

If you want to find random Street crime just use your spidey sense and the bad guys will be in red and civilians will be in green.

Swing Really High Above The City

Around NYC there are buildings that have construction going on. Or other buildings have areas where you can swing under them with places sticking out so that you'll be under it. The higher the area on the building the bigger swing you'll get. Now do this. If you get right under that object such as a construction lift, once you think you are under it and not crawling press up on the D pad. Spiderman will shoot his web up and hand from it upside down. Now simply make spiderman hang upside down and start making your way down the web as close to the ground as possible. Once you are all the way you can go without standing, simply press the LT button and it'll make spiderman start to swing really fast, you can press it as many times as you want, and you can keep going in circles way high above the city. You'll be up as high as when you start a skydiving mission, however if you press a button to make him let go of his web, you'll be really high above NYC free falling with a breath taking view.

Beating Apocalypse Gang - Part 3

The first part is easy. But when you get to the bomb part with the van,defeat the thugs and then use spidey sense to find the switches. When defeating the main guy, swing him over the fence, and he dies automatically.

Spidey Slingshot

Go to the Daily Bugle and there are two smoke pipes press X next to them and then rapidly press down on the left stick. Spiderman will sling-shot into a lake at Central Park

Kingpin Battle

Hit yellow twice and then when the punch icon shows up above Kingpin's head, hold LB until he misses. after that, hit yellow instead of blue to do the Hurricane Counter move. This damages him, unlike most moves and raises Spiderman's rage. When a rage attack is available, use it and keep hitting yellow. This should knock out kingpin more quickly.

How To Make Spiderman Go The Highest Possible

If you do this right you'll make spiderman go like two times as high as the Empire State building. It may take some time, but start by going to any bridge. I suggest the Roosevelt Island and Queensboro bridge. Keep close to the bridge and wait for a yellow marker to come up, showing a crime is taking place near by. Go to the crime, and take care of it. Meaning complete it, beat up the thug, carjacker, etc. Remember the closer to the bridge the better. Once you stopped the crime a few seconds later your xbox 360 automatically saves the game for you while you are playing. This is where there is a loop hole. But immediately after you stop the crime, start swinging to the bridge, then head away from Roosevelt Island. Normally there is a barrier that makes spiderman bounce back to the city. So swing to where it bounces you back to the city, but be patient and your game will read saving in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If it keeps bouncing you back, keep trying til the game saves and then Wa lah, you can go further. Once it's done saving it'll throw you back to the city. Sometimes lifting you so very high that the city gets small and you can see everything, other times you'll just be pushed back to the island at somewhat of a high level. I found that by swinging or jumping right when it bounces you back helps you go really high. Its a fun way to go SPLAT!

Great Height Picture

Climb to the top of the empire state and snap a shot of the streets and there goes that achievment.


Play As Venom

At the pause menu, press A, Y, Right, Down, X.

Unlock Black Spider-Man Suit

In game play pause the game and go into the playable characters section, then press A, Y, B, X, RB, LB. If you hear a noise then go to the black spider man suit and play as him.

Unlimited Health

Press Up, Up, Up, A, Down, Down, Down, A, Up, Up, Up, RT, Y.

Last Cinteractive

In this sequence, press up, A, left, A, A, B, LB, X, LB, Y, RT. If you successfully complete this sequence, you will trigger a cinamatic that finishes the game.


Unlock Black Costume

To unlock this costume, you have to beat the game. Then go to the start menu and select playable characters and select "Black suited spider-man".

Dark Reward

This achievement is awarded when you beat the story mode with regular spidey.

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