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Defeating Sandman

In your first encounter with Sandman, do not try to attack him, just stay close to him. Counter- attack him several times on different levels to finally battle him. Unfortunately, you must use the Black suit to damage him. Just keep hitting him until you are prompted to give him a bath. Keep repeating this until you defeat him. Sandman will create a mini-tornado making it so you cannot hit him. Use your Spidey senses to dodge the flying bars and wait until he throws a tank at you. Press Attack when prompted and send it back at him, allowing you to beat him up. He will start up his tornado again and do some damage. Repeat this until he dies. The second battle with Sandman is easy. Just dodge when your Spidey senses alert you and run to the yellow circles when they appear. Complete the prompts to throw TNT barrels into Sandman. Eventually Harry will kill him, defeating Sandman.

Defeating Venom

Before this battle, go to the upgrade menu and make sure you have the melee volley attack; then fight. Depending on your health level, you may or may not want to use the power-up. At first, you can easily jump over Venom, confuse him, and take away some of his health. Keep doing this until his black suit begins to "glow". Now when you jump over him, he will run away. This is a good opportunity to use the melee volley attack on him. Keep hitting him until his "glow" gets bigger and eventually Harry will tell you to knock Venom into the air. He will fall back to the ground just as before, easily confused. Repeat this cycle until his health is really low and you can finish him off. Use the following steps to defeat Venom the first and second time you face him. When you meet Venom for the first time at the construction site, you must defeat him in under five minutes or Mary Jane will die. An easy way to do this is to defeat Venom in version one. It should be quite easy. Version two is slightly harder, but all you have to do is watch his five punch combo. The last punch is his super punch. After he is done with his combo, beat him up. Repeat this until Venom turns into version three. You cannot do much once he is in his full power. Watch carefully and you should see a flashing symbol. Follow what the game instructs you to do and you should win. This works on both fights. In the final battle with Venom, it is just the two of you. Repeat the previously listed steps to defeat him. When his "glow" is very high, run over to the metal bars and follow the prompt. This will slowly remove the suit off him, eventually killing him.

Defeating Lizard

You must first defeat Kraven The Hunter. Use the Black suit and it will be easy. You will then catch up with the new and improved Lizard. Stand by a generator and wait until he is about to strike, then dodge. He will hit the generator and shock himself. This will also shock you. Repeat this until you must counter-attack him and ride his back. Try to balance and he will run into one. When the last one shuts off, you must turn it back on. Go over to the switch and turn it back on. Ride his back one more time to defeat him.

How To Find Spider Emblems

All of the Spider Emblems are found on the sides of buildings.

Where To Find Health

When an ambulance passes, it will have Spiderman's health on top of it.


Unlock Black Costume

At the cheat screen put EDDIE BROCK.


Allways Have The Black Suit

Save your game on saving spot 10.

Play As Venom

Collect all 100 meteorite pieces.

Unlimited Health

Save your game on saving spot 9.

Unlock Black Suit Spider-man

After you destroy the suit, collect all 50 spider emblems.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Spiderman 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Spiderman 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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