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  • Star Wars Bounty Hunter
  • Simulation, Space Combat Sim
  • Lucas Arts
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • December 4, 2002


How To Beat Vosa Easy

To beat Vosa is actually simple considering the fact that she's a jedi. She has two lightsabers and as soon as the battle starts she's after you. She will chase you so all you have to do is just keep shooting at her. The only time you should stop is when she stops and twirls her lightsabers around, but if you shoot at her still your laser will deflect off her and hitting you. Then she will continue to chase you and all you have to do is run away and shoot at the same time. You have a jetpack in case she gets too close so use it. With the jetpack you can avoid her crazy jumps that she does every now and then. Unfortunately just follow these steps and Vosa will fall in no time.

Devils Tower

The beast handler in Mission #1 is obsessed with Devils Tower, the large rock in Wyoming. Check his chamber; the loony has a poster on his wall and has sculpted the mountain from his mashed potatoes. This isn't the first time Devils Tower has appeared in a Lucas Arts game. It is Indiana Jones and the Infenal Machine and Star Wars: Battle for Naboo, i'll just let you gamers find those.

One-Hit Kills While Punching

To get at swift one-hit kill while puching simply go to your enemies back and punch. Jango will give a swift chop to the neck of your enemy and he will fall dead. You may need some practice to do this everytime.

Samnite Clubing

The locker room below the Outland Station gladiator arena holds the weapons of a different sort of gladiator. It's the sword and of the Samnite from the upcoming LucasArts game, Gladius.

Killing Civillans

Try not to kill Civillans or it will lower your rank down to most likely a thug or a ruthless killer. Also dont kill your bounties.

Bando Gora Are Jumping Impaired...

When facing multiple Bando Gora, run for the nearest rock, crate or anything that is elevated off the ground. Use your Flamethrower to burn them all to a crisp...

Killing Bando Gora In Groups

A very easy way to kill Bando Gora that are in groups is to simply flamethrower them because if you use your Twin Dual Dallorian Alloy Blasters or a Blaster Rifle you are most likely to be killed.

Easy ID Check

Wrap an enemy or a innocent person with a rope and then scan them. Note: This is an easier way to get them alive.


All Trading Cards

In the menu sullect cheat and type GO FISH

All Concept Art

Enter RARTISTSROCK at the cheats section.

All TCG Cards

Enter GOFISH at the cheats section.

Unlock Missions

Unlock Missions  	Code (enter at code screen) 

Mission 1 		BEAST PIT  
Mission 3 		CONVEYORAMA  
Mission 5 		IEATNERFMEAT  
Mission 6 		VOTE4TRELL  
Mission 7 		LOCKUP  
Mission 8 		WHAT A RIOT  
Mission 9 		SHAFTED  
Mission 10 		BIGMOSQUITOS  
Mission 11 		ONEDEADDUG  
Mission 13 		MOSGAMOS  
Mission 14 		TUSKENS R US  
Mission 15 		BIG BAD DRAGON  
Mission 16 		MONTROSSISBAD  
Mission 17 		VOSAISBADDER  

Unlock Chapters

Unlock Chapters 	Code (enter at code screen) 

Chapter 2 		CITYPLANET 
Chapter 3 		LOCKDOWN 
Chapter 4 		DUGSOPLENTY 


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