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  • Simulation, Space Combat Sim
  • Lucas Arts
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • November 20, 2002


Killing The Last Boss

To kill the sith at the final level, all you must do it whipcord her, and start blasting away with your dual pistols

Police Gunship Worries

If any of you are like me, you get to the final target on the gunship (Chapter 2 Last Level) you can't seem to beat it. Maybe its only me. Anyways, go to the top where there is always a handy supply of grenades (Probably Thermal Detonators, but who cares). Using these fire at the top of the gunship. Make sure you aim high to account for the arc. Three or four hits should finish it off. Hope it helps.

Dragon Fight Tip

At the end of chapter 4, I think, you fight a Dragon. Stock up on missiles and grenades. Lock onto the Dragon and use those. When you've used them up, just use whatever else you have. Don't worry too much about the enemies firing at you. Just be jetpack ready when an enemy missile comes at you. Also, when the Dragon lifts its front leg(s) up, use your jetpack or jump when the feet come down. If not, you will be knocked down to your back. Use your jetpack while locked on and firing, cuz when you jump, you do sommersaults and can't fire. Finally, don't stand in one spot. That's why you have a jetpack! Good luck!!!

Oh, Those Wonderful Snares!

When you're in a sticky situation and you need to find the secondary bounty or make things easier on yourself by snare some of the nearby enemies. Tis way you can kill them easier ir you can scan them to see if there is a price on the head of anyone in the group. It really helps when surrounde by enemies.

Easy Way To Kill Bando Gora

When you face the Bando Gora (the little people in black), instead of shooting them use the flamethrower on them. It will work every time!!

Beat Longo Two Guns

You know how when you get through that one cutscene that Longo calls you chicken in the Longo Two Guns Level? As soon as it's over, you get pounded with blaster fire. You can overcome this if you save your heavy blaster and then when you get into this level, blast someone to smitherines and get some health, or just whip out your ID Scanner and locate Longo and then unload on him, and you beat the level. Or the even easier way is to mark Longo and snare him and it's over in 15 s. Simple.

Kill Nexu Easily

To kill the vicious nexu without it tearing you to shreds use one of your toxic darts, it will kill them instantly.


To get binoculars, equip your ID Scanner and use the view (thing that changes your view) stick to zoom up. Now you can use it for finding 2dary bounties and zoom.


All Levels

Go to codes and enter jangoisbaddest


While playing, press pause and hold down R2 and L2. While still holding those two buttons press Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right.

Unlock All Levels

To unlock all levels simply type in JANGOISBADDEST.

Unlock Chapters

Unlock Chapters	Code (enter at code screen) 

Chapter 2 		CITYPLANET 
Chapter 3 		LOCKDOWN 
Chapter 4 		DUGSOPLENTY 

Some Game Shark Codes

(M) Must Be On

0E3C7DF2   1853E59E    EE949B36   BCC22D72	

Infinite Credits	CEA292FA BCA99BE6	

Unlock Concept Art	DEBFF78A BCAE7A6B	

Unlock TCG Cards	DEBFF0B2 BCB09A81	

Unlock All Levels
CEBFF0AA   BCA99A82     CEBFF0B6    BCA99A82

All Concept Art

Enter RARTISTSROCK at the cheats section.

All TCG Cards

Enter GOFISH at the cheats section.

Unlock Missions

Unlock Missions  	Code (enter at code screen) 

Mission 1 		BEAST PIT  
Mission 3 		CONVEYORAMA  
Mission 5 		IEATNERFMEAT  
Mission 6 		VOTE4TRELL  
Mission 7 		LOCKUP  
Mission 8 		WHAT A RIOT  
Mission 9 		SHAFTED  
Mission 10 		BIGMOSQUITOS  
Mission 11 		ONEDEADDUG  
Mission 13 		MOSGAMOS  
Mission 14 		TUSKENS R US  
Mission 15 		BIG BAD DRAGON  
Mission 16 		MONTROSSISBAD  
Mission 17 		VOSAISBADDER  


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