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Where The Ghost In The Master Bedrooms Locket Is.

It is buried in the graveyard in the back of the old meeting house in Deadtree.

Super Easy Money

To earn super easy money, get a paint stand. The get a total artistic skill of 10. When you have an artistic skill of 10, start to paint another painting. As soon as the white canopy appears, push triangle and you will automatically earn $500. You can do it many times as you want.

How To Get Rid Of The Ghost In The Music Room

After you talk to the maid about the ghost in the music room. Go to Hazle Dente's house and look for the remains in the filter. You need a Mechanical of 1 to pick the lock. Then bury the remains in the Hazle's Garend and return to the maid.

How To Find The Night Beast

First you must have parts which you must buy from the merchant from deadtree[sorry I forgot that you still need something else but I can't remember really sorry: (] then you talk to thw owner of nighthowl saloon after you have complete the nervous subject thing he will talk blablabla you have to find out whos the night beast and the real night beast is aninne the waitress at nghthowl saloon and the sister of the owner of nighthowl saloon then use the teaser which you have to buy from the explaination I written on top and use it to zap her then she will turn into the night beast then you have to pay her something and thats all.

Friendly Zombies

When you are getting the charm for the nervous experiment, you can walk right through the graveyard. The zombies will not harm you.


To get the ghost that haunts the music room out of the way, go to Hazel Dente back yard, near the pool, and you will find a swim suit.

Look Very Close

If your wondering what could be at the very back in division47, think again. It has a red and white flowered shirt and big black eyes. Can you guess what it is? It's the alien that everyone has been talking about and saying an outside force has been controlling them or being abducted.

Get Money Fast

Get your creative skill up to the max. Paint a picture (when you see the picture show up press trangle to quit, it wont take long and won't get urgencies) then sell the painting for $500.00


Unlock All Locations

Circle, Circle, Square.

Alternate Ultimate Cheat

Here is an easier way to access the "ultimate cheat". First you click the select button going to the my Sims page. Go to perks by clicking the R1, L1 buttons. You then hold both R1 and L2 AND square at the same time. When the woohoo icon appears buy it and on the left click on it. Then exit the screen and on the lower right hand corner, there'll be the icon. Press circle and you should see the button ACTIVATE. Then a bunch of things will show up on the screen. Click on any of the cheats. For the 1000$, you can click that cheat as many times as you want to gain mad money.

Ultimate Cheat

Go to the perks menu the hold L and R and SQUARE at the same time. A woohoo icon will appear as a perk and it is free so get it. Then exit the menu and press square and change you're perk option too the woohoo icon. Activate it and you can earn 1000 dollars, skill points, and fill sanity meter.

Unlock Clothing

Press Square, R2, Down, Right, Square.

Get a Lot Of Money

First you need to do is do this cheat code hold L and R at the same time and square at the same time then got money cheat press it how much you want.


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Easter eggs

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