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Resident evil 5

Heart stopper-defeat a licker by stabbing it in the heart. To do this shoot him 
with a weak powered weapon like a handgun and if he flys back and looks like he 
is having a seizure run up to him it will then say stab.-15gs

Egg on your face-defeat a majini with a rotten egg. Try to do this on chapter 1-
2 when you see a woman killing a guy pull out your egg and throw it at her, if 
you miss you can just restart-15gs

Bad blood-hurt wesker enough to make him retreat in your first fight against 
him, to do this you need a rocket launcher, go to the door to the right and 
investigate, it'll trigger a cutscene of wesker kicking you through the door, 
then go run away to hide when he loses sight of you shoot him with the rocket, 
he will catch it then shoot him-15gs bonus:if you do this there will be the 
treasure heart of africa in between the staircases at the begging of the fight 
against jill.

Master of Removing- remove the device that controlls jill-15gs

Baptism by fire-defeat 3 majini by blowing up a drum-15gs

Stop, drop, & roll-defeat 3 majini by setting oil canister on fire by shooting 

Ride the lightning-defeat a majini by shooting a transformer. These things can 
be used as many times you want even though you shot it down-15gs

Go into the light-defeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade, to do this save a 
flash grenade till chapter 4-1 pull one out keep going until spiders come out 
of the ground then throw the flash grenade to the ground-15gs

Meat shower-defeat 3 majini with one hand grenade,play chapter 1-1 with a hand 
greanade, go until you jump out the window when you start the mob fight make 
sure you have 3 guys in there then throw it-15gs

Fireworks-shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick of hand grenade,you 
have to be quick for this one, wait for a guy to throw a dynamite stick or hand 
grenade and when it lands on the floor shoot it, the molotov cocktails blow up 
once they the ground so dont try it with that-15gs

The works- chain the most melee moves together(3),go to chapter 2-1 you need a 
flash grenade for this, go until you see the fat majini throw the grenade at 
him go up to him and hit him then your partner will hit him , now run back up 
to him and use one last melee attack on him-15gs

Get physical-defeat 20 enemies with melee moves-15gs

Bulls-eye-defeat 30 enemies with the longbow, to get the longbow you need to 
fully upgrade the first rifle (you get it in chapter 2-1 in a house) then you 
can buy it for $50,000 and it has unlimited ammo note: only sheva can use it-

Crowd Control-defeat 30 enemies with the gattling gun, to get the gattling gun 
you need to fully upgrade the first machine gun(you can find it in chapter 1-1 
next to the locked red gate during the executioner fight) then buy it for 
$50,000 it also has unlimited ammo note: only chris can use it-15gs

Cattle prod-defeat 30 enemies with the stun rod-15gs

A cut above-defeat 5 enemies with a knife-15gs

Exploding heads-make 20 headshots-15gs

lifeguard-save partner 10 times when dying is displayed, you need either 10 
rockets or 1 rocket with unlimited ammo and 10 first aid sprays send your 
partner away from you and shoot the rocket at your partners feet(warning: do 
this on amateur this way your partner doesnt die)and save your partner, do this 
ten times-15gs

A friend in need- save partner 10 times when help is displayed-15gs

Egg hunt-find all 4 types of eggs white, brown, gold, and rotten-15gs

Recruit-complete all chapters on amateur-15gs

Soldier-complete all chapters on normal-15gs

Completed chapter 1-1-beat chapter 1-1 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 1-2-beat chapter 1-2 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 2-1-beat chapter 2-1 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 2-2-beat chapter 2-2 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 2-3-beat chapter 2-3 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 3-1-beat chapter 3-1 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 3-2-beat chapter 3-2 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 3-3-beat chapter 3-3 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 4-1-beat chapter 4-1 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 4-2-beat chapter 4-2 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 5-1-beat chapter 5-1 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 5-2-beat chapter 5-2 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 5-3-beat chapter 5-3 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 6-1-beat chapter 6-1 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 6-2-beat chapter 6-2 on any difficulty-15gs

Completed chapter 6-3-beat chapter 6-3 on any difficulty-15gs

Who do you trust-build up a certain trust with your partner,you may need to do 
this hint a couple of times, go to chapter 1-2 with as many first aid sprays as 
you can carry and at the begging there should be a transformer (note: put the 
difficulty on veteran so your health goes down faster dont put it on 
professional otherwise you will die) keep hitting it until your partner comes 
to help you-30gs

Drive by-stop an armored truck by taking out the driver-30gs

Lead aspirin-get a headshot on a majini as its jumping, you need a shotgun and 
go to chapter 1-1 and go to the fight with the executioner and get on top of 
the bus and as some one is jumping over to the bus aim for the head as best you 
can this may take quite a few tries-30gs

They're ACTION figures!-collect all figurines-30gs

Badge of honor-find and destroy all BSAA emblems-30gs

They belong in a museum-find all treasures-30gs

Take it to the max-fully upgrade all your weapons-30gs

Stockpile-obtain all weapons-30gs

All dressed up-get all costumes for both sheva and chris in story-30gs

Veteran-beat all chapters on veteran-30gs

Be the knife-deflect a bowgun arrow with your knife-60gs

War Hero-beat all chapters on proffesional, to get proffesional beat story on 
Now here are some tips on how to get extra weapons
1. Fully upgrade first handgun M92F to unlock the M93R
2. Fully upgrade first shotgun Itacha to unlock the hydra
3. Fully upgrade first magnum S&W m29 to unlock S&W 500m
4. Fully upgrade first rifle S75 to unlock the longbow
5. Fully upgrade first machine gun VZ61 to unlock gattling gun

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