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Part 1.0-Email info and legal stuff
This is XGamemasterX,and this is Version 4 of this FAQ for The Legend of 
Zelda:Twilight Princess.
This FAQ was last edited Friday, December 4, 2006.If you have any suggestions 
or additions to this guide, email me at [email protected] I will not 
respond to any emails that are not about this guide, and if your title doest 
include the words Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess Boss Guide, I will label 
it as spam and delete it.

Ok,so this is my first Guide. You may use this guide as long as you do NOT do 
the following:
1.Copy it and sell it for public use.
2.Translate it into your own language and claim ownership.
3.Post this on any site aside from without permission.
4.Post this anywhere for public use.

Bear with me, because I forgot the names of the bosses^_^

OK! Now for the FAQ!

2.0-Boss Guides

Forest Temple Mini Boss

Monkey with the Gale Boomerang

    When you enter the room, you see a large, White Monkey and a lot of 
upright logs. He has a boomerang, which is his primary weapon. Beware, for he 
throws it and hits Boko Baba plants the fall down from the ceiling. When he 
stops on one of the logs and throws the boomerang, he will turn around 
and "Taunt" you. Shoot him with the Slingshot. The boomerang will come back to 
him and hit him instead of him catching it. Hit him in his behind a few times. 
After doing this several times, a 
cutscene will occur. The monkey gets hit and he falls off of a log. The mask 
that was on his face falls off. You get the Gale Boomerang, the main weapon 
for the Boss.

Forest Temple Boss

Twilit Parasite,Diababa

    This battle starts when you enter a room with a large, poisoned swamp. As 
you walk forward, a huge plant comes up from the swamp. This is the boss, as 
you can plainly see. After a few seconds of you trying to hurt it, the White 
Monkey that you previously saved swings on a vine with a bomb. Throw the Gale 
Boomerang at it and it will be in your hands when the boomerang comes back. 
The Boss should at some point try to eat you, and if you have a bomb it will 
eat that instead. After you do this to both Heads, a third will arise from the 
swamp with the other two. Use the previous mentioned method again. After both 
of the original Heads eat a bomb, the third will fall down, exposing its eye. 
Slash the eye like crazy. After hitting it several times, it will die. Walk 
over to the heart piece. Congratulations! You beat the first boss and got 
another Heart Container!

Goron Mines Mini Boss

Guard Goron

   As you walk into the room, You step onto a large, circular platform. Put 
your Iron Boots on, and keep them on for the entire battle. A cutscene 
commences when you step on the platform. A huge, hulking Goron with armor 
walks in. Yes, you have to fight him, but don't worry. He's not that hard. 
First off, walk up to him.(You don't have a choice with your boots on.) You 
can't hurt him until he puts up his arm to try to hit you. When this happens, 
slash at his belly. After this, he starts spinning. This is what Gorons do 
best, and he's a master at it. If you managed to get any practice of stopping 
Ordon Goats or Gorons on the way up the mountain, this is a piece of cake. 
Just press the A button when prompted to and hold it in. This makes Link throw 
him. You have to throw him off the edge, which is the difficult part. It is 
difficult because of you having little control of where you are throwing Guard 
Goron. Link always throws him to the right side, however. Because of this, try 
to get to him at an angle. After throwing him into the lava three times, he 
allows you to pass. The next room contains the Hero's Bow, which any self-
respecting Zelda Fan knows about. It is the key item to defeating the Goron 
Mines Boss.

Goron Mines Boss

Twilit Igniter,Fyrus

    This Boss is actually VERY easy. Make sure your bow is in your B button 
item slot, and you have the Iron Boots at the ready. Shoot the giant Shadow 
Beast in the eye-like jewel on its head. Run up to the chains that you can 
grab and do so, after donning the Iron Boots. Hold the control stick towards 
you. After this is accomplished, run up to its head. Again, slash away at the 
jewel. This is his weak spot. After two or three times of slashing, he will 
fall. He will revert to his original form, Darbus. Talk to him once or twice 
and pick up the heart piece. Congratulations! You've beat the second dungeon 
boss and got another beautiful heart container. Around now, you should have 5 
or 6 heart containers. Now, its off to Lake Hylia and the Lakebed Temple!

Lakebed Temple Mini Boss

Giant Toad

    This battle is another easy one. First off, kill all of the tadpoles that 
the toad releases. The spin attack(shaking the Nunchuck)makes this a simple 
task. After this is accomplished, the toad jumps up. You will soon see his 
shadow on the ground, which means that its time to run. When he hits the 
ground you have to run up and slash his revealed tongue a few times. Repeat 
the process and walk away with the Clawshot. This is basically a different 
version of the Hookshot, except you can't use it to grapple to treasure 
chests. This is essential for the Lakebed Temple Boss.

Lakebed Temple Boss

Twilit Aquatic, Morpheel

   Some hardcore Zelda Fans may think that this is the same boss from Ocarina 
of Time's Zora Dungeon in the future(Morpha or something I forget.)This isn't 
the case, but it's pretty easy. When you first get into the large pool area, 
don the Iron Boots so you can get down to the boss arena quicker. As you 
approach the large, flailing tentacle, a cutscene commences. Seven more 
tentacles come out from a pit, along with a mouth. Don't go near this and get 
away from the tentacles. As Midna tells you, you have to grapple the eye with 
the Clawshot. After it gets to you, slash it a few times. It will eventually 
get back into the huge boss and you have to do it once more. Morpheel appears 
defeated, but you should know better. Morpheel reveals its entire body, which 
is a large eel with the tentacles hanging off of its neck area. Midna tells 
you to grapple the eye on its back. Way to explain the obvious, huh? Do as 
your Twilight friend tells you. Grapple the eye with the Clawshot,(man that's 
got to hurt)then do what Link does best. Slash the eye  repeatedly and repeat. 
After two or three times you slay the beast. Congratulations, Adventurer! You 
defeated another boss and got another Heart Container! Now, It's off to 
Arbiter's Grounds in the Gerudo Desert!

Arbiter's Grounds Miniboss

Horned Swordsman

    This is another relatively simple boss. First off, when you walk into the 
room, if you are in your wolf form, get out of it. Run up to the huge sword 
and slash it with your own. Now go back into your wolf form and you can see 
the Swordsman. After he get near to you, attack him as if he were a Giant Poe 
or Shadow Beast. After doing this once or twice, you can revert to your human 
form. Stay this way for the rest of the battle. The fight gets easier now. As 
he is flying around the room, shoot him with the Bow and Arrow. Watch for his 
energy shots that occur every few moments. The Swordsman spins around the room 
and stops to slash you. Hit him instead, and continue slashing. This time 
attack his head, however. Repeat this procedure three or four times. He falls, 
and you get the Spinner, which is essential for defeating the 
Boss of Arbiter's Grounds. It is a neat little trinket, and much like a 
circular surfboard that rides on certain rail-like walls. 

Arbiter's Grounds Boss

Twilit Fossil,Stallon

This is probably the toughest boss yet, and by far the coolest. At first, you 
fight the nearly entire skeleton. Jump on the spinner and go into the sand. 
You should get on the rail. Jump into the sand and head for the beast's 
backbone. Ram it with your Spinner. It cracks, and you are back on the solid 
ground. Be careful on the rail, however. Spinning spiked traps are rotating on 
it. Repeat the process and after a few times it appears to be defeated. Shame 
on you if you thought it was that easy! The sand drains and the head is on the 
ground. Get on the Spinner and use the rotator switch on the Ground. A large 
pedestal comes up, and Stallon flies around the room. Get on the Spinner 
again, and spin on the pedestal. You will have to jump with the Spinner from 
side to side a little bit to avoid Stallon's blasts. When you get right next 
to Stallon, jump into his face. He falls down, and thats your chance. Slash 
Zant's sword the is animating this thing. Repeat the process, but be wary. 
More spinning spike traps are on the pedestal. It is somewhat difficult to 
avoid Stallon's blast later on, as well. After the third or fourth round of 
blows to the sword, Stallon falls in defeat. You get another Heart Container, 
Ganondorf is revealed to you(what a surprise....),and you set off to the next 
dungeon to find the Twilight Mirror Pieces! The next dungeon is Snowpeak, and 
I should get to the boss soon.

Snowpeak MiniBoss

Ball and Chain Guard

This character is probably a memorable one to anyone who has played A Link to 
the Past, but now he only has one weak spot. This is the tail that he has 
behind him. To exploit this weakness, wait until he throws the Ball and Chain 
far away. This makes him pause. Run up behind him and slash his tail a few 
times. I think that you may be able to use the Back Slice, but im not sure. If 
you were anything like me in this battle, you will need a lot of health, so 
bring soup, red or blue potions, or red or blue chu jelly. Repeat the process, 
and he is defeated. Walk over and pick up the ball and chain, the essential 
item needed to defeat the boss of Snowpeak. 

Snowpeak boss

Twilit Ice Mass, Blizetta

This boss is pretty easy, especially at first. Hit the giant ice mass that is 
Yeta with your Ball and Chain several times. Doing so will get her even 
angrier. Now she floats above you in an ice encasement. Just avoid the icicles 
at first and you should see their reflection as a circle around you. This is 
where you don't want to get stuck in. As soon as you see the ice falling down 
in the circle, avoid getting in it and if you don't, quickly search for the 
space that is between two of the icicles. It should look something like this:
0  X  0
 00 00
The X is where Blizetta is going to fall, and the area where the missing 0 is 
is the exit of the circle. When Blizetta falls, hit her with your Ball and 
Chain. This will chip her ice encasement. Repeat the process, and Blizetta 
will fall. Yeta will be back, and Yeto and her hug the entire time that you 
are there. This causes hearts to fall, as well as the Heart Container. By now, 
you should have around 11 hearts or more if you've looked for the Heart 
Pieces. Congratulations! You defeated the next boss, and are headed to the 
Temple of Time.

Temple of Time miniboss

Dark Nut

Ah, the Dark Nut. One of the most honorable adversaries in The Legend of 
Zelda. This is probably the most difficult to defeat, however. If you do not 
have the secret ability Mortal Draw, you cannot defeat this boss. All you need 
to do at first is keep using MD, and his armor will all fall off. You want his 
shield to be knocked off before you start using actual attacks, however. After 
you get rid of his armor, use the Back Slice to get around his defenses. 
Continue slashing from there, and you will kill him. You will have to be 
patient in this battle. Once you defeat him, you obtain the Dominion Rod, 
which is absolutely essential for defeating the Temple of Time's boss. Now 
get the statue, and get moving!

Temple of Time Boss

Twilit Arachnid, ArmoGohma

Wow, what a surprise that Gohma is the boss of a dungeon with tons of spiders 
in it....Well, after so many years of facing this spider, they finally changed 
it. Kind of. When you walk into the room, get your B&A and Dominion Rod 
equipped. They are your key items in this battle. When you are prepared, walk 
into the center of the room and look up. This begins the battle. First off, 
wait until ArmoGohma opens its eye. This happens when it blocks off one of the 
holes in the ceiling. When it opens its eye, shoot it with the Bow quickly. If 
you do not, the beast starts shooting a laser around you. This is much like a 
Beamos attack. You can still shoot the eye with effect while AG is shooting 
you, but it is a little more difficult. Repeat this about four times. AG will 
supposedly be defeated, but do not be fooled. The eye is still alive with a 
lot of those annoying little spiders. These are not necessary to kill, but it 
helps. The Eye Spider is your target. You may want to hit it with your sword 
instead of your bow because of the spider's speed. After you defeat it, you 
gain another Heart Container! You should have quite enough Hearts to survive 
mostly anything now. Next up, The City in the Sky!

City in the Sky Miniboss

Flying Dragon

This battle is easy. When you walk into the room, Clawshot up onto the hanging 
ball and don the iron boots. This stops the fan from rotating. Drop into the 
room that is now open, and you see the miniboss. You can't really do anything 
until he puts up his shield, so wait until he does so. When he does this, 
grapple it with the Clawshot while locking on to it with Z. When he gets to 
you, slash like nuts. After 4 or so rounds of blows, he stays on the ground. 
It is basically the same, but he attacks you if you wait a while after his 
shield is put up. Keep grappling the shield, and if you get him to you without 
him slashing you, attack. This should defeat him. Clawshot to where the Chest 
appears and open it. You get another Clawshot, making the Double Clawshots! 
This will be the key item in defeating the boss. 

I will add more as i get along in the game. I don't play a lot, but I can 
generally beat a dungeon in a day or two, what with school and all. If you 
need any help on parts in the game, I can most likely help.

Copyright XGamemasterX

Kudos go to the following-
Nintendo for making the Wii and Zelda games. for satisfying my code and FAQ needs over the years and 
allowing anyone to post codes on this site.
Anyone actually reading this FAQ.

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