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                                Create your Character
                   Well first off these are all guaranteed. I tested them and if
you can keep up with the other guides some other members of have
submitted you can successfully beat this game.
   Suggested races:Orc,Nord,Imperial, Redguard. Now to begin obviously select
your character, I will explain how to create
four types of status:melee, range, melee/mage, and magic. So first go through
all that prison stuff. Whatever you do DO NOT use spells unless you just bought
the game and need help with controls.  Okay so now your being asked "What sign
have you been born under?" Well your going for the best melee thing so select
the warrior sign. Now you go on yada yada yada now the Emporer is dead and Barus
asks your what you are. He may say your an experienced battlemage, just to say,
you will need to go in and create your own class. Select all blunt, blade,
block, marksman (I understand I said range but you may need this when you really
want to be silent), heavy armor, light armor, and armorer. All these will help
you as a melee warrior. That is the basic set up for all melee. The best thing
you could do though is not be pure melee. You lose certain aspects of combat
(magic can give you a huge jump on your foes at a distance as magic does not
lose it's power).                                                   
 Suggested races:Dark Elf, Breton, High Elf. OK do all the necessary stuff and
when you get to the birthsign thing select either The Mage or The Warrior(if you
want to be a more magic melee/mage select mage and vice versa). So now if you
decided to be a more magic thing before this use spells more or more warrior use
more blunt or blade or even hand-to-hand. Whatever you do though, make sure you
balance it out though or it would not be as effective to be Melee/Mage. So now
continue on and train yourself as directed. Then select Battlemage class if your
primary magic. Or create your own class but with all the same things as
Battlemage except combat being your primary.

   Suggested races: Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Argonian, Khajit. OK go through all the
stuff and then be born under the sign of the Thief. Then continue through and
always use a bow which should be fairly obvious. Ok now continue through and
when it asks for your class say your an Archer or Scout. This can be easily
tweaked to another thing in custom class but no matter what keep marksman as
your primary thing. 
   Suggested races:High Elf, Breton. OK go through all the junk and be born
under the sign of the Mage. Then continue through and USE SPELLS OFTEN(97
percent of the time can be used to train your destruction, the other three
percent to train restoration). Then once you make it to the class thing select
the mage class(sorry about the class thing but I forgot it's real name).

   Well this is where I have to stop. Good luck though and continue to train
this way throughout the game. Mage should be balanced once you have all your
mage skills(mysticism, destruction, illusion etc.) So as I said, good luck
beating oblivion!

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