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  • Elder Scrolls 4, The: Oblivion and Oblivion
  • Action, Adventure
  • Bethesda Softworks
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  • Mature
  • March 21, 2006


Unlimited Gold

In Imperial City - Talos District there is a home in the South East section of a man named Dorian. Wait till nightfall where the door is locked. Pick the door and enter the home. When he sees you he will demand that you leave the home. At this time kill him. When you loot his body, his gold will never decrease. So you can keep clicking on his gold over and over forever until you get the number of gold you want!

Really Powerful Sword

I did this with an elven shortsword first, but later did it with a deadric shortsword. What you do is get any weapon without an enchantment, then find a grand soul gem that is completely filled. Find an Alter of Enchantment, and enchant the weapon you want with the grand soul gem, set the effect for fire damage, and you can increase the damage done up to forty points. I did this with an elven shortsword and killed the Gray Prince with one power strike.


Now first, if you have not found Harcane Grove as a location then you will fast travel to the Inn of Ill Omen (Kill Rofius Dark Brotherhood Quest) or the horse stables by Bravil. From there you will follow the road toward the Imperial City and where you see the icon on your compass (landmark icon). Follow that on your compass until you have reached there. Now when you get there there should be like 3 or 4 Minotaurs that are guarding the unicorn. You must not kill them! For if you even just hit them with your weapon he unicorn will attack you and you will not be able to ride it. So you must run around them and then jump on the unicorn! And then the unicorn is yours!

Easy Sneak

Make sure that someone is in the room and can't see you, then go into sneak mode and start walding against a wall and your sneak will keep on going up.

Armor Level

You all probably want to know why the best amor can't be fun? Well it split up in to levels.
lvl 1-lvl 5-- iron, leather, basic cloth.
lvl 6-lvl 10-- steel, iron, leather, basic cloth.
lvl 11-lvl 15-- iron, leather, steel, dwarven, basic cloth.
lvl 16-lvl 20-- iron, leather, steel, dwarven, elven, basic cloth. lvl 21-lvl 22 and more-- iron, leather, steel, dwarven, elven, daedric, basic cloth. xbox live- CallODutySniper.

Unlimited Lock Picks

This is at the vary begining of the game. As soon as you get out of the sewers, travel down the main road and you will find Roxy Inn. Go inside and kill every one in the room that will die. When that is done, go upstairs and lockpick the first door to your left. Then close the door, put your weapon away and sleep for 1 hour. You will be visited by a member of the dark brotherhood. When he talks, you must answer "say nothing" every time. When he's done, kill him before he opens the door. Take everything one at a time and then put everything back - even your stuff. Go out and go back in and take one at a time untill you reach the lockpicks, skip them go out go back in and press "x" to take all. The lockpicks will only decrease by one each time. When its gone put all the lockpicks you have back on him and repeat.

Easy Magika And Magic Skill

Start a new game, be a high elf and get to the part where the royal guy ask what your sign is and say apprentice and you get about 300 magika to work on ur magic skills, such as cunjuration. It got me to master in about 2 days of non-stop playing. Don't and I mean DON'T use the one that gives you 150 magika cause you'll just screw urself because you don't regain magika.

How To Actually Duplicate

Preamble: You should have at least 2 arrows (any kind), 2 of the same scrolls (any kind), and only one of the object you are trying to duplicate (such as lockpicks). Make sure to pick up all duplicates and only use this for items you really need like lockpicks, repair hammers, or health potions or after a while your game will start lagging badly.
1. Equip your bow.
2. In the gameplay menu, press and hold the 'right trigger' (or whatever is your attack button) to nock an arrow.
3. With the arrow still on the bow, press 'B' to open up your menu. (This will only work with the bow, and only if the arrow is still nocked.
4. Go to the weapons tag and equip your arrows. (Just select the arrows you already have on. Make sure you have to have more than one arrow, but not too many. The number of arrows will determine the number of duplicated you are going to make. )
5. Drop the item you are trying to duplicate now.
6. Go to your scrolls and equip one that you have at least two of. (don't think it will work with just one)
7. Exit menu, and there should be a little lag and poof, all the duplicates should be there around you.

Unmark Stolen Items

When you are playing the game and want to sell stolen items, instead of having to sell it to the theives guild and getting less money, you can steal the items you want and drop them on the ground. Wait about 3 days and come back. Pick them up and tada, they won't be marked as stolen.

Dupe. With Scrolls (hint For Extra Gold!)

If you have 2 or more scrolls 40dys are the highest you can go don"t go 50 or more or it wont work! If you have 40 scrolls double click "A" on the scrolls the drop any thing that you only have 1 of! Then 40 of the thing you drop will fall then pick them all up! This glitch will work with any number of scrolls from: 2-40dys. Can even dupe lockpicks (NOTE:Lockpicks are very hard to see! ) o and the glitch also works if you dupe say 40 of something drop 39 so you only have 1 then you can dupe more of that item. HINT: If you go to the mystic emporium in the imperial city market district and take 2 flares, 1 serenity and feather shoes it should be legal (it not legal for me in 1 acc but a diff. Acc it was) feather shoes sell around 600 gold a pear dupe. Them sell all but 1 then dupe. Again! (dont say this is broken if the hint dose not work it only works some times!

The Great Hiest

When you get in the imperial living Quarters you go through one of the big doors, go through the last big door and go left follow the hall to the door at the end go through it. When you get to another round hall that looks like a cave-like dark place got into sneak mode and go right then there will be a man sitting in a chair pull the lever to the right then go all the way to the other side and a door will be open. Go in (don't talk to anyone) and sit in the chair and you will get the elder scroll for the grey fox.

Easy Sword, Blunt, Magic, And Or Marksmen Skillz

Okay, first, do the whole thieves guild quest, yes, this is mandatory.
1. Get Grey Cowl
2. Put it in hotswap or whatever it is called
3. Go to the imperial city (I don't care where)
4. Equip the Cowl and be ready to fight an onslaught of guards
5. Run out of toys, Fast travel to a new city and start all over again
6. When done, simply remove the Cowl and walk away from the body heap with no consequences.
This also works for block and armor, but less directly and use a shield against the archers and have NO, I SAY AGAIN NO reflect damage spells, chameleon spells, or anything like that.


First get two of one type of scroll and one of another, then double select the scroll you have two of. Then drop the scroll you have one of and instead of it dropping one it will drop two. But there's a catch this only works on certain objects.

2 Ways Of Duping

If you have a very good spell (like major heal other) and want more then listen up. Get a bow and between 10 and 200 arrows (any kind). Get ready to shoot but don't fire. When its pulled back all the way go into your inventory, press A on ur current arrows 3 times, then X on the same arrows then drop the scroll you want. Exit your inventory, then all your scrolls should be there. Then, anything else you want to duplicate, hold down A on any scroll you have a lot of, wait 3 seconds, then drop anything you want duped and. BAM! Lots (if your game is updated, go to system settings->memory-> press Y on device with game data->then press X, X, LB, RB, X, X and go to "yes, preform system maintenance" and that will clear all updates for that device don't worry you can ALWAYS update.

Necromancers Amulet

Always wanted to have the necromancers amulet well here's how to get as many as desired. After you kill the women who has the amulet take it and give to travus then you must hurry and finish the rest of the mage's guild quest to get the staff of worms I took me 2 days as I rushed through all the quest and went back to whatever fort it was at ok after you get the staff of worms you have to have completed the rest of the 4 quest in less then 3 days or the woman's body will not be there anymore ok after you get to the woman's dead body bring her back to life then kill her again the Necromancers Amulet will be in her inventory repeat as many times as you want the amulet can also be duplicated using the scroll glitch Do not do this with the bloodworm helm when you bring the guy back to life if you kill him while hes following you and whatever else hes doing you will get a message saying you are suspended from the mages guild and will have to get daedric hearts and whatever flower you have to have to get back in before you can complete.

Dragon Sword Of Lainlyn

Before you do this you have to have battlehorn castle upgrade from xbox live marketplace. Go to the castle and save it from the marauders. After that got to the training room in the basement and there should be a room with a bow and an archery target go behind the target and look at a candlebra on the wall and activate it go all the way down until you get to a dead end and there should be a movable pillar on the wall somewhere open it and walk into the room there is a skeleton with the dragon sword of lainlyn it is very powerful. There is also a lich king in there with a staff, three varla stones, and a treasure chest with some stuff in the water.

Dupe Items

Say you have 2 scrolls of flare. You need some extra cash. Have something worth money and find a merchant with lots of money to spend. I used saphire and I went to the Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City market district. Double click 'A' and drop the object. Depending on the amount of scrolls you will have double the object. I found more scrolls and now have 518 scrolls. Every time I do this Dupe trick I end up with 518 more of the item. So to some it all up double click'A' THEN DROP THE item you want more of. You have to have 2 or more scrolls of the same type.

Quicker Imperial Dragon Armor

Once you finish the main quest line you are entitled to a suit of imperial dragon armor, but the downside is that you have to wait 2 game weeks (14 game days) to obtain it, a quicker way to kill 2 weeks time is to literally kill to pass the time. A good idea, though it may cause you some skill level and stolen items as well as an infamy increase, it will be worth it. Go kill 3 or 4 Imperial Legion Guards/soldiers/archers/foresters and it needs to be imperial legion because if its not you still need to travel to the imperial legion compound (prison) to get the armor, kill the guards breakout twice and then finally serve your sentence, then wait 24 hours to redeem your Imperial Dragon Armor in the building nearby your release area (the building with the gates to your left) go inside and take your armor!

Free House In Skingrand

This is not that hard to do all you have to do is complete a few contracts for the dark brother hood till they give you a certain one it is the one where you must go to skingrand and join a party but not just any party a cold blooded killers party of course you are the killer kill every one with out being detected by some one in the house and you will get payed and a bounce of course even if you do not succeed you still get a free house oh and you will have to get used to sleeping in a house with dead people in it.

How To Be The Fighters Guild Master

Here's what you do you complete all contracts for the guild there will be miner set backs but there's nothing you can do after you are told to stay out the masters sight you do contracts yes but then oyen needs you he tells you to spy on the black wood co. Then you do all that the you kill every won in the black wood co. And the oyen tells you to tell the guild master then when you tel her she strips you of your campaign rank for disobeying direct orders and then gives you the guild for being bold and brave and that's it! Good luck.

Easy Way To Kill Umbra

Umbra is a powerful warrior. She always wears full ebony and her sword is very strong. She is preset as level 20. But I've been able to beat her at level 2. All you need is a bow arrows and a few healing potions. Find the ruins shes hiding in. To the southeast of the imperial ruins (easy to find if you start a deadric quest, don't remember who's) sneak to the bottom and get your bow ready use a sneak attack to surprise her than immediately jump down to her camp site so you don't get trapped. Run backwards away from her and keep shooting her it will take about 50 arrows, make sure to get her high lvl sword and armor.

Easy Thieves Guild Completion & 100% Chameleon

*First get a Sigil stone that is 15%, 20%, or 25%
* Then duplicate the stone so you have at least 5
* Get 5 items, anything you can wear all at the same time (Rings, Amulets, Necklaces, Armor)
* Then Enchant it with the Sigil stones and there you have it 100% Invisible
*Now go and sneak into someone’s house and steel some stuff to fence
* Once you’ve fenced over 1000 gold go talk to who ever you talk to at your point in the game and accept the Quests
* It should be very easy to the Quests while your invisible.

Get Unlimited Money

Equip most valuable weapon get on a horse travel to kvatch talk to orc with corn row things in her hair. Sell her equipped weapon while on horse and you can sell it as much as you want and it won't disappear.

Cure For Vampireism

To cure yourself of the vampire disease you must go to a chapel healer and talk about it. They will send you to the arcane university, then you will be sent to count Skingrad who will tell you of a witch. The witch will make you a potion of cure vampirism but requires garlic bloodgrass nightshade, the blood of an argonian, and the ashes of a powerful vampire.

Imperial Dragon Armor

To get your hands on this very good suit of light armor, you must beat the main story line - all the way from breaking out of jail to killing Manker Cameron. After you escort Martin to the temple of the one you will get a nice show and chancellor Ocoto will congratulate you and give you the title of "champion of Cyrodill" along with 110 gamer points and he will inform you that he has ordered you a suit of imperial dragon armor. This armor has some pretty decent enchantments.

Raiment Of Valor

To get your hands on this piece of armor you must kill your way up the ranks of the arena in the imperial city. In the end you fight a half orc half vampire spawn of evil, but he is dispatched relatively easily. once he is dead take his heavy raiment of valor to Isabel and she will let you choose if you want a light raiment of valor or a heavy raiment of valor the both do the same thing.

Staff Of Worms

To get your hands on the staff of worms you must beat the mages guild quests. At the end of all the running around and fighting you will have to face the king of worms. Once he is dead, loot his body and you will acquire the staff of worms.

The Cowl Of Nocturnal

To get your hands on the cowl of nocturnal, you must complete the last of the thief's guild missions. You will know you are done when you get the gamer points for becoming the guild master. In any case, the last mission is extremely HARD and took me to the brink and past. But it is worth it because in the end you get a fun little hat with heavy enchantment. If i remember correctly the cowl has forty sneak 25pts, feather 200pts, and detect life for 120 feet - all CONSTANT EFFECT!


Items needed:
2 or more of the same scrolls.
Any 1 other then bow or armour. (If with aroows 
only dupe 1 at a time unless you have twice as 
many scrolls as arrows.)
A large space.

Step 1: Collect items needed.
Step 2: Go to your inventory and select your scrolls.
Step 3: Press "A" on the scrolls twice. (or more 
depending on how many Dupes. you are doing.)
Step 4: Without leaving your inventory goto the 
item that is to be duped.
Step 5: Drop it.
Step 6: Pick up one and repeat until satisfied.
Step 7: Sell them.
Step 8: Be rich!

Unlimited Money Boost

In the Imperial City go to the Talos District and in the Southeast Section of the city there should be a house that belongs to a Redguard named Dorian. You can go an kill Dorian and loot his body he should have just his clothes his house key and 30 gold that is has a infinite amount of it.You can keep taking the 30 gold over and over until you have the amount of money you want. But just adding 30 gold each time is slow, so you can bribe him and raise the amount of gold he will have on him. You can most likely keep bribing him day after day if you keep coming back, to raise the amount of gold he has to collect. This should help you to build the amount of gold you want from him much faster.

Ontus Vanin

When in the Imperial City, look for a man in white robes named Ontus Vanin. Talk to him then go to the persuade icon. Get it down to zero then stop talking to him. He will then start to attack you. When you kill him he will have a steel longsword and sometimes he will have some kind of staff.

Get Debaser (weapon)

Go to the Imperial City market district find Jensine and do the mission Unfriendly competition. Do everything and at the end kill the bad guy and he will have a debaser. I don't know what but it drains something.

Get Blade Of Woe

You don't even have to do anything. Simply kill someone. Go to sleep in any bed but prison and a strange man will appear from The Dark Brotherhood and offer a mission. Accept the mission. Even if you do not do it he will give you The Blade Of Woe.

Easy Conjuration And Money

Go to Skingrad and pick all of the grapes from the vineyard in front of Skingrad. Then go around the left side of the castle and there should be a tomato farm. Make sure you pick all of the tomatoes. Make Restore Fatigue potions with just the grapes and tomatoes. It should upgrade your alchemy a few levels, and you can sell the potions to make some money. Plus, if you have any extra grapes or tomatoes, you can sell them for a little extra gold.

Easy Arrows Of Any Kind

Here's an easy way to get lots of any kind of arrow. First, get one kind of the arrow you want to duplicate, then, get lots of another kind of arrow, equip the single arrow and use the "Duplicate" cheat. All you have to do is keep putting all but 1 arrow in a crate and just keep duplicating the 1 arrow til' you have the desired number of arrows.


This is pretty much pointless, but cool. All you have to do is get a paintbrush and drop it, and it'll float in mid air. (this worked last time I did it)

Easy Level Up

If you have Alchemy as a major skill, duplicate Apple & onions 400 times each, don't worry about the weight just get all of the stuff, and make many potions of fatigue, this should get your skill a lot more hire.

Everybody's Crazy

I'm not sure what triggered this, but I was in the imperial city, and I found a little tent set up in a circular area of the city, I went and pick pocketed from the Kahjjit in the tent and he caught me, then when he went back to sleep I tried it again and he went crazy! He got up and attacked one of the guards until they killed him, then another guard came up, checked his body and said "It's still fresh, there's a killer on the loose." It's really a fun thing to try, if it doesn't work you might need to be in the thieves guild.

Breath Underwater

I know that a lot of people like to chose Argonian as their race so they don't die underwater, but a cheap way to breath underwater is to get any armor and enchant it with water breathing and you can breath underwater with no side effects.

Disappearing Staff

This is a really pointless thing to do, but it's cool (bear with me)! You need to have access to the arcane university in order to do this without facing the guards. When the arch mage kills himself, go into his quarters and take Henantier's Ice Staff. Go to your house or someplace very far away from the university. When you're there, go into your inventory and drop the staff. It should look like it's falling right through the floor!(I'm not sure if this works everywhere, but I know it works on the top floor of Rosethorn Hall, if you want to try it.)

500 Gold

Alright first, get like 20 or 30 lock picks, wait until that "betting" guy leaves for the night. Go pick the lock, press "X" however many times you need to until you open the chest there should be like 500 gold, oh and if you don't know the chest is right there when you walk in.

Floating Items

To do this trick all you have to do is go to your inventory menu and hit select the item you want to make float and hit B. Then the item should be floating right in front of you while you do this you can still attack and pick up weapons.

Joining The Dark Brotherhood

If you like killing people then this is the place for you. Simply kill a person then go to bed and fall asleep. When you wake up a man in a black armor will be standing next to your bed. He will talk to you as soon as you wake up. Do as he says and you will become a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

Easy Level-up/ Money

First you have to join the thieves guild (wait 6 hours in the Waterfront, get the letter, go to the meeting spot, and do what that Christophe guy says) and go to Bruma. You will meet a member of the theives guild in Olav's place. Make sure you have alot of lock-picks (buy 100 for 600 gold from that guy at Olav's) be sure to wait until 10:00 p.m, and go to lots of houses and shops. Be sure to be sneaking, because that's the only way you'll level up. Empty out the houses of all the stuff you can get, without getting caught, and take them to that thieves guild member at Olav's. Sell the stuff, and do it again! It made me thousands of gold!!!

Get An Elven Longsword

Follow the road that is northeast of Leyawiin. You should find three houses in a place called Blackenmarch. All you need to do is follow the road. In one of the three houses is a man with a elven longsword. Kill him and take the longsword. It does anywhere from 8-10 damage.

Easy Illusion

(Need a charm spell) Go to a chapel and find somone who is sitting down. Keep casting charm spells on them and you should be a master in Illusion in no time.

Duplicate Items

You will need any bow and 2 different types of arrows. Equip the bow, then lightly push LT. When the arrow is about to fire switch to the other set of arrows and push the A twice. Then drop the item you want to duplicate. The amount of arrows you double click on is the amount of duplicated item you will get. This does not work with some enchanted weapons and quest items.


When you pause the game go into options. Go to Gameplay, and it should be right there. Move the crouser to the right to make it hard, or to the left to make it easy.

Vampire Cure/Cash

First you have to complete the Cure for Vampirism mission, and talk to The Count, Janus Hassidor. When you talk to him, ask him about the "Reward" conversation option, but don't leave the conversation, and keep asking him about it. Everytime you ask him about it you receive 1000 gold (or more depending on your level). Do this as many times as desired for unlimited gold. Note that a recent June patch has fixed this glitch

Easy Mercantile And Money

First of you need a weapon of 200 gold or more and Horse(doesn't matter what kind). So you get on the horse and travle to Kvatch. Find a female Orc with cornrows and talk to her, make sure your on the horse. Then try to sell the weapon and when you do the weapon will stay but your glod will increase and your Mercantile skill also.

Easy Master Of Light And Heavy Armour

First go to Anvil and join the Fighters Guild. Ask for the Rats contract from Azzan. Go speak to the Dark Elf and she will say a mountian lion is killing her rats. Go the basement kill the lion. Look at the rats and make sure they have a desent amount of health, if there low wait a hour. Remove your weapon and attack each rat once dont kill them. Run to a corner and wait they'll case you and attack you, just wait there and let them hit you. Make sure you have enough health potions. When your armour is low or destroyed go back upstairs, the rats dont follow you. If your good at armouror skill repair your eqiupment or go get it repaired. Go back and repeat this at least 3 or 4 more times. This will also give you a 5 level head start on the game

Easy Experience

This trick requires that your character has a major skill of Sneak and either Destruction or Alteration. If your skills are Sneak and Destruction, gain access to Arcane University. Go to the area to make spells. Make a Drain Health spell that is set to "Self" and only uses 1 Magicka. Then, go upstairs. Go into Sneak mode and just run into the wall without stopping. Activate the magic spell (RB) repeatedly to gain levels quickly. Note: When you activate the magic spell it will seem as if it is hurting you, but it is not. If your skills are Sneak and Alteration, go into a room with a container (for example, cupboard, drawers, etc.). Run into the container in Sneak mode and use a "open very easy lock" repeatedly on the container. Use the following trcik for easy experience in Leyawiin (Blade, Blunt, Destruction, Hand-To- Hand, Marksman, and Sneak). Go to Leyawiin and find Rosentia Gallenus' House. She has four Scamps. You can kill them and more will respawn. Sneak attack with a blade, mace, or hand-to-hand. Then, use a bow and cast fire. Note: If you use your bow, the arrows are hard to get back. If you finish the quest you cannot do this anymore. Go to Cloud Ruler Temple northwest of Bruma. Walk up the big stairs and you will see two Blades sparing. Stand close to them for a minute and your Blade and Block skills will increase by 2. Note: This can only be done once.

Permanent Enchantments

Use the following trick for duplication or a permanent enchantment. You can duplicate a drop- able item, and if that item is equipable with constant effect enchantments you can make them permanent. However, the item once made permanent cannot be re-equipped, but each enchanted item is different. You can use the "Duplicate items" trick to make as many as desired, then sell them. Use the "Duplicate items" trick with a bow an arrows to duplicate the items to make permanent. Equip one of the items you want to make permanent. There must be an unequipped version still in your inventory for this to work. Use the "Duplicate items" trick again; however, drop the unequipped version of the item you have equipped and want to make permanent. The equipped one and the others will drop and you will never be able to equip that item again, but if you check your stats the items bonuses will be permanent. You can duplicate anything that can be dropped, including Grand Soul Gems with Grand Souls captured. This trick only works with wearable items. Take any wearable item with a magical enchantment that you wish to make permanent and use the "Duplicate items" trick to duplicate it twice so that you have two of that item. Pick up the item and equip one. While you are wearing that item, duplicate the one you are not wearing by at least four. Note: The number of arrows used determines how many copies are made. Both items will drop on the ground in stacks of two. You will now no longer be wearing that item, but will still have its effects. Note: These effects are permanent. Do not attempt this with any item with an effect you may want to remove later, such as Water Walking, Night Eye, etc.

Free Arrows

In the game you have to go to the Arena in Imperial and when you go to the front door you must then walk through the door to your left. Then walk down the stairs and watch the guys shooting arrows. Once he shoots an arrow run up to the hay target and pic up the arrow. You will not be arrested for taking his arrow. Keep doing this if you want unlimited iron arrows.

Duplicate Items

First, get arrows and a bow. I'd recommend 30 arrows or under, or the game may freeze. Then, equip both. Pull back your arrow, and keep your hand on the right trigger. Press B to go into your inventory screen. Press X to drop the item you wish to duplicate. Then, exit the inventory screen, and there should be as many items in front of you as you had arrows. Note: This may not work with bigger items, such as Armor.

Easy Arena Grand Champion

Talk to the "Grey Prince" before you do any arena matches he will give you a quest to find a diary of his fathers. After completing this quest he become aware that he is half vampire, and when you are able to face him in the arena he will let you kill him without a fight.

Keeping Spells From The Beginning Dungeon

In the beginning of the game when your in the dungeon, you have two spells (flare and minor health something), but when you leave the dungeon they go away. If you hot key the two spells you can keep them after you leave the dungeon, but I don't think they are shown in your list of spells, but you can still use them.

Easy Speech Level

Find a person whom you do not care about them liking you (preferably a guard). Go into Persuade mode and rapidly rotate the Left Analog- stick and tap A. It does not matter what you pick; just rotate and tap. You can go over level 40 Speech in about five minutes.

Easy Conjuration Level

Near the town of Bruna, go east, then southeast. If you reach The Red Ruby Cave you went too far. You will need to go back west slightly. You should see a shrine, that once activated, will give you Conjuration points as well as a temporary bound weapon and/or greaves. You can keep activating the shrine every 24 hours. Wait in front of it for 24 hours, then activate it again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy Imperial Arena

Get a bow or some decent spells. Make sure you have at least 30 in Acrobatics. Immediately after the gate drops, run to your right, to where the right gate meets the fence. Jump onto the stone piece that juts out, then jump again to get on top of the little piece sticking out above it. Once on top, turn and fire on your helpless victims. When you have to fight mages or archers, stay on the ground and strafe behind the four central pillars for easy kills.

Easy Arena Wins

To do this glitch/hint, go to the arena in the Imperial City. Join an Arena battle, and make sure you have a bow and a lot of arrows (200 should be enough). Once the battle starts, go into the center, turn right, and there should be a small section of the wall sticking out. Jump on it, and keep jumping. Eventually, the enemy will hit you up on top, and you can just keep shooting them until you win.

Speechcraft Raiser

All you have to do is go up to a random Gaurd and open up the Speechcraft mini game and just rotate the selector around and press A. You dont have to worry about if they like you or not, after all there just guards they will always come to your aid when you need them. If there desposition wears off then just move onto a new gaurd and work on it again.


We have no cheats or codes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Escaped The Imperial Sewers

You will unlock this right at the start of the game when you escape on the sewers and reach outside the Imperial city.

Easter eggs

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The Pants Glitch

This glitch is pointless but is very fun. Go to Skingrad and kill Tamika at her house. Search her body and take the tan linens as many times as you want (the more the better) and you should see your weight rise. When you have a lot of pants equip and drop each one in a repeqted pattern and return to the game once they have individually been dropped. You should see a lot of pants falling from the sky and your Xbox 360 will lag. When it lags it makes it look like you are in the Matrix. To make the lagging stop simply walk away from the pants.


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