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Rebuilding the World a Step at a Time
Make sure you have (if can): - Water (5-10) - Bread (5+) - Revival Powder (3-5) - Stand-in powder (6-10) - Repair Powder (10+) - Dran's Feather (1-2) Tip: Don't spend all your money, you will need it later. Trust me. Dungeons: -Ea. one has different Back Floor keys, Gate keys, and Obstacle Door keys -Can't say anything on the atla because every time you play it (I mean whenever you start over), it changes. Back Floors: -It contains various items, like gems, amulets, attack-items, etc. -The monsters here are more powerful and give more abs. I. Norune Village A. Divine Beast Cave -Gate key: Dran's Crest -Back Floor Key: Tramoil (use on trams) -Obstacle door key: Bone Key -15 floors -Divine Beast Dran: The way I beat Dran is by using both Toan and Xiao. First since Dran is a flying type, change your weapon's attribute to thunder. Then when you're finished with that, Make Xiao attack him as he flies by. He will flash red and land on the ground. When he is completely sitting on the ground, change back to Toan and attack Dran. Make sure you back up really quick after you attack him for he will stand up and fly away and if you're near him you'll be attacked.(Tip: If you are standing on the cracked floor and Dran shoots you with his fireball, Run!!!!! The floor will crack and if you're still standing on it, you will get severely damaged.) -After the battle, Dran will be no longer under the Genie's power. He ask you what has happened and says sorry a bunch of times. He allows Toan to get on his back, and they both go back to the village. When in the village, Dran gives Toan a new power: Windmill Slash. Even though Dran says to use the circle button, you really have to use the attack button,X. Now it's time to complete the village at 100%. (Rebuilding it) B. Norune Village Georama 1. My House -Request: To be facing the east so the sun can wake her up -Reward: The cat from the cave (using the changing potion you get, use it on the cat and it will become a valuable ally, Xiao) - To complete you need: _ Keg _ Chimney _ Upstairs storage _ Renee _ Llama _ Stray cat 2. Macho's House -Request: Not have to go far from a workout and a fight (the cave) -Reward: Stone Breaker -To complete you need: _ Fence _ Lamp _ Annex room _ Barbell _ Macho _ Komacho 3. Laura's House - Request: To be away from the Mayor's house - Reward: Dran's Feather - To complete you need: _ Fence _ Lamp _ Cabin _ Tricycle _ Auntie Laura _ Gina 4. Paige's House - Request: To be near a pond - Reward: Pocket - To complete you need: _ Fence _ Lamp _ Cabin _ Wheels _ Pike _ Paige 5. Claude's House - Request: To be near the smell of foo (Alnet's house) - Reward: Depends on what time of day it is. In the morning is the best time because he will give you Candy, an item you'll need in the next village. If you go in the afternoon, he will be sleeping. Then if you go into his house at night, he is taking a bath....and sicklying he ask you to join him,..well besides the point, he will be taking a bath and will give you some soap and some cheese, much help with those!!! Well just remember to go in the morning or you will be given those other items. - To complete you will need: _ Fence _ Lamp _ Cabin _ Bench _ Candy box _ Claude 6. Hag's House - Request: To be in front of Dran's Windmill an to save Dran from the Genie's power - Reward: A place to store your stuff - To complete you will need: _ Fence _ Lamp _ Cabin _ Bench _ Jar _ Hag 7. Gaffer's Buggy - Request: To be around houses so he can do some business - Reward: Store opens - To complete you will need: _ Supplies _ Sign _ Lamp _ Old Gaffer Tip: Make sure you build Paige's house before this so Pike can put up the Gaffer's sign. If you don't do this the Gaffer will put up his own sign and end up breaking his back in the process. This makes the store have less items and you won't have a big choice. 8. Dran's Windmill - Reward: After completing Dran's Windmill, go in and open the chest which contains the Horned key used to open the door on the 15th floor. Also the windmills start turning. -To complete you will need: _Dran's blades _ Torch _ Dran's horn _ Sign 9. Small Windmill 1-3 -To complete you will need: _ Wind vanes (1 for ea of them) _ Ladder (1 for ea of them) II. Matataki Village A. Upon entering you see a kid go up the path, Follow him up to his tree house. There he starts to talk to you and then accuses you of being the dark Genie. He then attacks you and activates a duel and if you beat him, he drops a Hunter's Earing. B. After the duel, pick up the earing and head to where Trent is (on the opposite side of the waterfall in the big hole in the wall). When you get there, the fairy king starts to talk to you. He tells you that you need to connect the rivers so Trent can drink some water. After he's finished head to the nearest gate by Trent's hole. This leads you into the Wise Owl Forest.... C. Wise Owl Forest -Gate Key: Either Red Berry, Pointy Chestnut, or Shiny Stone -Back Floor Key: Sun Dew (Speeds up plant growth) -Obstacle Door Key: Mustache Key -17 Territories -Dwelling of the Forest Guard: First of all plant the Moon Grass Seed you got and use Sun Dew on it. -Forest Keeper Master Utan:I say the best way to beat him is to use Goro the whole time. Run up to Master Utan and attack him with Goro's axe, then run. Try to avoid Utan's spinning attacks, they do great damage. Keep moving, but stay close to Utan because the spinning attacks occur more often when you are farther away from him. When Utan gets dizzy, and you can tell, attack him again. When he's chasing you lock onto him and wait until he comes close to you, back up a few and after he swings, he'll get dizzy (that's when you hit him, make sure you hit him on his FEET). Also when he reaches for a fruit in the tree, unlock from him and use a Dran's feather and run, run, run. Repeat for a couple of times and you'll be done. After you complete this procedure several times, Utan will fall. -After the battle, speak to him, and ask him for help on getting to Brownboo Village. He will get up and move a boulder blocking you from getting to Brownboo Village and then he will sit down and take a nap.
To be continued in Part 2...

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