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This is my second FAQ, and its for the same game, twilight princess! o well, 
lets get the FAQ started. But first, i must say that u cant copy this FAQ its 
my property and its only written by me and can only be written by me, Davizcool.
This FAQ includes everywhere to find and every stradegy to beat king bulbin. 
keep on reading for info!

1 intro -who is king bulbin?
2 spot 1: hyrule field west (Bridge of Eldin)
3 spot 2: Hyrule field east(great hylian bridge)
4 spot3: Grudo desert (outside arbiter's grounds)
5 final spot: Hyrule Castle (dungeon 9)

Intro-who is king bulbin?

Do u know that fat green dude who stole Ilia and colin, those 2 kids from ur 
village? His name is king bulbin. the pig he is riding is called lord bulbo. 
king bulbin's comrads r the bulbin squad, made up of club swinging morons and 
fire arrow-shooting idiots. the pigs that they ride are the typical type of 
bulbo. lord bulbo is wearing armor and has blue fur. normal bulbos are brown 
and small. is everything clear now? if not, too bad cuz im starting the FAQ now.

Spot 1: Hyrule field west (bridge of Eldin)

u can only do this after u get the iron boots from mayor bo, the mayor of ur 
village. go back from ordon 2 kakariko vill. and u will see a cut scene of 
colin getting kidnapped by king bulbin. u arrive and start chasing him but its 
2 late! hurry 2 west hyrule field while riding epona. when u get there(which 
should only take 2 seconds and if u dont see another cut scene u went the wrong 
way) u will see king bulbin beckoning 2 u and speaking some bizaar language. 
this probably means "bring it on punk!" he takes out a horn and blows in it 
(he'll do this a lot during the fight) and millions of bulbin riding bulbos 
will come and charge towards u. ignore them and go after their king! but if 
they start 2 annoy u u can go get them. if u get close enough 2 hit king bulbin 
some of his armor will fall off. this is how u beat him. just keep on hitting 
him untill all his armor flies off, then give him another slash. that makes him 
go towards the bridge and go on it. u see another cut scene where there r 
wooden poles infront of the bridge. u jump over them and a bulbin archerer will 
shoot a fire arrow at it. ur trapped in with king fatso! start 2 charge towards 
him(but dont make epona go 2 fast) and when ur right next 2 him spin attack 
him. if u dont, he will push u off the bridge and u have 2 start over. after a 
second slash u see a cut scene where king bulbin gets knocked into the endless 
pit! thats gonna be a long fall. congrats, u saved colin!!

spot 2:hyrule field East(great hylian bridge)

u encounter king fatso riding lord ugly again while escorting telma, ilia, and 
the zora prince to kakariko village. hes on another bridge, but after his last 
long fall, he knows that u want 2 spin attack him again. now he has 2 shields 
on his arms! well hes not so smart because u now have the heroes bow! when u 
get on the bridge u will see a cut scene of king bulbin holding up his shields. 
begin running, and immediately take out the heroes bow. when u see king bulbins 
red eyes shoot an arrow in his ugly face. he will lose controll after another 
hit with an arrow. lord bulbo will run into one of the bridge walls, sending 
king bulbin falling towards lake hylia. u see another cut scene where link 
catches a key that king bulbin was holding! u need this 2 unlock the gates. 

spot 3:grudo desert (just outside arbiter's grounds)

theres a huge wooden gate guarding the entrance 2 arbiters grounds- a gate a 
bulbo can break thru!go 2 where a bulbin is cooking a bulbo and he has a key. 
kill him and pick up the key (if u want, slash the cooked bulbo many times 2 
get a piece of heart!!)now go 2 where the gate is and across from that is a 
locked gate with a bulbo in it. open the gate and then the gates shut behind u. 
obviously a fight. u see a cut scene where out of the dark steps u-know-who! 
king bulbin is back, and this time he has an axe thats bigger then u! it looks 
very heavy. begin the fight and try slashing king bulbin. he blocks all attacks 
from the front so now u have 2 choices: do the backstrike or u can cheat and do 
what i did, which is the mortal draw u should have just learned! also watch out 
4 his swing cuz it gets rid of 2 or 3 full hearts! just keep on hitting him, 
but after u knock him down and give him 4 hits he gets up and does a spin 
attack with the axe. after 4 backstrikes(or about 2-3 mortal draws)he will give 
up. he mumbles something in his special language and limps away. the door 
closes behind him and the place goes on fire! quickly get on the bulbo and 
smash ur way out.u beat king bulbin for the 3rd time!

FINAL SPOT:Hyrule Castle (dungeon 9)

Ok this is the last place u fight king bulbin. hes sorta the mid boss 4 this 
place, but not really. if he wuz i would have put him in my last FAQ! anyway, 
in the courtyard take the east route. u will fight many waves of kargaroks and 
bokoblins (kargaroks r the huge bird things and bokoblins r the goblins) after 
fighting them all u will step into a huge part of the courtyard. king bulbin 
falls from the sky, and he says "i have come 2 play!" i never knew he could 
talk until this point. use the same tecnique u used when u fought king fatso in 
Gerudo desert. after u beat him, he will say "enough" then he will give u a 
key. "i folow the stronger side"he says."i guess that's all ive ever learned." 
then he gets on lord bulbo and rides off. midna is in shock. "he...he spoke"she 
says. u will need this key 2 get in the treasure room at the end of the 
dungeon. Congradulations, u found and defeated king bulbin everytime! (well, 
not really. if u watch the credits, u will see him getting chased by bulbins!)

just a reminder, do not copy this FAQ i just took the time 2 write. also dont 
copy the other FAQ i wrote yesterday. if u do i will kill u!! >=(
(I still like tacos...)

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