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Faq Ver. 1.0
by Deeanna 

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how much I wish it were.)

Whoops, forgot to update. Sorry.

Ok, I'm starting to actually feel bad I made some of you wait so long. It's 
partially because I was on a bus and then I didn't have computer, and 
partially because I forgot...Yes, I forgot. So I'll make it up to you by 
updating really fast. I could have done this yesterday, but I thought that you 
guys had enough. Here's my latest update.

So, you guys happy about my quick updates?? I am. I had to rush through this 
part of the game because I love you all SO much, and I want you all to be able 
to beat the bosses. Not to mention typing all of this will take really long, 
especially if this computer goes out again. SO BE GRATEFUL!!! Nah, just 
kidding. I did it pretty much to see the end without having to see spoilers, 
because that's no fun. Not that I don't love you all, though, so don't feel 

YAY!! HAPPY LATE NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! I'm really, really sorry to all of you. 
SOONER??!! I thank those of you who emailed me telling me. Also, I've been 
getting a lot of emails about things other than bosses, so I've decided I'm 
going to start a walkthrough. Late, I know, but I think that there may still 
be people who didn't get it when it came out, or on the internet, or any other 
way to get it, so I'm going to help those poor people. Because everyone knows 
it's sad to wait that long for this awesome game, so DON'T WORRY PEOPLE, I'LL 
HELP! (In some slight way...)

Current Chapters:

Chapter 1:
Forest Temple

Chapter 2:
Fire Temple

Chapter 3:
Water Temple

Chapter 4:
Gerudo Desert

Chapter 5:
Snowpeak Mountain

Chapter 6:
Temple of Time

Chapter 7:
City of Ooccas

Chapter 8:
Twilight Realm

Chapter 9:
Hyrule Castle Part 1

Chapter 10:
Hyrule Castle Part 2

Chapter 11:
Hyrule Field Part 1
Ganondorf (Horseback)

Chapter 12:
Hyrule Field Part 2
Ganondorf (Sword Fight)

Chapter 13:
Secret Ending

Mini Bosses

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Chapter 1:Forest Temple

This boss fight has two parts. The first part is extremely simple. Two plant-
like monsters come out. Using the Gale Boomerang, lock onto the bomb, either 
in between or on the sides of the monsters. Lock onto the monster while still 
being locked onto the bomb and let the boomerang fly. Note: If you lock onto 
the monster first, then onto the bomb, you'll just ineffectively hit the boss 
then bring the bomb to you, which unless you throw before it explodes, can do 
some unnecessary damage! If you've done this correctly, there will be an 
extremely short cutscene showing the plant that you hit dying. Now do the same 
with the other head. Yay! Good job! Now while you celebrate and do your little 
victory dance, make sure that the now larger, revenge-seeking monster doesn't 
kill you. If you attack the head in the 
middle(which should be the only one you're aiming for throughout this fight), 
you'll find it's ineffective. After a while of fighting in vain, the monkey 
that mooned you earlier in this temple shows up on a zip line carrying a bomb. 
Once again, you must first lock onto the bomb first, then onto the monster in 
the middle, all the while dodging the two other heads. (If your health gets 
low, there are pots in the grass near the walls.) If you did this correctly, 
then the monster will fall onto the platform you are, revealing its eye. 
Attack the eye as much as you can before it wakes back up. Dodge the poison it 
spits out at you after it wakes up and wait for the monkey to return. Repeat 
this process and the monster will be slain, leaving Link to do a pose for the 

Chapter 2:Fire Temple

This is perhaps the easiest boss you'll ever face. All you need is you sword, 
arrows, and good aim. Ok, when you were up against those things that shoot 
lava, you stopped them by shooting they're glowing red eye things...riiiight? 
Well, think of this boss as the same thing. He has a glowing jewel thing on 
his forehead, so when you fight him, you aim for it with your arrows, and then 
when he's walking around disorientated, you grab one of his chains and go 
backwards. He'll fall down and you take out your sword to attack. I'd prefer 
the jump attack, just to make things go by faster, because...Why waste time 
with an enemy this easy? So just do the jump attack until he gets up. Don't 
wait until he's fully up to stop, because if you do, you're making this fight 
harder than it really is. I say this because, if you back up, you can aim for 
his forehead, and right when he gets up and it starts glowing, you can shoot 
and repeat. Easy, huh? So sooner or later (hopefully sooner for you, you'll be 
able to use the Ending Blow move, and the fight will be over. (By the way, 
when you win...The guy will probably remind you of an army movie.) And now 
it's onward to the Water Temple!!

Chapter 3:Water Temple

This boss is easy. I won´t say it isn't annoying, but it's easy. First, you 
need to put on your iron boots, and then clawshot the eye. Afterwards, attack 
it while watching for the tentacles trying to feed you to the monster. THEY DO 
COME AFTER YOU WITHIN A CERTAIN RADIUS!! After a while of doing this, the 
monster will come out of its hole. You think, "Oh crap, I´m going to die," but 
this is actually easier than the first part. All you do is take off the boots 
and clawshot the eye when you can. Attack it with your sword and press A when 
the "Finish" command pops up. The water will drain out and there you go.

Chapter 4:Gerudo Desert

This boss is annoying since he has little..."helpers." Anyway, use your 
spinner to go around his back while avoiding the traps. Jump off and head for 
his spine. If you keep hitting the skeletons, try to avoid the first few waves 
until you get to the last one. Hit them until there is no more if it helps. 
After you beat this part (That´s right, there´s more.), you will need to use 
your spinner to make the platform rise. For this part, ride along the ridges 
and jump from side to side when needed to avoid traps. When you catch up to 
the head, time your jumps right to avoid his attacks. When you get close 
enough, jump to attack his head. Do this and his head will fall to the ground. 
Jump down and attack the sword with your spinner. (I´m not sure if the sword 
works since he didn´t die when I used it, but died right away when I used the 
spinner, so try that first and then use your sword.)

Chapter 5:Snowpeak Mountain

For this boss, aim at the monster playing ice hockey apparently, and attack it 
with the Ball and Chain. It´s easier just to stay at one wall and wait for it 
to come to you while having your weapon ready. Then, do this until the ice 
block is gone. Then, icicles will attempt to impale you, and you just watch 
the floor to avoid them. After you´re sure they´re all done, break some with 
your Ball and Chain before it begins again. When they attempt to surround you, 
avoid them and make sure you´re not in the center, or the giant ice block 
surrounding "Yeta" will fall on you. After it falls, attack the center with 
the Ball and Chain. Do this a few times to win, and watch the lovey-dovey 
moment that gives up the most hearts you´ve ever seen. (Too bad you get the 
heart piece though, because now you can´t even put them all to use.)

Chapter 6:Temple of Time

This is easy if you have good aim. Those fans who follow Zelda throughout the 
years and different game stations will think, "Oh no! Queen Gohma from Ocarina 
of Time is back!! (Hence the reference 'Armogohma.' Get it?)" Well, no. This 
boss is more annoying. First of all, she gives off more than just 3 babies, 
and they attack faster. But don't worry about that just yet. Attack her eye 
when it opens (Right before the laser attack.), and make sure you don't miss, 
or you're in for a world of hurt. If you do miss, run to avoid the laser. 
Running in circles works best of all the shapes. If you do hit it, after she 
falls, use the Dominion Rod on the statue she's in front of. Then, attack. 
(Not using a sword, but your Dominion Rod. If you don't know how, use X if it 
is set to X, or Y if it is set to Y.) After doing this, you now worry about 
her babies. Kill as many as you can before they hatch, and then kill the rest 
so you don't have distractions. If you don't do this fast enough, watch out 
for the laser. When you're done, repeat this process until the eye falls down. 
It looks like Volvagia from OoT, when the head falls and it dies. Not so. IT 
LIVES!! Attack the eye, only killing enough spiders to reach it. Do this 
enough so that it dies.

Chapter 7:City of Ooccas

Ok, the last boss before Zant. (Hopefully...I mean, you never know when 
they'll spring another plot twist on you, right?) Now, this is my favorite 
boss, I don't know why. I thought of him as extremely simple. So, what you do 
is...Scratch that. I'll tell you how to get to it first, so that no one gets 
stuck. Now, it looks like there's nothing there, right? Well, that's true. 
Except for the infestation of vines on the pillar next to you. Usually you 
think, "OK, so they missed spring cleaning and now have an assortment 
of 'things' growing on their building. Big deal." Let me spell this out for 
some of you. V-I-N-E G-O-E-S U-P. C-L-A-W-S-H-O-T V-I-N-E T-O G-E-T T-O 
V-I-N-E. C-L-I-M-B. B-O-S-S. Got it, now? Gooood. Ok, for this boss, have the 
iron boots and clawshot ready. Clawshot onto the nearest pillar, while 
watching for any oncoming attacks. Clawshot back and forth onto any pillar 
that is in reach, and when you get high enough, while having the iron boots 
equiped, clawshot to the dragons tail. Do this a few times to take off all its 
armor. After that, the plant targets pop up. Now it gets harder. Do the same 
thing, but instead of clawshotting to the tail, make it all the way to the top 
of the pillar and clawshot to the plant. Be careful of when the dragon 
inhales, because that means it will attack and you have to move from a pillar. 
When you get to the plants, it's even harder, since now when the dragon fires, 
you have to keep moving since it comes after you. This actually reminds me of 
the Lakebed Temple boss, and you'll see why. After it's done shooting flames, 
you clawshot to the back and attack. Now a note: The dragon may shoot flames 
twice, the second time going in the opposite direction, so make sure you do as 
well. This is the same as the Lakebed Temple boss because after you clawshot 
to the back, you have to watch for the "Final" command and kill it. Now you 
have the last Twilight Shard, so it's onward to the next quest. I actually had 
this weird dream where Midna went all evil and ate it, I guess trying to prove 
that she was the true leader. Strange and creepy, right?

Chapter 8:Twilight Realm

Zant, I'm sorry to say, is easy once you get past the illusions. (Almost as 
easy as he is freaky looking. You'd expect with his all powerful attitude, 
he'd look a little less...feeble.) What you have to know is that you use 
pretty much the same strategies as when you first went to these places. What 
places you ask?? WHY THE TEMPLES, OF COURSE!! Yes, he gives the illusion of 
being in these places, and you know you're not because the Lakebed Temples 
water went down when you beat the boss, and now it's up again. Anyway, you go 
to the places in this order(Hopefully. I might have forgotten, all right??):
1)Forest Temple (Boss Room)
2)Fire Temple (Room with Goron guarding the Iron Boots.)
3)Water Temple (Boss Room)
4)Forest Temple (Boss with Monkey who has the Gale Boomerang.)
5)Snowpeak Mountain (Boss Room)

I think that's it, if it's not, email me to correct me. Now, for the first 
room, you use your Gale Boomerang right before his laser attack. Now, the 
first time he uses it, just block, then quickly lock onto him after he 
teleports, and let the boomerang fly. Then, when he hops onto the platform 
you're on, slash him with your sword. Do this a few times and it's onward to 
the next part. Here, I let myself slide to him and put my Iron Boots on in the 
last minute, but you can play it safe. Now, when he's done hopping on the 
platform(After doing it two or three times, I forget.), run to attack. TAKE 
OFF YOUR BOOTS!! Be wary of his laser attack. Do this a few times and it's on 
to the next room. (Everything is going to be done a few times, except the next 
one, which is done twice. Just so you know. The only time when it is not a few 
times, is when you take the opportunity to slash him more or with more 
powerful attacks.) Now, this one starts off with one big helmet popping up. 
Make sure you have on the Iron Boots, Zora Tunic, and have the Double Clawshot 
equipped. When the mouth opens up, target him and use the Clawshot. Once it 
opens, he'll use his laser attack, so you can wait if you want. After you 
Clawshot him, slash him until he teleports. Now the next one is four helmets 
popping up. With this one, you can either try to guess and hope you get it 
right, or you can wait until he's teleported three times and eliminate the 
helmets, moving on to the last one left. When you're not attacking, take off 
the Iron Boots for better mobility. Either way, after that one, you go onward. 
In this room, it's just as easy as beating that monkey, if not easier. You 
wait until he stops on a pillar, and, while being careful of his lasers, you 
roll into it. DO IT TWICE TO THROW HIM OFF. Then just slash and repeat. Roll, 
slash, repeat, ok?? Now, in the next room, you target his feet when he grows. 
After that, use the Ball and Chain to attack him. Then you slash him when he 
shrinks. After you do that, he'll come from about. Just look to the floor to 
dodge, and when he lands, do the same thing. This fight may seem long, but 
it's all about strategy. Those who play KH2(Game reference!! Yay!!), you'll 
know the boss fights are long, but easy. Anywaaay...Now it's bye-bye. YAY!!! 
CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU'VE BEATEN ZELDA!! Wrong. Remember that plot twist I told 
you about?? I warned you all, and it came. YEP!! THERE'S MORE!! The evil fiend 
from OoT returns!! So now it's onward to...dare I say it...HYRULE CASTLE!! For 
some of you, this may be your first time ever going IN the castle, so enjoy, 
since it looks niiiiiiiice, if not creepy.

Chapter 9:Hyrule Castle Part 1~~Zelda

Ok, I think this is one of the weirdest plot twists in the whole series. Sort 
of like the Shadow Queen in the second Paper Mario for those who played it. 
Here you are, throughout the ENTIRE series of gaming, risking your hide to 
save the princess, and she ends up getting possessed with you having to fight 
her. The only difference is that...Link doesn't seem too shook up over having 
to fight her. Maybe he thinks it's revenge or something. Anyway. What you do 
is fight her like you did Phantom Ganon and Ganondorf in OoT. For those of you 
who didn't play it, it's pretty much timing your sword strikes so that you're 
playing volley with the ball of light, but make sure you win. Now, the 
princess gets pissed off and uses one of these two attacks:
1)She flies straight for you, rapier out front, and you just roll out of the 
2) This attack looks cool, but it's bad. I'm not sure what it does, since I've 
never been caught in it, but I imagine it hurts. A piece of the Triforce
(probably Ganon's power piece) appears on the floor. You should just roll out 
of this one. 

After a while, she'll want to play volleyball again. Hit her three times and 
she's out...Like a light, I mean. Now, I should warn you...If you have an 
intense fear of the Exorcist movie, don't really look at Zelda, just her 
attacks. But most of you can handle it.

Chapter 10:Hyrule Castle Part 2~~Ganon

I don't know why Ganondorf always like to appear as a boar, but whatever. Once 
you have a strategy(and good aim), this fight is easy. For the first part, 
when he's running around, wait until he's coming straight towards you for a 
clear shot, and aim at his jewel on his forehead. After that, quickly move 
since when he's sliding to a stop, he can crash into you. Now, go around to 
his belly and slash his old wound. It may be dirty, but hey, he used ZELDA, 
THE PRINCESS OF HYRULE to fight. Jump attacks work to do more damage. I liked 
using the secret art spin attack, but it takes to long, so stick with the jump 
attacks. After that, he'll disappear, and these portals will appear. Only one 
or two are showing at a time, so keep track of where the portals are. One will 
start to turn blue and then aim your arrow towards it to hit him when he 
comes. (Sort of like Phantom Ganon, huh??) DON'T BE AT AN ANGLE!! After a 
while, he'll change his strategy. Change into a wolf, and then just get in 
front of him when he tries to charge you. Watch the A command, since when he's 
close enough, it will say 'Grab'. Press A, then hold it and Midna will grab 
him. Move the analog stick left or right to throw him. Then, attack his belly 
with A and quickly press it repeatedly. If done right, he'll die after two 

Chapter 11:Hyrule Field Part 1~~Ganondorf (Horseback)

Now, for this fight, you just do as Zelda said. Target him and keep him in 
range, while not crashing into anything. Be careful, since he releases ghosts 
riding horses to attacks you. (It's when he sends out that grey energy ray 
that separates. Just make sure that you're in the gaps between each rider, and 
you'll be fine.) When Zelda hits him, you speed up to catch up and slash him. 
After a while, he'll die. (I think four times.)

Chapter 12:Hyrule Field Part 2~~Ganondorf (Sword Fight)

Ok, for this fight, pay attention to the commands. When Ganondorf runs at you, 
it will say 'Chance', so you press A. Doing this will lead to a clash between 
you and Ganondorf, in which the victor gets the opportunity to attack, and the 
loser gets slashed. In this clash of swords, you just have to mash the A 
button until you see that your sword is past halfway toward Ganondorf. After 
you see this, press A even faster so that you'll win this mini-battle, and can 
attack Ganondorf safely. There will also be times when he jumps at you and 
kicks, then slashes. Watch his stance to predict when this will happen. Also, 
if you get too far from him, then you have to worry about him jumping to your 
position and either thrusting his sword, or doing a spin attack. It's not hard 
to dodge this, since you only need to roll away. If you get too close, he'll 
thrust his sword, and if you try to attack him without using the 'Chance' 
command, he'll jump out of the way and kick you. So wait for the 'Chance' 
command and just attack when he's stunned. You can use the same strategy as 
you do with the Armored Swordsmen. If you attack him two or three times and 
then do a jump attack, you can stun him for a longer period, until he falls 
away. When I fought him, I used the secret art "Spin Attack" (The 7th art for 
those who don't have it. For this one, you need full health to use it.) right 
after he got stunned. If you plan on doing this, then make sure you power it 
up right away and release it right when it's powered up, or you'll miss the 
chance to attack, and probably get hit. If you do decide to use the 7th secret 
art move, then you have to attack immediately after it's released, and use the 
same strategy stated earlier to keep him stunned longer. Then, after the third 
time he falls away, he'll be on the ground where you can use the 'Finish' 
command. Note: Don't break the skulls unless you really need them, since while 
some have hearts, one has a fairy, which would be a bad thing to waste. I 
broke it so I could use "Spin Attack", but that's because I had three other 
fairies, and Ganondorf isn't that hard. If it's the same case with you, then 
by all means, use them whenever you like.

Chapter 13:Secret Ending

Now, for those of you who are patient, and know better than turning off the 
Gamecube before waiting for the credits of a Zelda game, this is nothing new 
to you. But, if you are one of those impatient types, beat the game again if 
you already did and wait for a special ending involving the Twilight Princess, 
Link, and Zelda. If you don't want to do that, and just want to go to some 
website to see it, then you could do that, but what true gamer would pass up 
the joy of being able to beat the boss of a game again? Seeing it on the 
internet wouldn't be very fun, now would it??

Extras:Mini Bosses

Monsters of the Twilight:
When you fight these guys, each time you see them, they come in a more 
elaborate maze design, making it harder for you not to leave one behind. 
Here's what I suggest:
1)Attack the one that is off by itself first, since as long as there is two 
left, they can't be called back.
2)If the next two aren't close enough together, just make yourself bait and 
lure them together until you can get them in your energy field. BE THE WOLF!! 

Twilight Ogre:
You fight this ugly Shrek wannabe more than once. When you first fight him, 
make sure that you dodge his attack no matter what, even if he just passes 
right by you. But, if you can successfully dodge his attack, slash at him with 
your sword. Do this twice, and he'll fall off, leaving Link and all his 
awesomeness. The second time, you would think it would be harder, considering 
the fact that this time there are walls, limiting your mobility, but it's 
easier. You can now use you arrows to attack him, and, unless you have the 
suckiest aim in the world (especially on a horse), it should be extremely 
simple. The third and final (Hopefully, I mean this guy did come back after 
falling off a suspended bridge twice. You never know if you´ll fight his 
zombie. Woooooooh, scaaary.) But seriously, the easiest thing to do is to use 
helm splitter. If you don´t have any of the secret arts, then just dodge and 
attack. Simple. I TOLD YOU HE WOULD RETURN!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! Anyway, for this 
guy, your best bet is to treat him like those armored guys, which I will tell 
you about later on, since you seem to fight them a lot. A looot. So, what you 
do is try to get around him while avoiding attacks. Having all the secret art 
techniques(Or at least Back Slash) is your best defense and offense. Get 
around him and just slash. This last fight is worth more than the others, 
YOU, ANYWAY, THIS GUY CAN TALK!! Yes, he speaks and goes to your side. He 
doesn't fight with you, but he gives you a small key. It's good to know you 
have more allies that do absolutely nothing in your time of need, isn't it??

Twilight Bird:
Now, people shouldn't need help with this, but just in case. DON'T TRY TO 
ATTACK THE BIRD WHILE IT'S FLYING!! Wait until it comes down, then jump at it 
and mash the A button. (Quickly and continuously press A.) Then, when the ugly 
little goblin falls off, kill it before it can get on again. Then, you will 
have a Twilight Bird of your very own, courtesy of Midna!! (How nice!) Enjoy 
it while you can, because when you're human again, you can't call it. (You 
have to call it during the balloon game, though. It sucks because it can be 
very clumsy in closed spaces.)

Twilight Bugs:
It's annoying fighting those bugs who stole the Tears of Light, isn't it? 
Mostly because you have to go around finding them. Well I'm not here to tell 
you where they are, since you should be able to find them yourselves. I mean, 
come on, they're marked on your map. Anyway, what I'm here to tell you is that 
when you get to the last one for the Water Temple, you can automatically tell 
it's going to be more of a pain since it appears out of nowhere. So, when this 
huge bug comes out, you simply dodge its attack first, then you attack it and 
continuously press A. You then dodge its water attack by (guess) JUMPING OUT 
OF THE WAY!! (YES, THAT'S IT!!) After it becomes airborne, you repeat until it 
ends up on its back in the water. You quickly jump on it before it gets up and 
you power up your energy field. Then you just let it go and it will die, and 
now you can be human again.

Monkey: (Forest Temple-Gale Boomerang)
This boss annoys me, since personally, I don't think he's worth the time. All 
you do is defeat the pirhana enemies to stop distractions, and then you roll 
(2x quickly) into the pillar the monkey is on to knock him off, while dodging 
attacks. After he gets knocked off, attack his...ahem...backside twice until 
he gets up and repeat. Watch for the enemies he brings down, and just repeat, 
and he'll be gone in no time.

Armored Goron: (Fire Temple-Hero's Bow)
For this boss, go up to him and either dodge or attack his blows, then hit his 
stomach. Then quickly put on the Iron Boots and get ready to use the A 
command, 'Grab' after he rolls into a BIG ball. Link will then throw him and 
he'll hop around in lava until he comes back up. (This is only if you are 
positioned correctly and close enough to the edge of the platform.) Do this a 
few times and he'll know who's the better.

Big Toad: (Water Temple-Clawshot)
This boss is easy. Make sure you have arrows and bombs, and fuse them. If you 
don't, it's fine, but it will be more annoying than it has to be. Ok, now, 
this boss will release babies from its back(Which is weird, since it doesn't 
look female...), and use your spin attack to finish them off. It's better to 
make sure they have you cornered so they can't attack from behind. After you 
defeat all of them, the toad will leap into the air(How does it do that with 
such a huge body??), and try to land on you. Just watch the shadow and avoid 
it. After this, its tongue will hang out from shock.(Not a very smart choice 
on the toad's part.) Attack the tongue, and when the toad gets back up, 
immediately prepare the bombarrow, since the toad will get up and roar. Right 
when the mouth opens, shoot. You can also just run and throw a bomb, but it 
has a low success rate, since you have to be very quick in order to reach it 
in time. If you don't have bombs or arrows, then just repeat the previous 
steps. If you do, then the toad will just fall and the tongue will hang out 
again, allowing you to attack until it dies.

Skeletal Swordsman: (Gerudo Desert-Spinner)
This boss needs to first be confronted in wolf form. Use your senses to see 
this fiend, and dodge his attack while L-targeting him. After he attacks, 
he'll flash white, allowing you to attack with A. Repeatedly press A until 
you're thrown off. Then, transform and fire an arrow at him. He'll try to 
attack, so just dodge and then slash him. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Big Armor: (Snowpeak Mountain-Ball and Chain)
For this enemy, either Clawshot to the target on the ceiling and time it so 
that you can attack him from the backside without getting hit, or, while he's 
twirling, you can get close, then roll out of the way when he throws it, and 
then just attack. Either way works. Pay attention to whether or not he's 
trying to attack again. Repeat this process and you'll defeat him.

Armored Swordsman: (Temple of Time-Dominion Rod)
As many of you know by now, these guys have two parts. Personally, I believe 
that the first part is harder, since when attacking, it can many times get in 
the way, even when they're off-guard. What you do is go around(Try to go 
around the opposite way of the shield, making it easier to attack later.), and 
then you simply hit after his attacks. I would prefer after he swings his 
sword straight down, but hey, if you like a challenge, go ahead and attack 
after the horizontal. So, after doing this enough, he'll lose all his armor. 
Now, this guy still blocks, but it is usually less effective, since he leaves 
himself more open after an attack. If you want to beat this guy in one go, 
after he has his guard down, attack regularly, and after about the second hit, 
jump attack. This will throw him back, leaving room for more attacks. Then 
just repeat. Watch out for this guys thrust attack. It can throw you back, 
making you miss your chance for attack. Watch out, though, because there will 
be times where these guys come in two. It's easy, but annoying. Just keep your 
shield up, only target one and kill it, then move on to the next one. These 
guys will work as a team sometimes, but it's not something that happens often 
in a fight. I know of two places where there are two. In the dungeon in Gerudo 
Desert, next to the warp point, and in Hyrule Castle. Also, right before the 
boss door, there is this huge one, but I thought he was exactly the same, so 
it's nothing to worry about.

Shielded Dragon: (City of Ooccas-Double Clawshot)
Ok, for this dragon in the city of Ooccas, you need to wait for it to get 
ready to attack, and then clawshot to the shield. Then you attack it and just 
repeat the process. Simple, right? Wrong. Nah, I´m just pulling your leg. It 
really is that simple.

If you guys send me questions at my Email and I don't find them completely 
useless, I'll post them and answer them to the best of my ability. In case you 
guys can't read the top, by the way, it's [email protected] Also, if 
you guys need help with bosses and Email me asking which ones (probably mini 
bosses), then I'll put it on my FAQ. Happy? So no whining about, "Why don't 
you have this?" or else I won't help. Sorry if it's mean, but I don't need 
that filling up my inbox.

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