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This guide is separated into two halves. The first half is for all World at War
players, and the second is strictly for players with Xbox Live. I'll explain
this later, so just stick with me for the time being. 

Table of Contents

1. Full Weapons list
1a. Bolt Action Rifles
1b. Semi-Auto Rifles
1c. Sub Machine Guns (SMGs)
1d. Shotguns
1e. Machine Guns (LMGs and HMGs)
1f. Grenades
2. Full Perks List
2a. Perk 1 List
2b. Perk 2 List
2c. Perk 3 List
2d. Tank Perk List
3. Xbox Live Custom Classes
3a. Explanation of Custom Classes
3b. List of 5 Good Classes
4. Closing
4a. Legal Stuff
4b. Final Thanks

1. This is a detailed list of EVERY weapon in the game. If i miss one, please
look to the  bottom of the guide to see my email to tell me, thank you. 

1a. Bolt Action Rifles

These were the snipers of WWII, and shot only one shell at a time before you
needed to eject the bullet. However, the slow ROF (Rate of Fire) is forgotten
because of their power at long ranges. 

Springfield: The very first sniper that Xbox live players will use, and many
people's favorite. It is America's sniper and is like many other snipers, with
great power and range, and best of all, it starts with a scope! All other
snipers need to complete a challenge to get the scope.
Stats: High power, range, and accuracy, but with a low ROF.
Attachments: Scope, Bayonet, Rifle Grenade

Ariska: Japan's sniper, the second sniper rifle, and probably the least used.
Although it still has almost the same stats as the Springfield, it just isn't
used as much. 
Stats: About the same as the Springfield
Attachments: Scope, Bayonet, Rifle Grenade

Mosin-Nagant: Russia's first sniper, and a more commonly used sniper, because it
has slightly higher power than the Springfield, Ariska, and Kar98.
Stats: Basically the same other than the slightly higher power. 
Attachments: Scope, Bayonet, Rifle Grenade

Kar98: Another decent sniper, Germany's sniper, has about the same, basic stats.
Stats: Almost exactly the same as Springfield and Ariska.
Attachments: Scope, Bayonet, Rifle Grenade

PTRS-41: Russia's second sniper, and in my view, the best sniper. Its Scope
cannot be detached, but this way you don't have to earn it. Also, its scope has
a longer zoom, and its power is much greater than the others. 
Stats: Highest Power and range, great accuracy, low ROF. 
Attachments: None (Scope cannot be detached).

Sniping Tips: First of all, make sure your comfortable with your sniper. Second,
get into a good sniping spot, and always aim for the upper chest head area.
Finally, practice makes perfect.

1b. Semi-Auto Rifles

These guns are fired only as fast as you can pull the trigger, and are very
dangerous at medium ranges. 

SVT: This is the Russian Semi and is a well balanced gun. It has good all around
stats and is perfect for beginners. 
Stats: Moderate power, range, accuracy, and fire rate. Somewhat higher range. 
Attachments: Flash Hider, Aperture Sight, Bayonet, Telescopic Sights. 

Ghewer: The first German Semi-Auto, and is commonly used. Its great all around
stats match the SVT's perfectly. 
Stats: Moderate power, range, accuracy, and ROF. Has somewhat higher accuracy. 
Attachments: Flash Hider, Aperture Sights, Rifle Grenade, Telescopic. 

M1 Garand: America's first Semi-Auto, and the most powerful at long ranges. 
Stats: Moderate power, range, accuracy, and ROF. Has high power at long range. 
attachments: Flash Hider, Bayonet, Rifle Grenade, Sniper Scope

STG-44: Germany's Second Semi-Auto, and the world's first Assault Rifle. This
gun can be fired full auto by holding down the trigger, and is very good at long
range, due to the fact that it has the power and accuracy of a rifle and the ROF
of an SMG. 
Stats: Moderate Power, range, accuracy, and high rate of fire.
Attachments: Flash Hider, Aperture Sights, Telescopic Sights

M1A1 Carbine: America's second Semi-Auto, and in my opinion, one of the best. It
combines all the advantages of the other rifles, and makes one really awesome
Stats: Moderately high power, range, accuracy, and ROF.
Attachments: Flash Hider, Aperture, Bayonet, Box Clip.

Semi-Automatic Tips: Don't try to go too close, and try not to go too far
either, even though their capable of them. Their best at medium range, but can
still perform well in close and far range combat. 

1c. Sub Machine Guns

Fast firing, close range weapons capable of doing loads of damage. 

Thompson: The first SMG you unlock in the game, made by the Americans. It is the
average SMG with is all around stats.
Stats: Low power, decent range and accuracy, great ROF.
Attachments: Flash Hider, Aperture Sights, Drum Magazine.

MP40: German's SMG, and the most used SMG in Cod 5. Why? Its cheap, very cheap.
Everyone likes it because its firing rate is great, and can kill in 3 or 4 shots
on average. 
Stats: Great power, good range, accuracy, and ROF.
Attachments: Flash Hider, Aperture Sights, Dual Magazines. 

Type 100: The Japanese SMG, and a great gun to learn. Its great stats can beat
almost any other gun. 
Stats: Decent power, range, accuracy, great ROF.
Attachments: Flash hider, Aperture Sights, Extended Clip. 

PPSH-41: The Russian SMG, and second best. Although it takes probably somewhere
around 20 bullets to kill, it can shoot that many in less than a second.
Stats: Low power, good accuracy and range, Extremely high ROF.
Attachments: Aperture Sights, Drum Magazine 

SMG Tips: These are for CQC (Close quarter combat) only, but can occasionally
kill at medium ranges. 

1d. Shotguns

I don't really use them that much, but some people really like them. The only
thing about them, is that their for CQC ONLY. Nothing else, because well, its a

Trench Gun: Has 4 shots per clip, but can usually kill in 1 or 2. 
Stats: High power and accuracy at close range. 
Attachments: Grip, Bayonet

Double Barrel Shotgun: Has two shots per clip, but can fire both in quick
succession. Highly effective at close range. 
Stats: Same as Trench Gun.
Attachments: Grip and Sawed off Shotgun

Shotgun Tips: Again, i don't use shotguns ever, so i can't say much other than
stay in close range areas. 

1e. Machine Guns

Machine Guns are the bigger versions of SMGs, and were made for medium long
range, not close, although they can still be effective. There are two types of
MGs, Light Machine Guns, (LMG) and Heavy Machine Guns (HMG).

Type 99: Japanese LMG with moderate power and other stats. In my opinion, its
only downside is its horrible iron sights. 
Stats: Good power, range, accuracy, and ROF.
Attachments: Bipod, Bayonet

Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.): An American LMG with high power but low ROF.
Stats: Good of everything except for ROF
Attachments: Bipod

MG42: German HMG with fast ROF and decent power. 
Stats: Good power, range, accuracy, and a fast ROF.
Attachments: Bipod

FG42: German LMG with very high ROF but low power and low clip size of 20
bullets per clip. 
Stats: Moderate power, range, accuracy, and fast ROF.
Attachments: Bipod, Telescopic Sight. 

Browning: The last HMG unlocked, and is an American Machine Gun with extremely
high power and good other stats.
Stats: High power, good accuracy, range, and ROF.
Attachments: Bipod

Machine Gun Tips: These are meant for medium combat, so don't rush right into
combat, but don't hang too far back either. 

1f. Grenades

Frag: Has a 5 second fuse with a great deal of power.

Sticky Grenade: Sticks to any surface or person. Effective against tanks. 

Molotav Cocktail: Makes an explosion of fire, but needs a direct hit to kill. 

Tabun gas: Blurs any enemy's vision who walks through it. 

Flare: Blinds anyone near it.

Smoke: Causes a large smoke screen, cutting vision to near blindness. 

2. This is a detailed list of EVERY Perk in the game. Again, feel free to
contact me if i missed one. 

2a. Perk 1

Perk 1 will either give you an explosive weapon, or extra firepower. 

Special Grenade 3x: Pretty self explanatory. Gives you 2 extra special grenades.

Satchel Charges: Gives you two remote detonated charges that deal great damage
to anything within blast range. 

M9A1 Bazooka: Gives you two shells that are fired from a personal bazooka that
can deal great damage from a direct hit. 

Bomb Squad: Allows you to see enemy Betties and Satchels so that they don't kill

Bouncing Betties: Gives you two motion sensor bombs that can be placed anywhere
and will detonate when an enemy walks next to it.

Bandolier: Gives your Primary and Secondary weapons additional ammunition. 

Primary Grenade 2x: Pretty Self Explanatory.

M2 Flamethrower: Lets you carry around a flamethrower with unlimited ammunition.
However, it will overheat if used constantly. 

2b. Perk 2
These give you additional abilities that help you in battle usually. 

Stopping Power: Gives additional bullet damage. 

Fireworks: Increases explosive damage. 

Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage to you.

Gas mask: Reduces the intensity of Tabun Gas to you.

Juggernaut: Increases maximum health.

Camouflage: Makes you invisible to enemy recon planes. 

Sleight of Hand: Decreases reload time.

Shades: Decreases intensity of signal flares to you.

Double tap: Increases ROF.

Overkill: Allows you to carry two primary guns. No pistol. 

2c. Perk 3
Usually gives you some other benefit in battle.

Deep impact: Allows you to shoot through walls easier. 

Extreme Conditioning: Allows you to sprint for longer distances.  

Steady Aim: Increases hip firing accuracy.

Toss Back: Resets fuse of picked up grenades.

Second Chance: Allows you to have a last chance at survival with only a pistol.

Martyrdom: Drop a live grenade with a two second fuse when you died.  

Fireproof: Reduces fire based damage to you.

Dead Silence: Walk without being heard. 

Iron Lungs: Hold your breath for longer when sniping.

Reconnaissance: Allows you to see enemy dogs, tanks, and artillery on radar. 

Please remember, that some of these perks are only available when you unlock
them on Xbox live. 

2d. Tank Perks
These only help you while driving tanks.

Water Cooler: Decreases turret overheat speed. 

Greased Bearings: Increases cannon turn speed

Lead Foot: Increases tank speed. 

Ordinance Training: Decreases cannon reload time.

Coaxial Machine Gun: Gives the driver an additional MG.  

This is the second part of the guide that is only for Xbox Live members. The
reason is because players without it cannot create their own classes.

3. Xbox Live Custom Classes
Here, i will tell you my favorite classes on Xbox Live. I use 5 different
classes, but before i list them, ill explain them a little. 

3a. Each custom class consists of the following:
Primary Weapon (Rifle, SMG, Etc.)
Pistol/Secondary Weapon (Rifle, SMG, Etc.)
Primary Grenade (Frag, Sticky, Molotav)
Secondary Grenade (Tabun, Smoke, Flare)
Perk 1 (Satchels, Bazookas Etc.)
Perk 2 (Stopping Power, Overkill Etc.)
Perk 3 (Deep Impact, Steady Aim)
Tank Perk (Lead Foot, Coaxial Machine Gun)
(Please note that i do not use tanks, so i will not include them in my classes).
3b. Class Setup List

Name: Support Gunner
Primary Weapon: MG42 w/ Bipod
Secondary Weapon: PPSH-41 w/ Drum Magazine
Primary Grenade: Frag
Secondary Grenade: Flare
Perk 1: Bomb Squad
Perk 2: Overkill
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Description: This is probably one of my most used classes because of its ability
to fight in CQC and at long ranges. Use the PPSH-41 when walking around, and
when you find a nice MG spot, mount up and use the MG42.


MG42: This in my favorite HMG, because of its awesome stats. Its great ROF makes
it dangerous pretty much anywhere. Also, use the bipod to mount it on any good
flat area. But of course, if you don't have the MG42 or just don't like it, feel
free to use another HMG or LMG you're comfortable with. 

PPSH-41: Probably the second best SMG, because of its awesome ROF. It makes a
great addition to the MG42, and with these two together you can't lose. Plus,
using the Drum Magazine doubles its clip size to 70 bullets. Again, you don't
get this till later on in the game, so feel free to use another SMG you like. 

Frag: Basically, its a frag, and the others suck. So yeah.

Flare: Believe it or not, but they actually work. If you think there's someone
in a house, toss a flare in for cover. 

Bomb Squad: You ever finally find out where that snipers hiding, then as soon as
you get close to him you hear a "BOOM", and your dead? Well not anymore! With
this you can see those enemy betties. 

Overkill: Kinda self explanatory. Without it, you couldn't carry two primary
guns, and in my opinion, pistols kinda suck. But since you don't get this for
awhile, just stick with a pistol.

Deep Impact: I hate when i shoot someone, and they get behind a wall so i cant
shoot them. Maybe you do too, but with this, you can shoot through almost anything.

Name: Sniper
Primary Weapon: PTRS-41
Secondary Weapon: .357 Magnum
Primary Grenade: Frag
Secondary Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Bouncing Betties
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Iron Lungs

Description: This is another favorite of mine, because i love to snipe. The PTRS
gives you a load of firepower, and the combination of perks can make sniping
really easy. 


PTRS-41: I like it because its the most powerful sniper, and that you don't have
to earn the scope. But since its not unlocked till level 50 something, get used
to other snipers to get the hang of it.

.357 Magnum: Normally, i don't like pistols, but this is the exception. Its very
strong, and kills in a few shots. 

Frag: Again, all the others suck.

Smoke: Smokes give more protection from attackers as they allow you to move near

Bouncing Betties: Since your sniping, you'll need some cover, and having betties
can be like having two teammates willing to die for you.

Stopping Power: Without it, the PTRS can only kill from chest up, but with this
on, most body shots can kill. 

Iron Lungs: Although you don't get it for a long time, once you do, it makes
sniping a lot easier. 

Name: Infantryman
Primary Weapon: M1A1 Carbine w/ Aperture Sights
Secondary Weapon: STG-44 w/ Telescopic Sights
Primary Grenade: Frag
Secondary Grenade: Flare
Perk 1: Bouncing Betties
Perk 2: Overkill
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Description: This is kind of a basic class, for medium range levels. Use the
Carbine for closer encounters and then the STG for longer fights. 


M1A1 Carbine: A very good gun, and for some reason, gains power at close range.
Just remember its the last gun unlocked, so use other Semi-Autos first. 

STG-44: Another very good gun, and for some reason, gains power at long range.

Frag: Again, its a frag, and the others suck.

Flare: I already said why, but ill say it again, they make great distractions. 

Bouncing Betties: When using the STG with Telescopic Sights, its good to have

Overkill: Just read under "Support Gunner".

Deep Impact: Just read under "Support Gunner".

Name: Flamethrower
Primary Weapon: M1 Garand w/ Flash Hider
Secondary Weapon: .357 Magnum
Primary Grenade: Frag
Secondary Grenade: Flare
Perk 1: M2 Flamethrower
Perk 2: Juggernaut
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Description: Probably the funnest class there is. The flamethrower helps at
close range, and the Garand at far.


M1 Garand: Very powerful and good at long ranges.
.357 Magnum: Look under "Sniper".
Frag: Already said.
Smoke: Gives you plenty of cover.
M2 Flamethrower: It wouldn't be called "Flamethrower" without it. 
Juggernaut: Lets you take more damage.
Deep Impact: Look under "Support Gunner". 

This class is for when you want to earn more attachments for guns. In order to
do that, you need a certain amount of kills, so i would use this setup.

Primary Gun: Whatever your upgrading
Secondary: Any pistol
Any Grenades
Perk 1: Whatever you want
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Deep Impact.

Reason: it doesn't really matter what grenades or Perk 1, since your trying to
get kills with your Primary Weapon only. 

4. Closing
Thank you for reading this guide, i hope it really helped.

4a. Legal Stuff
This guide may not be re produced under any circumstances except for self
personal use at home. It may not be added to any other website except for
Cheatcodes.com without my permission.

4b. Final Thanks
Thanks again for reading my guide, and feel free to contact me if you have any
questions or comments. However, if you do send me an email, send it to
[email protected] and please make the subject "Cod Guide". Otherwise, i will
think its junk mail and delete it. Thanks!

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