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There are seven goblin tribes in Tamriel, and each tribe has a spcial totem 
pole for each clan. If you do "Goblin Trouble" then you will have a better 
understanding of it. Also, never kill the Shaman in the caves, if you do, then 
the tribes wont respawn.
I only know a couble tribes, i dont do this one alot. There are:

Bloody Hand Tribe
Rock Biter Tribe
Dust Eater Tribe
White Skin Tribe
Skull Breaker Tribe
That's all i know.

                             Tribe Locations
I dont know what goblins live in each cave, but here are the caves names and 
what's in them.
Cracked Wood Cave-a Rat farmer, three levels below you, max level is 8
Standard goblins and skirmisher, there is alway a shaman in the cave too.
A berserker and a war chief.

Timberscar Cave-Has two skirmishers, depending on your level, one or two 
berserkers. a war chief and shaman.

Barren Mine-two guards outside, a skirmisher, a berseker, a war chief, and a 

Derelict Mine-This one is a doozy! 20 goblins in all, and 3 levels. eight 
guards, seven skirmishers, three berserkers, a war chief, and a shaman.
(note:there are two totems here, the white skin's and the sharptooth's.)

Goblin Jim's Cave-eleven guards, seven bersa skirmisher, a war chief, and a 
shaman. Also note that Goblin Jim is here, but he is no goblin. He is a Breton 
Witchm, and yes he's a guy.)also this totem, is in the Derelict mine.

PunderedMine-eight guards, three berserkers, four skirmishers, a war chief and 
a shaman.

Wenderbeck Cave-five guards, a berserker, a skirmisher, a war chief and a 

Here is some fun ideas:

Steal all the totems and put them all in one place and all the tribes will go 
after them. Beware that they will fight anything on the way there. Like if a 
guard meets them, they will get slaughtered.

You don't have to drop them, they are aso staffs, they have shock damage and are 
worth on screen, 7760, but I'm not sure if you can sell them. =\

Also, when you complete "Goblin Trouble", they rebuild the town, then you can 
destroy it again, just drop both totems in town, and the goblins will have a 
blood battle between the villagers and themselves.

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