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Author: Rebellious Seoul
Started On: 22 August 2003
Ended On: 22 August 2003

                                    HINTS AND TIPS

1) Get the Flipendo Knockback Jinx upgrade no matter what!!

2) Learn broomstick controls and do LOTS of Quidditch training. It gets your house 
A LOT of points if you do well.

3) When getting the flying key, the red flying keys hurt you, so be warned!

4) You can kill MOVING black knights by casting flipendo right after they took a 
pot shot at you with their axe.

5) Press square near a bookcase if you can't climb it.

6) Get all the wizard cards to view an alternate ending.
                                      BOSS GUIDE


First, Malfoy throws wizard crackers. Just wait for them to fall, pick 'em up and 
throw it back at Malfoy. Then Malfoy calls one of his cronies in and throws SUPER 
WIZARD CRACKERS. Just dodge the SUPER WIZARD CRACKERS and pick up the normal wizard 
crackers that Malfoy's cronie throws and throw them on to Malfoy. Then he calls his 
other cronie and do what you did dodging the last SUPER CRACKER wave. It is exactly 
the same except that you'd be dodging 3 crackers at a time instead of two. Oh, and 
if you lose health just let a normal wizard cracker explode. A chocolate frog will 
be in the place of the explosion.


Easy as pie. Just keep chasing him and when you get near enough, press SQUARE to 
hit him. 


When defeating the big huge knight, just dodge the swipes and when the knight 
raises its sword, RUN LIKE MAD!! because the sword will come crashing down. After 
that just Flipendo the knight while its standing doing nothing.


Its best to explain this in three waves:

WAVE 1: Voldemort is walking around conjuring green balls that hurt you. When he is 
standing in front of a pillar, throw a CHARGED FLIPENDO KNOCKBACK JINX to smash the 
pillar and hurt Voldemort. BEWARE! Green ropes can come from Voldemort at any time 
a destroy the charging of a jinx!! So let go of the jinx as soon as possible!! Also 
stay away from Voldemort as coming near him will result in hurting yourself.

WAVE 2: Voldemort is STILL walking around conjuring  green balls but now, 
occasionally, he will conjure a MASSIVE GREEN BALL to hurt you. This goes real fast 
so when Voldemort spreads his arms out wide, run DOUBLE QUICK away!!! Use a charged 
knockback jinx and aim it at the mirror to charge it up and do it again to release 
a blue force to hurt Voldemort. Sounds easy, right? Well, here's the catch. He has 
to be standing exactly in front of a pillar which is ahead or behind the mirror, 
not right and left!! But to make it easier, he doesn't have those green ropes 

WAVE 3: Harry stumbles over and Voldemort gets close to him. Harry's life bar is 
restored to full (AMAZINGLY!!) but now it is a will power fight. Get ready for a 
finger-blister causer. You have to press SQUARE a HELL OF A LOT OF TIMES REPEATEDLY 
AND REALLY FAST OR HEALTH GOES FAST!!!!! So when it says 'press X to hurt Quirrel' 
do it quick because it might save you the agony of BLISTERS ON YOUR FINGERS!

Me - for writing this FAQ
My friend - For giving me the CD as a return gift on his b'day party
EA - For creating a great game

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