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            My name is Donald Liskey. My e-mails are [email protected] & 
[email protected]      This is my first walkthrough I hope you can bear 
reading so just try and you might get something useful out of it.


   Version 0.1- Started the walkthrough.5/12/04

   Version 0.2- Did some more work on the guide.5/13/04

   Version 0.3- Did some work on complete list of obtainable items. 5/17/04

   Version 0.4- Did some work on complete list of famous witches and wizards card 
list and edited item list.


Section-1- Intro

Section-2- Charcters

Section-3- Complete list of Famous witches and wizards cards

Section-4- Complete list of obtainable items

Section-5- Complete list of spells

Section-6- Walkthrough

Section-7- Thanks To…


      As you should know this game is based on the popular child book Harry 
and the Sorcers Stone. Written by J.K. Rowling and the first in a series of at 
7. If you've read the book the game should be no big deal for you. Please do not 
mail me about needing to finish this walkthrough. I have very little time to do 
and it will be complete A.S.A.P. until then deal with it!! Any help with the 
walkthrough with the Famous withces and wizard card locations would be highly 
appreciated and I’d be glad to give you credit for finding the location.

(*- Charcters of most importance)

  *Harry Potter-the most important charcter (DUH)

  *Ron Weasley-one of Harry's best friends 

  *Hermione Granger-one of Harry's best friends

  Neville Longbottom-sleeps in Harry's dorm

  Dean Thomas- sleeps in Harry's dorm

  Seamus Finigan- sleeps in Harry's dorm

  *Proffesor Dumbledore-Headmaster of Hogwarts & a big help throughout the game

  *Proffessor Maganogall-Head of grffyindor house and the transfig teacher

  *Proffessor Snape-head of slytherin and potions teacher he hates all 
especially Harry

  Proffessor Sprout- head of Hufflepuff house and the Herbology teacher

  Proffessor Flitwick-charms teacher

  *Professor Quirrell-defense against the dark arts teacher

  Professor Binns-history of magic teacher

  Madam Hooch-broom flight class teacher

  Madam Pince-librarian

  *Madam Pomfrey-nurse

  *Hagrid-Harry’s best teacher friend and game keeper


  Mrs.Norris-Filch’s cat

  *Draco Malfoy-Harry’s enemy

  Crabbe and Goyle-Malfoy’s partners

  Fred and George Weasley-Ron’s brothers

  Percy Weasley-a prefect also one of Ron’s brothers

  *Fluffy-the 3-headed dog guarding the sorcers stone

  Fang-Hagrid dog

  Lee Jordan-Fred and George’s best friend

  Hedwig-Harry’s owl

  Scabbers-Ron’s pet rat

  Norbert-Hagrid’s temporary pet

  Voldeomort-the darkest wizard of all time

  Firenze-a centaur you meet in the forest

  Bane-a centaur you meet in the forest 

  Ronan-a centaur you meet in the forest

  The sorting Hat-the hat that sorts you into your houses

Complete list
Witches and Wizards

Card Name: Glanmore Peakes
Description: Famous slayer of serpent of Cromer
Location: ???

Card Name: Balfour Blane
Description: Established committee on experimental charms
Location: ???

Card Name: Felix Summerbee
Description: Inventor of cheering charm
Location: ???

Card Name: Greta Catchlove
Description: Author of charm your own cheese
Location: ???

Card Name: Honouria Nutcombe
Desrciption: Founded society for reformed hags
Location: ???

Card Name: Gifford Olderton
Description: Famous giant slayer killed giant hengist of upper Barnton
Location: ???

Card Name: Jocunda Sykes
Description: First person to fly across Atlantic on broom
Location: ???


Complete List

Work Robe
Winter Cloak 
Dragon skin Boots
Dragon Skin Glooves
Dragon Skin Belt
Pointy Hat
Pack of Name Tags
Stamina Belt
Superior Work Robe
Superior Gloves
Dragonclaw Gloves
Superior Pointed Hat
Lined Hat
Fine Fettle Belt
Hardened Boots
Superior Boots

Wiggenweld Potion
Wiggenweld Grand Potion
Pepper-up Potion
Grand Pepper-up Potion

Hedwig The Owl


Silver Cauldron
Copper Cauldron
Self-Stiring Cauldron

Octopus Powder
Bettle Eyes
Snake Fangs

Set of 1st. Yr books

 Complete List 
Of Spells

Flipendo Uno
Flipendo Duo
Flipendo Tria
Vermilious Uno
Vermilious Duo
Vermilious Tria
Verdimilious Uno
Verdimilious Duo
Verdimilious Tria
Incendio Uno
Incendio Duo
Incendio Tria
Mucas Ad Nusam
Locomotor Wibbly
Wignardum Leviosa
Petrificuss Totalus

The Beginning

You start in diagon alley. Hagrid is ready to get your wand but says you can look 
around first if you like. After exploring go into olivanders and you’ll try a few 
wands until you find the right one. Then you must go to Gringotts to get some 
to buy your shool supplies.




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