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When you start off, Hagrid will talk to you. Follow him into the wand shop. After 
you recieve your wand, walk outside and you will be greeted by a fellow student. 
then he will give you Folio Magi and Folio Tripilcus. When he walks away, you should 
go over to the alley next to the wand shop. Defeat the magical creatures here to 
level up. The best spell to use on the rats is Vermillious Uno. You should try to 
get to level 6 or higher. If you don't, it will be harder to defeat enimies later 
on. When your satisfied with your level, go inside Gringotts. Continue walking 
upward until you see Hagrid. If you want a wizard card, just walk up to the empty 
chair and press A. After you talk to Hagrid, he will tell you to follow him. After 
walking about 6 paces, Harry will trip. Hagrid will continue walking to the right. 
To find him, you must walk to the far upper-left corner of the screen. Then, just 
continue upward. Eventualy, you will come across a big cloud on the ground,( the 
boss of the level).When you touch it, he will apear with two small rats. First, 
defeat him using Vermillious Uno or Vermillious Duo. After he is gone, kill the 
other rats like you did before. When you win the battle, head up to the upper-left 
corner. Hagrid will then talk to you and let you inside your vault. After you get 
your money, search the room for a wizard card.(Press A next to the money bags.) Then 
exit the room. Go back the way you came until you get back into the Gringotts main 
lobby. Then leave the building. Talk to Hagrid when you get out, and he will give 
you your school suplies list. Go aroud Diagon Alley visiting all the shops until you 
have everything on the list. Then, go talk to Hagrid. He will then give you Hedwig. 
Then he will give you your ticket. When you appear at King's Cross, walk up to the 
train. Walk over a little and you will meet the Weaslys. Talk to all of them until 
they all start talking to each other. Then get on the train. Walk to the very end of 
the train, then walk towards Ron. He and Harry will talk for a while, then the snack 
lady will come. Buy some Pumpkin Pasties and anything else you like. Then walk back 
to your seat. Malfoy will come and talk to you. After a while, he will fight you. To 
defeat him, use your strongest Vermillious spell. After you beat him, he will give 
you a new card combo. Then, just walk around until the train stops. When you get 
off, talk to Hagrid before you get on your boat. You may also search around for 
wizard cards.                                                                   

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