Harry Potter Walkthru - Guide for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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                            H      H     P      P
                            H      H     P       P
                            H      H     P        P
                            HHHHHHHH     P        P
                            H      H     PPPPPPPPPP
                            H      H     P
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1.Diagon Alley                 NOTE:I will be adding on to this walkthrough
2.Hogwarts Express             frequently so don't flip out if I don't have 
3.Across the Lake              something you need yet.
5.Sorting Ceremony
6.Find Gryffindor
7.Snapes Class
8.Find Potion Ingredients
9.Transfiguration and the Purple Rabbit
10.History of Magic and the Circe Card
11.Wrap Up For Now

                             1.Diagon Alley

     As you already know you should start out in diagon alley. Hagrid says you can 
explore a little bit,(after you get your wand). If I were you I wouldn't because it 
just wastes batteries on your gameboy. So just go to Gringotts Bank walk up to the 
doors and Harry will pause to read an inscription then go straight in. Go straight 
up from there and you will meet Griphook the goblin and Hagrid. Then go in the Gold 
doors and you will have to manuver your way around Gringotts to find hagrid and 
Griphook at the last vault then go back the way you came or simply run into the blue 
jellyfish thingies and DIE on purpose and you will end up at the hospital. If you 
choose to DIE then go back to Gringotts and talk to Hagrid (other people will know 
what to do).He gives you a List School of Supplies,then go and find all of your 
supplies at the shops and then go back and talk to hagrid he will take you to Kings 
Cross Train Station.

                              2.Hogwarts Express 


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