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Today I, Gamergirl6789 will tell you how to beat Harry Potter and the sorcerer's 
stone for gameboy color.  First of all you should please note that this is my first 
attempt at a walkthru, so don't expect too much. But I would like to stress that I 
have personally beaten this game about four times.(I think)

NOTE: Before you start to play take heed of this advice, try not to run away from 
magical encounters, you will really need the experience later on.

The game starts in diagon ally, you will start talking to hagrid about getting a 
wand while you are standing outside of the wand shop.  He says you can look around a 
little, but I wouldn't advise it because there is nothing to do (yet), because you 
can't find any famous witches and wizards cards until you get the deck. (after you 
get the wand)  Go into the shop and hagrid will leave saying he will meet you at the 
lobbby of gringotts bank.  Mr. Olivander will start talking to you auto maticly.  
After trying a couple of wands you will recieve "harry's wand".  Next walk out of 
the wand shop and a person will give you a deck of famous witches and wizards cards, 
I would go with the myrwin the Malious deck, that seems to work best with the card 
combos.  Now walk to the shop with the owl on the sign, click the first owl that is 
white, and you will find your first witches and wizards card. You can also find 
cards in other shops, but let that wiat until you do your shopping.  Then head back 
east to arrive at...

Walk down to the end of the hall until you reach Hagrid and Griphook.  But before 
doing this click on the empty chair to your right to find a new witches and wizards 
card.  Now talk to Hagrid and griphook to go in the bank.  You trip and get caught 
behind, and wouldn't you know it your lost.  Luckily Gringotts is VERY easy to 
navigate, all you have to do is keeping taking taking every up path.  Eventually you 
see a huge blue blob blocking the path you have take. Congratualations! you have 
reached your first boss battle.  For this battle keep in mind that it is just like a 
regular monster, except a little harder, by now you should be on at least level 
three.  For this battle use vermillious and if you run out of MPs use watever card 
combinations you have, and that should do the trick, you are most likely to gain a 
level from this battle. (hint, hint) Walk up the path the monster was blocking and 
talk to Hagrid and Griphook. You will go in your vault and get 800 sickles.  next go 
back outside to start...

The first thing on your list is the stuff you have to buy at the robes store, so go 
there first, and buy every thing on the list. Now you have aquired an eqipable item, 
press start and go to status and equip the things you just bought. NOTE: equip the 
winter cloak instead of the plain work robes.  Next go to the store with potion 
bottle sign and get a potion kit bag.  now go to the cauldren store and get a copper 
cauldren.  Next go to florish and blotts to get  your first year set of books.  Now 
that you have everything go talk to hagrid and he will give you Hedwig and you be 

Go up to the person standing next to mrs. Weasly(Ithink it's ron, But they all look 
the same) and mrs. Weasly will start talking, when she is done thats your cue to get 
on the train.  When the cutscene of the train is done go to the last compartment and 
talk to ron. Hermione will come in and talk about the missing toad, and say ron has 
dirt on his nose.  After she leaves the sweets cart comes in. Now You should buy at 
least 10 chocolate frogs, for the cards.  When your done the cart will leave and 
Malfoy will come in battle you because scabbers bit Goyle. To beat malfoy use 
vermillious and verdimillious that Hermione taught you, incase you didn't notice 
malfoy is a total pushover.  Once you beat Malfoy the Train will arrive at Hogwarts 
Landing.  Get in a boat and cross the lake, Verdimillious works best on these 
monsters. I will be adding on to this so don't freak out because I'm not finished

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