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Hunter: The Reckoning

Version History:
08-20-2002 Sat down with a cherry Coke and some Cracker Jacks and 
started this FAQ at around 1a.m. Insomnia? I have no idea what you're 
talking about...

08-22-2002 Started filling in more of the walkthrough, everything else 
is pretty much complete, plan to add more on enemies, and possibly a 
Boss section later.
08-24-2002 Filled in some more of the walkthrough, and added a few 
enemies and the boss section to the FAQ.

08-26-2002 Finished the Walkthrough and Boss Sections. I believe the 
FAQ is finally complete...for now.

08-27-2002 Edited some slightly inaccurate info on Lvl. 8, Sewers 2. 
Also added some more on the Boss Section for the Warden.

08-31-2002 Added a few things in the Hints Section.

09-17-2002 Confirmed the Glyphs cheat, thanks to all the readers who 
have sent in tips so far!  

**I plan to add the Invulnerable Code at some point, whenever I or 
anyone else figures it out. Any information or tips you want to send me 
will be credited in this FAQ. Thanks for reading this!

Table of Contents
I. Story
II. Game Menu
III. Controls
IV. Hunters and their Attributes
V. Edges
VI. Glyphs
VII. Combat
VIII. Weaponry
IX. Enemies
X. Walkthrough
 1. Subway Station
 2. Streets
 3. Playground
 4. Graveyard
 5. Church
 6. Catacombs
 7. Sewers 1
 8. Sewers 2
 9. Front Yard
 10. Meal Hall 1
 11. Main Yard 1
 12. Mansion Exterior 1
 13. Mansion Interior 1
 14. Mansion Exterior 2
 15. Main Yard 2
 16. Cell Block 1
 17. Cell Block 2
 18. Hospital Roof
 19. Hospital Interior 1
 20. Hospital Interior 2
 21. Morgue
 22. Sewers 3
 23. Machine Shop
 24. Death Row
 25. Main Yard 3
 26. Meal Hall 2
 27. Main Yard 4
 28. Mansion Exterior 3
 29. Mansion Interior 2
 30. Attic
XI. Bosses
XII. Codes, Hints and General Strategy

I. Story
Ashcroft's Evil Institution (from the game manual)

There were only two places to work in Ashcroft: The railroad and the 
penitentiary. Since the 1920s, the town centered on the large prison. 
The people didn't know that for over 50 years, the prison was under the 
control of vampires. The warden himself was turned into a creature of 
the night and the center of power was secure. Since then, the prison 
has become a feeding ground and the inmates no more than cattle. Those 
unfit to be fed on are subject to horrific acts of torture and 
experimentation. Such actions cannot be forgiven, and the vengeful 
spirits of the inmates soon rose from the dead and lashed out at the 
living. The vengeful spirits were eventually subdued by greater powers, 
and the vampires regained control of Ashcroft Penitentiary.

When convicted murderer Nathaniel Arkady was subjected to capital 
punishment by electrocution, the renegade ghosts were freed from their 
bonds and once more wreaked havoc on the prison. Four people, brought 
to the Scene by circumstance, were witnesses and at that moment their 
normal lives ended. They pushed back the onslaught of angry spirits and 
locked the doors of the penitentiary. The prison was shut down, and the 
town of Ashcroft became a shadow of its former self.

Ashcroft now stands at the brink between the world of the living and 
the dead, and someone or something is toying with the balance. An act 
of chance freed the spirits from the prison, and their hatred has been 
unleashed on the entire town. Nothing is as it seems and it is up to 
you to save them all. 


I'm sure you get the general idea; you're the good guy, and everyone 
else (except for the cowering innocents) is the bad guy. The innocents 
never seem to be very grateful when you save their lives either... but 
it's all in a day's work when you're hunting down evil.

II. Game Menu

1. New Game
-Starts a new game.

2. Continue
-Continues from a saved game.

3. Options
-Audio/Video (Change Music, Speech, SFX and Brightness)
-Control Options (Choose from the Default setting to 5 Alternative 
-Gameplay (Toggle controller Vibration, show Blood, and Friendly Fire 

4. Special Features
-Coma Video
-Intro Video
-Alternate Hunter Mode (Will be locked until completion of the game)
-Nightmare Mode (Also locked)

III. Controls

1. Pressing the Start button during gameplay will bring up the 
following menu:

Resume - Takes you back to gameplay.
Options - Audio/Video, Control Options, and Gameplay.
Character Stats - Keeps track of your Experience points, and shows your 
Edges, Weapons and (surprise!) your characters stats.
Game Stats - Tracks kills and rescues, for each rescue you receive a 
Life, or Continue. Also lists current level Objectives.
Restart - Restarts you at the beginning of current level.
End Game - Ends game.

2. Movement: Default Controls (You can change these configurations in 
the Game Options menu.)

Move Character - Left Thumbstick

Aim Character/Weapon - Right Thumbstick

Walk Backwards - Press the Left Thumbstick in any direction and press 
the Right Thumbstick in the opposite direction.

Strafe - Press the Left Thumbstick in any direction and press the Right 
Thumbstick at a 90-degree angle from the position 
of the Left Thumbstick.

Left Trigger - Jump

Roll - While Strafing, pull the Left Trigger

3. Weapons Controls: Default 

X Button - Scrolls through available Basic Weapons

B Button - Scrolls through available Special Weapons

Y Button - Scrolls through available Edges

A Button - Switch or Reload weapons, or activate Edge

Right Trigger - Fire, Switch or Reload weapons, or activate Edge. You 
can also perform Combo attacks with your melee weapon by continually 
pressing the Right Trigger. Combo attacks will be discussed in the 
Weapons Section VII.

White Button - Reloads weapon (You can also use the A button or 
continue pressing the right trigger)

Black Button - Taunts monsters

*The A Button is also the Action button. You can use it to open doors, 
and also to read glyphs and talk to townspeople, which will be 
discussed in Section VI.

**The Directional Pad controls the camera angle, more or less. There 
are five levels of zoom. Pressing up on the directional pad zooms the 
camera in. Pressing down zooms the camera out. When playing single 
player, you can press left to completely expand your view, and pressing 
right will bring the camera in as close as you can go. 

IV. Hunters and their Attributes
There are four characters from which you can choose: Avenger, Defender, 
Martyr and Judge. Each character has different skills and attributes, 
and each starts off with a melee weapon and a ranged weapon with 
unlimited ammo, and one Edge which is first in the list below.

1. Creed: Avenger
Name: Spenser "Deuce" Wyatt
Height: 7'0
Weight: 310
Age: 35
Weapons: Battle Axe and Lever Action Rifle
Edges: Cleave, Smite & Ward

2. Creed: Defender
Name:	Samantha Alexander
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120
Age: 29
Weapons: Katana and Magnum Revolver
Edges: Rejuvenate, Ward & Demand

3. Creed: Martyr
Name:	Kassandra Cheyung
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105
Age: 19
Weapons: Twin Daggers and Dual Auto-Loading Pistols
Edges: Demand, Retribution & Burden

4. Creed: Judge
Name:	Father Esteban Cortez
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 175
Age: 45
Weapons: Crusader Sword and Crossbow
Edges: Word of Power, Burden & Rejuvenate

Character Attributes:

Strength - Amount of additional damage the Hunter does during melee 
Accuracy - Amount of additional damage the Hunter does during ranged 
Speed	- How quickly the Hunter moves.
Conviction - A Hunter's dedication to the hunt. Conviction is used to 
activate Edges.
Stamina - A Hunter's damage resilience

Strength and Accuracy can be improved throughout the game by activating 
certain glyphs, which is discussed in Section VI.

Here is a table with each of the characters' attributes for comparison 
out of a five-point scale.

         Avenger    Defender    Martyr     Judge
Strength   2.5        2.0        1.0        1.5
Accuracy   2.0        2.5        1.0        2.0
Speed      1.0        2.0        3.5        1.5
Conviction 1.0        2.0        2.5        3.0
Stamina    1.5        1.5        1.0        1.5

Obviously, some characters will be faster than others, or will produce 
more damage in a melee attack than they might by using their ranged 
You will have to develop different strategies for gameplay depending on 
whether you are fighting alone or with companions. 
Remember that you only start out with one Edge, and you won't gain the 
third and final Edge until you are well into the game. 
There are several Strength and Accuracy Glyphs throughout the game, so 
if you have teammates, you may want to bolster Martyr's Accuracy stats 
rather than the Defender's, and Martyr isn't very strong either, but 
she can run circles around a throng of zombies for excellent melee 
Your attributes improve as you level up throughout the game. The amount 
of Experience points and Rescues you get depends on how many Hunters 
are in the game. 
If a Hunter dies during the game and doesn't press start to continue 
within ten seconds, the Hunter will lose all its Exp and will have to 
start all over again with only one Edge. 

V. Edges
Each Hunter starts off with one Edge at its lowest level of power. As 
the Hunters advance, they gain up to three Edges, and the powers of 
each Edge increases -- up to three levels. (I finished the game with 
two Edges at level three, and one Edge at level one.) 
As your character grows in experience, his/her skills will increase, 
and new Edges will become available. You gain a new Edge or level up on 
an existing Edge every time you defeat a Boss. 

1. Cleave/Picture of Axe		
-Imbues the Hunter's weapon with raw power, greatly increasing the 
damage the weapon does in combat. Cleave only affects hand-to-hand 
weapons and when activated, causes the weapon to burn with a 
supernatural power. The strength of this Edge increases as the Hunter 
gains experience.

2. Smite/Picture of Fist	
-Unleashes a powerful wave of damaging energy that radiates out from 
the body in a 360-degree arc. All creatures of darkness caught in the 
wave will be damaged, often being thrown back by the powerful show of 
force. As this Edge becomes more powerful, the amount of damage 

3. Ward/Picture of Body stretching out Arms	
-Creates a barrier between the Hunter and beings tainted by evil. The 
summoned barrier surrounds the Hunter and prevents weaker creatures 
from making physical contact. Stronger monsters may brave the barrier, 
but will suffer damage as a result. As the Hunter gains experience, the 
radius of this Edge increases, allowing other Hunters to become 
protected as well.

4. Burden/Picture of Weighing Scales		
-Passes judgment on the evil near the Hunter. Creatures of darkness 
caught in the radius of this Edge are frozen where they stand as the 
weight of their misdeeds rushes over them. As the Hunter increases in 
power, Burden affects a larger number of creatures in its area of 
effect and will hold them for a longer period of time.

5. Word of Power/Picture of Lightning Bolt
-Focuses the power of goodness and purity into a weapon against evil. 
When a Hunter utters the word of power, it extends forth on a cone of 
light. Creatures caught in this purifying glow suffer terrible injury. 
The more powerful this Edge becomes, the more damage it delivers.

6. Demand/Picture of Pointing Finger	
-Boosts the Hunter's physical speed and performance to super-human 
levels. A Hunter who activates demand can attack at great speed and do 
additional damage, but must pay for this advantage through a loss of 
conviction and health. Both the speed effect and the amount of damage 
increase as the Edge becomes more powerful.

7. Retribution/Picture of Skull	
-The Martyr's personal form of revenge. When the Hunter activates this 
power, all creatures that inflict damage on the Hunter suffer a portion 
of that damage reflected back upon them. As the Martyr gains power, 
Retribution delivers increasing damage to those who strike her.

8. Rejuvenate/Picture of First Aid symbol	
-Calls forth the power to heal. When the Edge is activated, the Hunter 
receives a boost to his/her current health. At higher levels, any 
Hunters nearby are also healed.

VI. Glyphs
There are six different kinds of Glyphs, which can be activated by 
standing on or near the glyphs and pressing the A Button. 
Glyphs can have multiple charges, so multiple Hunters may use the same 
Glyph. When a Glyph runs out of power, its glow will disappear. 
After typing the word Glyph several times, it will start to lose all 
meaning, and it suddenly begins to look as if it were spelled 

1. Health
The Health Glyph regenerates the Hunter's Health, represented by the 
red bar on your screen. This Glyph can be used four times before it 
loses power, so if you have multiple Hunters, ration them wisely. After 
leveling up a few times, it may not even heal you completely, so having 
a Defender in your party that can heal from early on might be a good 
idea. The Health Glyph looks like a plus sign with a diamond in the 
middle. (Health can also be regained when fighting creatures, sometimes 
they leave behind red and blue spheres, and these are most powerful 
when the glow is brightest. It doesn't heal as much as the Health 
Glyph, but it helps when you fight hand-to-hand with creatures that may 
get in an attack or two before you can kill them off.)

2. Conviction
The Conviction Glyph regenerates the Hunter's conviction, represented 
by the blue bar on your screen. This Glyph can also be used four times 
before losing power, and looks like the letter "E." (Conviction can 
also be regenerated with the little blue spheres that creatures leave 
behind after they've been killed.)

3. Strength
The Strength Glyph gives the Hunter a permanent Strength increase. This 
Glyph is a line with two arms coming out at angles, almost like a cross 
with the arms angled down a little. Gives the Hunter a half-bubble 
increase, and has only one charge, so use it wisely.

4. Accuracy
The Accuracy Glyph gives the Hunter a permanent Accuracy increase. This 
Glyph looks like a plus sign with a circle in the middle, not to be 
confused with the Health Glyph (I've been fooled before, and you don't 
know how mad you can get until you realize that you didn't find a 
Health Glyph when you really need one, and instead your accuracy gets 
improved.) Gives the Hunter a half-bubble increase, and also has only 
one charge, so use it wisely.

5. Information
Activating the Blue Information Glyphs gives the Hunter additional 
facts about the environment and clues about the game. Information 
Glyphs are bracket-shaped and have unlimited charges, although they 
don't actually improve any character stats. Sometimes innocents or 
other bystanders will be standing on Information Glyphs. You may talk 
to them by Activating the blue Information Glyph with the A Button. (I 
have noticed that sometimes bystanders will only repeat a piece of 
information once, and if you activate them again, they will tell you 
something else, or tell you to get a move on. I'd recommend asking them 
more than once, just to see what they say. You'd think if they saw you 
fighting zombies and vampires in front of them that they would have the 
sense to get out of there themselves, but whatever...)

6. Exit
Activating a green Exit Glyph allows the Hunter to exit the environment 
and progress to the next one. This bracket-shaped Exit Glyph will not 
be activated (it glows green when activated) and is a white outline 
until the level's mission has been completed. However, once you 
Activate it with the A Button, you will not have the opportunity to go 
back to that level unless you want to start over, so make sure you have 
recharged Health and Conviction as much as possible, and stock up on 
weapons before moving on to the next level. 

VII. Combat

In addition to your Edges, your character also has basic and special 
weapons. Each character starts off with a melee and ranged weapon with 
unlimited ammo, and can pick up any of the weapons along the way. 
Certain weapons are more useful against creatures than other weapons, 
which will be covered in the Enemies Section. 

1. Combat
There are two basic types of combat in Hunter: Melee and Ranged. Each 
Hunter begins with a basic melee weapon (axes, swords and knives) and 
one ranged weapon (pistols, rifles and crossbows). These basic weapons 
are unique to each Hunter. For instance, the Avenger Deuce carries a 
Lever-Action Rifle and a Battle Axe, while Samantha the Defender 
carries a Katana and a Magnum Revolver.

2. Melee Combat
There are a variety of melee attacks, including combos, jumping 
attacks, running attacks, 180-degree sweeps, and 360-degree sweeps. You 
can select your melee weapon by cycling through your basic weapons with 
the X Button and activating it with the A Button or Right Trigger. 

3. Basic Attack
To attack the baddies and destroy objects, simply point your Hunter in 
the direction of your target using the Left Thumbstick or aim with the 
Right Thumbstick, and pull the Right Trigger to attack.

4. Combo Attacks
Pulling the trigger three times will send you into a combo attack. Once 
you are doing a combo, make sure you keep aiming with the right 
Thumbstick, otherwise you can leave yourself open to attacks from the 
sides and behind you if you are surrounded by creatures. 
Each subsequent strike in the combo does additional damage to your 

5. Lunging Combo Attacks
By pulling the left trigger during a combo, your Hunter will do an 
additional lunging or jumping attack. To pull off the lunge attack, use 
the jump button as the third strike in the combo. (right trigger, right 
trigger, left trigger)

6. Sweep Attacks
By holding and then releasing the right trigger, your Hunter will 
perform a thrust and 360-degree sweep attack. Wonderful for when you 
need some personal space.

7. Running Attacks
Basic and Combo attacks can only be performed when your Hunter is 
stationary. To initiate a running attack, useful when dodging bullets 
in a melee situation, push the left and right Thumbstick in the same 
direction while pulling the right trigger. If you're extremely 
coordinated, you can even attack to the left or right as you're 
running, although pulling too far in either direction may cause you to 
stop running and start a stationary attack, so be careful.

8. Airborne Attack
While airborne, your Hunter can also do a diving attack on any nearby 
enemy. To trigger this strike, simply pull the right trigger on the way 
down from a jump or when falling from a higher location. Your melee 
weapon must be drawn for this to work, and you must activate the 
airborne attack after peaking with your jump. (in other words you can't 
be on the way up when you do this)

9. Ranged Combat
Pretty straightforward here, you cycle through basic weapons with the X 
Button, and your special weapons with the B Button, select with the A 
Button, Aim and Fire!

VIII. Weaponry

 1. Double Barrel Shotgun - Delivers a short-range volley, can fire 
twice before reloading
 2. Riot Shotgun - Pump-action, holds eight rounds

 3. Combat Shotgun - Semiautomatic, also holds eight rounds

 4. Machinegun - Lacks accuracy, but can fire up to 32 bullets at a 

 5. Assault Rifle - More accurate at long-range, holds thirty rounds

 6. Bull-Pup Assault Rifle - You'll make friends with this lightweight, 
thirty-round little miracle

 7. Chainsaw - Fun, but ultimately inadequate, and runs out of fuel 
fairly quickly

 8. Flamethrower - Hit your enemies and watch them stop, drop and roll. 
It's a fuel-guzzler, but you can control it with short bursts that keep 
them on fire for a few seconds, and then hit 'em again if they still 
want more.

 9. Rocket Launcher - Slow to reload and holds one at a time, and you 
can also kill your teammates if they get in your way. Why do you love 
it so much? 'Cause sometimes you need a rocket launcher to get the job 
done right.

IX. Enemies
**Please note that I take a lot of liberties with the names I give to 
these enemies. Some of them are correct, and some of them are obviously 
made up (like the Hulks) because I can think of no better way to 
describe them, so if anyone knows the proper names for these creatures, 
feel free to write me and let me know so I can edit this section.**

Zombies/Shamblers - the last of the three types of Zombies. What are 
the other two types? Not sure exactly, but I know you wouldn't want to 
meet any of them in a dark alley unless you had a loaded gun. These 
usually take a hit or two to kill, and they are determined to mess with 
you, so stay out of their grasp. Zombies also tend to respawn a few 
times, usually in clusters, so if you're going in to collect a red/blue 
sphere, be careful one doesn't materialize nearby to swipe at you.
Worth 5 experience points.

Skitters - If you've played Halo, these little critters are reminiscent 
of the Flood. They like to sneak up on you and explode, which 
invariably takes a chunk off your Health meter. Shooting them from afar 
is the best defense, and shooting them in a group will usually cause a 
few of them to blow up at once, saving you the trouble of using more 
bullets. Sssh, do you hear a skitter?
Worth 3 experience points.

Gargoyles - They come to life after you get near them, and Machinegun 
is probably the easiest way to take them out. Attacking with your sword 
from the side seems to work pretty well too, because it keeps them off-

Blue Specters - They're blue and float in the air, and they like damp, 
smelly places. They hurl one to three blue orbs at you that can take 
off Health or Conviction. In later levels such as the Cellblocks, they 
hang from nooses and their shots are pretty easy to avoid if you have 
some space to strafe to the side, and you can kill them with several 

Rats - They look like the New York variety to me, and if they get close 
to you they can emit this foul gas cloud that makes you cough and 
unable to use a weapon for a second or two. 

Dogs/Wolves - There are blue spirit wolves that are ice breathing 
mongrels that can chase you down pretty quickly. If you have to run, 
try to run backwards while pumping a few rounds at them to slow them 

Crocodiles - Seen in the sewers, they have a nasty bite, so don't get 
too near them. Not *too* hard to kill though. 

Hulks - Great big things that look very deformed and usually are much 
bigger than you are. Kinda flesh-colored, they usually run pretty fast 
and can hit pretty hard, sorta like the neighborhood bully. Run and 
shoot, need I say more?

White  Green-Vomit-Spewing things - These things can hit you from far 
away, but are not too hard to take out. They often respawn though, so 
make sure you don't leave any behind.

Vampires - These creatures of the night don't like daylight, so try to 
stay in well-lit areas if possible. Fire and wood hurt them more than 
bullets, so the Judge's crossbow is excellent, and direct sunlight is 
lethal. They'll try to suck your blood, so keep your distance. These 
are the ones that Mom warned you about.

Tentacles - You don't see these too often, but they are black and can 
whip you for a decent chunk off your Health meter. A few good whacks 
with your Axe or Sword should be enough to sever them.

Misc. Creatures - There are other creatures that shoot you with bone 
arrows or something of the sort, these types of creatures can often 
take major hit points from you, so if they start to appear you should 
concentrate on getting them first before zombies, etc. The zombies may 
hit you a few times before you can get around to blowing their heads 
off, but they take off less damage than most of the creatures you'll 
face. Creatures often regenerate in the same spot more than once, so 
keep walking around to spawn and kill as many of the undead as you can. 
It's good for the experience points. Certain creatures are more 
vulnerable to certain types of attacks than others. Remember that 
light, fire, and wood are always your friends, i.e., the crossbow, 
Flamethrower. When fighting slow-moving bosses, a rocket launcher can 
take off a lot of health if you can get a clear shot. Basically, if you 
find that a certain weapon seems to be inadequate, switch to another to 
see if it is any better.

...More to come

X. Walkthrough
(This walkthrough will be as complete as I can possibly make it. The 
difficulty in writing this walkthrough so that you can understand it 
will be in telling you which direction to go since the camera angle 
isn't really fixed. There is no true North, so I will try to give 
directions relative to landmarks in the different stages, with complete 
descriptions of your surroundings, so bear with me. It would be nice to 
figure out a way to make maps for the levels, but until then I will 
just try to make this section as thorough as possible.) 

Also, you may find more or less innocents than I describe, it all 
depends on the number of Hunters in the game. The number of weapons and 
locations seem to pretty constant, as well as Glyph locations, but feel 
free to let me know if I'm incorrect on something in here.

1. Subway Station
Enemies Encountered: Zombies
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Double-barrel Shotgun (or all of them, 
if you use the code - See next Section)

Loads level

"This is Bookworm_55. Witness1 asked me to help you get through this 
alive. When using the default control setting: walk up to each blue 
glyph and press A, the Action button." 

OK, you are now ready to fight the forces of evil. You will see the 
first of the Hunter-Net Updates in the game, telling you to walk up to 
each blue Glyph and press the A Button. Press A to continue to start 
looking for the eight Glyphs. 
You're standing on a train platform facing the tracks, with a blocked 
staircase behind you on the left and a small office to your right. If 
you go to your immediate left, you should find a Machinegun, the first 
of your Special Weapons. You can cycle through these weapons with the B 
By now, a Zombie or two might have wandered over in your general 
direction, so go ahead and take them out, and then turn your attention 
the little office in the middle of the platform. You should see a Blue 
Information Glyph (#1) there, and you may have noticed another one on 
the pillar to the left of the office (#2). 
Open the door to the office, and go activate the computer with A once 
you're inside for a Hunter-Net Update. 
You should see another small office just ahead with a Blue Glyph (#3) 
which tells you about the Directional Pad, and another Glyph on the 
pillar again on the left (#4) telling you how to scroll through 
Check the computer terminal in this office for another Update, kill 
some more Zombies, and notice that off in the distance a poor man looks 
like he's being beaten down by some undead creatures, so go ahead and 
run to his aid.

Essentially you're looking for some slave labor to help fix the train, 
and he thinks it'll take at least 50 people, but you've saved your 
first innocent, and thus gained your first continue in the game. (I 
recommend hoarding these as much as you can to save them for the bosses 
later on that can kill you faster than you can say Sam Raimi...) 
Anyway, finish killing off these Zombies however you like, build up 
your experience points, and start looking for the rest of the Glyphs. 
You also may have noticed the Zombies sometimes leave little glowing 
spheres of light, either blue or red, after they die. These will 
replenish small amounts of your Health and Conviction, and are most 
powerful when snatched up right away, but Zombies have a habit of 
appearing right as you get to that red Health sphere and they'll whack 
you, often taking off more Health than the sphere was worth, so be 

Your next Glyph should be right next to where the man was crouching, on 
the left pillar (#5), which leaves three to go. 
Glyph (#6) is three pillars up from you on the left again, and by now 
you should see the last two Glyphs ahead of you on either side of the 
staircase. Talk to the Bystander about the Green Objective Glyphs, and 
then pick up your shotgun and activate the left Glyph (#7) that tells 
you weapons have been left for you in the town. 

Go the to last Blue Glyph to the right of the staircase, notice the 
Green Glyph in the middle of the staircase does not turn green until 
you activate the last Glyph (#8) on the pillar, the one explaining 
about the Orange Health Glyphs. It's hardly a surprise that a Health 
Glyph would just happen to be right next to you, so heal up and make 
sure it said your Objective was complete, and move on to the next 
By the way, it will not let you use a Health Glyph if your Health meter 
is full.  

2. Streets
Enemies Encountered: Skitters, Zombies, Gargoyles
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Shotgun

"The town thinks this is just a riot. They justify what they can and 
deny everything else. Send at least 5 innocents back to help fix the 

This is your first time seeing a Skitter, shoot them quickly before 
they can explode near you causing you to burst into flames. Here, glass 
windows can be shot out, and cars will explode if you put enough 
bullets into them (only the ones that don't already look burnt out) and 
this is useful if a bunch of Zombies start milling around, you can 
damage them with the explosion. 

You start off looking towards a green car ahead on the right (this is 
one of the cars that you can shoot) and the subway from where you just 
came is on your left. Turn around behind you and go back a little ways 
to find a shotgun, the first of your five innocents, and a whole lotta 

Do what you need to do, and then start going back towards the car 
again. You may want to blow it up when you're well out of the way. To 
the right of this car there is a shotgun on some steps. Now the street 
goes to the right, but there are several cars blocking your way. 
Go to the upper left corner first for a Machinegun, a Health Glyph is 
in the middle of the sidewalk, and your next innocent (#2) is a little 
to the right near the cars. 

After you save her, another Scene occurs where she tells you she's 
looking for Kaylie, and you tell her you'll look for her, much to your 
dismay later on in the game. Another ton of Zombies will appear, so 
fight your way through them past the lined cars, and look for a speed 
limit sign (20 mph) coming up on your right. 
A little past this sign to the right on some stairs you should see a 
Machinegun, and almost directly across from it on the left is another 
shotgun. There is another shotgun further up on the right, past the 
Ashcroft movie theater where you can catch "Samurai For An Eye 2" if 
you haven't already seen it. 
In this area you'll encounter a lot of zombies, I wouldn't recommend 
trying to run your way through, because they'll all gang up on you, and 
that could be bad. A good place from which to defend yourself from 
getting hit is up on the left side back near the cars where there's 
some stairs going up, and then a walkway and then some stairs leading 
back down. Not many of the Zombies can figure out how to climb the 
steps, so you're pretty safe here shooting over the rail at them or 
when they start coming up the stairs. 

After you clear your way through this part of the street, the road will 
open up into a four-way intersection with a gas station on your left. 
Do this in whatever order you like, but I'm going to recommend going 
around this area in a counterclockwise fashion because there really 
isn't much to do up on the right and you can clear it quickly. 

On the right, watch out for Skitters, as you may encounter a few more 
in this area. Over by the burning rubble next to the building is 
another Machinegun, so don't be afraid to spray a few rounds in to the 
crowd to keep them off your back. When you go over by the gun, a few 
more Skitters may jump out at you, so be ready for them. 

Go straight ahead through the intersection to where the train has 
derailed for another shotgun, and you may have noticed a red truck on 
the left, behind that is another innocent (#3) to save. (You can also 
blow up this truck if you want) 
Now you have finished this area, so go back towards the gas station.

If you look on the left side of the building there is another innocent 
(#4), and you may have noticed on the top of that building there is a 
Machinegun. To get up here you have to shoot out the red truck on the 
other side of the building, so run back around to the side with the gas 
Make sure you don't shoot the gas pumps when you're standing next to 
them, because surprise! They tend to explode when shot at. Use these to 
your advantage, try to get a lot of zombies spawned before you set them 
off. There is another green car here that can explode as well. (This 
game is an arsonist's dream, isn't it?) 
You can get the Machinegun on top once you shoot out the truck by 
jumping on the hood to get on the top of the truck's roof, and then 
jump onto the roof of the gas station. 

You may notice a dumpster in the upper left with another Machinegun in 
it, so get that and continue going down the street past the green car 
on the corner in front of the gas station. Watch out for more Skitters, 
and up on the right side of the street you'll see a Bystander with a 
Machinegun to her right. She'll tell you that there was a little girl 
being chased by something, and they went past the prison. We're 
assuming this is Kaylie, but first we want to check out the little side 
alley on the left. 
You may have noticed a blue Glyph on the wall here, so go down this 
alley, kill any Skitters and Zombies you see, and rescue another 
innocent to complete the Bonus Objective. There is also a Health Glyph 
and a shotgun in the dumpster. 

Go back out to find that you've triggered a whole lotta Zombies, use 
the sidewalk on the left to keep them from rushing you all at once. You 
can even shoot them over the railing, and they're too stupid to realize 
that they could get to you if they tried. 

Once you've cleared out the area, go past the cars to the next 
intersection, with another red truck sitting in the middle of it. 
Before reaching the intersection, you'll see a shotgun on the left in a 
doorway and a Machinegun on the right at the corner in front of Bob's 
Diner. Go ahead and go left for now, midway down the street on the left 
is a shotgun. 
Right before you get to the two shot-out cars on the left, there is a 
Machinegun in the doorway. If you go towards the rubble in the back, 
there's four more Skitters, so watch out for those, and use the Health 
Glyph if you need it. 
Now you may have noticed an innocent cowering on the other side of the 
fence. To get over there, you need to go back towards the intersection 
with the truck in the middle, and there will be a break in the fence 
that lets you go right, or left towards the innocent. 

Also notice the two Gargoyles sitting on either sides of the fence that 
come to life once you try to get past them. Watch out for their pounce 
and that tail of theirs! They're not too hard to beat however, and they 
move rather slowly, so once you defeat those guys, read the blue 
Information Glyph next to the locked door. Now work your way down the 
path on the left, there are about three areas where the Zombies 
respawn, and go all the way down to save the innocent and refill your 
Conviction using the Glyph shaped like an E.

When you start back on the right side of the path, three more Gargoyles 
will appear along with four Skitters, and then another three Gargoyles 
at the end for a total of six. (Besides the two at the fence) Skitters 
may respawn a few times, so be careful of those, as they can pack quite 
a wallop. 
You should find another innocent up here and a Health Glyph, and you'll 
notice a lot of Zombies spawning on the other side of the fence. If 
you're playing with the Judge Hunter, you can use Word of Power on them 
from across the fence if you want to take out a few early on. 

Go back down the path (and watch for respawns of the Skitters!) and 
around the fence to the intersection and kill off the horde of Zombies. 
You can let them come at you one at a time by waiting in front of the 
cars. There's a Machinegun in the upper right corner, and once you get 
that and use any Health/Conviction Glyphs that you need, go ahead and 
press A on the Green Exit Glyph to get outta there!

3. Playground
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Skitters, Gargoyles, Playground Boss
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Shotgun

"There's an elementary school nearby. Kaylie might be hiding there. 
You'll have to clear out a lot of monsters if you expect the girl to 
show up."

As soon as you press the A Button, you will be besieged by Zombies. I 
wouldn't recommend using all your Special Weapons ammo, because this 
will be where you encounter your first boss to fight. Try to run 
circles around them killing them off melee style or with your standard 
ranged weapon. You're basically in a big open space, and there's a 
Machinegun near where you started out, in a corner to the right of the 
fence. The dumpster on the left can be a good place to kill Zombies 
from as well. This fence has a gate in the middle and a break in it all 
the way at the end, so ignore the gate and go to hole at the end. 
You'll probably notice a burning school bus in the upper left corner, 
there is a shotgun and a Health Glyph in front of it. 
When you go in, some Zombies will be coming out of the ground, and a 
Gargoyle should drop out of the sky by the wall, and two more will 
follow it at some point. Kill off the Zombies by the schoolbus, and 
eventually it will trigger a scene where this four-legged, two-armed 
thing breaks down the gate and comes at you.

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating this Boss.

Once you beat him you get your second Edge, and the little girl, 
Kaylie, feels safe enough to come out, and now it's time for you to 
play Babysitter.

Finish killing any Zombies or Gargoyles that might be around, and go 
towards another gate in the upper right corner. There is a shotgun over 
near the wall, and press A to go through the gate. You should see a 
Green Exit Glyph inside, but before you hit it, get the Machinegun 
behind the slide on the right. 

4. Graveyard
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Blue Specters, Skeletons, Gargoyles
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Chain Saw

"Get Kaylie to the Church and don't let anything happen to that little 
girl. Keep a close eye on her health bar."

The most important thing on this level is that you have to make sure 
the girl doesn't fall too far behind, otherwise you hear a 
bloodcurdling scream and suddenly she's being attacked by spirits or 
zombies. If you don't mind using her as bait, it's a good way to build 
up some Exp, but you probably noticed that she has a Health meter, and 
there is no way to heal her. If she dies you start the level over, so 
you have to think of her safety when triggering battles. 

This is the also first time that you'll encounter the Blue Specters. 
They usually shoot these blue orbs at you, and sometimes they take away 
Health, and sometimes it's your Conviction, so try to kill them off 
before any of the Zombies that might be nearby. A few well-placed shots 
and they should disappear into thin air. Check all the crypts for guns, 
and if you see one with a closed door, shoot it. Sometimes it's ammo 
you get and sometimes its spirits, and sometimes it's a skeleton with a 

So start off by looking behind the first crypt to your right, there 
should be a Machinegun. Zombies will start to spawn from the ground, 
and be careful going between the crypts because they often pop up 
there. There is an innocent in the last crypt on the right side in the 
doorway, and usually a Blue Spirit will pop out of the crypt directly 
across from that. Straight ahead in the circular area of the path is a 
Health Glyph, but Zombies tend to jump up on you, so don't rush ahead 
to get some much-needed health without letting them all spawn first.

The path will hook to the left, and on the left side of the bridge, 
you'll get your first Chain Saw. There is also a Conviction Glyph at 
the end of the bridge. A lot of Zombies will be spawning out of these 
swamps, so make sure they stay away from little Kaylie. As you're 
crossing the bridge, you may notice a lone crypt over on the right near 
the hillside. Once you get near it, a Zombie will come out of it that 
drops a key once it is killed so that you can get through the gate.

Pass through the gate, killing off Zombies right and left, and follow 
the path. Once you get to the next Health Glyph in another circular 
area, you might see a Shotgun in the upper left corner near the brick 
wall. The crypt here contains a Blue Spirit as well as a Machinegun, 
and there is another Shotgun to find if you go to the left when you 
reach the stairs, next to the wall. 

Head down the stairs and along the path, watch out for another Blue 
Spirit on the left. There's a Shotgun to the left of the fountain near 
a headstone. You'll see a semi-circle of crypts on the right, and the 
third one contains a hiding innocent. You should notice a Shotgun in 
the crypt nearest the fountain, and crypt's #4 and #5 may contain a 
Blue Spirit. The last crypt in this semi-circle will have another 
Shotgun, and the key you need to progress to the next area. There is 
also a Health Glyph behind the crypt. If you go up to the hill on the 
right you should see a gate that you cannot open just yet. If you go 
all the way to the right along the fence there should be a Machinegun. 
(Or you can save this for later when you get the key to the gate to 
come back through)

Go a little further down the path and you'll see a crypt on the left 
with a Conviction Glyph in front, and an innocent hiding in the back. 
Go up the stairs and to the next circle, and fight the Blue Spirit that 
comes out of the crypt on the left. There's another Chain Saw in the 
corner if you need it. Once you get over to the gate, there is a 
Shotgun all the way to the left.

Enter the gate and go down the steps. The first crypt on your right 
will contain the Zombie holding the key, but be aware of the Blue 
Spirit and Skeletons that appear nearby. The path winds to the left a 
little, and the next crypt on the right will have a Shotgun and a Blue 
Spirit guarding it. After that, the path will turn to the right, and 
you'll see the gate ahead with a Health Glyph and two Gargoyles on 
either side of the path. Try to clear out the grave areas on the sides 
of the path before you go trigger the Gargoyles. Once you go after 
them, some more Zombies and Skeletons are going to respawn for a mini-
battle, so take your time and keep an eye on Kaylie's Health meter. 

Before you go through the gate, you can shoot out some of the Zombies 
on the other side by jumping and shooting, or by using the Word of 
Power Edge. There is a Shotgun on the hill to the right after you pass 
through the gate. There is a gate on the left that doesn't lead 
anywhere, but if you look ahead over the fence you'll notice the area 
that you start out in at the beginning of the level, so now you have 
come full-circle and are close to the Church. Go up the steps and use 
the Conviction Glyph if necessary, the Gargoyles you see there won't 
trigger just yet.

You can go either to the left or to the right now, it just leads you 
around in a circle, so I'll start off by going left. 

Two Gargoyles (not the ones by the gate) will appear from nowhere, so 
fight those off and continue around the Church to the left. After the 
camera angle swivels around so that you are looking towards the side of 
the Church, another Gargoyle will appear along with some Zombies. At 
the end of this side you should find a Zombie that drops a key, as well 
as a Shotgun. If you didn't get the Machinegun on the hill earlier in 
the level, you can probably see the Machinegun on the other side of the 
fence, but for now continue on and use the Health Glyph if necessary 
around the corner. 

You are now nearing the right side of the Church, which is an open 
cemetery area. If you run along the length of the fence to the end, you 
will find another Conviction Glyph, as well as a gate that you can go 
through now that you have the key. If you need to go back and get the 
Machinegun or to use the Health Glyph behind the crypt go ahead, and 
when you finish come back into the cemetery area near the Church. There 
are a lot of Zombies spawning in this area, an if you go near the 
Church walls by the stained glass windows, you can trigger two 

Now it's time to enter the Church, so go back and fight the two 
Gargoyles guarding the Church doors, replenish your Health and 
Conviction if you need to, and activate the Green Exit Glyph when 
you're ready to fight the next boss.

5. Church
Enemies Encountered: Blue Specters and Teddy Bear
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and 2 Shotgun

If you didn't already regret helping out Kaylie, you will now. Remember 
the teddy bear she was clutching? Well it's grown about ten feet 
taller, and it doesn't look very friendly. You start out more or less 
in the middle of the room, and if you don't move quickly you're going 
to get slapped around, so pick a direction and go. There is a Health 
Glyph in the left corner near your starting point (to the right of the 
organ) and there is a Conviction Glyph in the corner that is diagonally 
opposite from the Health Glyph, on the right side of the altar area. 
There are two Shotguns to pick up: One is in front of the organ, and 
the other is to the right of the Health Glyph along the wall two 
windows down. A little further along the wall (up near the altar) is 
where you can find a Machinegun. 

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating this Boss. 

After you defeat the Teddy Bear, you'll watch another Scene with 
Carpenter, the freaky guy in the bandages. He opens the altar for you 
to go into the catacombs, and once you talk to the Bystander and 
freshen yourself up a little, you can press A on the Green Exit Glyph 
to go to the next level. 

The Bystander tells you that the little girl and her babysitter are on 
their way to the train station, but before you got there, a woman in 
leather dragged her sisters under the altar and she wants you to help 
them. Yet another person who wants you to do their dirty work, but you 
do have the guns, so off you go!

Notice that you also have gained a level on your first Edge. Defenders 
can now heal other Hunters when they stand close by, and other Hunter's 
Edges will have increased in power as well. Your Hunter's attributes 
should also be improving as you go along, and you might notice that it 
takes less Conviction off your meter to activate your Edges than it did 

6. Catacombs
Enemies Encountered: Rats, Zombies, Skeletons, Blue Specters, 
Gargoyles, Vampires
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Chain Saw, Flamethrower
**Strength Glyph on this level**

"Search the Catacombs for the two sisters."

This is the first level that you see any Rats. They kinda remind me of 
the R.O.U.S.'s from Princess Bride, Rodents Of Unusual Size? Anyway, 
these emit some sort of noxious gas cloud that causes you to cough and 
cover your mouth, rendering your weapons useless for a few seconds. 
They'll also bite, so it's best to shoot them from afar if you're able. 
Zombies also abound, but you should be pretty used to handling them at 
this point. Follow the tunnel as it makes a sort of S-curve around 
until you see a tunnel leading off to the right. A few more Zombies 
will spawn here, so kill them off and the Rats in the room, and then go 
through the door into a circular room.

This is where you will find two Machinegun-toting Vampires, so hurry up 
and kill them, and free the two sisters. You may get Machineguns from 
the Vampires, and there's a Health Glyph in the middle. Once you take 
care of business, look for a panel in the wall with a hole near the top 
of it. (It should be the second over from the door on the right) Attack 
this wall with your melee weapon or shoot it several times and it 
should open it up for you.

Here you will find a passageway with a lot of goodie items. Right after 
you go in the passageway, a Chain Saw should be on the left, and some 
red and blue spheres will be there as well. A whole lotta Zombies and 
Skeletons will spawn, and then a group of Rats will come afterwards, 
but you should soon see your first Strength Glyph coming up. (It looks 
like an arrow, sort of) Once you increase your Strength, continue down 
to tunnel for a Shotgun and some more Skeletons, and then get ready to 
fight some Gargoyles. Grab the Flamethrower (woohoo!) and take out the 
two beasts in whatever manner you choose, you may want to try out your 
new Strength attributes by attacking them melee style. Go further on to 
fight some more baddies and pick up the Machinegun on the right. Fight 
some more Rats and grab the other Machinegun on the right, and watch 
out for a few Blue Specters coming out of the wall at you.

A few shots at this wall should bring it crumbling down, and now you're 
back on the original path, only a little further along. The camera 
angle that it goes into when you step out of the wall can be annoying 
because there's a lot of creatures nearby that you can't really see, 
but if you want, you can always go back through the secret tunnel to 
where it joins back up with the path so that you're always facing the 
creatures head-on. Basically when you come out of this secret tunnel, 
you only have that to back into if you start getting too many creatures 
after you, and it makes it hard to see what you're shooting at. Once 
you clear out this area you can go back a little if you want some more 
kills, and then continue on into the room past the secret tunnel's exit 

This room will turn to the right and you should see two Gargoyles 
waiting for you. Kill them and the Blue Specters in the next room, and 
make sure to get the Machinegun Vampire before she takes off too much 
life. You can use the pillars at the entrance to this room for some 
cover from the bullets and Blue Orbs. There is a Conviction Glyph in 
here, as well as a Shotgun and Machinegun on the left. 

There is a passageway leading off from the right side of the room that 
curves around and takes you to the Green Exit Glyph. A few Skeletons 
might pop up along the way, but otherwise you're heading to the Sewers.

7. Sewers 1
Enemies Encountered: Rats, Zombies, Skeletons, Crocodiles
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Shotgun

"Spirits often inhabit the bodies of animal corpses. And in the sewers 
and tunnels, they are plentiful."

The Bystander here will give you your Objective: Find 5 Skeletal 
Remains and lay them to rest by using the Action button.
If you activate the Blue Glyph on the wall, it will tell you to look 
for a switch somewhere that will open the gate behind you, so there's 
really only one way to go for now.

Defeat the Zombies and head off down the sewer tunnel. Note that you 
can kill these Gun-Toting Zombies by shooting over the gate or by 
jumping and shooting, but they can't shoot you. Once you open the gate 
it's like going into another room, and you can't just back up through 
the gate so watch yourself. Once in the room, go up the stairs on the 
left and rescue another innocent. Go up the stairs to the right to free 
your first set of Skeletal Remains (#1). It should tell you that four 
bodies remain, so walk around this platform that you're on around to 
the other side where you should find the gate switch. Activate the 
switch to raise the sewer grate, and go back towards the start point. 

Now go through the grate that was raised and kill the Zombies and 
Skeletons, and a little further up on the left is Skeletal Remains #2. 
Put it to rest with the A Button, and move ahead to kill the Rats and 
Zombies and Skeletons. Up ahead the room will widen and there will be a 
barred grate at the end. This is where you will encounter your first 
Crocodile, which really isn't all that scary. You can easily take it 
out with a Machinegun, or several Shotgun volleys, but don't let it get 
a taste of you because they prefer human meat to Zombie meat. Over in 
the left corner is Skeletal Remains #3, and if you go down the 
passageway on the right you will find Skeletal Remains #4 and a 

Now you should have only one body left, and one way to go, so head 
through the door on the left. You're in a long corridor with some 
creatures, but nothing you can't handle, so go through the door at the 
end of the hall. 

Now you're in a big open room, and there will be Zombies, some with 
guns, and a few Crocodiles down below in the water. There's an innocent 
to the left of the door you just came through. Your last set of 
Skeletal Remains is to the right of the door (as you're looking at it) 
along the wall, so lay the last spirit to rest and continue along the 
wall until you get to a staircase leading down into the water. There is 
a Shotgun at the top of the stairs, and there will be several Zombies 
with guns waiting for you, so take them out first. There is a walkway 
above the water with a Conviction Glyph on it, which also provides a 
nice way to shoot things in the water without actually being down 
there, which you can also do from the staircase. (The Crocs can't climb 
the stairs very far, only a few steps) As soon as you kill off what you 
want to, you can use the Green Exit Glyph and go onto the next Sewer 

8. Sewers 2
Enemies Encountered: Rats, Zombies, Skeletons, Crocodiles
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Chain Saw, Flamethrower

"You're almost there. Search these tunnels for more Skeletal Remains 
and press the Action button to bury them. It is the only way to appease 
the renegade spirits and get into the prison."

You start out standing on a platform over the sewer water, with two 
upper pathways that run parallel along the tunnel. The pathways are 
interconnected here and there, and you can also access the floor in a 
few areas with the stairs and sloping platforms. Beneath you are some 
Rats and Zombies, which you probably want to kill. Some more Zombies 
are about halfway through this tunnel, and one will appear in the water 
(in front of the platform on the right) one will be on the platform 
along with a Shotgun, and two more are in the back near the door. Your 
first set of Skeletal Remains (#1) is to the right of the door, only 
ten more to go. 

Go through this door to find yourself into a big open room with lots of 
Rats and Zombies running around in the water. 
Jump off the platform to your left to get the spot with the best cover 
from the shooters. Skeletal Remains #2 is just to the right of the 
platform and stairs.

Go along the near wall (with the fence consisting of three ropes) to 
find Skeletal Remains #3 near the huge pipes. You might be able to see 
further down along the wall with the pipes to an innocent hiding in the 
water in front of some steps. There is a Health Glyph at the top of 
these steps if you need it. Go all the back down the length of this 
platform to find a Machinegun, and go down the steps to kill off any 
creatures in the middle of the room.

Now leave this room through the doorway on the platform to the left of 
the Health Glyph, and find yourself in close quarters with some Zombies 
and Rats. Once you kill them, free Skeletal Remains #4 on the left, and 
then go up the passageway to the right to save another innocent. You 
should notice a shiny Machinegun on the other side of this barricade, 
which you can get later on in the level. 

Go back out to the tunnel, and when the room widens again, you should 
find Skeletal Remains #5 on the left near the barred grate, leaving 6 
bodies to go. Before you go into the passageway on the right, grab the 
Shotgun in the corner. In the passageway, there are Zombies carrying 
shotguns, so try to take them out first. Go all the way up the passage 
to free Skeletal Remains #6 and to refill your Conviction, if need be. 
Go back a little to the right where there is a door to go through.

Now you're in another long tunnel, with all sorts of things coming 
after you, but it's not all that bad yet. Up ahead on the right is the 
tunnel where you saw that Machinegun earlier, so go up there to get 
that, and while you're there you might as well get Skeletal Remains #7, 
leaving four to go.

Further up you'll see another innocent, but be careful of the thugs 
with the shotguns. The beams on the sides of the walls offer good 
protection for ducking in and out to shoot. After you save the 
innocent, a whole lotta Rats are coming at you, and when you kill them, 
to your right is Skeletal Remains #8 and directly across from it on the 
left is Skeletal Remains #9. 

Don't go through that doorway on the left just yet, instead go up on 
the right and kill off the creatures to get to the Health Glyph and 
Skeletal Remains #10 on the top of the platform. 

Go through the little door on the right to find yourself in one room 
with some creatures, a Machinegun, a Shotgun, and an innocent. Do what 
you need to do, and then go back to that other doorway that leads you 
down the long tunnel.

Nothing comes at you 'til you're at the very top, and then it's Rats 
and shooting Zombies everywhere. Kill them and go up the stairs on the 
left, and use the pipes as cover to shoot the Zombies before they shoot 
you, and to kill the Blue Specters that come from down the hall.

There's a Flamethrower guy on the left, and then another past him on 
the right just as you're getting up to the Chain Saw, so watch out for 
them, but at least you're picking up some good weapons along the way 
right? Free Skeletal Remains #11 and you're ready to go!

9. Front Yard
Enemies Encountered: Dogs, Zombies, Vampires
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun

"If that flyer was correct, this Front Yard is where the Rave was 

There should be a Shotgun right behind you on the left of the rubble 
when you start out. This is basically a big area where you will find 
Dogs coming at you from all directions, Zombies shooting at you, and 
the occasional Flamethrower guy. You can blow up the propane tanks, oil 
drums and the schoolbus to injure nearby enemies, and there is a 
Machinegun in front of the schoolbus, which is about where the guy 
appears that you need to get the key from. Use the Health Glyph and 
then go through the door after blowing up the schoolbus. (The door 
being behind the schoolbus, it's a necessary sort of thing) Duck in and 
out of the doorway if you want, and get the Shotgun on the left before 
proceeding to the right to get into the next room. You can also use 
this doorway to lure the Zombies in one at a time, otherwise it can get 
pretty heavy with the Health loss because they're so darn quick. 
There's a lot of Raver Zombies in this room, and all the way at the end 
you should be able to see the green-lit stage. (Don't go there quite 
yet) After you kill everyone off in the open area, go get the 
Machinegun in the left corner of the room. Watch out for the Shotgun 
guy, but after you kill him you should get his weapon. 

Now you're ready to go for the stage and rescue the three innocents up 
there. Approach it slowly, and watch out for the Flamethrower guys. 
There's also a ton of Zombies and Shotgun guys, and a Vampire that 
drops the key that you need to progress. There's a Conviction Glyph on 
the left side of the stage in front of the speakers, and a Health Glyph 
on the right side.

Once you're done killing everyone and rescuing the innocents, use the 
Green Exit Glyph and get ready for the Meal Hall.

10. Meal Hall 1
Enemies Encountered: Dogs, Zombies, Vampires, Hulks 
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Shotgun

"This Meal Hall was left untouched after the incident last year. I can 
only imagine the smell."

As soon as you enter the level, a bunch of Zombies are going to spawn 
and some of them are going to have guns. I would recommend shooting at 
the guy with the gun while you're backing away from him, unless you 
desperately need the Machinegun behind him, work your way back until 
you're near the rubble in the southmost part of the room. You'll have a 
big crowd of Vampires to fend off, but if you stay on the left side of 
the room, you should be able to keep most of it under control.

If you need more ammo, there is another Machinegun and Shotgun in the 
upper left part of the room. There is a little office with a computer 
in the middle of the room that tells you about Vampires, and lets you 
know that fire and wood hurt them more than bullets, and direct 
sunlight is lethal.

There is a staircase on the right side of the room with a Health Glyph 
on one side and a Shotgun on the other. Once you're set, go into the 
lower right part of this room

You will see a gate, and if you have an Edge that works through gates 
and fences (such as Word of Power or Burden) it wouldn't be a bad thing 
to use. Once you go into this room, head towards the left to get a 
Machinegun if you can, and then down towards the right to free an 
innocent, and to defend yourself from the enemy. Feel free to jump on 
things to shoot commando-style. (Up and down from the middle of the 
room is my favorite way to go) There is a Health Glyph on the right, 
and two doors you can go through in this room, so go all the way down 
to the left side, and grab the Shotgun (hidden behind the tall table in 
the middle) and go through the left door, only because you need a key 
for the right door.

As soon as you go in here, there will be Vampires and Dogs surrounding 
you, so try to have an Edge ready, and then start blasting away. If it 
gets bad, make sure you stay by the door so you can make a quick exit 
to go heal yourself. In the lower part of the room you will probably 
see a Hulk, the great big pink thing chasing after you, but it's 
basically an overgrown dog so take it out with a few rounds or an Edge, 
and get the innocent and Shotgun in the lowest corner of the room. 
There should be a guy with a Shotgun that drops a key for you in the 
upper left part. 

When you go back into the other room, a few more creatures may have 
respawned, but no biggie, just kill them and through the door on the 

This is the Meat room, where you find Zombies that can shoot some sort 
of bone-arrow at you. You may have to go in and out of this room a few 
times to heal, and if you have spare Machinegun rounds, I'd use 'em. 
There are also Zombies that spew this green, vomit-like substance, 
which doesn't feel very good either. There's a Conviction Glyph over in 
the upper left area of the room, and behind the hanging meat you'll 
find a Shotgun in the right corner. One of these monsters will drop a 
key, and through the door on the left you go.

There is a Hulk right on the other side of this door along with some 
Zombies, so if you want to trigger them and then go back into the other 
room to use and Edge, go for it. You can even refill your lost 
Conviction right there when you're done, so why not? Otherwise, just go 
into the room and run down the stairs to take care of the shooters and 
Dogs first, then back up the stairs to take care of the Hulk and the 
rest and grab the Machinegun and Shotgun. Once you finish with these 
guys, go towards the Green Exit Glyph and make sure to get the innocent 
on the right side of the hole.

11. Main Yard 1
Enemies Encountered: Dogs, Zombies, Gargoyles, 
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Chain Saw, Flamethrower, Rocket 
**Accuracy Glyph on this level**

"The entrance to Degenhardt's living quarters is at the other end of 
the Main Yard. Degenhardt was the Warden who oversaw Arkady's 

You begin by facing a hole in a wall with a ramp to your left. You can 
either go up this ramp to fight a Shotgun thug, or a bunch of Zombies 
on the ground below. If I were you, I'd take out the Shotgun guy first 
and then shoot everyone else from up there. You can also get a good 
idea of your surroundings, and further up there you'll find some 
Glyphs, so let's do that first.

After killing that guy, go up the next set of stairs to find another 
shooter at the top of the steps. Go left to find another guy, and a 
walkway that goes either straight or to the right of the building. If 
you go straight you can pick up a Chain Saw, shoot a guy and go all the 
way to the end of the walkway for a nice view, then turn around and 
come back to the building to see a Conviction Glyph. You might be 
noticing things on the ground below to pick up later here on. Come 
around to the other side where a Flamethrower guy is waiting, and it 
opens up onto a little platform where you'll find your first Accuracy 
Glyph and rocket launcher! (As far as I'm aware anyway) Go down the 
little dead-end walkway on the side to get a Flamethrower (weapon, not 
the monster)

Watch out for another Shotgun guy to appear, but you should be able to 
pick up his weapon, and go around the side of the building to go back 
towards the ramps that lead down to the ground. Use the ramp as a means 
of defense, and pick off the Dogs, Zombies, Shotgun thugs and anything 
else, and pick up the Machinegun in the middle if you need it. You'll 
notice some bleachers along a chain link fence, and you can shoot 
monsters through this if you want. One of the Shotgun guys in the open 
area should drop a key, and a little further in and you'll trigger a 
Gargoyle. There's also a Health Glyph on the right, but watch out for 
the Dogs that trigger over at the upper right part of the fence, two at 
a time. If you have teams, you can help pick the dogs off of your 
teammates and vice-versa, since it's oftentimes hard to get one off of 
you if it's chewing on your pantleg.

Go through the gate and kill the baddies, and don't forget to talk to 
the Bystander, who asks you to help *yet another friend* who was 
dragged away, this time to the basketball courts. There is a Machinegun 
in the right corner, and when you turn to go left through the rest of 
the room, you realize this is where all the weightlifters work out. So 
work your way through gym equipment and smelly socks, and use the 
Health Glyph in the upper left portion of the gym area if you need it.

A guy near the Blue Glyph will drop a key, and going over there will 
trigger two Gargoyles, so be prepared. The Blue Glyph reads, "This is 
the Entrance to the Prison Infirmary, where Dr. Hadrian oversaw the 
care of prisoners. He was Degenhardt's right hand." 

Now go into the gate at the right, kill the Flamethrower guy to get 
another key, go down towards the right to kill two Gargoyles and pick 
up a Shotgun. The Blue Glyph here reads, "This is the Entrance to Death 
Row, where Arkady was executed last year." Watch out for the other 
Zombies along the way.

Now go back out into the weight area and across to the left to go 
through that gate. There are some Dogs and Flamethrower guys, so make 
sure you have some distance before shooting in their direction. Up on 
the steps to your left is a Machinegun, and over to the right you 
should see a Health Glyph. One of the guys will drop another key, and 
beware of the plentiful Dogs in this area. 

The first Blue Glyph on the right reads, "This is the Entrance to the 
Cellblock." As you go towards the next Blue Glyph, two red Gargoyles 
will drop out of the sky, a little harder to beat than your average 
blue Gargoyle, but still not that bad. The next Blue Glyph down at the 
end reads, "This is the Entrance to Warden Degenhardt's living 
quarters. He would administrate the prison from here. Degenhardt 
disappeared after the execution last year."

Now you're ready to go through the gate on the left. This is the 
basketball court that you looked into from the other side at the 
beginning of the level, and also where you should find the friend that 
got dragged away. There is a Machinegun in the middle, and the innocent 
is all the way towards the far right corner, and once you rescue her, 
you're free to go. Go back out into the area you were just in, and the 
Green Glyph should be glowing. Make sure you got everything, especially 
the stuff on the upper level if you didn't already get it, and then 
make sure your Health and Conviction are as full as possible, and then 
move on to the Mansion grounds.

12. Mansion Exterior 1
Enemies Encountered: Dogs, Tentacles, Zombies, Vampires
Weapons Possible: Machinegun
**Strength Glyph on this level**

"Those aren't living quarters, Degenhardt lived in a damn mansion. He 
was rumored to be a recluse, and spent most of his time here."

This is the first time you see a Tentacle, the black thing on the side 
of the path that's trying to whip you. The easiest way to take them out 
is with your melee weapon, but you also open yourself up to damage, and 
there are Dogs around too. Go to the left where you'll see two tall 
trees and a break in the wall. Go through and fight the Dogs, and in 
the back you'll find a Strength Glyph and a Machinegun. 

Follow the wall along the left to the small graveyard near the mansion. 
Watch out for another Tentacle, they have a long reach! The Blue Glyph 
reads, "Helene, Celeste Marie, and Jeffrey Degenhardt III are all 
buried here. The Warden's entire family was wiped out on the same day 
in 1926. That would make the Warden over 100 years old." There is a 
Vampire here who will drop a key for you, and a Health Glyph is nearby 
on the path if you need it. 

Now work your way back through to the beginning, there is a Machinegun 
along the path in front of the fountain, and if you go all the way back 
into the far right corner near the tree you'll find an innocent. (I 
just have to comment here on how trippy the puddle here looks, because 
you can see stars reflected in it) Now go back towards the Mansion 
along the right side of the wall, and at the far back right corner you 
should find another Machinegun and another innocent to rescue. Go up to 
the Green Exit Glyph and kill the Vampire and other baddies, refill 
your Health again if you need to, and move onto the Interior of the 

13. Mansion Interior 1
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Vampires, Tentacles, Boss (Warden)
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun

"There may be information on what caused the disturbance in the town. 
Search the mansion thoroughly."

You start out in the foyer area of the Mansion with some steps leading 
upstairs on the left. There's a bunch of creatures in this room, so I 
would suggest going down into the lower right area where you'll find a 
black Tentacle, which you should kill. Then work your way back up the 
left side of the room, ending with the Vampire and the Gun-Toting 
Zombies near the staircase. There is a Conviction Glyph behind that 
sculpture on the left side of the room, a Shotgun in the lower left 
area and an innocent as well. Once you clear out this area you should 
go upstairs.

Upstairs you should head south or down and kill the three guys to pick 
up the Machinegun and Shotgun, then back up the hallway to the first 
door that you come to on the right next to the stairs.

This room contains Vampires and some Gun-Toting guys to kill. Then you 
can access the computer by pressing A, and it will read, "There are 
several different drafts of the rave flyer on this desktop. 'ARKADY 
EXECUTION ANNIVERSARY RAVE'" Make sure you picked up the Machinegun and 
the key, and leave the room and head down the hall past the double 
doors in the middle to the next door on your right.

This room also contains Vampires and some Gun-Toting guys to kill. Pick 
up the Machinegun, rescue the innocent, and use the Health Glyph if you 
need it, and make sure you have the key to the next room.

Go back down the hall again past the double doors and the first door 
all the way to the end of the hallway into the door on your left. You 
probably have the hang of this by now, so go to it. Save the innocent, 
get the key and move on to the last door all the way at the other end 
of the hallway. 

In here you can pick up a Machinegun and use another Health Glyph, and 
make sure you get the last key. The Blue Glyph reads, "Degenhardt's 
Journal 2/14/90: 'I have finally destroyed the other vampires who 
embraced me, and avenged the murders of my family. Dr. Hadrian and I 
will remain here and use the inmates for research and sustenance.'" 
Oooh, creepy.

Now you go to the double doors in the middle of the hallway to face 
another Boss. Make sure you're as Healthy and Convicted as you can be 
and fill up on ammo before you go inside.

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating this Boss.

There should be an innocent to rescue over by the pillar next to the 
Health Glyph on the right side of the room. Once you're done you can 
leave the room, use any Health or Conviction Glyphs that you might 
need, and head back downstairs to where you started the level to exit 
at the Green Glyph.

14. Mansion Exterior 2
Enemies Encountered: Vampires, Tentacles, Dogs
Weapons Possible: Machinegun

"Make your way to Death Row. Arkady's possession and execution freed 
the spirits last year. Killing him may close the hole."

You immediately have a Vampire kicking at your head, so get ready for 
battle. The steps to the Mansion are on your right and a fountain is to 
your left. You should recognize this level from before, and should know 
the area fairly well. 

If you go left around the fountain you will find a Machinegun in the 
bushes before you get to the path, and if you go back all the way 
around the fountain back towards the Mansion again, you'll notice a 
Tentacle, and the Health Glyph is in nearly the same place it was 

There are a couple of Vampires near the gravesites, and further back by 
the wall is another Machinegun. Now go all the way down the path to the 
puddle by the wall, and go all the way left to find yet another 
Machinegun in the corner. 

Kill the two Tentacles by the gate. Do what you need to do and activate 
the Green Exit Glyph when you're ready to go back into the Main Yard.  

15. Main Yard 2
Enemies Encountered: Dogs, Zombies
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Flamethrower

"Find a way into the Main Cellblock. There should be a key to the gate 

You start out in front of a door, with a few Zombies spawning nearby. 
Use the doorway as a place to duck into and regroup, and work your way 
through the creatures methodically. You should have noticed a Blue 
Information Glyph that just tells you that Degenhardt disappeared after 
the execution last year. 

Watch out for the Zombie with the Flamethrower on the right, if you 
shoot him he'll explode, so shoot from afar and watch the other Zombies 
taking potshots, and some Dogs will probably appear sooner or later. 

There is a fence to your left, and a little farther down on the right 
are some more Flamethrower-Zombies. If you go a little further you'll 
notice the steps to your left, and pretty soon a lot of Shooting 
Zombies and Flamethrower guys are going to start spawning. You should 
be able to pick up a Shotgun or two from the Zombies. 

There is a Health Glyph in the lower right part of the area. One of the 
creatures should drop a key, and once this happens, you can activate 
the Green Exit Glyph.

16. Cell Block 1
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Blue Specters
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Shotgun

"There are several innocents locked in the cells. Get them all out of 

You start out in the visiting room of the prison, where the prisoners 
go to talk to their visitors on the phones with the bulletproof glass 
between them. You can actually jump and shoot through these cubicles 
though, which helps keep the creatures from getting at you. Shoot all 
the Zombies, and then go down to then end where there's some rubble, 
and wait for a Blue Specter to show up and give you the key to get out 
the door on the right. 

Go up the stairs, and through the gate by pressing A. As soon as you 
come into this room you should see a green switch to the left of the 
doorway. Press this to deactivate the cell locks. You'll probably 
trigger a few Shotgun Zombies, so if you want, you can go back through 
the door you just came in to shoot them thorugh the fence with a 
shotgun. Or you can also jump into the middle part that's seperated by 
the railing, kill off the few Zombies that are in there and grab the 
Shotgun, and then run up and down the length of it killing all the 
Zombies over the fence, and they can't get to you at all. Minimal loss 
of Health that way, or great bodily harm by hacking your way through, 
I'll let you decide. Try to clear out this whole area before opening 
any of the cell doors, because most of the cells contain multiple Blue 
Specters, which aren't any fun if you have a bunch of Zombies munching 
on your shoulders. 

Anyway, after you clear the pathway, start opening the cell doors. 
There should be a total of six innocents: I found them in cells #1, #4, 
#6, #8, #13 and the cell at the very end on the right. (This is past 
the row of cells, near the exit)
I found Conviction Glyphs in cells #2 and #14.
I found a Health Glyph in cell #11.
There is Machineguns in cell #3 and #8, and a Shotgun in #9.
In the cell at the end is the last innocent (if you got all the rest) 
as well as a Machinegun, another Health Glyph, and some Blue Specters 
and Zombies. 

Once you get all the innocents you may move on from this level, and 
make sure you fill up your Health and Conviction! The Green Exit Glyph 
is near the last cell.

17. Cell Block 2
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Blue Specters, Playground Boss and 
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher

"This makeshift tunnel is the only way through the cell block. Make a 
clear path for innocents by killing all the monsters."

Right away there's going to be two Flamethrower guys and some Zombies, 
so use a special weapon to take these guys out quick. Run along the 
fence for a second or two and get some Zombies to spawn on the other 
side, then use an Edge to kill off a few groups if possible before 
going in. You can even shoot them through the bars with a Shotgun, but 
for goodness sakes, don't just go in there! Clear out a few rounds of 
Zombies first. Go through the left door when you're ready.

You're in a hallway with some Zombies and Blue Specters, as well as a 
Machinegun, a Conviction Glyph and a Rocket Launcher. When you get down 
by the Rockets, two Flamethrower guys will appear, one of which has a 
key for you.

Go through the last door on the right to find another Playground Boss 
waiting for you and some Zombies too. If I were you, I'd trigger them 
and then go back through the door to shoot at them from a safe distance 
since he's letting off Skitters as well. An Edge would work well here 
since there's a Conviction Glyph back down the hall to refill. This 
Boss isn't as hard as he was in the Playground, so he should be dead 
pretty quickly and you can move on. 

Once you go inside there is a Machinegun and a Health Glyph along with 
some Zombies. After you defeat them, you've cleared the path and your 
Objective is complete. The Green Glyph should be glowing now, so you 
can use the Health Glyph if necessary and exit this level. 

18. Hospital Roof
Enemies Encountered: Gargoyles, Zombies, Vampires, Blue Specters
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher

"This catwalk will take you to the Prison Infirmary building. Enter 
through the roof and find a way to Death Row."

Immediately you should see a Red Gargoyle drop out of the sky in front 
of you and another drop in behind you. Quickly run to the left and go 
atop a ramp from which you can shoot fairly safely. There are some 
Zombies with guns, so you'll have to dance around a little, but this is 
probably the safest place simply because they don't know how to climb 
very well. You'll probably get four more Gargoyles, but if you need a 
Health Glyph there's one in the upper-middle section of this rooftop. 
(In other words, it's a pretty straight shot up from your start point, 
you should see it from the ramp) 

You should trigger some Vampires from which you can pick up a 
Machinegun near the Health Glyph. Go over towards the right to kill 
more Zombies and pick up some Shotguns from there, and then head over 
to the walkway on the far right. 

There is an innocent to save on the walkway, and you can pick up some 
Shotguns from the Zombies. Talk to the Bystander who says, "I saw some 
women with guns herd a bunch of people over that bridge and onto the 
infirmary roof. Rescue them before entering the Infirmary." 

Right after reading this three Vampires will appear, and if you don't 
shoot them almost immediately, you will lose this Bystander. (Not that 
it's crucial to the game, but that's no reason to let the poor thing 
suffer) Something quick like a Machinegun is good to keep them off 
balance enough so that they can't attack back.

Follow the path all the way down, and kill four Gargoyles and some 
Zombies when it connects onto the other rooftop. Here you can either go 
left or right, so I'm going to start with left.

A bunch of Zombies and some Vampires are going to spawn here, so use 
the small buildings as cover, and you should be able to pick up several 
Machineguns from the Vampires. Go along the left side to rescue an 
innocent, and then towards the back to find a Health Glyph and another 
innocent towards the right. You should also be able to pick up some 
Shotguns from enemies over here. Come back around the right for more 
Exp, or if you prefer you can go over the skylight windows to avoid 

Now go back to the walkway to go the other direction. You may encounter 
four more red Gargoyles if you haven't already triggered them. There 
are actually several groups of four Gargoyles on the rooftop in total, 
so don't be surprised to see them coming one right after the other. 

If you follow along the right wall you will come to a locked gate with 
a building in front of it, which is where the level exit is at. Go left 
to pick up a Machinegun, but don't go into that gate yet. If you go 
close to the gate you will trigger some Gargoyles and Flamethrowers 
guys, so be aware of that. 

For now, go straight past the gates on down the roof to where an 
another innocent is cowering, fighting the Gargoyles and Zombies along 
the way. Once you get to the end where it splits to the right and to 
the left, you'll get about a bazillion Gargoyles, but there's a 
Conviction Glyph on the left side, so use you melee weapons or Edges, 
and you should be fine. 

There is a Machinegun to the right side, and once you're all set you 
can go back to the gate that is located to the left of the Exit area by 
the small building.

You may be able to pick up a Flamethrower from one of the guys outside 
this gate. Once you go in, you'll have four Vampires show up, so kill 
them quickly before they take too much life off your meter. Further 
ahead on the right is a Rocket Launcher, and on up ahead are two more 
innocents and a Shotgun to their left. 

There is a Flamethrower Zombie in this area with your key, so carefully 
take out all the creatures in this area which will probably drop 
several more Shotguns. Go back out the gate and to the right of the 
Exit Glyph to use the key on the locked gate.

The hostages are just ahead. When you go through the gate, you will 
hear one of the hostages scream that they're going to kill her. If 
you're still fighting the Gargoyles, it's probably OK. When you see the 
Vampires materialize and start to shoot at the hostages, that's when 
you need to get over there and start saving them. 

If they manage to kill a hostage, that hostage will turn into one of 
those Blue Specters and start attacking you, along with a ton of 
Vampires. (It's really no big deal if you lose one or two hostages, but 
be careful not to lose any more otherwise you have to start all over 
again) Machinegun (Or Judge's Crossbow) is best for this part because 
it kills quickly and you get a lot of replacements from the Vampires 
when they die. Once you rescue the hostages, you are free to leave the 
level, and if you need more ammo, you can go further back in the 
hostage area to trigger some more Vampires.

Try to make sure all the Hunters have maximum ammo for as many weapons 
as possible, and refill your meters, because next you go inside... the 

19. Hospital Interior 1
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, White Vomit-Spewing Zombies, Skitters, 
Hulks, Playground Boss
Weapons Possible: Machinegun and Shotgun

"The stairway entrance to the lower levels of the Infirmary is locked. 
Degenhardt's cohort, Dr. Hadrian, may be lurking below."

This is a big open room with several doors leading off of it. You can 
either clear this room right now, or go around to the different doors 
and clear it in parts as you go along. I prefer to clear it out ahead 
of time, because sometimes it's nice to be able to duck into that room 
out of the corridors because it gets a little heavy in there, so I 
usually work myself around the room clockwise. The Shotgun (or 
crossbow) works best here, usually kills the spewing white Zombies in 
one shot. In the center of the room there is a little office with a 
Health Glyph inside it, as well as a Shotgun and a computer that reads, 
"From the journal of Fr. Cortez: The Death Row inmates are constantly 
in and out of the infirmary. I would speak to the Warden about it, but 
he is difficult to find during the day." Do you think it's because 
he's... SATAN! Hehehe...

Anyway, so whether or not you already cleared the room, you've got to 
pick a door to go through. There are four doors, at "North-East-South-
and-West" of the center office, plus the door between the "East" and 
the "South" door which will be where the Green Exit Glyph will be 
glowing when we complete the level. So I hope this makes sense to you 
when I say go through the East door, etc. East is directly across from 
the opening to the office, and North is close to where you started the 
level. You're looking for a key, which will be dropped by one of the 
Playground Bosses in one of the wings, and it's usually random I think.

**Strategies for this will vary widely depending on the number of 
Hunters playing, and how quickly you want to get through the level. If 
you want a lot of Exp points, you may want to fight every monster, 
however, in doing that you might as well settle in for a couple hours 
playing time to do every single level perfectly. 
You may just want to run through some of these monsters, kill some on 
the way up, kill more on the way back, so it's up to you. Personally I 
think it's worth the exp you get, but there's tons of places along here 
to trigger fights. Running along the sides of the walls over the beds 
will trigger more Zombies with guns, and running down the middle causes 
Zombies to materialize out of this air and swipe at you. 
In some places you can run in and save an innocent, and run back out 
avoiding larger monsters that might only appear further back in the 
room. Sometimes you just get sick and tired of having one Zombie spawn 
at a time a dozen times over, and you leave to go somewhere with more 
action. OK, back to the Walkthrough.**

North Wing: 
OK, so I'll assume you ran for the nearest door to get out of that 
room, and this was it. You're going to see a long hallway with beds 
lining either side. Work your way down the hallway (or you can run and 
jump to skip over them) and go to the left for a Health Glyph if you 
need it, and to rescue an innocent, being mindful of the vomit-spewing 
Zombies. In the lower left part you'll find a Shotgun. 

There is another innocent if you head to the right, and if you go into 
the back part of the room you'll trigger the Playground Boss again, 
complete with Skitters. Be careful of the Hulks in the lower part of 
this side of the room, if you haven't killed them off already, they can 
make it difficult to run freely. Now that you've leveled up some, it 
shouldn't be too difficult too kill these creatures, especially with a 
Health in the room nearby.

Now let's head over to...

East Wing:
Very similar room to North, but as you start running through, you might 
notice some Skitters dropping near the beds, so watch out that you 
don't have to Stop, Drop and Roll, 'cause it'll cost you. No worries, 
there's a Health Glyph outside in the other room if you do get 

A Shotgun is up a little ways up on the right (on a bed) and by the 
way, you probably noticed that you can shoot other things in here, like 
those divider things. It may help to get those out of the way so you 
can see clearer (since your weapon will be aiming at it anyway) but I 
wouldn't waste good ammo on it. 

The second half of this hallway is Zombies, and when you get to the 
end, be prepared for Playground Boss and some more Skitters. There is a 
Conviction Glyph over to the lower left of this area, and to the right 
is an opening into a larger, open room with a lot of creatures in it. 
You will probably find an innocent at the right corner when you go in, 
and as you free her you'll be triggering the white vomit-things to your 
right along with Zombies and Skitters, although you can't really see 
them unless you run over there. There is a Shotgun in the upper left 
part of the room, and when you're all set just go back out into the 
main room to...

South Wing:
If you've already got the key, the Green Glyph will be glowing and you 
can go on to the next level. Although there are more innocents to save 
and ammo as well, so why not kill some time while killing Zombies? This 
time as soon as you go through the door there's a couple of Hulks to 
your left, and again on your right, and suddenly they're all over the 
place. Don't panic, they're quick on their feet so stay near the door 
in case you need to beat a quick exit to a Health Glyph. (If you use 
all the ones in the center, you can always go back to the North Wing)

Once you get to the end, you can left or right, but it goes all the way 
around anyway. Left is closer to the next Conviction Glyph, and towards 
the upper right you will get a Machingun, but on the way you'll 
encounter shooting Zombies, the White Vomit-things, and some more 
Hulks. There is an innocent to save further down on the right, or you 
might have seen her right away when you came in and already rescued 
her, so either way, leave the room and head on over to the...

West Wing:
(Never watch the show myself... Sorry, couldn't resist!)
Starts out like all the others, although by the time you get to the 
middle of the hallway the Playground Boss has already come out to play. 
Some White Vomit-things appear when you first go inside, so make sure 
you get rid of those before continuing and triggering the Playground 
Boss. You can always trigger and then leave the room to use an Edge 
through the door. Get past this area and the room opens up with an 
innocent and a Machinegun up on the left. Lots of stuff to kill in this 
room, same as the others, so once you satisfy your blood lust, go back 
into the center room.

Try to fully Heal and Convict yourself (hehe) and go activate the Green 
Exit Glyph.

20. Hospital Interior 2
Enemies Encountered: Doesn't matter, you don't have the time
Weapons Possible: See Above

"The fires have weakened the building structure. You have about 6 
minutes to find the five people in here before the whole place 
collapses. You'll have to use the freight elevator to get to the lower 

OK, no time to dilly-dally, you gotta get out of here and find five 
people before you do, so get a move on! You're totally familiar with 
this place by now, and it stands to reason that four of the five 
innocents are in each of the Wings, with the last one being in the 
center office. As tempting as it might be, you should not stop to kill 
anything. Except maybe any Skitters or anything that's really getting 
in your way. 

Best strategy is to run through, find the innocents as quick as 
possible, starting with North, then East, then center office, then 
South, and ending with West, because that's where the freight elevator 
is located. (It's to the left when you first go inside) 

Things are going to be shaking the whole time and throwing you off 
balance, and if you get caught up in some Zombies, try to jump your way 
out of it. It gets trickier with more Hunters, but even with only one 
you still don't have too much time. Get in, and get out. Can't stress 
that enough. 

North: There's a Health Glyph right next to the innocent. Go back until 
the path splits, you want the left side and you'll probably see the 
Orange glow of the Glyph behind a divider on the right wall (of the 
left side) which you can shoot out for easy access, run over and save 
her, Heal yourself and leave. Shotgun in the lower left area nearby, 
just in case. You should have about five minutes left.

When the hallway turns to the left a little, ther is a Flamethrower guy 
next to a divider that is hiding a Conviction Glyph. Go into the room 
ahead and the innocent is in the lower right part of the room. 
Hopefully you're not so stranded for ammo that you need the Shotgun in 
the upper left corner. Turn around and run...

You might need the Health by now, so rescue the innocent and Heal, grab 
the Shotgun and go to the South Wing, making sure not to mistake the 
door in between as a viable exit.

Watch out for Skitters! By this time you may have about three minutes 
left if you're running fast, so you can afford to head around to the 
right and get the Machinegun if you like, and then over to the upper 
left where the innocent is, as well as another Conviction Glyph. 
Continue running around back out to...

Freight elevator to your left as you go in, but for now head all the 
way back towards the burning mess in the back. The innocent should be 
on the left of the fire towards the wall. You have between one and two 
minutes at this point, so if you want you can head back around down the 
left wall, grab the Shotgun on the way, shoot out any barricades that 
block you, and then it's just a hop, skip and a jump to the freight 
elevator, which you should've seen on your way in hopefully.

Freight Elevator: Grab the Machinegun and the activate the Green Glyph!

21. Morgue
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Hulks, Boss Dr. Hadrian
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Chain Saw

"Ashcroft Penitentiary had more 'accidental' deaths than all the 
prisons in the entire state combined. Looks like more of Dr. Hadrian's 

You're in a big rectangular room with those white vomit-spewing things. 
After you kill them go into the door on your left to kill some Hulks 
and more white things. On the left side, second passage up, there is a 
Shotgun. A Health Glyph is in the middle of the room, and next to it on 
the right is an innocent hiding, and above that, a Machinegun. Hulk has 
the key, so once you get that, go through the door at the end into a 
circular room.

There is a Health and Conviction Glyph in here, on opposite sides of 
each other. Near the Health side on the upper level is a Machinegun. 
Get the key to go through the next door.

You'll immediately notice a Shotgun to the left in an alcove. Down the 
hall a Machinegun is right behind the column in the center. A Health 
Glyph is ahead on the right, and all the way at the end is a 
Flamethrower. Turn back towards the left a little, and you'll see an 
innocent by a wall, with a Shotgun a little further on near the fence. 
Go right, down the stairs and grab the Chain Saw on the left. Refill 
your Conviction at the Glyph on the right, then down the hall to get a 
Machinegun and a Health Glyph if you need it.

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating this Boss.

After you kill him you'll watch him burn, and then you go to the next 
level automatically.

22. Sewers 3
Enemies Encountered: Skitters, Zombies
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun
**Accuracy Glyph on this level**

"What was Hadrian doing with those corpses he pushed aside? His 
servants have taken them into these tunnels. But why protect corpses?"

There's only one way to go, so start fighting off the Zombies and White 
Vomit-things, and go into the circular room. Health Glyph across the 
way, and a Bystander and Shotgun to the right. The Bystander says, 
"Those creatures locked the corpse gurneys behind these gates. You'll 
have to find the switch to open the gates and then burn the bodies."

Turn around to the gates on the left, and to the right of that gate is 
a red switch that you can activate to raise the grate. Go through to 
the end, where there is a Machinegun and an innocent to rescue. Now go 
into the door on the right, and up ahead it will split to the right and 
to the left. Go to the right to grab a Machinegun, and then back to the 
left past where the Flamethrowers are to where it starts to curve 

There is a Shotgun on the left side as it starts to curve, and just to 
the right of that is a door you can enter. Here you'll find a 
Conviction Glyph, a Flamethrower, and the other switch to the grate 
that you need to activate. Go out the door, and back the way you came 
from in order to get to the other grate.

Go through the now-open grate on the opposite side of the room, towards 
the corpses you see down the tunnel. When you activate them, an 
explosion will occur to burn the bodies, and there should be a Health 
Glyph behind the fire if you need it. 

Turn around and go back now to the other side again, all the way until 
you see the door where the switch was, and over around on the right 
should be a gate to go through.

Once in here, run straight across to get a Shotgun, and then go through 
the door. In here you'll find two innocents and an Accuracy Glyph. 

Go back out and right and across to find an innocent and another 
Shotgun in a pipe. Now go left and grab the Machinegun before turning 
right to see the Green Exit Glyph.

23. Machine Shop
Enemies Encountered: Skitters, Zombies, Machine Shop Robots
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher

"You're in the Machine Shop. Death Row is attached to this building. 
You'll have to fight through here to get to Arkady."

You're in a small room with some Skitters, Zombies, Flamethrower guys 
and some White Vomit-Spewing things, with nothing but a Conviction 
Glyph to help you. Rescue the innocent in the back of the room, and one 
of the monsters will have a key for you, so start shooting. 

Get the key to go through the door, and on the other side is a whole 
lotta Zombies and Flamethrower guys, etc. In the middle of the room you 
should be able to pick up a Flamethrower and a Shotgun is on the right. 
All the way at the end is a Health Glyph, which is in front of the cage 
with a Rocket Launcher inside it. 

Now step back out of the cage and aim for those barrels over by the 
door on the right. They will explode allowing you to go through a hole 
in the wall. There's some Machine Shop Robots guarding the entrance in 
here that I wouldn't recommend getting too close to, so I'd shoot 
through the door or use an Edge if I could. 

Once inside, there's a Machinegun right across from you, and there's a 
passage that goes off to the right and at the end is the Green Exit 

24. Death Row
Enemies Encountered: Zombies, Blue Specters, Vampires, Boss 
Carpenter/Arkady, Boss Werewolf/Arkady
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher

"This is Death Row, where Arkady was executed. There may be more wrong 
with him than a spiritual possession. His victims were described as 
looking like they were mauled by animals."

You begin the level in a small room, with a door leading to a longer 
corridor. You need a key to get into the door at the other end, but 
there's a lot of stuff between you and the key, so start killing things 
and when it gets too heavy, duck back into the cell at the beginning. 
Once you get the key, go into the next room, and in the middle there's 
a Conviction Glyph with a Machinegun behind the desk. 

Access the computer to read the following: "Powerful ghosts are kept 
here by an anchor. Destroying their anchor will make them vulnerable. 
An anchor will always have great personal significance to the ghost, 
having caused them great pleasure...or pain." Hmm...whatever could that 

Go through the door on the right to enter a room with some Vampires and 
more Blue Specters. There is a Flamethrower on the right side of the 
room, and once you clean up, check out the Blue Glyph which reads, "The 
Vampires renovated large portions of the Prison. Check the 

It's referring to the second bookshelf you see when you come in the 
room, with no books on it. Press the A Button, and it will swing open 
into a room. The Vampire has the key, so take her out and grab the 
Rocket Launcher. Once you kill everything in this room, get ready for a 
Boss fight.

Open the door in this room to take you to the next Boss. 
Carpenter/Arkady is who you're fighting, and only because you killed 
Hadrian before he could, or so it seems. There is a Health Glyph on the 
middle left side of the room. 

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating this Boss.

When you finally beat him, go out the door at the upper right in the 
room. When you first get in here, go around the cage to get a 
Machinegun, and then go through the gate. You'll find more Zombies and 
Blue Specters in here, and you have to get the key to proceed, so start 
hacking away. Go through the gate to encounter two Vampires who will 
leave you their Machineguns when you kill them, which makes a nice 
addition to the Health Glyph in the room. 

Go in the door to the left side first. Rescue two innocents and pick up 
a Rocket Launcher, and use the Conviction Glyph if you need it, and 
then back out you go.

Go in the other door, but don't go into the first door you see right 
away because that takes you to another Boss. Grab the Flamethrower and 
Rocket Launcher #2 and rescue another innocent, and *then* go through 
the door and watch the Scene with Arkady in disbelief.

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating Arkady the second time.

There is a Health Glyph on the right side of the room and a Conviction 
Glyph on the left, and once you beat him, the level is automatically 
over. Watch the scene where you almost feel sorry for Arkady (well, I 
did) and realize that Degenhardt is the one you're ultimately after. 
Now you gotta start running again, this time in the...

25. Main Yard 3
Enemies Encountered: Blue Wolves, Vampires, Werewolf/Arkady
Weapons Possible:

"Arkady's lost control of the spirits that have possessed him. You'll 
have to drive him off to get past him."

There should be little red and blue spheres scattered throughout his 
level as a nice bonus. You're in an earlier level, but it probably 
looks a little different now. Go down along the fence all the way to 
the right to get a Shotgun. 

You'll have noticed the Blue Wolves on the other side of the fence. 
These can pounce on you, and they breathe this ice-cloud that you makes 
you cough like the Rats in the Sewers did, so watch out for those. 
(Standing on a picnic table isn't a bad idea) 

Go through the hole in the fence, and in the lower left corner you'll 
find a Machinegun, by the door that won't open. Shoot out all the 
weight equipment if you want, and pick up the Flamethrower in the 
middle, and suddenly your old friend Arkady is back. 

The Exit Glyph is right in front of you, but you can't leave without 
getting rid of Arkady, so you know what to do. (Two Word of Powers and 
he was gone, he's not quite as hard as before thank goodness!)

A couple of Vampires will come at you from the direction of the Green 
Exit Glyph, but you're just warming up! So now go ahead back to the...

26. Meal Hall 2
Enemies Encountered: Blue Wolves, Zombies, Werewolf/Arkady
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun, Chain Saw, Flamethrower

"Arkady's lost control of the spirits that have possessed him. The 
spirits and his Werewolf form make him virtually unstoppable. Try and 
drive him off and get away."

The little office will be right ahead of you when you start out, which 
isn't a bad place to hole up in to fight off the Blue Wolves. "Hunter-
Net Tip of the Day...RUN DUMMY!" 

There is a Chain Saw to the left of the office. When you get that, go 
towards the lower right side of the room and grab the Shotgun, and then 
kill a few more Blue Wolves. 

Go through the door, grab the Flamethrower in the middle, kill the Blue 
Wolves that appear in here, and then go into the left-most door for a 

Now go into the door on the right to enter the Meat room from earlier 
and you'll get some more Blue Wolves and some of those Bone-Arrow 
Zombies. In the left part of the room is a Shotgun, and then when 
you're ready go through the door ahead of you to face Arkady again. 

Once you kill him, it's nothing but you and the Green Exit Glyph.

27. Main Yard 4
Enemies Encountered: Blue Wolves, Werewolf/Arkady
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun

"Return to the mansion and prevent the Warden from binding his family's 
spirits into innocent victims. Arkady is still after you...hurry!"

There's a Shotgun in the middle of the yard you start out in, and Blue 
Wolves are all over the place. Go into the Basketball court on the left 
to kill more Blue Wolves (or use an Edge through the fence) and pick up 
the Shotgun and Machinegun, and then go through the door at the other 

There's another Shotgun right after you go inside, and some more Blue 

The door ahead to the left is where you fight Arkady. If you go back 
right away towards the steps on the left, you can pick up another 
Shotgun at the top. (The preferred way to kill Blue Wolves, in my 

Now go back and trigger the Werewolf to kill him off, and then to the 
Green Exit Glyph you go!

28. Mansion Exterior 3
Enemies Encountered: Blue Wolves, Werewolf/Arkady
Weapons Possible: Machiengun, Shotgun, Chain Saw, Rocket Launcher

"The portal to the spirit world must be in here. Stop Degenhardt before 
he brings his family back through with enough spirits to kill everyone 
in the city."

Blue Wolves are everywhere, so get moving! A Chain Saw and Rocket 
Launcher are on the path ahead of you. Arkady triggers right in front 
of the door by the Fountain, so if you want you can grab a Machinegun 
in the little graveyard first. 

There is also a Shotgun on the right side of the fountain, which is a 
pretty good place to hop up on the avoid the Blue Wolves. 

Fight Arkady at the top part of the fountain, and then activate the 
Green Exit Glyph to go inside to...

29. Mansion Interior 2
Enemies Encountered: Blue Wolves, Vampires, Werewolf/Arkady
Weapons Possible: Machinegun, Shotgun

"Find the Warden and stop him from binding his family's souls to new 

Almost done! You begin with an overhead view of the familiar foyer 
area. There is a Machinegun and Conviction Glyph, and some Blue Wolves 
to fight, which you can easily do from the staircase to keep them from 
ganging up on you. Fill up on red and blue spheres and go upstairs.

At the top you'll find a Shotgun, and there's really only one door you 
can go through, so head to the middle doors and enter. (There are Blue 
Wolves at either end of this hallway)

You go into the familiar room, and who should appear but the Werewolf 
again. There is a Health Glyph in the middle of the room. 

Once you defeat him, four Vampires will appear, so kill them and 
activate the Green Exit Glyph. (You cannot exit this room to get more 
Conviction) Now you're ready to face Degenhardt.

30. Attic
Enemies Encountered: Warden Degenhardt
Weapons Possible: Machinegun

You watch a scene where Degenhardt kills Arkady, changing him back into 
his human form. You also notice three people in cages behind him; the 
innocents who are about to house his family's spirits. You need to kill 
Degenhardt to prevent this from happening.

There's a Machinegun by the left window if you need some ammo. You'll 
see a Conviction Glyph in the middle of the room, and there's also a 
Health Glyph by the right window (which is on the left side of the 
room, opposite the red vortex) which is all boarded up that they show 
right before the scene ends and you're thrown into battle.

To save the innocents, go over to their cages and attack the cages 
which will break open, allowing them to go free. 

**Once you free all the innocents he can triplicate himself, so stay 
out of his way when he does this. (You can free two, but the third is 
what triggers the Triplicating)

Check out the Boss Section for tips on beating this Boss.  

Once you've beaten him, watch the last Scene where the Warden gets 
sucked into his own red vortex of eternal suffering, and if you saved 
enough innocents, then you also see them escaping on the subway train. 
If you watch all the way through the credits, you'll see a funny scene 
with Werewolf/Arkady at the very end.

Congratulations! You've beaten Hunter: The Reckoning!

XI. Bosses
(Any useful hints or tips? Send them to me and I'll credit you in the 
Playground Boss
Found in Level 3: Playground
OK, this boss has three ways of attacking. 
First, he can pound the ground, and create a 360-degree earthquake that 
can shake you off your feet. If you're not a fast character (like the 
Judge) the best way to avoid this is jumping when the quake ripples out 
to you, which takes some timing. Faster characters such as the Defender 
can usually run out of its way with little effort. 
His second attack is swiping at you, which usually happens when you're 
too close to him. His left hook is vicious. 
His third attack, and the one I think you really have to watch out for, 
is dropping about six Skitters at a time from goodness knows where (it 
looks like his back) and they tend to sneak up on you when you least 
expect it. 

Tips to beat him: Like most of the bosses you'll face, basically you 
want to avoid his attacks as much as you can and run around in circles 
while shooting at him. I know this probably is just common sense, but 
what you really need is a good handle on how to strafe, and shooting 
while running backwards is key. 
It can get tricky with more than one Hunter playing, and it seems to me 
that beating it with one is easier than beating it with a team, but 
maybe that's just me. He has a health meter so you can watch your 
status, and you can tell that he's starting to hurt when your shots 
turn him red instead of a sickly yellow. I used my Machinegun and 
shotgun, and waited on getting the replacements until after I had 
beaten the boss, so that I had something with which to go into the next 
level. Once I ran out of Special Weapons, I used my unlimited ranged 
So it takes a while, but use the Health Glyph if he hits you, and you 
should still have several continues just in case you die.

Another option to beat him is getting him on one side of the fence 
while you are on the other. The Zombies and Skitters might come around 
at you, but you can shoot through the fence and it will take off life 
from the boss. Time-consuming, but safe. 

Teddy Bear
Found in Level 5: Church
The first thing you want to do is shoot out all the benches so you can 
run through them. You can try killing the Blue Specters if you like, 
but I usually just avoid them and concentrate on shooting the Teddy 
Bear and keeping myself away from his attacks. Machineguns and Shotguns 
work pretty well for this, and if you can just keep running in a circle 
while shooting behind you, it shouldn't take too long to kill it off. 

The Teddy Bear has several attacks: jumping and pounding the ground to 
create an earthquake effect, taking swipes at you if you're too close, 
running and pouncing on you, and spewing some sort of vomitous-like 
substance, which hurts you a lot. 
His earthquake attack covers a lot more ground than the last boss, so 
even if you have a fast Hunter, you still need to be good at timing 
your jumps. 

Warden Degenhardt
Found in Level 13: Mansion Interior 1
OK, you can do this a number of ways: Run around and try shooting him 
while avoiding the Tentacles that pop up and his attacks, or you can 
stand close to him and attack him with your melee weapon. The quickest 
way is to do it melee-style, and you're bound to lose several lives, 
but it's over in a minute or so. 

His attacks consist of a shockwave that will knock you back, whipping 
you with his tentacle-arm, and Tentacles will also appear randonly 
throughout the room. If you stay by the Health Glyph on the right side 
of the room and attack him up close, you might be able to kill him 
without losing more than two lives. 

If you choose to run and attack, you'll probably use most of your ammo 
and still lose lives simply because of his attacks and the Tentacles 
around the room, so it's up to you. 

Another tip for fighting multiplayer:
1.  You must have at least two players. 
2.  When Degenhardt is chasing one person, they should try and get a 
pillar between them and him. 
3.  If you are lucky, he will keep running towards you but be blocked 
by the pillar, allowing the other Hunter to empty everything they have 
into his back! 
4.  The person behind the pillar can do some damage too if they have a  
flamethrower, as it can be fired round the pillar.   
5.  You can evade all of his attacks by jumping.
Thanks to: Tom A. and Angus T.

Dr. Hadrian (and his very strange left appendage)
Found in Level 21: Morgue
OK, this is a fairly tough Boss simply because while you're fighting 
him, you're also getting attacked by Hulks, Skitters and Playground 
Beasts. This starts to happen after you've taken off about half his 
life, and suddenly you'll notice the room is getting very crowded. 

Try to stay close to him, because if you get too far away you end up 
wasting your ammo on the other things, but try not to let the monsters 
build up too much. I think you're probably guarenteed to lose a few 
lives on this, at least two or three maybe. 

His main attack, besides spawning other creatures, is emitting this 
green ray that will take off Health and slow you down for a few 
seconds. A good defense is to roll out of the way, or jump if you can 
time it right. 

The Flamethrower seemed to work pretty well on him, as well as the 
other Special Weapons, but I think attacking him up close is probably 
the way to go. Everytime I tried to Heal, the other monsters would 
usually take off another chunk of life, so I found that if I stayed 
near him, used my Conviction on the other creatures, and attacked him 
with Flamethrower or whatever I had until I died and could respawn with 
more Conviction that I only used three or four lives on average. I 
still don't like losing that many lives, so I'll keep working on it.

Found in Level 24: Death Row
Remember, you need to destroy his anchor before you can destroy him, 
and what else is in the room but, you guessed it, the Electric Chair. 
If you have teammates, someone should shoot the Electric Chair to 
destroy it, and once that's done, killing Arkady is a piece of cake. 
The Rocket Launcher works well for this: It takes about 8 Rockets to 
destroy the Chair. If you're alone, try doing a running attack where 
you run towards the chair and aim with your Rocket Launcher, just don't 
get too close when you shoot it otherwise you can blow up yourself. 

One thing is for certain, Arkady fights close-combat, so you constantly 
need to be moving. Machinegun and Shotgun will help you out with him, 
but he does take a while to kill, so be patient and run him up and down 
so you can get a good aim at him when you shoot. It's hard to miss him 
actually, because he follows so close. 

If you have the Judge Hunter, Word of Power does an excellent job of 
taking off his Health in big chunks, and when you run out of 
Conviction, fight with your melee/ranged weapon until one of you dies. 
(The only way to get more Conviction, unfortunately)

He has an attack similar to the Martyr's with two knives in his hands. 
He also has kick moves, so watch out for that. If you don't mind the 
potential loss of life, fighting him with your melee weapon seems to do 
some decent damage as well.

Found in Level 24: Death Row
As if fighting him the first time wasn't bad enough, you have to fight 
Arkady again as a Werewolf in the execution room. This time he's a 
little more bulky, so that cuts down on his agility slightly, but you 
still gotta be quick to escape his clutches.  He can follow you and 
smack you across the face, and he can also release a 360-degree circle 
of Blue Specters, which is the only time he's standing still, so you 
must take advantage of this opportunity. You can jump out of the range 
of the Blue Specters if you time it right. Use your Rocket Launcher 
first while he's standing still, and the Machinegun and Flamethrower 
are good too. Shooting him while he's standing still is the key to 
beating him, so hopefully you have good aim! 

Once you get his Health down a little ways he will add a new attack. 
Standing still for a second, he sends out a blue beam with a white 
Skull-shaped thing in front that takes off a lot of life. Avoiding this 
is a good idea since it can take off nearly all of your Health. There 
is no anchor to destroy this time, so just keep running and shooting, 
and I will try to come up with better ways of killing him quicker, not 
that it actually *kills* him, but you know what I mean. Judge's Word of 
Power also works quite well here.

Found in Level 30: Attic
This guy is really not as bad as he might seem at first. Sure, he has 
these annoying black arms that whip at you, and he beats up on you a 
lot, but the trick is to get him away from the window that he's in 
front of, and once you do that, it's not too hard to beat him. 

His attacks consist of: 
Tentacles throughout the room, and ones that he whips at you with if 
you get close to him.
Sending out these red beams that hit you for Health damage, and it also 
slows you down.
Whipping at you with his tree-like arms.
Once you free all the innocents he can triplicate himself, so stay out 
of his way when he does this. (You can free two, but the third is what 
triggers the Triplicating)
Getting too close to the red vortex on the right isn't a good idea 

Attacking him when he's standing in the center of the room doesn't seem 
to do any good (He's Healing himself from the vortex) so perhaps you 
can use this time to shoot at the window and Heal. 

Some Edges (Word of Power that I know of) works OK to knock off some 

There seems to be a minor glitch that can kinda hang you up. In front 
of the red curtain between the two windows, but a little further out in 
the room, almost like a pillar that didn't quite get taken out of the 
game. At least in my game, I'll try to run forward and can't, so I have 
to go around that spot.

Use your weapons to shoot at the boards covering the window, and his 
attacks will also break the boards away once if you're standing near 
the window. Keep Healing on the Health Glyph, and hopefully you have 
enough Continues to last until the boards break away to let the 
sunlight inside the room. You'd think he'd have thought of that, huh?

OK, update on this Boss: Best things to do is use your Chain Saw on the 
window after you get the Warden away from it. Special weapons will work 
too (although not the melee weapons) but nothing is as fast as that 
gas-guzzling baby! Keep Healing and hacking away at the boards and the 
fight is over in a matter of a few minutes!

XII. Codes, Hints and General Strategy

>> There is a code that makes your Hunter *INVULNERABLE* but I don't 
know what it is yet, and I haven't seen it on any sites yet, but it 
does exist (according to the hints page when the level is loading) so 
keep on trying for it!

>> All Weapons (Entered using the Directional Pad)
This code is only good on the first level of the game, before you pick 
up any weapons. This code gives you the Combat Shotgun, Bull-Pup 
Assault Rifle, Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher. You also get a 
Chainsaw, but there's no gas in it...? For those of you that like 
having a security blanket, this is the code to use.
B, Up, Left, Down, Right, B, B
Source: Fishkick65 at GameWinners, also on GameFAQs Codes & Secrets 

>> Sound FX Test (Entered using the Directional Pad)
Right, Right, B Button - random Female voice
Left, Left, B Button - random Male voice
Source: Official Xbox Magazine

>> To get the good ending to the game, you need to save at least 50 
innocents to send back to help fix the train. (To be honest, I think it 
would be pretty hard to beat the game using less than 50 innocents. Has 
anyone ever seen the Ending without getting to 50? I'm curious to know 
what happens....) 

>> Gaining Experience:
Each Hunter's Exp increases with each kill they make. In multiplayer 
games you would gain partial points, but the Hunter whose attack kills 
will gain the most points overall, which is crucial in the boss fights. 
Exp will increase your Hunter's attributes and overall power.

>> Hint: Gargoyles are resistant to bullets (However, a Machinegun 
doesn't do all that badly against it)
Source: Hunter: The Reckoning game

>> Hint: Ranged weapons are also useful against Gargoyles, especially 
after improving your accuracy stats. It may take a while, but it does 
the job. On levels like the hospital roof where they keep appearing, 
keeping them at a distance is the way to go!
Contributed by: kari

>> Your weapon will automatically start to aim if you are near an 
enemy. This is particularly helpful when there are enemies offscreen. 
Your weapon will also point towards things such as benches, dividers, 
and anything else that might obstruct your movement. In the sewer 
levels, it will also point towards Skeletal Remains.

>> You can use Strength and Accuracy Glyphs more than once, and the 
Health and Conviction Glyphs more than four times too.  
It took me forever to finally get it right, but if two people stand on 
the Glyph and activate it at the same time, you will be able to use it 
indefinitely. (You have to activate the Conviction and Health Glyphs on 
the fourth time to use it forever.) 
You can build up your Strength and Accuracy until they are off the 
screen, which gives a lot of power to your basic ranged and melee 
If you are playing one player, you can plug in an additional controller 
and activate it that way.  Takes some practice, but it's worth it to 
kill things with one shot.
Thanks to: DBeasley, [email protected], The Lawrimore's 

>> There is also a code for Maximum Weapons Damage, which I haven't 
been able to figure out the effects or whether it works for sure, but 
it is Down, Down, B, Y, Down, Down.
Thanks to: [email protected]

>> If you're trying to beat the game single-handedly, and more power to 
you if you are, a good Hunter to pick would be Father Esteban Cortez, 
A.K.A. Judge. His crossbow is really good against the Vampires in the 
later levels, and Word of Power is a great offensive Edge to have early 
in the game.

>> You can unlock the Alternate Hunter and Nightmare modes when you 
beat the game with any character. It needs to be activated in the 
Special Features section of the main menu, and press the A Button to 
change to "Deactivate...Mode" which actually *activates* the mode. 

>> The Alternate Hunter mode gives you the Hunters dressed in the 
outfits that you see them wearing in the first Scene where Arkady gets 
electrocuted, and Nightmare mode just means it's a little tougher than 
it was the first time around.

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