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Hunting #1: Territory-Badlands    Payment-$10   Stats Increase-Gunhand +4

The Grey Wolf is said to stalk the white man's towns and homes for easy prey and, as 
such, Colton can find this beast roaming the land west of Dodge Bridge and near the 
Hecht Ranch. The Grey Wolf alternates between these two locations each time it is 
spooked. It can be hunted and killed using the same tactics at each location, as the 
Grey Wolf paces back and forth behind an obstruction such as a shack or boulder. 
This enables Colton to get good and close, without being seen. Put an arrow right in 
the head of the beast.           
Hunting #2: Territory-Badlands    Payment-$10   Stats Increase-Gunhand +4 
The Great White Buffalo grazes with its kin according to the Indian Hunter. This 
means that Colton can likely find the Great White Buffalo feeding on the grasses 
surrounding the two plateaus in the Badlands.This area is perfect buffalo country as 
it butts up against the Southern Plains. In fact the Great White Buffalo always 
returns to this area, even if spooked. Should Colton spook it, simply ride back 
through the canyons towards the Northern Rockies and loop back around to the east-
this gives the great beast enough time to feel safe again and return. To get close 
to it, stay on the slope of the plateau and use the brush for cover.

Hunting #3: Territory-Piper Lake or Devil's Slot Canyon   Payment-$15            
Stats Increase-Gunhand +4 

The White Wolf is said to be both fast and fierce, and hunts near lakes and streams. 
Colton can find this creature near the stream that flows past the Indian Trader into 
Piper Lake. Leave your horse near the Indian Trader and advance slowly on foot. 
Carefully crouch down and wade across the stream towards the White Wolf and watch 
for it to approach over the rocks downstream from the waterfall. Unlike many other 
creatures, the White Wolf turns and attacks Colton should he miss with his initial 
shot. It doesn't spook easily, so hold your ground and ready another arrow should 
your initial shot miss the mark.  

Hunting #4: Territory-Northern Rockies  Payment-$15   Stats Increase-Gunhand +4

The Great Mountain Lion roams the Northern Rockies and can be found in the vicinity 
of the large plateau just south of the major mine. Head southeast from the Indian 
Hunter to reach this area. The Great Mountain Lion paces back and forth amongst the 
rocks and isn't about to back down to any man when spooked. Approach slowly on foot 
and stay low. Colton's best bet is to use the large outcrops for cover and sneak up 
around the rock to get behind the Great Mountain Lion. Wait for Colton to miss, so 
be prepared to fire another arrow immediately.

Hunting #5: Territory-Eastern Pasture, Badlands  Payment-$20  Stats          
Increase-Gunhand +4

The Black Wolf is constantly on the prowl for fresh buffalo meat and can be found 
either at the pasture east of Empire City (up the hill to the south of the tracks) 
or near the Badlands where buffalo often congregate. Once spooked, the Black Wolf 
flees the area and alternates between these two locations. There isn't much 
available cover in the pasture, so keep low and try to only move when the Black Wolf 
is facing in the other direction. Carefully sneak up to it so that when it turns to 
pace back in the other direction, its head will be in your sights.

Hunting #6: Territory-East of Empire  Payment-$20 Stats Increase-Gunhand +4

The battle against the Grizzly is not like the previous Hunting side missions. This 
is more akin to a boss battle. Load up on arrows (consider buying the Extra Quiver 
from the Indian Trader) and ride your horse towards Empire City. Colton encounters 
the Grizzly on the plains, east of Empire City. Immediately dismount your horse and 
prepare for battle. It's very important not to stay on your horse. The Grizzly kills 
the horse, leaving Colton with no way to give chase should the bear flee. The 
Grizzly stands its ground and charges Colton. Roll out of the way of the charge, 
then turn and open fire on it with the bow. Hit the Grizzly in the head as much as 
possible, as it stands on its hind legs and roars. It continues charging, stopping, 
then standing and roaring until it has been depleted of half its health. At this 
time, the Grizzly takes off running towards the dry creek bed north of Empire City. 
Colton must quickly hop on his horse and chase after the Grizzly. Spur the horse 
repeatedly to keep close to the Grizzly and fire arrows at it while riding. Arrows 
shot into the Grizzly's hindquarters don't deliver as much damage as a headshot 
does, but every bit counts at this point in the battle.

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