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First off pick your character to complete konquest mode.

Chapter 1 : Path to Wu-Shi Academy.

            First you will start off in Goros lair.Follow the instructions that 
Raiden gives to you by collecting the blue koins.When you get out of Goro's lair 
run all the way to the right of the screen untill you reach the wall,Jonny Cage 
will appear on top of the bridge.After that little scene climb up to the top of the 
bridge.When you have reached the bridge Reptile will appear to speak to you.After 
that scene head towards the other side of the bridge into the cave.
            In the cave you will see a koin floating in mid air go and collect 
it.After collecting it you will now know the Fatality meter.Defeat the oni's that 
come out of the gate.When your Fatality meter fully fills up then use your Fatality 
on an enemie by pressing the white button located at the bottom right hand side of 
your x-box controller.A rectangle will appear with five symbols, type them in the 
way they are shown.Now after that is completed the gate to the left of the screen 
will open go in that gate.Ok now you will fight an small group of oni's defeat 
them.Go all the way to the left of the screen and you will see a koin.Collect it 
and it will tell you to grab an enemie and throw him into the damaged wall.After 
doing so the wall will collapse and then go through the collapsed part of the wall 
to the out side.

            Now make your way to the bridge.Once you are at the bridge it will 
collapse.Jump down on to the cylinder shaped rock and pick up the sword(Proceed 
with caution while attempting to jump to the cylinder shaped rock).Now jump down 
from the cylinder shaped rock and await the Oni Overlords approach.How you should 
beat him in kombat is use the sword against him but watch out for his powerful 
blows and the oni's around you.Once you have defeated him a Koin will appear 
collect it.You will have learned the long jump.Use the long jump to make your way 
to the broken bridge.Once at the broken bridge jump across to the other side.Once 
at the other side two masked gaurds will appear defeat them and head into the 
portal that appears after defeating them.

Chapter 2 : Wu-Shi Academy.

           Ok you are at the path that leads to the Wu-Shi Academy.Head down the 
Tarkata infested path untill you read an odd looking bridge.Once on the bridge it 
will start to collapse get to the other side of the bridge Pronto.Now once at the 
other side of the collapsed bridge you will see a small skit where two tarkatians 
take a monk and launch him off a catapolt.Defeat them and head up the ledge where 
the fire breathing stone dragon sits.Once up the ledge head to the right,there you 
will see a bunch of spikeyboulders gaurded by a tarkata warrior.Throw him into the 
boulders and they will clear a path down below.Head down where the stone dragon is 
and go to the right of the screen untill you reach another tarkata warrior.Throw 
him up on the catapolt nearest to him and he will clear a path back near the stone 
dragon.Now after completing that head back to where the stone dragon is and head up 
the ledge again and now go to the left of the screen and throw a tarkata into 
another set of spikey thus clearing another path.Now head back down past the stone 
dragon, down the path to the right of the screen and follow that path untill you 
reach a spike pit.Hop along the stones in the spike pit untill you reach the other 
side.Once at the other side head up to the broken wall and climb it to go to the 
next part of the level.

           Now you are in the wushi academy you will meet up with jonny cage he 
will guide you through that section of the level.Once you have helped him out you 
will head down the path to the spike pit.Once you are in the spike pit head to the 
right of the screen past the three fire breathing stone dragons through the door to 
the right.Now the wushi academy is on fire,go through the fire and find a 
switch.Once you have found it press the black button on your controller to activate 
it.Press the A button untill you pass the line on the meter and quickly press the 
left trigger.You will have released water.That water will put out fire creating a 
new path.Follow those paths to the other switches and activate those switches 
untill you activate all of them.After activating all the switches jump down to the 
court yard.a small scene will appear.After the scene head back past the three stone 
dragons all the way to the left of the screen then follow that path untill you 
reach two masked guards beat them the a new path will arise go up that path into 
the portal.Once in the portal world head towards the evil monestary.go in the 
portal that leads to the evil monestary.

Chapter 3 : Evil Monestary.

          Now that you are in the evil monestary head up the giant stair case into 
the monestary.When in the monestary head up the other flight of stairs and you will 
find a switch.Activate that switch and giant spikes will appear down below.Throw an 
enemie on both sets of spikes.That will open the door up above.Once you have gone 
in that door you will run into another flight of stairs.Go up the stairs and throw 
an enemie on to the spikes.Once you have done that use his body to get up to the 
second floor by jumping on him.Once on the second floor head up the stairs and go 
through the door.Now this room you will have to throw enemies on the giant stone 
guys claws in order to proceed through the door at the top of the stairs.Once you 
are in the next part of the level grab the floating koin.You will learn you 
Multality.Fill up your meter on the enemies until a white dot appears on the screen 
then do your multality just like you would a fatality.After accomplishing the 
multality head up the tall building untill you reach the top(defeat the enemies 
along the way).Once at the top you will Battle Kitana.Beat her and then she will 
retreat into a portal, go and follow her into the portal.Once in the portal you 
will run into jade and mileena standing next to kitana.Fight them all untill you 
defeat each and every one(defeat kitana untill she passes out then defend her from 
the other two girls untill the spell wears off then kill jade and mileena).After 
doing so,a small scene will come about and after the scene a koin will appear 
floating in the air,go and collect it.You will have learned the fist of Ruin.Use 
the fist of ruin to destroy statues.Now collect all the exp points and go into the 
portal.Once out of the portal head down the tower by destroying all the statues 
along the way.the last two are in front of a portal so destroy them and jump into 
the portal.Now you are back in the portal world,head to the living forest portal 
and jump inside.

Chapter 4 : Living Forest.

           Ok now you are in the living forest head down the path to a stone 
statue.Break the statue and go and defeat the zombie enemies.Throw an enemies into 
the giant tree with the face.The tree will consume the zombie and all is 
well.Defeat all the enemies in that section of the level then the thorny vines will 
dissapade.Long jump across and head over to the shadows in the ground.When the 
shadow people arise throw them into the spike pit.After doing so the vines will 
lower and then you will be able to jump up to the door and go in.Ok this part of 
the level is easy just follow the path to the next door or you can just jump the 
water fall.Once in the next part of the level follow that path past the living clay 
soldiers down to the rocks in the river that lead over to a wall with steps.Climb 
the steps then head in through the door.Once in the door you will reach a giant 
puddle where you are fenced in.feed all 4 snakes a zombie then the vines 
disappear.Once you have done that head up to the giant tree and feed him.[you have 
to feed all 3 living trees in the level for the snake head to open up].Once in 
Reptiles lair, you will come across this weird structure.Stand in the middle of it 
and stone statues will come out.Destroy all of them until a koin appears.Collect 
the koin and it will teach you your Brutality.Once that is over head into the door 
to the right of you and follow that path of clay men all the way to the next 
door.Once in the door you will come across a giant snake(don't worry you dont have 
to fight it!).You will know what to do.After destroying all 4 pillars you ill have 
to defeat reptile.Defeat him then collect the koin that allows you to climb up 
walls.After doing so break the snake and climb the wall and exit the level.
Now you are back in the portal world again find the climable wall and climb it to 
the soul tombs portal and go inside it.

Chapter 5 : Soul Tombs.

           Now this is a difficult and long level.First off head up the giant 
flight of stairs and go in the soul tombs.Now once you are in the soul tombs pick 
the red door or the green door.

           Red Door : look around in the red section of the building for a door 
that leads out side.Once out side you will see spikes every where.Avoid the spikes 
and go down the path in the middle.Activate the switch when the masked guard is 
under the gate.{Splat}Do that for the other gates too.When you accomplish that head 
into the other door and defeat the enemies inside.Once you have done that.Activate 
the switch.Ok now head back into the other building and go left all the way untill 
you find the Orochi Hell Beast.Defeat him {use weapons to defeat him easily}.Now 
that you've done that head to the green door back at the beggining.

           Green Door : ok when you come out of the green door head to your right 
and keep going until you reach the other door .Now head right again until you reach 
the door at the end of the hall way.Now you are out side,jump from platform to 
platform with out getting hit untill you reach the other side,go in the door.
Once in the door a giant fan is spinning over head.Knock the tarkata into it then 
go in the other door.Once in the other door you will see a spikey thing hanging 
over head knock a tarkata into it and it will come down.Once it is down jump on top 
of it and go around to the other door across the room.Once inside the room with the 
giant fan , go and jump on the platform above it and knock 3 more tarkatas into 
it.This will cause the fan to break and make a new path way.Now jump across where 
the broken fan blade is lodged in the wall , jump above it and locate a switch and 
press it.Now go back to where the torcher device is and use the sword to cut the 
bodies up.The door will open go inside and defeat the enemies then destroy the 
giant green glowing ball.Once you have done that head back to the beggining of the 
level and a new path will open up , head down that path to fight Baraka.
Ok Baraka is easy if you do what i say.First attack him until he runs over to throw 
burning monks at you use your Hat or Fire balls to kill them for health.Then fight 
Baraka some more until he retreats and starts attacking from a distance.Use your 
Hat or Fireballs to attack him with.Now when that phase is complete the final 
battle commences,attack him with a sword until he interlocks his blades with yours,
press the A button as fast as you can until it says to press the left trigger then 
throw that sword at him.Repeat that again with the other sword then finish him off.

After go through the portal that appears and get the wall run ability in the wushi 
academy {hint the koin is where the statue is guarding your path}.Now go back to 
baraka's lair and wall run to get the other koin.Now leave the level and go back to 
the portal world.Now head over to the exit portal and go in.

Chapter 6 : Waste Lands.

          Ok so your almost done with the game.First off go and wall jump over to 
the right of the screen.make your way to the waste lands which is at the top.Once 
in the waste lands make your way around the paths climb to the top of the cliffs 
and make your way 2 the piles of dead corpses.You will need a sword to cut them up.
then make your way to the top of the mountain by avoiding the giant boulders being 
thrown at you and you will meet kabal {or at least i think it is Kabal} he will 
give you a bunch of exp points.Now head to where the other pile of dead corpses are 
and dispose of them.Go inside and defeat the haunted Armor by throwing them in the 
puddle of blood right as raiden shocks it.After beating that head back to the 
beggining of the level and a gate will open go inside it and defeat Sub Zero.After 
beating him he helps you find Goro.Now after the long ship ride you will go in a 
giant ware house.Throw enemies on the Spikey conveyor belt untill there is enough 
blood to freeze.After sub zero freezes the blood climb it and exit out the door to 
your left.Now help sub zero defeat the enemies and then he freezes you a path to 
the other side.Wall run to the other side and exit through the door.Now defeat goro.
After defeating him a koin will appear.Go and collect it.It gives you the ability 
to jump in the air twice.Now go back until you see a portal floating in the air go 
in side it and it takes to to the dead pool.Dead pool throw enemies on the hooks 
hanging from the ceiling.After you do that the door opens up go inside and collect 
the swinging ability koin.Swing your way up to the portal and go inside it.When 
back to the portal world go and swing your way to the neither realm.

Chapter 7 : Neither Realm.

          Here just follow the path to Scorpion.When you are at scorpion fight him 
until he retreats.Now follow the path with out getting burnt and make your way down 
to him.Now its a bit more difficult avoid the rising hell flames until he launches 
his spear.Grab the spear and press the A button as fast as you can.Then fight him 
until the point where you have to finish him.Now thats over you will have to fight 
inferno scorpion.Just attack from a distance and avoid being hit.Now leave the 
level and go towards the end of the game.When back at the portals go inside the 
foundry portal.

Final Chapter : Foundry.

           Make your way around the foundry and find 2 switches that opens up the 
gate.Then go down the long hall way and go in the door.Jump across the lava and go 
in the door.Now fight and keep goin untill you have fully created the axe and then 
bring the axe to the giant crystals and cut them down.After you do that enemies 
will ambush you defeat them all and the door will open.Head down the hall way to 
the door straight ahead.Now go up the pathway to Shao Khaun's arena.


Shang Tsung : Attack at a distance when he is him self
              attack him with any move when he is some one else.

Kintaro : Attack with fire balls or your hat
          move to where he jumped from to prevent getting hit.

Shao Khaun : attack with your hat or fire balls when he is in his first phase of 
attack.Avoid being hit by his mallot because it does heavy damage.
Use your hat or fireballs to beat him.

And you just beat Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks

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