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                       HUNTER: THE RECKONING

                            by Amaro
[email protected](please, no ads or spam.  THANKS)

I'm finally getting around to the FAQ I've been thinking about.  It's to awnser some 
questions for those of you who can't seem to get this game.  It is written in the 
form of multiplayer, so basicly it's useless to single player gamers.  I just want 
to let White Wolf and the other guys that made this know I'm not stealing your ideas 
and junk, just helping out some guys that aren't so good at the game.  With that, 
lets' get started.

I. Chosing your characters-If you've got 2 people willing to play the game together, 
go with the Judge and the Defender.  They're a good combo of the stats you'll need.  
If 3 people play, then go with the Judge, the Defender, and the Avenger.  Yet again, 
it's much better if you have guys with opposite stats so that you can do things your 
way.  If you have 4, well, I hope you get it.

II. The Walkthrough-

III.Cheats that I know of-Some codes are better with multiple characters.  Such as B 
UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT B B(all weapons at largest upgrade, can only be entered once)


Glyphs forever?  This one's a toughy.  If you get 2 people to stand on any glyph and 
use the glyph it will be used FOREVER.  This works with strength & accuracy glyphs 
too.  With health and convection glyphs, you do this on it's fourth use.  It takes 
practice, though.


Unlock Alternate Hunter and Nightmare modes when you beat the game.  Alternate 
Hunter gives you the costumes used in the begining of the game(in the CG).  
Nightmare mode makes the game a tad harder.

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