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                     STARTING ROOM
            ___   ______
           |            |
           |            |__   ______________   __   _______\$$$$\
           |            M1A1        Kar98        | | ???   %\    |
           |                                     | |            /
                                                 |_|           |
           |___                                  $$$           |
               |                                 | |           |
               |__________   ________       _%___| |            "HELP" ROOM
                                     \$$$$$$\      |           
                                                   |           |
                                                   |           |
                                                   |        TOM|
                    TOP FLOOR           _____      |_DB___   __| 
             __________________________/BAR $\
            |SG %           ]              $$ \
             \__            ]              |__
             $$$                              |
           \____|                            _|     
                |___         SODB           | 
                    |__   __|----|          |   
                                 |   |  SK    
                                 |   |%     |
                                     |     TG\ 
                                 |   |        |
                                 |            |


Kar98= $200
M1A1 Carbine= $600
??? "Mystery Box"= $950
Thompson= $1500
Double Barrell Shotgun= $1200
BAR= $1800
Sawed-Off Double Barrell Shotgun= $1500
Scoped Kar98= $1000
Trench Gun= $1200
Steil Grenate= $800
ALL ROOMS= $1000
% = Glitch spot or camp area

Weapons Guide


#10- Thompson
Pros- shoots fast, good reload time, strong
Cons- small ammo clip, recoil
Grade- C+

#9- MP40
Pros- strong, good reload time
Cons- good only in early rounds
Grade- C+

#8- PTRS-41
Pros- Insta-kill, long range
Cons- slow reload time, inaccurate unless using scope
Grade- B-

#7- BAR
Pros- strong, shoots fast, large ammo capacity
Cons- slow reload time
Grade- B-

#6- .357 Magnum
Pros- insta-kill, semi- auto, common*
Cons- small clip size, slow reload time
Grade- B

#5- FG42
Pros- very strong and accurate, fast reload time
Cons- small clip size, recoil
Grade- B+

#4- PPSH-41
Pros- fastest shooting, strong, fast reload time
Cons- uses up ammo too quickly, extremely rare*
Grade- A-

#3- Ray Gun
Pros- insta-kill, semi-auto, fast reload time, somewhat common*
Cons- blast radius, small ammo capacity
Grade- A

#2- Browning M1919
Pros- VERY strong, shoots fast, large ammo capacity, large clip size
Cons- slow reload time, uncommon*
Grade- A+

#1- MG42
Pros- Very strong, shoots fast, faster reload/Browning, large ammo cap.
Cons- somewhat slow reload time, very uncommon*
Grade- A++


Glitch Spots/ Good Camping Spots

The best ways to get to a high round is to get good weapons, and camp.

There are many spots to do so, but do you know the best?

My favorite spot to camp is on the top floor, next to the Steil Grenates, the 
only way to succeed in camping is to enter the top floor through the "help" 

Hiding by the sniping area (which is near the trench gun) is an exelent place 
to camp.

Most of glithches is Nacht Der Untoten have been sealed up. But if you dont 
have Xbox live, all glitch spots are unsealed.

The two best glitch spots are on the top floor, to enter the glitch mode, you 
must back uten steps from the spot, sprint, then jump, and land on the spot. 
you must then crouch. The first spot is near the Steil Grenates. The other, is 
against the median near the Scoped Kar98 box.

The glitch will prevent all zombies from getting within meleeing distance of 
you. You can then shoot them down. But if you wait too long to shoot them, they 
can attack you. Because as more zombies come, they push eachother into your 
glitch spot. And if 1 zombie breaks through, they all come charging at you.

July 6, 2009
Bongo 2.0


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