Nazi zombie strategy - Guide for Call of Duty: World at War

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This is my first FAQ so if you see any mistakes e-mail me at 
[email protected] 

Now Nazi zombie rounds go unlimited?,as you may notice each round there are 
more and more and they take more shots to kill):

After that onward with the strategy!

First when you start buy the kar98k and aim for the head.
Then save up to buy the m1 carbine(I suggest trading your pistol haha).
After that guard those windows until round 6-10,then open the door and go to 
the mystery box open it,then run around the 2nd pillar or jump up and down 
three times to get the ray gun(SOMETIMES! so don't come complaining to me that 
it did not work!).Try to get a combo of the Flamethrower and Ray gun,Note:if 
someone else has the Flamethrower you can't have it.If someone else DOES have 
the Flamethrower then try to get the MG42 or the FG42.For four players have two 
people guard the door and two people at the windows,until round 12-20.Then go 
upstairs and have all people go to the small room,have three people guard the 
door and one at the window until you all die(or win hehe yeah right) :).

And that's THE END to my FAQ.

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