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Okay, welcome to the first walkthrough/faq/guide for The Sims 2 on Cheat Codes.
I'm happy to be bringing it to you guys so yeah, hooray!!!

Okay, so, The guide is divided into parts and will be changed when necessary.


1.)Steps before pregnancy

2.)How you get pregnant
a.)Male & Female
b.)Male & Male
c.)Female & Female

3.)How to spend time during the Pregnancy
a.)How to pass time
b.)Pregnancy Stages
c.)Pregnant Sim Needs
e.)The Birth

4.)Taking Care of the baby
e.)Social Services

a.)How to pick the babies gender
b.)How to make your Sim have twins

1.)Steps before pregnancy

Okay, so you want to get pregnant, well, good for you. It will take a lot of
preparation though. Okay, first thing first, you need to make sure you have an
open room to put your baby in when he grows up. You also should make sure you
have a steady income. It will help just to make sure you can keep it steady so
you have some money for the baby.

2.)How to get Pregnant

While you expect only a male & female kind of couple can get pregnant, in this
game, male & male couples, and female & female couples.

a.)Male & Female

Well, this couples pretty straight forward. Once the two Sims love each other
enough to Woo Hoo, if you get them on a double bed and get them into the cuddle
position, and option, Try for Baby, will be an option, you choose that option
and sometimes a cut scene will play, sometimes it won't. After the Sims are
done, you will hear a noise right after. The noise is to a tune so you'll hear
it. If you have heard the tune after your Sims have had a Try for Baby, then
congratulations, your attempt was successful! If you do not hear a tone after,
then sucks for you, it was a failed attempt. Just try again until you hear the tone.

b.)Male & Male

Okay, so, while this couple has not chance of becoming pregnant like a Male &
Female couple, they can get pregnant. There are two ways. One way is looking
through a telescope until you get abducted by aliens. When you get abducted,
your sim has a chance of getting pregnant. The other way is pressing
control+Shift+C together and then typing in the cheat boolProp
TestingCheatsEnabled true and then hold the shift button while clicking on your
sim, a whole bunch of cool options will come up. You want to go to Spawn and
then choose Tomb Stone of L & D. Once the tomb stone pops up and is on the
square next to your Sim, click to use it and then choose get pregnant with and
then you can choose who you want to get pregnant with.

c.)Female & Female

Okay, well, basically, same thing as Male & Male, exactly the same as Male &
Male. So yeah, reread Male & Male if you want to and you will get the
information like that

3.)How to Spend Time During Pregnancy 

Considering the three to four Sim days of your Sim's pregnancy, you have to do
something, so this next part will tell you some things about the time.

a.)Certain needs of your pregnant Sim decreases rapidly, you need to spend time
increasing those. Okay, other than that, what you should do to pass time is to
make some time for your Sim to do something s/he enjoys, maybe paint a picture,
read a book, watch some TV, all just to pass time and give her some fun time in
the day to increase her happiness and make interactions much easier. If you
really want time to fly by, send your spouse out to work and if you already have
kids, send them out to work to and let your pregnant Sim sleep all day. If you
are worried about her job, don't be, you get some time off work to have the baby
and then to take care of the baby. It is no problem at all.

b.)Like in real life, your Sim will have three trimesters, the only thing is
they go by much faster. You have a small cut scene every time his/her stomach
grows. The first stage of pregnancy will be Morning Sickness and when s/he's
puking into the toilet, you'll see a thought bubble with a pacifier and a
question mark next to it. The next stage, the Sims stomach will grow slightly
and they will wear maternity cloths. Their walking will also change slightly.
The third and final change will have the Sims stomach sticking out huge and
his/her walking will change drastically. The Sims walk will have changed from
normal to waddle in these matter of days.

c.)The main three that drop are Hunger, Bladder, and energy. The two hardest to
keep up during the three trimesters, epically the last two, are Hygiene and Fun
(Hence why you should spend some time having fun each day). Hygiene is still
easier to get up so don't worry to much about that. The others are much easier
to keep up. Social can be done while you are eating and comfort will be added
while you are sleeping. You can have your Sim do whatever you want it to do
cause nothing will affect the baby.

d.)There are a few new interactions during your Sims pregnancy. They have a
whole new tab during the pregnancy with the title of it pregnancy, when you
click on it, you have two options, talk to and rub belly. Talking to the baby is
when whichever Sim is doing the reaction will start doing some sort of
peek-a-boo thing and talking to it or something, rubbing the belly is basically
they rub it to see what its like. The only time you should do this is when your
Sim is happy. You'll know your action was successful when you see your pregnant
Sim lean back and let the other Sim see the belly. Remember, the Sim that is
pregnant will be very moody so be careful while doing this.

e.)After all the trimesters are done, the Sim will be ready to give Birth. If it
is to a normal baby *Male & Female only* your cut scene will be different from
any other. All Sims that are pregnant regardless of couple or sex will start
holding there stomach and screaming in pain which will cause everybody from any
room in the house to run to her to see what is happening and watch her give
birth. Once that is over, the Sim starts giving birth. A cut scene will happen
and if it is a normal baby, you will see the arrow over the pregnant Sims head
split into two and a baby will fall into her arms. *Note* If twins, one baby
will come with the cut scene, then the Sim will put it down and catch the other
baby. If your Sim is alien pregnant or is a Male & Male or maybe a Female &
Female couple, your cut scene will be different, when the arrow is shown, a
little door will open and another arrow will come out of it, then the baby will
float around your Sim, scaring it, and then your Sim will hold it and then the
cut scene is over.

4.)Taking Care of the Baby

There are many things to do to take care of your baby but, certain things have
to be taken care of.

a.)Bedding for your baby must be a crib. You will have your baby sleep in it
from new born too toddler. Your crib and everything else that is involved with
babies will be in the kid section in buy mode.

b.)While you can just have your nanny take care of the baby, you should take the
time to take care of it. The higher the relationship is as a baby, the longer it
will stay high. Your options are snuggle and play. Those are your two options
and they both raise your relationship with your kid.

c.)Your baby does have needs. Usually the mother will know whats wrong when your
baby cries, but it is sometimes ovbious. If your baby poops itself, you see
green lines coming from it and you have to change its diaper. Usually for
hunger, your Sims would know. Your Sim will always feed the baby at random times
no matter what. You have no need to worry about that. If they aren't though, get
one of your Sims to hold the baby, and then click on the refrigerator and
choose, feed baby tab.

d.)Your baby will grow into a toddler in three days of life. I actually cant
stand this transition cause it took forever on my game for my baby Sim to grow
up and it was like that every time but it will eventually happen and then once
it becomes a toddler, it will be more active and fun.

e.)Social Services happens if your not feeding your kids or letting them have
any sleep. If you get Social Services called on you, they will take away all
your children below Teen and you cannot adopt a baby nor can you do the Try for
Baby option again. Want to keep the social worker away, hears an obvious tip,
don't let your kids needs go below red and don't leave them alone or Social
Services will take them away. Nanny's aren't always good cause they can die and
then you have nobody at home with your baby. Also, I hate them cause the one
time I had one, she messed up really bad cause my baby ended up with absolutely
red in sleep and hunger. Really pointless nanny's, you guys stink.


a.)Want to pick the gender of your baby? Well, then have I got the tip for you.
I'm not 100% sure if this works cause I've never tried, but I've heard from
other sites that whichever Sim you use to do the Try for Baby, it will be the
opposite gender, so if you choose your male Sim for it, the baby should be
female, and vice versa. I think I'm getting it right but not 100% sure if its
true. But others have successfully done this so I don't think its a lie.

b.)So you want twins? Well, have I got the tip for you! One way is doing the
thing I said before, holding control+Shift+C together but instead, type in
forcetwins and your Sim will have twins. Another way that I'm not 100% sure of
is if you have Woo Hoo with your Sim during its pregnancy, you will have twins.
I think the genders are the same as above if I was right about that.

Okay guys, well, thanks for reading, hope I helped and I am proud to have the
first FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide up for the Sims 2! Okay, thanks for reading, please
say it helped:)

If you need help contact me by looking up the info on my profile.

Peace guys, have a good day/afternoon/evening!

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