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                     Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion(Xbox 360)
                              Rare Enemies

Table of Contents
1.0 Intro
1.1 The Uderfrykte Matron
1.2 Giant Slaughterfish
1.3 Giant Rat
1.4 Skooma Addicts
1.5 Highway Men
1.6 Unicorn
1.7 Westweald Bears
1.8 Painted Trolls

2.0 Thanks

1.0 Intro

    This FAQ provides the locations and description of rare enimies in the 
game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  When locating the rare emimies it would be 
smart NOT to kill them, because they will not come back, I hope you enjoy the 

1.1 The Uderfrykte Matron

   Alright the name of this troll-like creature must be German or something, 
but that doesnt matter, you will find this beast in the NorthEast of Cyrodil.  
It would be smart to start at Bruma, from there go East to find Azura's 
Shrine, and search for Arein's Camp.  Go NorthEast of there and search for a 
body (body of Andre Labouche), in the body should be a letter from his 
daughter.  In the letter tells about the Uderfrtkte Matron at Dive Rock.
Now it's time to head to Dive Rock so keep heading up the cliff toward the 
Mountian shaped logo on your compass; unfortunatly there is no path to travel 
on so it may prove difficult getting there, and it also may take a while 
getting there.

   Once you arrive at Dive Rock read Angar's Journal, don't freak out because 
the journal is'nt with his body, it's at the campsite of Dive Rock, once you 
find his journal, go a little ways SouthEast to find his body, you should be 
pretty close to the edge of a cliff, so be cautious.

  After you loot his corpse, start looking around the area where you found 
Angar (the Underfrykte Matron is near by).  Once you find the Matron, and 
beleive me you will find him, try and kill him.  When you fight him he will 
probally use a chemelion spell on himself, then fight you.  I have also 
noticed that it is immune to frost spell, enchantments, ect.  Loot his corpse 
and you will find the Frostwyrm bow.  It has an enchantment with 15 frost 
damage on strike.

1.2 Giant SlaughterFish

   I found this in a Theives Guide Quset, (the one where you find the arrow), 
but you can still find it if you don't have the quest.  Goto Castle Bravil,  
then go across the hall over the throne that the count sits on every day, (I 
sugggest doing this at night because you have to do a little trespassing, and 
I don't thing you want the Bravil watch after you), then go into the private 
quarters, from there go left and look for a room, (sorry I can't tell you the 
specific one), it should be a pretty big room.  In the room look for all of 
the pillar on the wall put your cross hair on them, one of them should 
say "Activate Moveable Pillar", press a and enter the revealed hall way.

  (now I have'nt done this quest in a long time so I can't tell you where to 
go, but just keep on going forward until you open the next door, hit the short 
loading screen, and go into the next room.)

   In the next room you start in what looks like a prison cell.  Unlock the 
first prison door on the right an you take the path on the right, which should 
lead downward.  Keep following it until you hit the water, and goto the place 
which is shaped like an oval on your local map.

  From there swim down, down, down.  It's a long way, you will probally see 
skeletons floating upward in the water, but keep on going down, into the pit. 
(I would suggest having a spell that will let you breath underwater, or a 
scroll, or an enchantment, or in you are an Argonian you don't have to worry 
about it)

   Once you hit the bottom you will find the GIANT SLAUGHTERFISH!!!  It is one 
heck of a fight, but once you kill it, it will have 3 Slaughteerfish scales, 
and tons of enchanted wepons and armor.  ENJOY

1.3 Giant Rat

  This one is easy to find, just goto Skingrad and enter Lazare Milvan's 
house.  You will probally be greeted by his annoying manslave, which he might 
pick a fight with you.  Either way kill him!!  Then go into the basement, you 
will find the Giant Rat there.

1.4 Skooma Addicts

   Again in Bravil, run around town so your local map is up to date, then find 
on your local map the house call The Skooma Den.  It will be on the second 
story somewhere.  You will have to pick the lock, if you go there at night, 
you will see two skooma addicts outside the door.  Enter the house, and they 
will not attack you, but man are those guys loaded with skooma.

1.5 Highway Men

   These guys are extremly rare!!  I have only found four of them.  They are 
all Kajiats, and they will threaten you for your gold.  You have a choice: A) 
give them 100 gold, or B)say "Over my dead body!", and have a battle to the 
death, if you do give them gold, you can then have conversations with them, or 
just kill them and take your gold back.  Here are the locations:

1) At the huge Bridge, South of the Imperial City's Arcane University.  Run 
across this and he will start chasing after you.

2) On the road going North to Chorrol, the is a Fort Ruin about half way up 
the road, he was waiting for me at the north side of NorthEast side of the 
Fort, (side closest to Chorrol).

3) On the Road going South to Lewyin, (east of the Nibsean bay), I was 
crossing the bridge over The Mouth of the Panther River and this one was 
waiting for me there.

4) Go on the road North of Anvil, keep following the road away from Anvil.  I 
should turn East, somewhere in between there there will be a 4 foot brick 
wall, he poped out from behind it a threatened me.

1.6 Unicorn

   There is only one in the game.  You must go South of the Imperial City, and 
there will be a Daedrict Shrine, the name escapes me, but the statue is a man 
with a moose head.  Keep on heading South, you will reach a Grove, (there is 
even an icon on your map for it, once you have discovered it).  In the grove 
there should be a couple Minotaurs called: "Minotaurs of the Grove", and 
somewhere in the grove there should be a Unicorn, it's hard to kill, but if 
you do kill it, loot the body and GRAB THE HORN, because you need it for the 
quest at the shrine North of the grove, if you want to ride it you have to 
sheath your wepon, and turn invisible.  Then sneak up on the unicorn and press 
A, and there you go.

1.7 WestWeald Bears

  NorthEast of Skingrad there is a small settelment called "Shardrock", owned 
by a Wood Elf, talk to him, and he will start you on a quest, that he needs 
you to retreive a couple WestWeald Bear Fangs.  Then just go run off near by, 
they will find you.  They look like brown bears, but they are sooo hard to 
kill, good luck.

1.8 Painted Trolls

   Goto Chedinhall and in if you ask around you will probally get some quset 
that tells you that a painter is missing, the house is located in the middle 
of town.  Go in and talk to the Dark Elf wife, she will tell you that her 
husband is a painter, and is missing.  She will give you the studio key.

  Go into the studio and goto the painting on the esle.  Put your crosshair 
and "Activate" the painting, now you should be in paintworld, where you'll 
find the artist, He'll tell you to go find his brush, and will give you six 
poisons called "Turpintine", these are one of a kind, and the only six in the 
whole game, they will inflict 20 damage on paint trolls.

  Now go wonder around, paint trolls, look like trolls, just poorly drawn.  
They will fight you, be sure to take their fat.  Unlike regular troll fat 
which is worth 25 gold, painted troll fat is worth 75 gold peices!!

2.0 Thanks

   Me.....that's all.

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