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August 31 2009
Resident Evil 5 BSAA Emblem guide

Chapter 1-1
none in this chapter
Chapter 1-2
#1-go to the building with 2 locked doors and 1 unlocked under the staircase, 
go inside and go up the stairs you should see a balcony in front of you, go to 
the end that doesn't have a box and you should see it over a wall, on a wall.
#2-in the room where you climb up the ladder, go up the ladder and turn to the 
middle of the room, now look up to see a water tower it is in some of the 
wooden planks.
#3-after killing urboros, before getting into the elevator, look for a hole in 
the wall on the right wall, it should be covered with a chain fence it is in 
the distance.
Chapter 2-1
#4-in the same room you begin in on the wall to the right of the door.
#5-this one is under the bridge where a majini tries to run you over, get to 
the other side and look down, it is on the second support beam from the side 
your on.
#6-in the area with all the stands go to the one tall one that says charge in 
the front of it look in through the front to see it on the ceiling.
#7-after the boat you go on after the locked gate climb up the ledge, you 
should see a guy throwing molotov cocktails at you on top of a building, go up 
there and look to the other building across from it, it's in one of the 
apartment doorways.
#8-before you send sheva over to the other building turn around and look up to 
your right it is on the ledge.
Chapter 2-2
#9-when you get to the first train you go around don't go anywhere from there 
turn around and look above the building you came out of, you should see a power 
line thing it is at the very top so you will need a rifle.
#10-when you get to the bridge where you can hear a waterfall look to your 
right and it is hanging on the cave wall.
#11-once you climb up the first ladder look behind you there is a building to 
the right of the building you came out of, it is on the lower roof.
Chapter 2-3
Chapter 3-1
#12-if your using co-op this is easy otherwise your going to need a rifle and 
good aim, once you get to the first stop which it autimatically puts you at, 
look through the doorway for the boat, you should see something like a totem 
pole in the distance it's attached to it.
#13-in the middle island use your rifle right when you get off the boat to see 
it under the hut.
#14-in the northwest location, once you get off you should see a jar, walk 
towards it and while walking up to it you should see it right above it.
#15-after opening the door that needs all 4 of the keys, jump down into the 
swamp and walk backwards looking where you just were, you should see a hole in 
the platform and its right there.
Chapter 3-2
#16-in the tricell camp go behind the 2 tents to your right, once behind there 
look for an opening between the 2 you should see it at the very other end on 
the ground.
#17-after the cutscene with irving getting away look for a building on the left 
behind you go inside and it is hanging on the wall.
Chapter 3-3
#18-when you get to the first drop off point go to where you need to jump over 
but look to the right and it is hanging on the other side of the bridge but you 
can shoot the bottom part.
Chapter 4-1
#19-when you climb up the ladder after the spiders, you should hear a 
waterfall, look down the right side of the bridge and it is hanging on the cave 
#20-after the t-shaped room go into the next room, and you should see it high 
up onto the temple you see ahead.
#21-when done with the 2nd statue back up a little and then look above the 
statue you should see a tree in the background.
Chapter 4-2
#22-on the third light puzzle go to the room that is open already, 2 spiders 
will come out of the ground when you enter the room, once you do that turn 
around and look above the doorway.
Chapter 5-1
#23-instead of going straight to the giant tent go to the right side of the 
bridge and you should see it in the water under the bridge.
Chapter 5-2
#24-after the 2nd conveyor belt, go down the stairs and to the left of the 
stairs you should see some trash bins, look into the open and it is inside.
Chapter 5-3
#25-when you start the level enter the next room which you see open, you should 
see 2 fans if you look in the right one, you should see it at the top.
#26-when you get to the round platform do not start it look for platforms on 
walls around the giant room. You can see it through the grates of floor those 
platforms have.
#27-before having the elevator come down to pick you up, go behind where the 
elevator comes down to and it is down in the shaft.
#28-if you scoped out the area before starting the fight you could see that 
there is a platform very high up, climb all the way up to that platform and 
look to the other side of the ship you should barely see it on wall of some 
#29-after you start the cage battle where your partner gets trapped in a cage, 
shoot the button to lift the cargo to make a path. In that short cutscene you 
should see the emblem in the cargo crate next to it, the only way to get it is 
to either throw a grenade into the opening, or shoot a rocket into the opening.
#30-after the cutscene with Excella, look into the cabinet window to your right.
After shooting the last BSAA Emblem you will get the trophy/achievment Badge of 
Honor and now you will be able to unlock all of the costumes for Chris and 
If any you have any questions feel freely to email me your question, I will try 
to answer as soon as possible.

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