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Spiderfan 281
[email protected]
version #1
August 18 2009
Walkthrough No Spoilers

M92F-This is the first weapon you get. You will get it from your contact at the 
butcher shop. x2
Topaz Marquise-Stay and fight the mob, wait till you see a majini with 
dynamite, kill him and he will drop it. note:sometimes it will glitch and not 
show. Best done with an infinite ammo gun or in co-op.
Gold Ring-Kill the Executioner Majini he will drop it.
VZ61-It's next to the locked gate during the public assembly fight to the right 
of it in a case.
Itacha M37-get the key from second partner assisst, use it on the building to 
the left after cutscene the girl getting takin back into the building. It's on 
the wall.
Antique Clock-Go in the building to the right of the door you have to kick with 
Sheva it's on the balcony on the second floor, in a chest.
Ivory Relief-Kill the first cephalo (Giant snake head thing).note: this is a 
one time only you will not get it from killing any other cephalo.
Gold Ring-Kill Uroboros without using the the furnace.Note: you can use it once 
in veteran and professional.And a rocket launcher will kill it even on 
professional with one hit.
H&K MP5-When you start the it's right in front of you in a case.
Jewel Bangle-The Big Man Majini drops after killed.
Sapphire Pear-After the tunnel with the dogs you will enter an area with 4 guys 
dead, instead of turning left turn right. its on the ground
Topaz Pear-It's in the water next to the the ship.
Ruby Marquise-There 4 stands in center, blow up the one side stands with either 
a grenade, grenade launcher or a rocket launcher, it's in a chest in the middle 
of the stands.
Emerald Square-climb the ladder on the the right side of the buildings, go to 
the other end of the platform and its on the roof.
Jewel Bangle-There are 2 big man majini's in the mob battle here both drop this 
S75-It's in the building that 5-6 majini come running out of.
Ruby Square-In chest after killing chainsaw majini
Topaz Pear-In chest after killing chainsaw majini
Emerald Pear-In chest after killing chainsaw majini
Sapphire Square-In chest after killing chainsaw majini
Jewel Beetle-before you climb up the ladder to the top of the trains do a 180 
and go to the farthest you can go without jumping off and it's on the crate.
Jewel Beetle-look on the fence farther away from the trains.
Ruby Pear-in the ceiling on the second turn in the tunnel, don't take this one 
easy it does not show a sparkle so you will have to aim around one the ceiling.
Ruby Pear-in the ceiling after first water area this will show a sparkle when 
you see it.
Ruby Pear-when on the bridge with the waterfall you should see above the 
doorway back into a tunnel.
Diamond Oval-when you get to the end of the tunnel and see a gate blocking your 
way turn around and stick to the right wall, it will lead you into a hidden 
tunnel way with a chest at the end with a box with a snake in it.
Ruby Square-after letting your partner use the first crank don't go straight to 
the other one this will start the next fight. instead go up to the middle 
platform, then go to the opposite side where the crank wasand look up to see a 
wheel you should see it on a circular object.
Ruby Square-go up to the next floor and it is in the tunnel. go past the door, 
and if your in the fight you should see a guy jump down with dynamite, kill him 
go to where he jumped downand turn around to where you came, look above the 
doorway and it is stuck to the wall.
Dragunov SVD-once the cutscene with irving is done look to the left there is a 
few lockers, it is in the only one you can open.
Diamond Brilliant-once out of the building go to the left side wall continue 
and there will be a ledge you climb up the chest should be not 2ft. from you to 
the left.
Diamond Pear-before climbing up the ladder aim up it is next to the right of it.
Diamond Square-on the ledge you can toss sheva up to, if your chris you can get 
it you just have to wait till you get to the next floor to jump down. it is on 
the wall to the right when you jump down.
Nothing in this level
Beetle Brown-on the first land you get on it's on the tree to the right.
Ruby Pear-to the left on the cow skull shoot it or knife it to grab it.
Beetle Brown-in the place at the south west in the round about watch for a tree 
to the right it is on there drive up to it your partner will grab it.
Idol Silver-in the south west place go to the box that usually holds the keys 
it is next to a jar with fish hanging in the back of it.
Chalice Silver-in the middle island it should have a couple chickens on it and 
it is in the hut in a box.
Beetle Brown-on the middle island look for a pole connected to a fence and it 
is on the pole.
Beetle Brown-on the east location there is a giant lake filled with crocs, go 
to the far left of the lake and it is on the tree.
Ruby Pear-before you climb up the ladder in the east location turn around it 
should be next to where a croc came out.
Beetle Brown-on the ship to the north west look for the sinken part of the ship 
its in the water.
Rocket Launcher-on the ship to the north west it is on the front of the ship in 
a case.
Beetle Brown-in the farther north west location it is in the water under a 
ledge you can climb back up.
Chalice Silver-on the far north west location climb up the ladder and it is in 
a box to your right when you climb up.
Beetle Brown- before you go to the northern location go to the south of it you 
should see a tree it's on there drive up to it and have your partner grab it.
Idol Silver-on the northern location it is on a platform you toss sheva up to.
Blue Enigma-you get one for each giant majini you kill.
Jewel Beetle-it is next to the locked door you have your partner unlock from 
the other side to your right on a wall.
Ceremonial Mask-in a cave after the locked door.
S&W M29-in the little area with a dead body next to it, do not grab it in the 
beggining wait til you kill both giant majini before grabbing it otherwise 
there will be a trap.
Ruby Pear-before you climb up the ledge in the tunnel look up and you should 
see skulls on fire shoot them and it will drop.
Sapphire Square-this is as the same as the last one in different skulls ahead.
Jewel Beetle-on the drum in the middle of the tricell camp.
Ruby Square-before entering the oil feilds door, look to the right it is 
sparkling on a rock higher up.
Jewel Beetle-in the the middle of the next room you should see a steel 
structure in the middle. if you climb up to the top you should see a valve you 
can turn go to the back of it and it is on there hanging.
Venom Fang-each of the 2 chainsaw majini drop them
Jewel Bangle-get one for each of the 2 big man majini you kill.
Gold Ring-kill the chainsaw majini
Gold Ring-kill the big man majini
M3-on the second stop go all the way to the back of the place and its in a case.
Sapphire Pear-on the other side where the shotgun is, its on the ground
Emerald Marquise-in a dresser in a room next to the turrets you have to fight 
on the second stop.
Topaz Trilliant-dont go up the ladder instead keep going on the way you were 
going you should see a jar in a cave not far off. if you turn to the left of it 
there is a ledge next to it. its in a chest.
Sapphire Pear-before you get off the ledge look up its on the ceiling.
Emerald Pear-before you fight a horde you should see a basket on fire (look for 
these, they usually hold treasure in them) shoot it and it will drop out.
Sapphire Square-there is another basket on fire down the tunnel shoot this one 
Ruby Pear-shoot the cow skull on the floor next to the door.
Sapphire Pear-shoot the other cow skull next to the door.
Topaz Pear-shoot the fire on the object next to the las treasure.
Topaz Square-shoot it down, its above the doorway you jumped down to.
Emerald Pear-shoot the basket after exiting the room with things hanging from 
the ceiling.
Topaz Pear-shoot the next basket on fire after getting seperated, on the stairs.
Sapphire Square-after getting reunited with your partner go to one of the rooms 
with the trunk and open it.
Sapphire Pear-in the same trunk as last treasure.
Sapphire Pear-go to the other room you should see a basket on the floor shoot 
Ruby Pear-investigate the mummified corpse, and then take the treasure.
Sapphire Trilliant-in the t-shaped area go to the left and its in the chest.
Ruby Trilliant-at the top of the t-shaped area in a chest.
Emerald Trilliant-in the right side of the t-shaped area in a chest.
Grenade Launcher-when you go to the left side of the first statue, instead of 
going to the right to that room turn left to find it in a case.
Sapphire Square, Emerald Square, Topaz Square, Ruby Pear, Sapphire Pear, Ruby 
Oval-under the statues
Idol Gold-after you use the second statue go to the left of it and there is a 
spot where you use a jump action to get to a chest with it inside.
Topaz Square-instead of going on to the downstairs after the second statue jump 
over to the other ledge and go to the very top and when you do reach the top 
look around on the ceiling to the left, above a wall.
Soul Gem-stay and fight the boss after the last statue.
Topaz pear-when you start the level turn around and it is hanging on the wall 
Blue Enigma-you get one for each you kill, one in the south west spot with the 
sea emblem, and the other in the northwest area with the sky emblem.
Topaz Square-in the basket on fire on the path from the south west area to the 
north west area. the basket is four cover spots before the stairs.
Ruby Pear-on the ceiling of the bridge you go under to get to the other side 
farther up on the map.
Emerald Pear-it's where you can kill the guy on the right using the laser, in a 
basket on fire.
Sapphire Square-in a basket on fire in the third cover spot on the right side 
of the map.
Sapphire Pear-go to the top of the stairs on the east spot with the earth 
emblem and it is attached to a brick sticking out of the wall sparkling.
Diamond Trilliant-once you have opened the door with the three emblems it is 
above the large door ahead of you.
Ruby Pear-if you are playing single player your partner will grab it when she 
gets to higher ground on the second laser puzzle.
WARNING-do not open the box in the middle of the room on the third laser 
puzzle, that is a trap that sends 20 spiders after you. the only thing you will 
get out of it is maybe a few hundred dollars and handgun ammo. it is not worth 
Gold Idol, Beetle Gold, Emerald Pear, Ruby Pear-get the third laser puzzle to 
get to a statue in the room, this will open the left and right room, the 
emerald and ruby are in the room with the gold idol in the 2 cow skulls on the 
Ruby Square-look up behind you, you should see it sparkling on the ceiling.
Jewel Beetle-look for some water towers on the left side of the map go to them 
and it is on the ground to the right of you.
Emerald Pear-before even going down the stairs into the large tent look up on 
the ceiling and it is there, if you dont see it back up to the flowers.
Lion Heart-this one depends on how long you stay to fight the horde of lickers. 
You get 1 for the second one you kill in the animal cage area. And it matters 
if you stay and fight the horde of lickers instead of going in the elevator 
right away. you can get three for staying and fighting. note: the horde has 
three parts, first is the lickers in the window, second is when you open the 
door that you need you partner for and the third is when you call the 
elevator.note:from now on this treasure is completley random you could get from 
a horde maybe another 4-5 or 1-2 lion hearts.
AK-74-this is in a case in a room after fighting the first 2 lickers. this room 
looks like a security camera room.
Lion Heart-kill as many lickers as possible to get the maximum, it is random 
how many there are so kill them all to get them all.
SIG 556-after the second belt go down the stairs and its in a case on a table.
Power Stone-kill the Reaper.
Dead Brides Necklace-there are two of this treasure on the conveyor belt after 
the reaper, they are held by two bodies that are alive so be careful if you 
stay in the middle the first one cant get you the second one will miss and grab 
nothing if you grab the necklace.
Sapphire Marquise-once you climb up the ladder keep going forward to where 
Excella and bird girl were and once in the middle of the room turn around you 
should see a safe on the ground its in there.
Power Stone-you can get a maximum of 3 to a minimum of 1because sometimes1 or 2 
of the reapers did not show.
H&K PSG-1-in the room where you turn on the power for the lift.
Jewel Bangle-kill the big man majini on the lift.
Royal Necklace-in the room where all of the rocket launcher majini come out of.
Ruby Brilliant-in the ruins area before you enter you should be in a little 
dirt, look up and it is kinda hidden in the ceiling.
Lion Heart-kill as many lickers as possible.
Topaz Brilliant-after lowering the bridge, it is on top of the doorway before 
the door with the tricell logo.
Sapphire Oval-once the boss kicks you through the door,go to the coffin room 
farther in the path, go through the door you see after the third turn after the 
stairs you go up, look for a little jar on a ledge to the right after entering 
the room.
Emerald Oval, Sapphire Brilliant, L. Hawk-in a coffin in the room farther ahead 
of the last treasure.note: you must get these last 3 treasures and weapon 
before the bos leaves otherwise the room will be ceiled off.
Emerald Brilliant-on the right balcony in a pot, if there is a container in the 
way of the entire path your on the wrong one.
Heart of Africa-you have to make the boss leave(otherwise force him to retreat 
he will say you have seven minutes to beat him you must beat him before that 
time limit ends)you will need a rocket launcher for this. first run away from 
the boss. then wait til he says "there's no point in hiding"that means he has 
lost you use the cover system pull out the rocket and wait for him to come 
close to you then shoot him with the rocket he will grab the rocket now you 
have to shoot the rocket, he will now retreat. wait for the next boss battle. 
Go between the the staircases below you and it should be there.
Topaz Oval-before you drop down into where the dogs ambush you turn around and 
you will find a ladder that leads higher up.use the ladder and look at the top 
of the crane ahead, there are 2 guys which you can shoot down they will both 
drop this treasure. You can get a third by looking at where you started at this 
level look a little futher up and there is a guy standing there, kill him and 
he will drop it, but only if you or your partner gets trapped in the cage can 
you get it. note:sometimes the third will glitch and not show.
Jewel Bangle-After your partner is saved go to him/her and go to the lifts 2 
big man majini will attack you both will drop it.
Jail Breaker-At the bottom of the stairs in the case. 
Dead Braid's Necklace-you will get one for each of the rocket launcher majini 
you kill.
Chalice Gold-There are 2 hidden in the lockers so look around through them.
Dead Bride's Necklace-there are 2 rocket launcher majini in this level kill 
both and they will both drop it.
Power Stone-There are 2 Reapers that you can kill they will both drop it after 
Diamond Marquise-At the volcano make sure you have like a infinite ammo weapon
(machine gun or rifle) or a rocket launcher. This is best done before the boss 
comes after you. it's hard to explain this so i will give you a place to go to 
see how to get this
Now go to your inventory and you will get the "They Belong in a Museum" 
I will be making a BSAA Emblem guide soon.
If you do have any questions about my walkthrough feel free to send me a 
question via email

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