Secrets - Guide for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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 This FAQ is written to tell the major secrets of the game. 

1. Unlockable characters for VS mode
2. Unlockable characters for Single and Ko-op player mode
3. Survivor Mode
4. Secret Boss Fights
5. Health Upgrade Locations 
6. Smoke Missions
7. Cheat Codes


1.Unlockable Characters for VS mode

The characters for VS mode are listed below

1. Baraka
2. Scorpion
3. Sub-Zero
4. Kitana
5. Johnny Cage
6. Reptile
7. Noob Saibot (If first and second player play as Sub-Zero, first player will be 
Sub-Zero and second player will be Noob Saibot)

Since I am feeling good today, I'll tell you how to unlock them.

Baraka- In the second room of the green path at the Soul Tombs. Go up to the second 
floor. Use the Fist of Ruin to break the statue on the right. Go along the path to 
reach a ledge with Baraka's koin.

Scorpion- There are 2 ways to unlock Scorpion. You can be a party crasher and use 
the cheat code listed at the end, but if you want to REALLY unlock Scorpion, read 
the following.       
Go to the area in the Foundry where the Demon Archers burst out of the walls.
There should be a breakable wall on the left. Throw an enemy into the breakable 
wall. There is a platform that is high up. Throw an enemy in the lava. Make sure he 
is near the rock. Wall run and Wall jump. On the Wall jump, try to go towards the 
platform. Get the koin to unlock Scorpion for VS mode. It is frustrating but you 
will get it...... someday.

Sub-Zero- There are 2 ways to unlock Sub-Zero. You can be a party crasher and use 
the cheat code listed at the end, but if you want to REALLY unlock Sub-Zero, read 
the following.
At the end of the boat ride at The Wastelands, you should notice 2 lion statues. Go 
to the one on the left. Wall run sideways to get on top of the lion. Get the koin 
to unlock Sub-Zero for VS mode.

Kitana- Go to the Evil Monstary. At the area where you got multality, go to the 
broken pillar. Get on the pillar and Double Jump to get to the roof. Run forward to 
get the koin that unlocks Kitana for VS mode

Johnny Cage- Go to the burnig academy at Wu Shi. Jump on the building next to the 
FIRST Test Your Might water releaser. Next, jump up to the area where a spike ball 
smashed an opening. Get the koin to unlock Johnny Cage for VS mode.

Reptile- Go to the third area in the Living Forest. At the first river, go to the 
left to find a pillar. Grab a Clay Soldier and throw him into the pillar. Go back 
to the second area of the Living Forest. There should be an opening in the 
waterfall. Get the koin to unlock Reptile for VS mode


2. Unlockable Characters for Single and Ko-op player mode

Liu Kang and Kung Lao aren't the only characters that can be used in story mode. 
Scorpion and Sub-Zero also have a bone to pick with Shang Tsung.

Scorpion- Either use the cheat code to unlock Scorpion for story mode or beat the 
game as Liu Kang.

Sub-Zero- Either use the Cheat code to unlock Sub-Zero for story mode or beat the 
game with Kung Lao

NOTE: If you play as Scorpion,Sub-Zero, or both you will always be treated as Liu 
Kang and Kung Lao. If you play Single Player mode, you will be treated as Liu Kang.
In the Boss fatality, you will have the voice of Kung Lao.


3. Survivor Mode

To play Survivor mode, go to the Foundry and get the axe. Go to the first save 
point at the Foundry. Go to the room on your right. Smash the barrel at the end of 
the room by pressing CIRCLE. Go up the ramp and take 2 turns. Smash only the right 
barrel. Go to the cubby with the Kama. Smash the right barrel ONLY. Go to the romm 
where the huge spike clubs come down. Smash the barrel at the end of the room. Go 
back to the room with the Kama. Smash the left barrel. Go back to the area where 
you took 2 lefts. Smash the left barrel. Smash the ground by pressing CIRCLE again 
with the axe. A green light should appear. Walk into it and press R2 to enter 
Survivor Mode.

There are 9 levels of Survivor Mode. There is no reward except eternal satisfaction 
and lots of EXP(Experiance Points)

Level 1: Baraka,Tarkata (Mini Barakas), and 2 Masked Guards at the Wu Shi Fighting 
Level 2: 3 rounds of Demon Genarals, Captians, Archers, and Handlers in a interior 
of a ship
Level 3: 2 Oni Warlords and 2 rounds of Oni at Goro's Lair
Level 4: Reptile and 2 rounds of Bloody Skeletons at the Pit Arena
Level 5: Infeno Scorpion and 3 Oriachi Hellbeasts at the Foundry Armory
Level 6: 3 rounds of Brothers of Shadow and Clay Soldiers at the Living Forest 
Fighting Arena
Level 7: Kano and the Black Dragon Mercinaries at the Wastelands Fighting Arena
Level 8: Goro and Kintaro at Shao Kahn's arena
Level 9: Scorpion,Ermac, Sub-Zero, and Reptile at the Warrior's Shrine


4. Secret Boss Fights

The secret characters that can be fought are:

Kano- Foundry: In the area before you fight Shang Tsung, talk to Kitana 3 times. 3 
Demon Handlers will come out and attack you. After defeating them, go into the room 
where they came from. Go down the stairs and into the cell area to fight Kano. Jax 
will also help you.

Mileena- Living Forest: Go to the first save point. Above you are 3 branches. Use 
the swing ability to reach a tree. Climb up the ladder. There is a path at the next 
area if you went all the way up the ladder. Just follow it to reach the area where 
you fight Mileena.

Ermac- Wu Shi Academy: At the very beginning of the area, there are 2 paths: The 
bridge and another path. Go back and take the other path. Use the Fist of Ruin to 
break the statue. When you get to the second area, go to your right. Go up the 
ledge. Use the Swing ability to cross the Bamboo sticks. Go to the gold statue and 
press R2. The Warrior Shrine doors should open. Go into it and go to the statue all 
the way on the left. Press R2 three times to fight Ermac.


5. Health Upgrade Locations

Health upgrades are for single player use. In Ko-op mode all it does is give you 
full health

1. Wu Shi Academy: This one you have to get in order to progress
2. Living Forest: Get the Wall Climb ability and go to the area right next to the 
last Eating Tree
3. The Wastelands: Cross the bridge at the first area. Go all the way left after 
you cross the bridge
4. Foundry: Defeat Kano to get this Health Upgrade


6. Smoke Missions

To get to Smoke, go to the third area of the Living Forest. Go to where the Clay 
Soldiers come out. Throw a Clay Soldier in the wall. Go in it and go to the next 

1. Go to the second room on the red path at the Soul Tombs. Throw Tarkata into the 
walls to reveal a secret fatality

2. Go to the Warrior Shrine(Where you fight Ermac)

3.Make 3 sacrifices at the Soul Tombs. A new area will open up. There are 3 areas 
in the Sacrifice room. Throw a Tarkata in each one to complete the mission

4. At the Portal, throw an enemy into each purple portal. There are only 2.

5. Enter the portal in Smoke's area. Fight people until it says your done

Beat all the Smoke Missions to unlock MK 2


Cheat Codes

Scorpion- At the main menu, hold L2 and press Square,Up,L1,R1,Left,Right,Square

MK 2 game- At the main menu, hold L2 and press Square,Up,Down,Right,Left,R2,Square

Sub-Zero- At the main menu, hold L2 and press Square,Down,Up,L1,L1,Up,Square

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