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here are some REALLY good tips on makin money.

The gameplay where they hide the treasure is mostly kinda like resident evil 
four they hide the treasure, the downside is you cant combine the treasure to 
make it more valuable.  well here are some ways to make some money.  first do 
you know that item cheat  where the person gives you items doesnt save but you 
do, well this works here to.  anyway tell you about that later.  anyway first 
go to the level were you just fought the second uroboros virus.  go till you 
reach the part were  you just get of the elevator and the lickers come out, 
then kill them all, you should get five red hearts which sell for 2,500 each, 
get those but dont go through the door.  save and quit and you should still 
have them, and there should be a checkpoint from where you just get off the 
elevator then go to continue and do it again four times till you get twenty, 
which all sell for 50,000 all together.(NOTE:  this will probably work easier 
with an unlimited ammo magnum)

notice how i talked about that cheat earlier, well here you go, the good part 
is you can trade items like grenades and herbs, well you can still sell to make 
money first go to a level were you get alot of grenades, then trade them of 
course(basically do the cheat).  then sell them for money  give the item back 
and do it again, and again and well you know the picture.  you can also make 
money off of trap mines.  

here are some secret treasure locations for you.  you know the level where you 
have to pull down chains for the statues to move back.  well there you have to 
fight that gay huge batlik creature, well what you don't know probably is that if 
you kill it you get a treasure.  well now you do.  the next is a hard one i 
wold of never figured out, its in the water in the wetlands area where you have 
to fight the alligators.  it should be a red gem.  i always sa it then got 
killed by the crocs.  wheres the crocidile hunter when you need him, anway,  
some treasures will be here you wouldnt look, oh and before i forget here is a 
hint on finding emblems, there are almost always right after or before a 
checkpoint, so yea.  and if you think i will talk to you about emblems well 
forget it.....  oh okay you talked me into, anyway, there is one under 
the bridge right after you almost killed by that drunk driver on the bridge.  
there is one by the factory ere you are about to go with josh on the boat 
chasing irving,, right at the checkpoint where you have a certain time limit to 
get to the boat TURN AROUND it is in that little hut by the dockside where that 
money is.  well that's it, if you want me to talk about more emblems hen ask me 
on my profile....     


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