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Spiderman 3 (Playstation 2 version)
Walkthrough and guide


I) Legal stuff
II) Introduction
III) Contact details
IV) Spidey's moves
V) Hero Upgrades
VI) Walkthrough
VII) Boss photos - When to take them
VIII) Unlockables
IX) Locations of the Meteorite Fragments and Spider Emblems
X) Frequently asked questions
XI) Trivia
XII) Glitches
XIII) Quotes n' Quips
XIV) People Like You
XV) Special thanks and No thanks


[[[[[[[Version 7]]]]]]]

Version History - 

Saturday, 05 May 2007 - 
Started the guide. Got used to the controls of Spidey 3. Completed 
the game, with plans to make this guide the very first PS2 Spiderman 
3 guide submitted to GameFAQs.

Sunday, 06 May 2007 -
Did some more on the main walkthrough, whilst still planning on 
making this guide the very first one submitted to GameFAQs.

Monday, 07 May 2007 -
Finished the guide! That means completing the game twice since 
Saturday. Submitted version 1 of the guide. And hey, my guide was the 
very first PS2 Spiderman 3 guide submitted to GameFAQs. The only 
other guide is one for the X-Box 360 version.

Tuesday, 08 May 2007 - 
I just checked the number of views my FAQ has obtained, 621 in one 
day! That's more than any of my FAQ's has had in a month! Anyway, 
after playing through the game a third time I noticed that some 
button presses in boss fights are random, so I fixed that. Also added 
photo tips. 

Wednesday, 09 May 2007 - 
Wow, this FAQ has obtained more views in one day than all my others 
combined, so thanks to everyone that viewed it! Also added (with kind 
permission) the current map with the locations of the Meteorite 
Fragments and Spider Emblems, because of the sheer amount of emails I 
was getting asking for the locations. I've slapped the photo 
locations to the start of each boss fight as well. I've been through 
the guide again and I've made some modifications to the boss battles. 

Thursday, 10 May 2007 - 
Just went around upgrading Spidey, collecting Spider Emblems and 
Meteorite Fragments, beating gangs and tidying up the FAQ today.

Friday, 11 May 2007 - 
Added the Trivia, Glitches and Quotes n' Quips sections to the FAQ. 
Also inserted a few of the questions I've been asked over the last 
week and added a few more little touch ups to the guide. I also 
placed a link that works in the Meteorite and Emblem section.  
Submitted version 4 of the FAQ!

Wednesday 16, May 2007 -                               
After a nice break from Spiderman 3, I've finally decided to add some 
more stuff to it. For starters, I finally figured out what it is the 
100 Meteorite Fragments (and 100%) does. The answer is very 
disappointing. When I say very disappointing, I mean VERY 
disappointing! Also added loads of new glitches and a few more 
questions that people sent me via e-mails. I tell you, if I never get 
another e-mail asking me "how do you find each individual Meteorite 
Fragment and Spider Emblem?", it'll be too soon! Finally, I added an 
updated map showing even more Spider Emblem and Meteorite Fragment 

Saturday 26, May 2007 - 
Hehe, another long break here. I've just been answering emails and 
stuff. I must have sent out that damn map about 50 million times now. 
I swear, if nobody ever asks me for that map again it'll be too soon. 
I also saw that 2 lame sites were hosting and selling my FAQ without 
my permission. The sites are Wonderdog and Cheat Code Central. I mean 
come on, the legal stuff is there for a reason. If you want to sell a 
guide then make your own. I added a ton more glitches too and I also 
went through the guide again and made a few little tweaks to some 
various parts. Anything else... oh yeah, I added another unlockable 
in the Unlockables section. I even bought a Black Suit Spiderman 

Thursday 07, June 2007 - 
Haha! Thought I was gone didn't ya? You... you didn't really... 
right? Anyways, I've added a ****load of new glitches, that both I 
and other people have submitted to me. Once again thanks to all who 
have submitted glitches to me. I frequently started a fourth play 
through, because on my most frequent one, the damn Sweeper enemy from 
the H-Bombers Gang just would not show up. I was frequently stuck at 
34/35 pictures. It was driving me up the wall, just like Spiderman 
himself. On my fourth play through though, I made sure to snap him 
during the Carlyle mission so HA! Hey, there's a ton more quotes 
added, you can really see that the game version of Spiderman seems to 
be more based on his comic book and animated series' versions rather 
than the movie version. I also added another section, a rather 
special section regarding a certain e-mail I got recently. Oh yeah, 
hey guess what! This Walkthrough has gained close to 200,000 views. I 
never expected it to rack up so many hits. I know that it will reach 
200,000 very soon! My Black Suited Spidey figure has been hurting 


I) Legal stuff

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. This 
also means you Wonderdog and Cheat Code Central and all other sites 
that try to host and sell this guide. If you want to sell a guide 
then make your own. Oh yeah, and don't be copying me by listing all 
the glitches in this game either. That goes for all the other people 
who plan to submit a guide for the PS2 version of Spiderman 3. 
Copyright: 2007 Nick Kazama.

II) Introduction

Greetings true believers! Nick Kazama here bringing you my second 
ever walkthrough for a game (3 of them are character FAQ's), but my 
first ever walkthrough for a Spiderman game. After hearing many a bad 
thing about SM3 for the PS2, I was a little hesitant about buying it 
at first, well, I'd already pre-ordered it. I started hearing the bad 
things about it AFTER I'd ordered the game. When I got it however, I 
saw that it wasn't really that bad. At least to me it wasn't. Sure, 
it was nowhere near as good as the Amazing Spiderman 2 game, but it 
was still pretty fun. It kept me entertained and that's what a games 
all about right? Right? Anyways, I started setting up this 
walkthrough and guide during the first few minutes of playing 
Spiderman 3, I wanted to do another walkthrough for a game, instead 
of another character FAQ and guide. It's been a real blast adding 
various things to this walkthrough.

III) Contact details

If you have any questions about this FAQ, then e-mail moi! My e-mail 
address is - [email protected]
Please remember to read the guide thoroughly before asking me 
anything though. Chances are you'll find your answer! And please, I'm 
begging you, don't ask me how to get the Meteorite Fragments and/or 
the Spider Emblems! Seriously, my e-mail account has been severely 
flooded by about 100+ e-mails asking me how to find them. Also, if 
you see this guide on any other websites other than GameFAQs, then 
please let me know and you'll score a place in the special thanks 
section of this walkthrough. 2 sites have already been selling my 
guide without my permission. Thieves. 

IV) Controls

The controls in Spiderman 3 are somewhat similar to the previous two 
Spidey games (Spiderman 2 and Ultimate Spiderman). Here they are;

Basic Controls

Move Spiderman - Left Analogue Stick
Move Camera - Right Analogue Stick
Jump - (X) Button
Wall Crawl - (O) Button (when near a wall)
Quick Attack - ([]) Button
Strong Attack - (/\) Button
Web Attack - (O) Button (when targeting an enemy)
Dodge - [L2] Button
Web Swing - [R2] Button
Swing Boost - (X) Button
Web Zip - [R1] Button
Interact (when prompted) - (/\) Button
Adrenaline Attack - [L1] Button (before an attack)
Put On or Remove Black Suit - <- or -> directional button
Photo Mode - Up Directional Button 
Pause Menu/Scrapbook - Start 
City Map - Select
Center Camera Behind Spiderman - (R3) Button

Photography Controls

Toggle Photo Mode On/Off - Up Directional Button
Aim Camera - Left Analogue Stick
Zoom In/Out - Right Analogue Stick Up/Down
Take a Picture - [R1] Button

The Black Suit

If you switch to Black Suit then you'll notice some changes in 
Spidey. Other than the color change, Spidey will gain one or more 
hits to his combos, his maximum health will become bigger and he can 
jump higher. You see your Adrenaline Bar? When that fills up 
completely, you'll notice that the edges of the screen have started 
turning dark. This black aura will grow and grow and grow, unless you 
take that suit off! If you leave it, then the symbiote will feed off 
of Peter and he'll pass out. When he comes to, he'll have the red and 
blue suit again. Each time you take Black Suit off, it will require 
some button presses. It starts out at just 2 button presses and then 
raises by one each time you take it off. Once you are required to tap 
the Triangle button quickly at the end of the button press sequence, 
that's when the number of required button presses stops growing. 

Also, if you leave the Black Suit on too much, then the city will 
start to look really grim. Trees lose their leaves, the pavements and 
buildings get all cracked up and the pedestrians say nasty things 
about you, instead of nice things. 

Advanced Combat


V) Hero Upgrades

As with Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3 allows you to upgrade our hero with 
things such as higher jumping, longer combos, more health and more. 
Here's how you can upgrade him. We'll start with the combo line.

As you progress through the main story, the very first upgrades on 
each branch will be automatically activated for you.

3-Hit Combos---4-Hit Combos---5-Hit Combos---Knockback Power---6-Hit 

Web Mount---Mounted Smash Power---Mounted Jab Power---Health Upgrade
---Mounted Web Cannon---Health Upgrade

Lightning Strikes---Lightning Boost

Web Yank---Web Rodeo---Web Hammer---Stronger Webbing---Strongest 
Webbing---Rodeo Duration

Vault---Vault Jab---Speed Upgrade---Vault Smash---Vault Webbing---
Speed Upgrade

Web Cannon Boost

Double Jump---Wall Jump---Super Fly Spidey---Higher Charged Jump---
Highest Charged Jump---The Spinneret---Freefall Headspin---Speed 

Uppercut---Dive Bomb---Health Upgrade---Earth breaker---Uppercut 
Power---Health Upgrade---

Spider Smackdown---Smackdown Boost

Each time you purchase an upgrade for Spidey, Bruce Campbell may give 
you a humorous line!

VI) Walkthrough

Okay then my fellow Spidey fan, let's get this show underway shall 
we? Unlike previous Spidey games, Spiderman 3 starts you off in a 
building. A guard comes to greet you, so hit him with either the 
Square button, or the Triangle button. A small cutscene shows more 
guards entering the room you're in. Hello, is that Bruce Campbell's 
voice? It sure is! As he suggests, soften the bad guys up with some 
soft attacks and then nail them with stronger moves. The most 
effective way to get them out of your way is to do the combo shown at 
the top of the screen; Square, Square, Triangle. After beating them, 
head through that door and you'll see a big explosion just outside 
the window. Head to the right and another explosion will blow a hole 
in the wall. Enter through the hol... erm, passage! 

You'll be in an office. A cutscene will show yet another small 
explosion blow another chunk out of another wall. However, there is a 
fire standing in between you and the passageway. The game prompts you 
to jump over it. You can charge your jump by holding down the X 
button and then releasing it. However, you don't even need to jump 
over it. Move slightly to the right and you'll see that you can just 
run around the flame. In the next room, there is a huge gaping chunk 
of the floor missing and some more flames poking out of there. What 
would Spiderman be without his Spider powers? I'll tell you, he'd 
be... man. Is that what you came to play - Man 3? Nope! Go up to the 
wall and press the Circle button to stick to it. Of course if you 
wanted to, you could just charge your jump and then press the Circle 
button to stick to the ceiling, then just crawl across the fire. Head 
through the door at the end.

In this room, there are 4 bad guys. Use that 3 hit combo like the 
last time. You also get an option here to use the Web Splat move. 
Spidey has lost the ability to web up an enemy in this game, so 
instead he has the Web Splat. This move temporarily blinds an enemy. 
After subduing them, another cutscene shows yet another explosion 
that blows a section out of the ceiling this time. More bad guys drop 
down to come and get you. You also get a prompt to use Spidey's dodge 
move. When his Spidey Sense goes off (little flashing light above his 
head), press the L2 button and Spiderman will roll out of harms way. 
I know, I miss the sprint function too. After these bad guys have 
been dealt with, run into the little yellow circle on the ground and 
then charge your jump. Release it to proceed to the next floor. 

In this room, there are 4 people that need saving. To pick up a 
civilian, walk up to them and then press the Triangle button to have 
Spidey pick them up. These two people are stuck behind some debris 
and some fire. Simply jump over the debris to get to them. After 
picking one of them up, get them to the door (just follow the green 
exclamation mark on the screen). When you reach the green circle on 
the floor, press the Triangle button again to drop them off. After 
getting the second civilian to safety, a cutscene shows you some more 
bad guys - The H Bombers. You'll also be shown that you can 
regenerate some of Spidey's health. Remember that you can only 
regenerate up to the white part of the health bar (if you've taken 
damage you'll notice a white bit on the health bar). Beat these two 
bad guys and then head through the door. 

More bad guys and a health restore (the little red spider emblem). 
After taking out these bad guys, run over to the tied up civilian, 
move Spidey into the yellow circle and press the Triangle button. 
This will begin a sequence where you must repeatedly tap the Triangle 
button. Keep at it and Spiderman will break the chains holding the 
civilian. After freeing him, he'll open a door for you and then run 
off. Head through the door and follow the green exclamation mark. 
Notice how the number gets smaller as you get nearer? Keep going and 
you'll see a health restore. Move into the next room. Oh boy, lots 
more baddies in here, but nothing you can't handle right? Right?? 
Good. Around this point you'll get another little notice about the 
Adrenaline Attacks. When that white bar underneath you health bar in 
full, you can use an Adrenaline Attack. Press the L1 button and the 
Circle button at the same time. You can refill the Adrenaline Bar by 
dealing damage to enemies. 

Okay, beaten up all the enemies? Great okay, move Spidey into that 
yellow circle near the tied up civilian and press the Triangle 
button. Remember the last tied up man where you had to rapidly press 
the Triangle button to free him? Do that again now and we're done. 
Watch the opening credits. Our hero gives us the low down about 
what's been happening. New gangs have appeared and are dividing up 
the city, Harry won't talk to Peter, New York loves Spidey and a new 
guy at the Daily Bugle, Eddie Brock is annoying Peter. After the 
opening credits, you have the option to change the difficulty 
setting. There are 3 difficulty levels - Sidekick (the easy one), 
Hero (harder than Sidekick) and Super Hero (the hardest difficulty). 

Okay, head into the green circle on the ground and tap the Triangle 
button to begin some training. See that blue ring in front of you? 
Swing to that. Press the R2 button to swing. Swing through 4 blue 
rings to get another little notice. You can change Spidey's direction 
while he's swinging by moving the Left Analogue Stick in the 
direction you want to go. Swing through 4 more blue rings to pass 
this little test. Once Spidey is on the ground, head into the little 
green circle and tap Triangle! Now you'll learn about charged 
swinging. To charge swing, press the X button whilst swinging and 
Spidey will move faster on his web line. Charge swing through 3 blue 
rings to complete this little training exercise. After completing it, 
you'll get some experience. When you have enough experience, you'll 
gain a level. These levels can then be spent on the Hero Upgrade 
chart located in the scrapbook (press Start to open the scrapbook).  
You can earn experience points by completing mission s and performing 
combat combos. You can also save your game whenever you want (most of 
the time). To save your overall progress, press the Start button and 
select Save/Load.     

Access the Scrapbook to proceed. Save your game. You should be 10% 
done. Exit the Scrapbook and then you need to press the Select button 
to bring up the map. See those colored icons that are scattered 
across the map? Those are the various gangs of Manhattan. Each time 
you take down a part of a gang, then they will lose some of their %. 
Render their % to zero to eradicate them from the map. If you manage 
to successfully beat all the icons of one gang and then render their 
percent to zero, then you'll gain a ton of experience. Okay, now 
you're free to do whatever you want. I recommend that you swing 
around the city for a bit to get used to the controls. Don't worry 
about the green exclamation mark, you can go to that whenever you 

Done? Okay, head in the direction the green exclamation mark is 
pointing you to and you'll see a man with a long thin pillar of 
purple light above his head. This light is so that you know which 
person to talk to. Press the Triangle button to talk to him and start 
a crime patrol. Follow the white icon to your next destination. There 
is a little timer on the top right hand corner of the screen, but it 
is more than enough time for you to get to the baddies. The timer 
will disappear when you reach them. There should be 4 of bad guys 
here. Use combos to dispose of them quickly and then pick up the item 
they leave behind. A police badge icon will appear and will lead you 
to, who else? A policeman! Get close to him and press the Triangle 
button to give him the item you just picked up. The cop will then ask 
you to find some evidence and you'll see 3 marker appear on the 
screen. Head to any one of them. If you head to the truck, then press 
the Triangle button repeatedly to open it. No evidence. Another 
marker leads you to some bad guy, beat them up. No evidence. Head to 
the one that's located on top of a building and you'll find a wooden 
box. Punch it a few times to destroy it. Ding ding ding, evidence! 
Pick it up (press the Triangle button when near it) and head back to 
the cop. Give the evidence to them. 

But wait, were not done yet! Turns out that the H Bombers stole some 
power converters. Swing over to where the green exclamation mark is 
pointing you to. You'll see a van. Get behind it and press the 
Triangle button to initiate another Triangle mashing sequence. After 
Spidey has pulled the doors off the van, he'll pick up the power 
converters. With these in your possession, head on over to the guy 
across the road and hand them to him. Mission Complete!

For completing this mission, you'll unlock the Acrobatics Upgrades. 
You'll be brought to the upgrade chart. Feel free to spend your Hero 
Points on the 4 Hit Combos upgrade and the Wall Jump upgrade. Exit 
this screen. Another icon will appear, so follow it! It will lead you 
to the Daily Bugle. Head into that green circle on top of the 
building and press Triangle. After the cutscene, you'll need to head 
to the printing plant pronto! This is timed. To make this easier, 
you'll automatically unlock the Web Zip move as you swing along the 
buildings. This is a very handy move and you can do it simply by 
pressing the R1 button. This icon will lead you to a building on the 
edge of town, so climb up it. A cutscene will show a baddie come out 
of the door and ambush you. You'll now learn about the Web Yank move. 
You can Web Yank by pressing and holding the Circle button. This move 
can disarm enemies (stuff like pulling their shields and weapons away 
from them). After defeating this enemy, several more will burst out 
of the building. Beat them all and then head on over to the bomb. 

After defeating them, go near the bomb and press Triangle, this will 
begin another Triangle button press sequence. Spidey with start 
spinning the bomb around with his web line. You need to press the 
Triangle button when the little moving red line reaches the end part 
of the meter. Here's a little diagram to help you out;  

    ____________________________   __________
|| |                            | |   Press  | ||
|| |                            | |   (/\)   | ||
|| |____________________________| |___Here___| ||

You need to do this 3 times. After successfully completing this, 
Spidey will hurl the bomb into the water, where it goes off without 
harming anyone. Not done yet though. Another baddie exits through the 
door and tells Spidey that their boss has planted bombs all down the 
side of the building their on as a backup plan. Who plants bombs down 
the sides of a building as a back up plan?? Anyway, start crawling 
down the building and press Triangle when you're near them to 
deactivate them, yes this is timed. You see those green circles that 
are guiding you to the bombs? Well, once they deplete, then the bombs 
will go off. We don't want that happening. Remember to Web Zip if 
you're running out of time. There are 7 bombs in total. Spidey 
decides to check with the police, just in case there are any other 
signs of this mad bomber. The cops tell him that there have been some 
more bombs set up at the bugle's regional office. Pick up that health 
refill if you need it, then start swinging over to where the icon is 
pointing you to. 

On top of this building, beat the thugs (Square, Square, Triangle 
works best here) and then press Triangle near the bomb to twirl it 
around and throw it into the river. Its exactly the same thing as 
before, press the Triangle button when the red line gets to the end 
of the meter. After giving this bomb a bath, collect the health 
refill and then pick up the "Suspicious looking Package" next to it. 
Looks like some sort of tracking device... and its showing bombs 
headed in your direction! The map will automatically pop up, showing 
you the locations of these bombs. Exit the map screen and then 
descend the building and protect it! It turns out that more thugs are 
bringing the bombs to the building. Take care of them, there are 4 
enemies here. A good way to deal heavy damage to them is to jump into 
the air and then press the Square button multiple times. Spidey will 
launch a web line onto them and then pull himself in and go straight 
into a combo. After that's taken care of, the building will be saved. 
Mission complete!

You'll earn some experience and random crimes will now start 
happening around the city. Web Yanks Upgrades will also be unlocked 
for you. 

I wonder if things have settled down at the Daily Bugle yet. It 
wouldn't hurt to see id J. Jonah Jameson has another job for Peter. 
Follow the icon which depicts a lizard on it. Hmmm, a lizard... Of 
course, you don't need to follow the icon right away - swing around 
the city for a little bit until you hear a voice saying something. 
This voice will also be accompanied by text at the bottom of the 
screen, this is a random crime happening in the city. Complete a few 
of these and rack up them Hero Points. Once at the Bugle, head to the 
top and a cutscene will start. Giant Lizards? After the cutscene, 
you'll be at Central Park. Follow that green exclamation mark. As you 
begin to near the point you're headed to, you'll hear phrases such as 
"Don't go in the park! Giant lizards!!" spoken by pedestrians. Once 
you've reached the point, Spidey will spot what is indeed a giant 
lizard! It's pigging out at an ice cream stand. Best to not startle 
our scaly friend here, we need a few pictures of these things. 

Remember how to open up the photo mode? Press the Up button. The 
photo controls are listed on the photo mode; 

[R1] = Take a picture
(R3) = Zoom In and Zoom Out
Up = Exit Photo Mode

See that bar on the top left part of the screen (when not in Photo 
Mode)? That shows how much distance is between you and the lizards. 
Get too close and they'll be startled and shall run away. Start 
walking towards it and Spidey will inform you of when you get at just 
the distance. Go into Photo Mode. Zoom in on this lizard and then 
when you see the red circle go green, take your photo. After you take 
this picture, the large reptile will notice you and run off, so its 
time to find another one. Follow the marker and you'll see one across 
the lake. When the bar appears on the screen, move forward a little 
bit and then repeat what you did the last time. This lizard will 
escape by jumping into the lake. Now, you'll need to rescue a 
pedestrian from one of these lizards. Get to them before their health 
drops to zero. While making your way to this lizard, you'll get a 
hint that tells you to Vault That Lizard! To Vault, dodge while 
moving towards an enemy. This will allow you to jump over enemies and 
attack them from behind. Try Vaulting enemies who dodge or block your 
normal attacks. 

After saving this pedestrian, a cutscene will show. More lizards have 
turned up and are now trying to carry off innocent people. Head to 
the marker and defeat the lizard that's carrying the girl. A good way 
to catch up to him is to shoot some impact webbing (web ball) at him. 
This will blind him for a few seconds, allowing you to deal some 
damage. Done that? Great, okay pick up the pedestrian and take her to 
either of the 2 ambulances on the sides of the park. Your jobs not 
done yet though! Another Lizard is making off with another hostage! 
Go and get him, then bring the civilian to one of the ambulances. Oh, 
there's always one more isn't there?? Track the next lizard down and 
bring the pedestrian to an ambulance and we're done! Mission 

You'll gain some experience and the Vault Upgrades will be unlocked 
for you. Photo Mode will also be unlocked. If you complete the check 
list in the Scrapbook, then you'll get an experience bonus. 

After the cutscene, Peter remembers that he told Mary Jane he's meet 
her at Central Park. Good thing we rid it of reptiles huh? Do some 
more random crimes if you want to gain some more experience. MJ can 
wait. When you think you're ready, head to the star icon to meet up 
with Parker's lady friend. Hello, what's that sticking to Peter's 
trainer...? After the cutscene, pick up MJ and take her home. Mary 
Jane will constantly be yelling stuff to you in a friendly way ("This 
is worse than a roller coaster!", etc). When you reach the green 
circle on the floor, put her down and after the cutscene you'll be 
thrust into your first boss fight of the game;

Boss - Harry Osborne/New Goblin #####################################

This entire boss battle is nothing more than timed button presses. 
Peter will spend this entire fight dangling from the back of Harry's 
glider. For the first part of this battle, press the [L2] and the 
[R2] button to steer the glider away from oncoming traffic. 
Eventually, you'll get a message that tells you to look for 
opportunities to swing your way up onto the glider to stop Harry. To 
do this you need to press these buttons when prompted ; 

Triangle, X, triangle, X, Triangle.

Then press the corresponding buttons when Peter jumps onto the 
glider. After doing this, a cutscene will show and Peter will once 
again be hanging onto the glider. When there's no traffic in the way, 
press Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle again. You can press these 
buttons as fast as you want. When Peter jumps onto the glider a 
second time press the 4 corresponding buttons. Harry will stab his 
glider by accident and Peter will once again be hanging on for dear 
life (probably not dear life as he's Spidey ya know?). Once again, 
hop onto the glider by pressing Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle. 
When Parker's on top of the glider with Harry, press the 
corresponding buttons and you're done!


Watch the cutscene. Hello Black suit! But where did it come from? Who 
cares, it feels and looks great! Help out the cops by beating on the 
thugs. Eventually, you'll notice that a black aura has started to 
appear at the edges of the screen. This is the black suit enhancing 
your attacks. But be warned. If you wait for too long until removing 
the suit then it will make Spidey pass out. Pretty soon you'll be 
prompted to take the black suit off. Press the right directional 
button to remove it. You'll now need to press 2 corresponding buttons 
on the screen. Each time you wear the Black Suit and then try to take 
it off, it will take more and more button presses. After taking it 
off, a little timer will appear just above your health bar. You won't 
be able to don the suit until that time expires. After beating up the 
thugs you'll get a Mission Complete! 

The new Trick Race Challenges will now be unlocked. As will Black 

There will now be 2 icons on the screen. It's your choice on where to 
go next. This guide however will be following the Lizard part of the 
story right now. Don't worry, you will be tackling the next part of 
the story after the Lizard scenario. 

Follow the icon that depicts the lizard head. The icon will take you 
to the top of a building. Once on top of the building, press the 
Triangle button for another cutscene. Woah, hello! It's the Lizard! 
This cutscene will begin a chase sequence. Follow the Lizard around 
the various buildings (if you lose him then just look out for a 
yellow exclamation mark on the screen and head in its direction). 
Eventually, our scaly friend will trap a civilian underneath a car 
and will set fire to another car. Step into the yellow circle near 
the vehicle with the trapped person underneath it and press the 
Triangle button. Now you must tap the Triangle button again rapidly 
to have Spidey lift the car off of the pedestrian. After you've done 
this, head on over to the other car that's been set on fire. See that 
fire hydrant on the pavement? Punch it and then step into the yellow 
circle and press the Triangle button a few times. This will make 
Spidey pull the car over to the water and it will extinguish the 
flames. Resume chasing the Lizard. 

The rampaging reptile will then knock 3 people off of a building, so 
guess what. That's right its up to YOU to save them! Remember, there 
are no X-Men, Fantastic Four, or any other superheroes in this game 
to do that. Head on over to the building and start wall crawling once 
you reach the wall that they are hanging from. Pick up each one with 
the Triangle button and then drop to the ground. Drop them off and 
then repeat this with the other two people. Done? Great, okay resume 
your chase. A cutscene will show the  Lizard summoning more lizard 
men to come and get you. You know what to do! You'll also get a hint 
that tells you about upper cutting enemies here. Use upper cuts to 
knock enemies away from you. Upper cuts are especially effective 
after you Web Splat or Vault an enemy. When enemies are in the air, 
you can use web moves on them to get extra hits. Defeat these lizard 
men and move forward a little to start another small cutscene. The 
cops have their hands full trying to fend off some more lizard men. 
Go help them out. 

After killing these lizard men, a cop will lead you to some more of 
them. Beat them and you'll notice that these lizards are coming from 
the sewers. To web up the sewer entrances, simply get near them and 
press the Circle button. You'll know if you've successfully webbed up 
a sewer entrance when a big web circle appears over them. You'll need 
to web up 2 sewer entrances. After you've done this and beaten all 
the lizards in the area, follows the icons again to even more lizard 
men! Beat them all. Hey, if you have purchased (or have enough Hero 
Points to purchase) the 5 Hit Combos, then these lizard men should go 
down in just 5 hits each. Make sure to web up the next two sewer 
entrances in this area. Heads up! Lizard's gone into an alley! Follow 
him and he'll unleash some... kitten men to come and fight you. Okay, 
I lied, its more lizard men. I'm just getting tired of writing lizard 
men you see. Beat these lizards and it's off into the sewers. Mission 

Your Uppercut upgrades will be unlocked. 

Listen to what Spidey says here; he makes references to the Green 
Goblin and Doc Ock from the previous two Spiderman the movie games! 
You'll also be able to go to the other icon now, but this guide will 
be continuing with the Lizard plot now. Head down into the sewers. 

Oh boy! The sewers! We haven't been able to head into the sewers 
since the first Spiderman game for the Play Station 1! Ahem, anyway 
head through that entrance. In this room, if you just keep going 
forward and you'll notice some pods... these are what the lizard men 
burst out of. Hmmm, pods that hatch living things. Invasion of the 
body snatchers eat your heart out. To the left is a railing and 
beyond this railing is another area. Hop over the railing and move 
forward a little. Hey look! Some lizard men just hatched. Beat the 
**** out of them and continue on. That sewage can't drown Spidey or 
anything, it'll just make his outfit smelly. If you want this to look 
somewhat cool, then web swing over the river of sewage here. Proceed 
through the tunnel. You'll be constantly attacked by enemies as you 
make your way through this large tunnel. At the end, you'll notice 
the Lizard running through a door, so follow him. 

In this area, after you've moved forward a little more, you'll be 
ambushed by, is it? It is! MORE ****ING LIZARD MEN! After fighting 
them for a while, you'll get another hint about using the Web Mount 
move. Use the Web Mount to attack large enemies you can't yank. Once 
you're mounted, punch away. Don't stay on to long though! You'll also 
be introduced to a new type of lizard man here, these ones are much 
bigger than the others and are stronger too. After you've disposed of 
them, head on into the next area. Jump over the platform into the 
space below and Spidey will comment that its too quiet all of a 
sudden... Speak of the devil. You should have predicted what type of 
enemies will attack you down here, so just pound away at them. There 
are quite a few to go through here. After killing them all, head 
through the newly opened door. Move forward and you'll come to the 
entrance of a big tunnel. Jump through either the left circle or the 
right one and proceed. 

As you head down this tunnel, enemies will now start popping up out 
of the sewage in an attempt to ambush you. Beat them all for the 
experience and keep going until you see that the passage is blocked 
by a lot of steam. Don't touch the steam or you'll get hurt. Head on 
over to that console on the left of the screen and press Triangle. 
Now press Triangle again rapidly to have Spidey turn the wheel and 
the steam will be no more! Proceed. Oh look, more steam! Turn the 
wheel just like you did with the previous one. Keep going and you'll 
come across a third wall of steam that's blocking your path. Turn the 
wheel again. Now head to the end of this large tunnel. At the end, 
charge your jump to reach the platform up above and then enter the 
door there. Keep moving forward and you'll see a door to Spidey's 
left. He'll automatically enter it. 

In this next area, jump over to the green exclamation mark and press 
the Triangle button to turn the valve. You now need to seal the leaks 
o the pipes. Head on over to the 5 yellow exclamation mark points and 
seal up the pipes with your webbing by pressing the Circle button. 
Webbing - 1, Lizard Goo - 0! This will remove the goo from the door 
in this area. Head through it. Keep moving forward. Mission Complete!

The Web Mount Upgrades will now be unlocked for you. 

Okay, in this area, follow the green exclamation mark and drop down. 
You'll now have the option to either take a break from this mission 
and swing around the city, or continue the mission. Continuing on, 
move forward through the door and in this next area, you'll need to 
defeat a few more enemies. Defeat them, then head through the newly 
opened door. In this area, beat some more enemies and then head into 
the next area. There are humans in this area, that need rescuing. 
There are 4 humans that need your help. Scoop 'em up and then bring 
them to that door on the right hand side of the screen. Drop them off 
at the door and then defeat the lizards. They'll appear on a raised 
platform. But wait, there are gang members fighting with our scaly 
friends? They all need rubbing out, so kill 'em all. Head down this 
tunnel and go through the door. In this room, there are dead lizard 
men and gang members for you to fight. After disposing of them, head 
on up that door on the raised platform and keep going, to initiate a 

After the cutscene, Spidey will be flung into a trap! This is not a 
drill, repeat, this is NOT a drill!! A huge metal drill is bearing 
down upon you, so technically it IS a drill but hey you get the idea! 
Now swing! Swing like you've never swung before! Be sure to avoid the 
tanker which is giving off flames and keep swinging until you see 
long thin sideways pillars of flame. Spidey will most likely swing 
around these naturally because of the swinging physics in this game. 
They're easy enough to avoid though. After you clear this set of 
flames, some more await you, so swing past them. After clearing this 
set, a final third set of flames appear. Swing past this set and keep 
going till you reach the end of the cavern and you're home free! In 
this next area, Spidey comments on the slime on the walls. He says he 
won't be able to climb them, nor does he even want to try climbing on 
them. Head around the corner and go into the green room to start a 
boss fight;

Boss - Dr Curtis Connors/The Lizard##################################

Photo - Lure him over to one side of the area and then immediately 
afterwards, swing over to the other side. This should give you plenty 
of time to position the camera correctly and take his picture.

He's not so tough. He's not really that hard at all, so save Black 
suit for the next boss battle. The Lizard is always accompanied by 
his lizard men followers, so they might make things a little 
difficult for you. If you've purchased that 5 Hit Combo, then his 
health bar will deplete a lot faster! The Lizard rarely seems to 
attack you and even if he does get a hit off on you, he doesn't do 
much damage. By the time you've finished one combo, the Lizard will 
be stunned, so use another combo on him. Jump out of the way of his 
lizard followers and you'll be fine!


Leaping Lizards! After you've defeated him, the Lizard jumps away to 
a door that's very high up. Spidey follows and this will begin a 
timed button press sequence. Press the corresponding buttons that 
appear on the screen.

The order is probably random with each play, as with many other boss 
fights, etc. Mission Complete! After completing this mission, you'll 
be back at street level. You must now tackle the Dragon Tail gang in 
order to get a lead on Doctor Connors and Kraven the Hunter. In order 
to do this, simply bring up your map. You see those question marks? 
Head to each one of them and complete the selected objectives. Its 
not hard at all. There should be 9 question mark icons on the map. 
Head to each one and complete all of them. After you've done this, 
you'll get the heads up to swing to another green exclamation mark. 
It's coming from an alley way. Oh no... oh no... MORE lizard men want 
to say hello. Drop down into the alley way and beat them up. You'll 
also notice that a few Dragon Tail gang members are duking it out 
with them. Beat up whoever you want first, or just jump around 
wildly, knocking everyone around. Mission Complete!

Okay, you'll now be standing on, or near a green area. Press Triangle 
and you'll be thrust into a boss fight; 

Boss - Sergei Kravenoff/Kraven the Hunter ###########################

Photo - After he gets dizzy from dashing around the area (after he's 
consumed his potion) that's the best time.

Its time to make the hunter become the hunted! Kraven will almost 
always be accompanied by at least 2 Dragon Tail gang members. Trust 
me, the easiest way to get past this first part of the boss battle is 
to just switch to Black suit and pound away. Kraven won't even get a 
chance to attack you and you'll rack up a decent combo number! After 
you've whittled his health down by halfway, Kraven will take a swig 
at his special potion. This will make him gain a yellow aura. He'll 
also be accompanied by many more gang members this time. Take them 
out if you want for experience while Kraven dashes around the area 
like a mad man. Pretty soon, the hunter will get tired and stop. Now 
is the time to hit him! After you've dealt enough damage to him, 
he'll drink some more of his potion and will start dashing around the 
area again. Just kill some more gang members until he tires himself 
out again and then beat him to a pulp. 


Mission Complete! 

You'll now be inside another area. Run forward and pick up the health 
restore if you need it. After going through this small corridor, 
you'll be in a bigger room. Follow the bleeps, or the exclamation 
mark, and run into that glowing yellow circle on the floor. You'll 
now be able to once again take a break from this mission and swing 
around in the city or something, or you can continue the mission. 
Chose to continue and Spidey will meet up with Doctor Connors 
again... Wait a minute... oh god...

Boss - Mega Lizard ##################################################

Photo - If you can, get behind one of the generators and Mega Lizard 
will almost always be on the other side. Edge to the side of the 
generator so that he still can't get to you and take his photo.

Woah! Huuuuuuuge Lizard Alert! Dr Connors took some more of his 
formula and has now transformed into a massive lizard monster. You 
cannot hurt him at all in this fight, at least not with your punches 
that is. Here's what you need to do; you see those 4 generators in 
the area? Well, you've got to lure the lizard beast into one of those 
so he shocks himself. Get near one of the generators and then jump 
out of the way, just as he reaches for you. Lizard will shock 
himself. Be careful not to get too close to the turbines yourself, or 
you'll lose some health. Oh yeah, and watch out for his acid spit! 
You need Monster Connors to shock himself 2 times. After the second 
generator, he'll learn his lesson. Now, he won't shock himself 
without some serious encouragement. Get close to him and the second 
you see the Triangle button icon appear on the screen, press it! Soon 
after, the Square button icon will appear, so press the Square 
button, now all that remains is the press the Circle button, when the 
Circle button icon appears on the screen. This order may be random. 
Spidey will now be riding Mega Lizard! Yeehaw! Git along little 
doggy, um cowboy, er Spider... just forget it. To have Spidey stay on 
the Lizard, keep your thumb on the Left Analogue Stick and keep the 
little pointer in the middle of the curved line, just like in the 
Tony Hawk games! When the Mega Lizard is near enough to a generator, 
the icon for the Circle button will flash on the screen, so press it! 
Lizard will go head first into a generator! Spidey will jump off just 
before the Monster Lizard shocks himself a third time. Wait a second, 
oh crap! The fourth generator has turned off! You need to get it 
running again. See those 2 switches on either side of the room? 
You've got to switch both of them on. Press Triangle near them and 
then press it again repeatedly as fast as you can, because old 
Godzilla here ain't gonna stop chasing you. After you've switched the 
both of them on, get near the monster again and press the correct 
buttons in order when prompted. Now, keep the little pointer in the 
middle of the curved bar as long as you can, cause the Lizard may run 
for longer this time. After a while you'll see the Circle button icon 
on the right hand side of the screen, so press it. Shocking! Now all 
that remains is a well placed finishing move. Stand in front of the 
Monster Lizard and press the Triangle button. Now press it again 
multiple times and you're finally done!


Mission Complete! 

Now, head toward the lizard icon and press Triangle. The Lizard 
himself may have been taken care of, but there are still plenty more 
lizard men lurking around in the city. We'd better mop 'em up. There 
are 5 groups of lizards and there should only be 4 lizards in each 
group. Mission Complete!

That's it, that's the end of the lizard threat!

Now head to the star icon. This is just a little FMV cutscene with 
Doc Connors and Spidey talking about the symbiote. Okay then, New 
York is finally lizard free and there are now 2 new icons for you to 
go to. Firstly, head for the icon that has a man with all of his head 
showing A.K.A. the one that doesn't lead you to the Daily Bugle. This 
mission is quite humorous because J. Johna Jameson will have to join 
you! After the cutscene, follow that helicopter, once you get close 
enough the enemies will drop off Jameson. Now Spidey will be carrying 
Jameson whilst chasing the helicopter. After a few moments of 
chasing, these baddies will set up a bomb on a building. Set Jameson 
down, beat up the enemies and then press Triangle near the bomb to 
begin another swinging session. Remember to press the Triangle button 
when the little marker reaches the end part of the line. After this, 
the helicopter takes off again. Pick up Jameson and follow it! Pretty 
soon, these baddies will start setting up another bomb. Beat up the 
bad guys, then do the whole swinging mini game again. After you've 
disposed of this bomb, pick up Jameson once again and continue 
chasing down that helicopter until it stops and the top of a 
building. Set Jameson down and beat up the bad guys. Its time to 

Boss - Carlyle ######################################################

Photo - When he's been forced out of the sky, use your Square, 
Square, Triangle combo on him and when he's lying on the floor, 
that's when you shoot... your camera that is!

Not really a hard boss at all here, just an annoying one. Okay 
firstly a word of warning - DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING THE 
BUILDING YOU ARE ON!! Seriously, there is a weird glitch that happens 
if you jump off the building. Carlyle will just float above you and 
you won't be able to continue with your game. 

Okay, Carlyle will spend his time hovering around you and shooting 
missiles at you. When he does, you'll occasionally get the Circle 
icon on the right hand side of your screen. When you see this, press 
the Circle button and Spidey will use his webbing to hurl the missile 
back to Carlyle. You need to do this a few times. If you want, you 
can beat up his endless swarm of henchmen. There is no end to them. 
Anyways, after you've flung enough of Carlyle's missiles back to him, 
he will lower to your level and start trying to attack you manually 
(A.K.A. He will now fight like a man). Just batter him with your 
normal combos, or if you really want to cause some damage, then hit 
him with some heavy attacks. After he's taken enough damage, he'll 
start hovering around the area again. Do exactly what you did before, 
fling his missiles back at him and eventually, he'll lower himself to 
your level again. After taking a bit more damage, he'll say that its 
time to finish this, which it is! This will begin a button press 
sequence. Press the following button combination in order and you're 

[], O, X


Mission Complete! 

Okay, up for a little vampire hunting? Then follow the icon. It will 
lead you to the Daily Bugle. After the cutscene head to where the 
marker is pointing you to. This destination is very far. You'll find 
that it leads you to a pavement. Press the Triangle button to begin 
the mission. You'll now have a police badge icon directing you to a 
police car. Wait for it to stop at some traffic lights or a zebra 
crossing before you hop onto it. Eventually, you'll here the radio 
talking about a vampire. Hop off the car and follow the green 
exclamation mark. This is timed. After you make it you'll see a 
cutscene featuring Spidey meeting Morbius, the living vampire. 
Mission Complete! 

Afterwards, you'll be on top of the Daily Bugle so swing to the icon 
which is again quite far away. Once you reach the icon. Press 
Triangle to begin the next mission. Notice how moody Spidey got 
lately? Anyways, it's that time again! Boss battle time!

Boss - Michael Morbius ##############################################

Photo - After he's been snagged in the web net.

You need to stall him in this first part. Stand in the yellow circles 
on the ground and press Triangle to web them up. Morbius needs to be 
trapped in one of these webs 3 times. After the third time, the sun 
will start to rise and you'll now be able to hurt him. Unload some of 
your combos on him and watch out for his swooping attack which he 
seems to love doing. If he's too far away from you, he'll most likely 
perform a lunging attack to get to you. After you've brought his 
health bar down enough, he'll try to fly straight at you. Press the X 
button and the O button when prompted to have Spidey bring him back 
down to your level. Now you can start pounding on him again. After a 
few more hits have been dealt to him, Michael will try his attack 
again to which you must press X and O again. A few more hits on him 
will defeat him.


Mission Complete!

There will now be 2 icons. A star one and a Morbius one. Head the 
Morbius icon first. Its time to meet Mrs Morbius. Within seconds of 
meeting her, she sets her brainwashed "children" on you. Time to lay 
down the hurt! Beat up all the thugs you see here. After this is 
done, you'll need to swing over to the green exclamation mark. Now 
she's started brainwashing civilians. She's even making them walk 
into a cloud of toxic gas spilled by an overturned truck. Bad mother, 
BAD! Use the Circle button to web up some of the punctures in the 
truck and then escort the 2 women here to the nearby ambulance. After 
fighting with the thugs in this area, the truck will explode. Defeat 
the other thugs (they have shields now press the Circle button to 
yank them away). After this, its time to find Shriek again. Follow 
the green exclamation mark up the building where you'll encounter;

Boss - Francis/Shriek ###############################################

This entire fight takes place on a tall, narrow building. Shriek has 
placed a big pillar in the middle of this skyscraper and THAT'S what 
we're gonna use to defeat her. Start by avoiding her mental blasts. 
Jump over them. Stand in front of one of the four satellites and jump 
out of the way at just the right moment to make a mental blast hit 
the dish. Now, run into one of those 4 yellow circles on the ground 
and press the Triangle button. After pressing Triangle, you'll need 
to rapidly press the [L1] button and the [R1] button several times 
each to destroy a meteor on her obelisk. You'll need to repeat this 
action 5 times. On the last time, Spidey will probably shout "Yeah! 
No one can stop me now!"  


Mission Complete!

Okay, after the boss "fight", head back to Dr. Connor's laboratory, 
remember to follow the Morbius icon. Enter the lab. We must now 
investigate where Shriek has gone. Press the Select button to bring 
up the map. See those Question Mark icons? Head to each one of those 
and complete all the objectives. Not really hard at all, just a 
little time consuming. After you've done all that, you'll be told to 
follow the trail of shards. Just keep following the green exclamation 
marks and pressing the Triangle button to pick up the shards. You'll 
know you've reached the end of the shard collection objective when 
you see 3 of them all next to each other. Pick them all up. Mission 

Follow the Morbius marker and enter Doc Connors' lab. The screen will 
fade to black and then Morbius will be with you. Before you pick him 
up, back off a little and take his photograph. If you want an ever so 
slight challenge, then don't take his picture right now. Regardless 
of what you choose to do, pick him up and swing to Shriek's hideout. 
Do it quickly though, because there is a timer and the hideout is all 
the way over at the other island! Just walk into the yellow circle to 
begin another boss battle;

Boss - Morbius and Shriek ###########################################

Photo - Pull the planks off of a window, lure Michael into the light 
and then move away slightly. While he is stunned and Shriek is 
repairing the window, NOW is the time to take those pictures! (Note 
that you may have to do this method twice).

Yep! You have to fight 2 bosses at once. Sounds hard... well it 
probably is to some people, but if you've upgraded Spidey's combos 
then this fight will be cakewalk. Okay, Shriek is making Morbius 
fight you against his will. Aside from garlic and crucifixes, what 
else do vampires hate? That's right, sunlight! See those boarded up 
windows? You have to stand on the yellow circles and then press the 
Triangle button to Web Yank them off the wall. Be careful that 
Morbius doesn't attack you while you're pulling the boards off of the 
windows. Get Michael into the light and then use your strongest 
combos on him, preferably ending with the Triangle button strong 
attack. His life goes down much, much quicker than the last time you 
fought him. After a while, Shriek will place the boards back onto the 
window so you'll have to yank them off again. After you've depleted 
his life bar, Shriek will revive him with her powers. Notice how 
every time she revives Michael, HER health bar depletes? Keep 
following this strategy and you'll be done in no time. 


After the battle, Shriek flies off and Morbius is unconscious. Follow 
her through the newly opened door and you'll be in a small hallway. 
You'll see... Mary Jane?? What's she doing here? The hallway turns 
bright white. Keep on running forward for another boss battle;

Boss - Shriek #######################################################

Morbius won't be joining her in this boss battle, but she has 4 
henchmen with her. Spidey figures out that Shriek's power comes from 
the meteorite, so maybe his black suit does too. Unfortunately, 
Shriek shrieked and your black suit was rendered immobile just before 
this boss battle. To make matters worse, Shriek has transformed 
herself and her 3 followers to look like Peter's closest friends - 
Mary Jane, Curtis Connors, J. Jonah Jameson and Harry Osborne. While 
in this form, they will all be defeatable with just one punch, 
however they'll respawn immediately after. After punching any one of 
them, Spidey's Adrenaline Bar will fill up ever so slightly, but 
Black Suit makes the meter go to zero so there's no point really. 
Just punch the one you hate the most (if you hate any of them), for 
fun. You need to wait for the black suit timer to deplete and then 
switch to Black Suit to see the illusions for what they really are. 
Black Suit is of course more powerful than regular Spiderman, so the 
minions and Shriek shouldn't pose you too much of a problem. After 
she's taken enough damage, Shriek will shriek again and your Black 
Suit will be taken off you. You now need to wait for the timer to 
deplete again. Keep on dodging the illusions and then switch back to 
Black Suit when the time is right. Pound on Shriek a little more and 
you're done! By the way, you don't even have to dodge the illusions 
of Peter's friends, just climb up a wall and wait until the black 
suit's timer expires.


Mission Complete!

Okay, head to that star icon. I know, I know, it's really far away! 
The star icon will bring you to the Daily Bugle. After the cutscene, 
head to all 4 green exclamation marks and press the Triangle button 
at each one. Spidey will place a camera at each spot. After the 
fourth one has been placed, switch to Black Suit. Now follow the 
person marker and then pick up the guy you come across. Swing through 
the first 3 blue rings and you'll see all the photos that are being 
taken of you and your new friend. Ignore his whimpering and for the 
last blue ring, you'll need to climb to the top of a building and 
then drop down into the blue ring. You'll know if you've done it 
right when small chunks of the ground fly up from where you landed. 
What's this? Spidey was just reported mugging someone? He can't be in 
2 places at once now can he? Unless Ben Reilly is in Manhattan, which 
he's not... Its time to track down this phoney! Follow the green 
exclamation mark. This is timed, but don't worry, because you get 
more than enough time to reach your destination. Okay, after the 
small cutscene, continue to follow the green exclamation mark, this 
is also timed, but don't worry as you have quite a bit of it. Make 
sure to take this impostor Spiderman's picture here. You need to do 
this before the cutscene! It's quite easily missable, because Eddie 
Brock doesn't stand out in the crowd that much and doesn't really 
pose you much of a threat at all ya know? At least until he gets a 
certain black ooze... Knock out this impostor with 1 punch. Mission 

Oh hey, Mary Jane's favorite band is coming to town. We should head 
to Times Square and get some tickets! The Times Square you knew from 
Spiderman 2 and Ultimate Spiderman is dead. Now it just looks like 
any other ordinary street. I miss those gigantic neon signs and 
lights and everything... anyway, head for the star icon. We're off 
into the subway! We're also off to fight;

Boss - Flint Marko/Sandman ##########################################

Photo - During his healing sand tornado is the best time.

It's about bloody time that Sandman showed up! He's only like, one of 
the main characters of the movie! Okay, for the first part of the 
boss battle, avoid Sandman's attacks. You can't hurt him yet. After a 
short while, you'll notice the Triangle button icon appear on the 
screen. Press it quickly and Spidey will throw Sandy into one of the 
trains. Flint will fall onto the next level, so follow him and pick 
up that health restore along the way! On this level, stall him once 
again until you can press the Triangle button to send him into a 
train and down to the next level. One more time now and then we can 
start the second part of this battle! Once again, hurl him into one 
of the trains. After the third time, you'll both be in another part 
of the subway. You still can't hurt him though... Spidey said he'd 
ditch the Black Suit for a while, but one more time couldn't hurt, 
right? Right...? After you get the heads up to switch, change to 
Black Suit! You can now hurt Marko. Pound on him and... hey, have you 
noticed that the screen is getting blacker a little TOO early? Don't 
worry though, Spidey will control it. After hurting Sandy enough, 
he'll create a sort of sand tornado to try and heal himself. We don't 
want this happening so jump up to that valve and press Triangle. Now 
press the Triangle button again several times to give the Sandman a 
bath! Rinse and repeat and you'll be done! 


Mission Complete! 

No time to celebrate your victory now! Peter needs to hurry to the 
restaurant or he'll be late for his date with Mary Jane! At this 
point, Peter has grown too attached to the symbiote, so you won't be 
able to change out of your black suit. You'll constantly have a 
slight black aura around the edges of the screen and the city will 
now look really decayed. Head to the star icon. Notice how cruel 
Peter was being in that cutscene? Now its time to take MJ home. Like 
the last time you took her home (before your battle with New Goblin), 
Mary Jane will constantly say things to you if you swing, however her 
comments will not be happy ones. During your trip back to MJ's place, 
you'll need to stop some thugs. Be careful, they'll throw small 
petrol bombs at you. After you defeat them, Peter will make an out of 
place comment about how good it felt to beat them up. Pick up Mary 
Jane again and head over to the yellow circle on the ground. Put her 
down and its time to say good bye to Black Suit... 

Hee hee, did you enjoy that cutscene? After it, normal Spidey decides 
to head back to his apartment to relax for a bit. You now no longer 
have Black Suit. Before heading to the star icon, you may want to do 
some last minute upgrading for the final boss battles, as there are 4 
of them in a row. Enter Peter's apartment. After the cut scene, head 
to that construction site to begin the final boss battles!

Boss - Flint Marko/Sandman ##########################################

Round 2 with the man of sand! That's... Sandman... anyway, he has a 
constant sand tornado around him during this fight and it'll be 
hurling random objects at you. You cannot hurt him yet, so don't even 
think about going near his sand tornado. Just run and jump away from 
Flint. Every so often, his sand tornado will hurl a canister at you. 
Press the Circle button at just the right time and Spidey will use 
his webbing to throw the canister back at Marco! Now is your chance 
to pound on him! Use those strong attacks (Triangle button) at the 
end of your combos to deal more damage. You'll notice that his health 
drops more rapidly than the last time you fought with him. Keep this 
up and he'll eventually go down.  


Boss - Eddie Brock/Venom ############################################

You were looking forward to this fight weren't ya? Harry Osborne/New 
Goblin will be helping you in this fight. Well... not really, as all 
he does is fly around the battlefield until the on screen button 
press sequence. This battle is also timed. I know, I was thinking 
"WTF!!" as well. The timer gives you 5 minutes. Okay, first things 
first, grab that health restore if you need it, because Venom is one 
tough cookie. Wait for him to finish his attack and then run up to 
him and press the Square button multiple times to do a combo on him. 
One of the most effective combos to use on him is the Square, Square, 
Square, Triangle one. Straight after you've hit him, jump away to 
avoid his attacks! What ever you do, don't jump up and then press 
Square (to make Spidey attach a web line to Venom, pulling himself in 
for an attack), because Brock will just hit you and stop the combo 
instantly. Also, be sure to not get hit by his combo - its lethal!  
After you've taken off a quarter of his health bar, Eddie will start 
pulling himself along the floor with his webbing. Don't be near him 
when he does this, or you'll get hurt! If you're Adrenaline Bar is 
full, then use an Adrenaline Attack (L1 + O) to knock of a very good 
portion of his health bar! Pretty soon, his body will have tentacles 
flailing off of it (remember like in Ultimate Spiderman?). It is 
around this time that Harry will actually help you out after saying 
"Knock him up into the air and I'll do the rest!". Press the Triangle 
when prompted and Spidey will kick Venom into the air, where New 
Goblin will slash at him a few times. Straight after he's landed, run 
over to Eddie and punch him a few times, before jumping away and 
starting this whole process over again. Keep at it and eventually, 
he'll go down! However, don't think we're done yet!


Boss - Mega Sandman #################################################

My, what big... everything you have grandma! Easy, easy, EASY!! Wanna 
know what this boss fight is? IT'S EASY!! Don't let his big size 
intimidate you. Remember what they say ; "The bigger they are, the 
harder they fall!". Giant Sandman never moves from that spot. He'll 
try and attack you with slamming attacks and such, but they're easy 
enough to avoid. When he shoves his arm into the ground, jump away to 
avoid his crushing hand that will pop up beneath you. See those 
yellow circles on the ground? Well, when they appear run into them 
and press the Triangle button. Goblin will drop off an object. Spidey 
will then start twirling it around. Look familiar? It should do, 
because this is played out in exactly like when you threw a bomb 
away. Press the Triangle button again when it reaches the end of the 
meter. I've put the diagram from before here for you, just in case;
    ____________________________   __________
|| |                            | |   Press  | ||
|| |                            | |   (/\)   | ||
|| |____________________________| |___Here___| ||

You may have to dodge for several moments after throwing each bomb. 

Note about the locations of the 4 yellow circles. There are 2 in 
front of him, 1 on his left and 1 on his right. Do this 4 times and 
you're done! Now there's just one more boss fight to go...


Final Boss - Eddie Brock/Venom ######################################

Photo - After you slam the steel planks down to weaken him. While 
he's weakened is the best time.

Oh yeah, he's back and Harry isn't here to help you this time. Venom 
has a new attack, a ground pound. When he slams his fist onto the 
ground, jump away from him. So how are we meant to beat Venom?? Well, 
you remember how symbiotes are extremely sensitive to sound right? 
They can't stand loud noises. The ringing bell in the church weakened 
the symbiote long enough for Peter to tear it from him self. In one 
of the corners of this construction site are some metal planks. Use 
the same strategies on Venom as you did before. As soon as you've 
whittled his health bar down enough, you'll see a green exclamation 
mark that's leading you over to those steel planks. Get into the 
yellow circle on the ground and press the Triangle button. Spidey 
will use his webbing to slam a metal plank onto the ground, creating 
a VERY LOUD NOISE! Venom cannot stand this and it will cause him to 
be momentarily stunned. Now's your chance to hit him with a longer 
combo! You'll get to do this at least 3 times during the fight. Keep 
at it and you've got the monster! Game complete!!


Phew! Main story over and done with! Congratulations. But wait, 
there's still plenty more things to do around the city. Those gangs 
need to be taken care of, you still need to collect all of the 
meteorite fragments, there's races that need completing, you can 
finish upgrading Spidey on the Hero Upgrade chart and now there is a 
whole other set of things for you to collect - The Spider Emblems. 
See the Unlockables section below to see what you can unlock! 

VII) Boss photos - When to take them

To reach that elusive 100%, you'll need to take photos of the bosses. 
This can prove to be quite difficult, so here I have listed the best 
possible time to take a snap shot of those super villains;

Carlyle - When he's been forced out of the sky, use your Square, 
Square, Triangle combo on him and when he's lying on the floor, 
that's when you shoot... you camera that is!

Kraven the Hunter - After he gets dizzy from dashing around the area 
(after he's consumed his potion) that's the best time.

The Lizard - Lure him over to one side of the area and then 
immediately afterwards, swing over to the other side. This should 
give you plenty of time to position the camera correctly and take his 

The Lizard Transformed - If you can, get behind one of the generators 
and Mega Lizard will almost always be on the other side. Edge to the 
side of the generator so that he still can't get to you and take his 

Morbius Vampire - After he's been snagged in the web net. 

Shriek and Morbius - Quite easy here. Pull the planks off of a 
window, lure Michael into the light and then move away slightly. 
While he is stunned and Shriek is repairing the window, NOW is the 
time to take those pictures! (Note that you may have to do this 
method twice).

Sandman - During his healing sand tornado is the best time. 

Eddie Brock - Make sure to take his picture while he's dressed up in 
his dime store Spidey suit. You need to do this before the cutscene! 
It's quite easily missable, because Eddie Brock doesn't really pose 
you much of a threat at all ya know? At least until he gets the 

Venom. During the last fight with him, after you slam the steel 
planks down to weaken him. While he's weakened is the best time.

And there you go!

VIII) Unlockables

Black Suit - 

Are you missing your black suit? Well, you can get it again! How, you 
ask? Simple... kinda! Collect all 50 Spider Emblems scattered around 
the city. This time however, the black suit is controlled by Peter. 
You no longer get that annoying black aura around the screen leading 
to you passing out. That's right, you no longer pass out from wearing 
the black suit! Also, when you want to switch back to regular Spidey, 
you don't have to force the Symbiote off you.

A yellow sign saying "Congratulations!" -

To get this simply astonishing unlockable, you need to collect all 
100 Meteorite Fragments scattered around Manhattan and get 100%.  
Isn't this just the most amazingly astonishingly outrageously cool 
thing you've ever seen in a game before!? I'm at a loss for words at 
how Vicarious Visions managed to place this incredible unlockable in 
the game. They really outdid themselves. I mean, who would have 
thought that for all the hours you spent collecting the 100 Meteorite 
fragments, that you would get THIS unlockable?? A sign that 
congratulates you!! It's just so freaking amazing!!! I am not lying 
about this, repeat, I AM NOT LYING ABOUT THIS! And forget the rumours 
you may have heard, Venom is NOT a playable character, he's only a 
boss that you fight against in the main story. But hey, who needs a 
playable Venom when you can get a little sign that congratulates 

*Faints because of the aura of awesomeness that is this unlockable*

More Trick Races - 

To unlock more Trick Races, simply complete all of the current ones 
that there are at the moment. You can find them by going to your mini 
map and pressing the left or right buttons to find them. Remember to 
try for that Superhero time on each race ya little monkey!

Unlock playable New Goblin -

Buy the Playstation 3 version. 

IX) Locations of the Meteorite Fragments and Spider Emblems
Some of the users at GameFAQs have scanned in the official Bradygames 
map with all the locations of the Spidey Emblems and Meteorite 
Fragments and have given me kind permission to use the maps in this 
walkthrough, so a big thanks to them. Unfortunately, the official map 
with the locations is WAY off, so these great users have been placing 
the correct locations on the map. Here is the map with the current 

Should the above link not work, then try it a few more times by 
editing the end of the link (the ".jpg" part). If that still doesn't 
work, then try the second link below.


If it STILL doesn't bloody work, then just email me for the maps.

X) Frequently asked questions

Q) Hello, I was reading your Guide to Spidey 3 great job.  I was a 
little disappointed with the shortness of this game, however I was 
reading the back of the case for the game and it says "Choose One of 
5 storylines to play including the movie plot" Do you know what this 
is referring to?  Are there alternate stories?  Thank you for taking 
the time to answer my question.  Again great job on the guide

A) Thank you very much! To answer your question, the other "5 
storylines" are the other parts to the story (you know, like Morbius 
and Shriek, Carlyle, etc). At some points in the game you can chose 
which 2 parts of the 5 part story you want to do. Take the early part 
of the main story, you get 2 little icons on your screen. This means 
that you can either go and beat Carlyle (1 story), or go and take on 
the Lizard instead (Story 2). I would have liked it if each story was 
longer, because these 5 storylines all feel like exactly the same 1 
story line. 

Q) Well, Here's the thing.... First can I say what a great guide you 
made, it's the best spider-man 3 guide I've read. Second, I need a 
little help. I went and did the thing that everyone else does when 
they get a new game, Play it to get through the levels and didn't 
look at the big picture ( The 100% ending ) So I got to the Sand Man 
Fight in the subway and it Hit me.... I forgot to take the Super 
villains Photos!!! So I went around and got all the gangs photos but 
I need pictures of Kraven, The Lizard, The Lizard Transformed and all 
the other lizard creatures, Plus Morbius and his wife. But I've 
defeated them, they're gone!!! Do I need to start again or is there 
away to get these pics? Thanks!!!

A) Thank you! Sadly, you will have to start a new game to get those 
pictures. The same thing happened to me with the Eddie Brock photo. I 
didn't know when you were supposed to take it and I ended up missing 
it... I had to restart the game 3 times to get the photos - The first 
time I didn't bother with many of the photos, the second time I 
missed the Eddie Brock (in the fake, dime store Spidey suit) photo 
and in my third play through, I'm still trying to find one of the H-
Bomber's so I can take his picture. I've been searching for hours on 
end for him, but he NEVER shows up.

Q) If you do manage to take all villain photos apart from 100% what 
else do you get? If anything. Also what happens if you get police 
100% control of Manhattan? Thanks.

A) For getting all the Villain photos, you get 15 exp points. For 
getting the Police in total control of New York, you get some more 
exp points. I know, the rewards should have been a little better!

Q) Anyway, I just want to know if you can slingshot on the PS2 
version of spider man 3. And if you can I would like to know how, 

A) Sadly, you cannot slingshot on the PS2 version. I saw a video on 
Youtube once where Spidey used the Slingshot move, he ended up 
"flying" past half of the city, it looked like such a blast to do! 
So, yeah it pains me to say it, but the Slingshot move isn't in the 
PS2 version.

Q) I have a question about the game: what suggestions do you have for 
web slinging faster?  I'm trying to get the 200 mph achievement, but 
I can't get past 163.  I'm using boost at the bottom of the swing 
arc, and letting go at the bottom as well, but nothing seems to be 
working.  Thanks for your help!

A) Vicarious Visions made a big mistake in making SM3's web swinging 
similar to Ultimate Spiderman. Have you noticed that Spidey almost 
always wants to attach his web line to the corner of the building he 
has is currently passing? You need to try and get the web line to the 
far corner of the building you're swinging past. The only problem 
with this is that Spiderman always wants to attach his web line to 
the wrong place at the wrong time. You should try releasing the web 
line in different places in order to make him reach a point that will 
enable him to swing at higher speeds. Hope that helped you!

Q) Anything you know about "friend or foe" would be nice.

A) At this point, very little is known about Spiderman Friend or Foe. 
The only known things are that it is based on the Spiderman movie 
franchise (like the previous Spiderman movie video games and that it 
will have "A new take on the legend". I'm not sure of anything else 
about it, but I'm excited! The official website is up right now, but 
at the moment it's just a little cutscene featuring Spiderman and the 
Green Goblin. Spidey looks amazing, but the Green Goblin looks like 
an action figure or something, but hey, remember that it's probably 
only beta graphics! Only time will tell us more about Spiderman 
Friends or Foe...

Q) Is Venom Unlockable?

A) Venom isn't playable, it was confirmed earlier today by somebody 
that showed visible proof that he had obtained 100% and gotten all 
the Meteorite Fragments and Spider Emblems. It disappointed many of 
us! Don't believe what you read on websites, Eddie Brock is 
unplayable and that's final!

Q) How do you do game saves because I can't do all the emblems and  

A) Sadly, I haven't the foggiest on how to do game saves. But I'm 
sure that in the near future, somebody will be kind enough to upload 
their 100% completed save file... Trust me if I could, I would have 
already uploaded quite a few for people to play a round with.

Q) How long do you have to stay in the black suit for things to get 
nasty (i.e.: leaves fall off trees, people start saying mean things 
about Spider-Man)?

A) Do a few crimes in the black suit and the city should start to get 
very gritty. In some missions during the main story, the city will 
suddenly look completely ruined out of the blue...

Q) How do I commit crimes in the Black Suit?

A) . . . . . um, you don't. Spidey may go a little bad when he dons 
his black symbiote suit, but he's still a superhero albeit a very 
violent superhero! I mean, watch his subway fight with Sandman in the 

Q) Hey what on earth do I do when that glitch occurs that makes me 
not able to continue the story? It messed up before Escape Under New 

A) Restart your console. If the problem persists then you may have to 
restart your game. It's a real pain in the butt, I know. Silly 
Vicarious Visions and their (billions of) glitches!

Q) Can I get the bosses photographs after completing the game?

A) In answer to your question, you'll sadly have to restart the game 
and play through it again to get those pictures. I had to play 
through the game 3 times to get all the photos. They should have had 
Spidey say something like "Hmm, I should take this guys photo now..." 
to remind you!

Q) Is there anyway to swing around flagpoles and light posts?

A) Sadly, Vicarious Visions took that feature out as well. They left 
hardly anything from Spiderman 2 in Spiderman 3.

Q) I was looking at your SM3 guide and I'm wondering if you can help 
me. I'm having trouble on (you guessed it) the lizard mission. It 
looks like the game transitions immediately from lizard mission one 
to two. Is that right? I took my pics, returned them. I remember 
following the footprints up a building and stuff, but I must have 
gone the wrong way and gotten side-tracked by other missions. Now I 
don't know where to go to pick the trail back up and the lizard 2 
mission isn't available to me on the map. Do you know if there's any 
way to pick up where I left off? What part of the map was the 
entrance to the sewers where you pull up that grate? Is there a 
mission that I need to do before it will show up on the map? The only 
missions available to me are the stupid gang missions and the Bugle 
photo missions. There doesn't seem to be a way to progress the story 
of the game (if there is one).

A) Hmmm, try the Bugle Photo mission and I think you'll be able to 
continue. If not then that means that you've uncovered yet another 
glitch in this game. You'll probably have to start a new game if you 
still can't continue after the Bugle Photo missions.

Q) Hey man u did a GREAT job that was a really great guide one of the 
best. Anyways I cant believe u cant play as Venom I was looking for 
meteorites for DAYS then I took a look at your guide then it said 
venom is not playable then I was mad.  I don't get it they do such a 
good job for Playstation 3 and XBox 360 but there getting lazy with 
ps2.  Well like I said good job with your guide. Oh one question is 
there anything that's fun to do after u beat the game.

A) Wow, thanks dude! I really appreciate the comments. I know, 
Activision really landed them selves in hot water when they lied to 
us. They said that PS2 (and Wii) owners would be getting the EXACT 
same game as the next gen owners, only with slightly less better 
graphics. Instead we got an extremely half arsed game built from 
scratch, made by a completely different company. After the game, 
there's really nothing more to do except try to get a pointless 100%. 
Then go and plat Spiderman 2 again!

Q) Do you have any tips for finding the "Advanced" gang members to 
photograph? I am currently 56% complete on my first run through the 
game on the PlayStation 2 and have noticed that the only time I seem 
to find the "Advanced" gang members is in the Shakedown the Gang 
missions where you have to go to the question marks on the map to 
find leads on the current boss you are tracking. This was true on the 
Lizard shakedown with the Dragon Tails and The Shriek's Hideout 
shakedown with the Waste Tribe. I have not found any "Advanced" gang 
members from the Apocalypse gang or the H-Bomber Advanced Knight.

A) Sadly, it would seem that (in my game at least) that all the 
enemies you face are random. I've been searching for the Sweeper 
enemy of the H Bombers, but he never EVER turns up. I'm beginning to 
think that it might be yet ANOTHER bloody glitch in the game. 

Q) I have a Spider-Man 3 for the XBOX 360. Is it still possible to 
have multiple save lots as in Spider-Man 2 or do I only get one now?

A) Eh sorry, like the title of this walkthrough suggests, this FAQ is 
for the PLAYSTATION 2 VERSION of Spiderman 3 the game. So, I know 
next to nothing about the X-Box 360 and the Playstation 3 versions of 
this game. I only know that Treyarch developed the next gen versions 
and that they put time and effort into them... unlike Vicarious 
Visions who thought it would be really cool to put a multitude of 
unfixed glitches into the Playstation 2 version of the game. And the 
Wii version, I think...

(((Ask me more questions! Just not "How do you find all 50 Spider 
Emblems or all 100 Meteorite Fragments?". Seriously I've received 
like thousands of emails asking me that question! And don't ask me 
about an individual location or if the map is correct. I'm tired of 
those questions. also, remember that good spelling and grammar!)))


XI) Trivia

If you change Spidey costume to Black Suit just before an FMV starts 
then he'll be wearing Black Suit in the FMV!

If you have Spidey stick to a wall and leave him for a few seconds, 
then he'll change his pose.

One of Spidey's quotes "I should start giving out T-Shirts, you know 
ones that say 'Spiderman kicked my butt and all I got was this lousy 
T-Shirt?'" This is a reference to the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City 
where, once you completed the game, you got a T-Shirt that had 'I 
beat Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt' printed on it.

Whilst fighting Apocalypse gang members, they'll sometimes switch on 
a jukebox that you can destroy.

The Hulk is mentioned by Bruce Campbell after you obtain an upgrade 
on the Hero Upgrades Chart. 

Unlike the Playstation 3, XBox 360 and PC versions of Spiderman 3, 
the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii versions were developed by 
Vicarious Visions. Spiderman 3 is not this company's first time 
developing a Spiderman game, as they were the ones that brought us 
Spiderman 2 - Enter Electro for the original Playstation console.  

Bruce Campbell sadly doesn't eat a sandwich in this game (PS2 and Wii 
versions at least). I'm not orally fixated or anything!

Every single mother in the city, no matter what decent she is, will 
speak to you with an Asian accent after you return her kid to her. A 
very bad Asian accent I might add...

The cover for the game is incorrect. The spider emblem's 2 top legs 
on the red piece of the suit should be pointing straight up; instead 
the whole spider emblem looks like the one that shows when the black 
suit fully takes over.

When you get to the bridge with Morbius, web-sling to the bridge and 
fall in the water. This does not make you fail the mission. but it 
takes away the timer and if you fall into the water about half way 
across the bridge, you end up across the bridge very close to the 
hideout when you are re-spawned -  Mike Howard


XII) Glitches

One of the main reasons that many people don't like this game is 
because it is ridden with glitches, some big and some small. Now I've 
heard of a game with lots of glitches before but this is just effing 
ridiculous! Here are the glitches I've located at the moment.

- Males sometimes speak with female voices and vice versa.

- Buildings and objects in the distance sometimes have sections 

- Sometimes, the meteorite fragments and the spider emblems don't 
make that little beeping sound.

- Sometimes you will get the Mission Failed screen straight after 
starting the next part of a gang mission.

- At times, Spidey's web line will attach to nothing at all, yet 
he'll still be able to swing.

- Whenever Spidey picks up a child, the kid will always go through 
his arm before going onto the Web Head's shoulder.

- Whilst holding a kid, climb up a wall and move the camera to 
Spidey's side. He isn't even holding the child! 

- On very rare occasions, the screen will go pitch black during a 
mission. You'll still be able to see the Health Bar and the little 
icons telling you were you'll need to go, but you can't see anything 
else. You can however still control Spiderman and hear the sounds of 
the city...

- Spidey will (very rarely) be able to land in mid air after a jump 

- Every single pedestrian can (and probably will) walk through 
anything they can.

- During missions where you have to give a policeman some evidence 
they will (very rarely) be invisible.

- Some people have reported receiving no icons at all making them 
unable to progress with the story. This mostly happens during the 
"Escape Under New York" mission.

- One time I chose to do a transport the patient to an ambulance 
mission, but the ambulance was way too far away. The patient's health 
declined to zero and it failed me. That ambulance was way way WAY too 
far away.

- One time I had Spidey jump and I saw his shadow in the air, right  
above him.

- Ambulances sometimes park through bus stops and walls.

- When you rescue a pedestrian and take them to a waiting ambulance, 
they will sometimes thank you twice with a different voice each time.

- Hey, do you remember those little red lights located on the corners 
of some sky scrapers? I saw one of those little red lights about 10 
cm away from a building. In other words, it was flying!

- You know when you get a city patrol / mission voice over from the 
police woman? Well one time, Spidey said "Yeah! No one can stop me 
now!" instead of the police woman speaking. 

- As I delivered one guys bag to him after a crime patrol, he didn't 
say anything.

- Even after you defeat all of the gangs, you will still get "Police 
Crackdown!" notifications.

- There's this building at the very North-East corner of Central 
Park, on the East side. If you climb to the top of it, then you'll 
notice that you can jump on top of those 6 big fans on top and see 
the streets below. But how would you be able to when there should be 
walls in the way, blocking your view? This also happens with a few 
other buildings as well.

- On some sky scrapers, if you try to crawl down to the ground, then 
Spidey's top half will disappear underneath the side walk while he 
continually crawls.  

- You know how when Spidey changes his position if you leave him 
sticking to a wall? That's only supposed to happen if you have him 
upright, but it once worked for me when he was sideways.

- I had Spiderman stick to a wall once and he was positioned on it in 
a really weird way. He was crawling up the wall VERY slowly and his 
top half was inside the building... 

- Just before the first Morbius fight, Spidey will mutter - "You 
ticked me off on the wrong night Count!" twice.

- When the Lizard knocks those 3 people off of the building in the 
part where you're chasing him around the town (just before the sewer 
bit of the game), what exactly is that lady on the far right hanging 
on to...? Does she have Spider powers as well?

- You know how the ground beneath you cracks while landing on it from 
a long distance? Well, a few times the ground was heard cracking and 
bits flew off of the ground, but there was absolutely no visible 
damage to it whatsoever. 

- In the sewers, when you have to make you're way through the long 
tunnel with the walls of steam throughout, if you move the camera 
downward then you can see that the "sewage" is really just a flat 
surface that covers Spidey's lower legs.  

- Cars will sometimes drive right through you when you take the black 
suit off.

- One time I saw a car appear out of nowhere right in front of me. 

- I started a random crime and straight after I started swinging to 
the location, it said "Mission Complete"...

- Sometimes you can't start a random crime event because straight 
after the girl starts talking, you get a police crackdown message on 
screen at the same time.

- Some object appeared right in front of me on a rooftop as I ran 
along it.

- During the cutscene with shriek on the building (the one just 
before you fight her the first time) out of nowhere the sound of 
Peter being hit "Agh!" was heard.

- When I went to hand over a bomb (to a normal civilian I might add), 
Spidey crouched down to put it on the floor, but he was still holding 
it, as the normal pedestrian  walked forward a little bit.

- While swinging through the trees in Central Park, invisible objects 
will get in your way.

- Sometimes when Spidey swings a bomb into the air, it doesn't 
explode and just... vanishes...

- The web targeting system keeps switching between the enemy your 
facing and an enemy that's behind you. Very VERY annoying!

- One time I did a charged jump, but Spidey didn't jump until a few 
seconds later.

- On some occasions, when I view the map, it will slightly be moving 
forward and when I zoom out, it will automatically zoom in again.

- A similar thing sometimes happens with the photo mode, it'll just 
be zooming in constantly.

- On my fourth play through, I noticed that some of the audio clips 
where repeated at the start. For example, Bruce Campbell's line went 
like this ; "What would Spi-What would Spiderman be without his 
spider powers...?" It only started happening on my fourth play through 
and I don't know why it started then, and it is VERY frequent now...

The following glitches were submitted by
various people via e-mail. Thank you to 
all that submitted a glitch to me!

- After bringing an injured person to an ambulance if you get on top 
of the ambulance and press "A" you will get inside of it. - 

- Can I say that I found a glitch that is not in the walkthrough? Do 
you know Spiderman can push people walking straight into them? Well, 
if you try to push someone into the water, that person will walk on 
air... quite strange, uh?
Maybe this is already in the guide and I missed it, but... cars 
appears form nothing and disappear while you are not looking. Thanks 
again for you walkthrough: it was very useful. - DracoMT2

- Sometimes when you see enemies, vehicles, people and other things, 
sometimes they don't have detail, just white things. No face, just a 
body - Kyde Dimaandal

- After finishing taking all photos you get 15 upgrade points, after 
that, if you save the game and then restart the game(not restarting 
as into re-load the save, but as returning to the Wii main menu and 
restarting the game completely) and load the save you just made, you 
will get the 15 upgrade points again, you can then save again and 
repeat for unlimited upgrade points. - Neo Angelus

- Sometimes the game gives you a new mission objective (only on gang 
missions) and after about 5 seconds it says that you successfully 
completed the objective - Neo Angelus

- Sometimes when a protect the news van mission is given, the news 
van is not(or out of range) spawned, thus the gang members have 
nothing to smash and will be standing around nothing. Neo Angelus

- Sometimes when a rescue a person mission is given, the person is 
spawned out of range and the gang members just run around without 
taking the person, leaving the person just standing around without 
any danger.  - Neo Angelus

- Sometimes on evidence missions(or anything that needs to be 
returned to the police) the police officer you have to return the 
object(evidence) to engages combat with nearby spawned gang members, 
this will make the police officer leave his predefined spot and 
unable to receive the object(evidence) and you unable to finish the 
mission - Neo Angelus

- Sometimes when on a (gang-)mission where you need to return(or 
give) an object to a person, you will fail the mission objective if 
you, when carrying the object, smash into other objects at high 
speed.(at least it happened to me when I accidentally smashed into 
the wall behind the person I needed to deliver the object to, 
happened when I was ran over by car, happened again when I smashed 
into a random wall, that is why I suspect smashing into things at 
high speed, bit uncertain on the high speed though, I just think that 
high velocity is needed, because it does not happen every time I 
smash a wall) - Neo Angelus

- After I finished the last mission objective in a gang mission, the 
NPC thanked me for returning the object in question and after that 
the game said Mission Failed and I had failed the mission(though I 
did complete every objective successfully) - Neo Angelus

- The above glitch happened again, but this time it was even worse, 
because after completing the last objective it said Mission 
Successful(or what is says when you successfully complete a mission) 
and after that(after about five seconds) it said Mission Failed with 
the results of failing the mission(so the area was kept under gang 
control) - Neo Angelus

- This time it isn't a Glitch, but a solution to a Glitch and maybe 
something useful to know(though I suspect you already know, or it is 
just too logical) the fix is for the Glitch where a Police 
Officer(the one you need to give the evidence(or other things) 
to) will join a battle if gang members are nearby leaving his 
designated spot and never returning to the green circle place...after 
which you can not give him the evidence in the green 
area(circle)...but if you lay the evidence on the ground close to the 
Police Officer it will still pick it up and you will complete the 
objective... - Neo Angelus

- When you pick up a person to get them to safety from a gang, 
sometimes the person is standing up on top of Spiderman while he is 
swinging them away - monzurul

- During the venom battle, is I tried to do a web combo. After I 
finished, a long string of web was attached to me, even if I run 
around, it still is attached to me - monzurul

- When I was taking some pictures I saw a pedestrian falling down 
from nowhere then he landed in the middle of the street and stood 
there - Till Lindemann

- I was swinging by and stop to crawl a little and Spidey started 
crawling backwards, his hands and feet were on the other side his 
back was facing the wall. Maybe for the Playstation 3 version only) - 
Till Lindemann

- Me and my friend were just playing Spiderman 3. And every thing was 
running smoothly until I got to the level where you have to chase the 
lizard through New York. Instead of chasing the lizard through New 
York I was chasing a giant red exclamation point. I was cracking up 
because when he is rampaging through, normally you see the lizard but 
here's this big red exclamation point flipping cars and knocking 
people off buildings - Brian

- On the ps2 version, when you go on a bomb call, sometimes the bombs 
do not blow when you throw them. I have encountered a few that keep 
you from progressing the story. - chaotix 2007

- I have been on an evidence mission and there was nobody there to 
deliver it too. - chaotix 2007

- I have also had one time when the next part of the mission came to
me. IE an enforcer mission after an officer assist, the gang was 
there after the officers were done talking. - chaotix 2007

- In the missions where you have to bring the child to their mother, 
after you put the kid down, in the five seconds you have before the 
screen goes black, you can pick the kid back up and swing away with 
him, and no one will say a word. - dballzbeo

- Yesterday when I was playing, I was taking the vamp to shriek and 
the sky kept going from clear blue to black cloudy. Shortly after 
some of the people on the street turned into big red "!". A few 
minutes later during the battle with shriek the game froze. I tried 
it again and the same thing happened. It didn't do it the third time 
though. - Joe

- Spiderman can fall/web sling into the middle of buildings...and 
slowly "vibrate" out of the wall again. Go Spidey! - Spence
- Sometimes if your on ground level webbing up (its happened to me on 
a  small wall, lamp post and I think some buildings) you web up, come 
off the ground....but the web is just a solid line, and your hovering 
off the ground, moving around attached to this solid line keeping you 
up. - Spence
- Spider-man struggles (or in my case CAN NOT) swing all the way 
under the bridge to the other side. For some reason he falls before 
shooting his web and hits the water. - Spence
- When you start some gang missions on the smaller island, you will 
have to travel back across the bridge. Instead of trying though, 
sometimes the game will decide for you that you're no good and fail 
the mission for you....or sometimes just stop the mission and not 
tell you either way. How nice of them.... - Spence
- You can get the upgrade to uppercut people allowing you to "juggle" 
them by repeatedly hitting them once in the air.
...Can anyone do that?! On my game he doesn't hit them high enough OR 
even straight up- he just his them upwards- but forward so you cant 
jump and attack. - Spence
- When you web sling/zip into a building spider-man ALWAYS runs down 
the building in stead of just clinging to it or going up. I don't 
know if it's a glitch- but it's REALLY annoying.... - Spence "I 
second that!" - Nick Kazama
- I was retrieving a stolen purse from the apocalypse gang and the 
person it was given back to was a man. - Josh David 
- Another weird on was when I was doing a patrolling mission for one 
of the gangs and I followed the marker to where I was supposed to go 
but there was nothing there so I couldn't finish the mission - Josh 

- Hey, I found a glitch during the first fight with Sandman.  I went 
to hit the button to do a counter and as Spidey went to do it he got 
hit by a train coming by. well he didn't finish the move and when you 
were able to move again it was still like a cutscene where he would 
have thrown him into the train and sandman just sat there and did 
nothing I tried to web him up and all of a sudden he disappeared so 
yeah I had to start from my last save so I figured id tell ya so it 
don't happen to ne1 else - J.C. Reeves

- I was battling one of the waste tribe shield guys and I pulled off 
his shield but when I went to hit him I was hitting an invisible 
shield - Josh David

As I was swinging around, a came across QUITE a few buildings that 
cause a rather sad glitch... if there is a roof with anything on it, 
water towers, vents, anything it just needs to be low or on the 
opposite side of you. Well if you go to swing from that building, 
your web attaches to it, and as the web line come across the building 
and hits the edge of the building the line becomes rigid all the way 
across. If you let Spidey sit like that for a bit, he actually just 
hangs in one spot as the line is almost parallel to the ground - 
Garry Gabriel
Sometimes on a gang mission where I have to save a news van neither 
the van nor the gang members spawn keeping me from progressing - 

I found that when I'm in the middle of an action like climbing atop a 
car, or doing an aerial flip during the shriek/spire fight atop the 
building, and I am interrupted by a loading screen(like for objective 
completion or the next part of the shriek fight) I would get stuck in 
position when the screen finishes loading. Atop the car I would have 
been sitting on, I end up sitting on the street and I can't move. 
Also I was doing a flip with Shriek and I got locked into a position 
that looked like Neo from the Matrix jumping up in the air with his 
arms extended away from him, and I would slowly drift down to the 
ground diagonally in the same position - AceHunter71

There are times when I swing through the city and I run into 
invisible walls. I don't know if any one else has come across this 
problem yet but it is really bugging me -The Game

Once I paused the game but nothing but the background of the menu 
showed up....basically it froze. I had to start the gas leaking 
because of shriek mission again - ICcold 
Sometimes on certain buildings if you attack a web to the corner of 
it (you might have to do this while walking/on the ground) Spidey 
with shoot a web to it and jump up and just stay there. You cannot 
swing to the swing a lot and your just stuck there until you let go 
of R2 - ICcold 
Sometimes when you finish a mission the audio track of the people is 
delayed and it starts much later than it should and goes over the 
loading screen...I also had music problems because it would load a 
short clip of a sound and play it over the current mission I'm on 
over and over and over...quite annoying - ICcold 
If you wall crawl on a building down towards the street and web zip 
at the right height (at least I think it is that way...could be some 
other way) Spidey will web zip into the ground and his head will clip 
into the sidewalk and he will keep on Web Zipping as long as you 
hold/tap R1 until he walls off the corner or you feel like continuing 
with the game - ICcold

I got all the emblems so I'm really happy, but, I am experiencing 
some glitches. For example, that timer shows and I have to wait 
sometimes and that black aura still shows up sometimes too! - 
Sebastian Dunne

When you are called to save a shop keeper who doesn't pay his 
protection money, in the hotdog van. You may find that there is no 
gang members there, just that on its own. If this occurs you can not 
complete the mission and you must quit the mission. Also, sometimes 
ambulances are parked with their backs against a wall making it 
difficult to put your injured person on the floor. If this happens 
put them on the roof as close as you can to where the green circle 
would be. - Mr Deftino

I also noticed that after collecting 49 of the emblems it says that I 
only have 46. - Joe

after doing a crime patrol mission where I had to rescue a hostage 
Spiderman looks like he's carrying someone but he's not - Josh David

Extremely rare but if you let a car hit you on some rare occasion 
you'll float up and away from the car looking like the car is still 
hitting you can get out of it by jumping though but it looks cool - 

Sometimes on gang missions wear you have to protect a TV news van, 
the van will be at the designated spot but the gang members won't 
making it impossible to complete the mission - rouguesquadron2000

Now that's a LOT of glitches! For shame Vicarious Visions.

(((If you have found any glitches that are not listed here, then 
email them to me and they'll be included. Also remember to put what 
name you want to be called next to your typed up glitch! Also, please 
please PLEASE type with good grammar and spelling if you submit a 
glitch. Seriously, I hate having to manually correct each word and 

XIII) Quotes n' Quips

Here are some of the various quotes you'll come across during the 

Peter Parker/Spiderman

"Okay, hold still doc! This won't hurt. . . . . . me."

"Just think of me as karma in a red and blue suit!"

"Nice suit, Harry. But, don't you hate wearing hand-me-downs?"

"If this is industrial espionage then maybe I'll get a chance to say 
'Man, Spiderman!'"

"What did I ever do to you? I mean seriously what??"

"You ticked me off on the wrong night, Count!"

"I'm a pretty average guy... so I guess that makes you below 

"Admit it! You're just jealous of my costume!"

"Hey JJ, don't you ever cut a guy a break?? I'm saving your life 

"Geez, this guy blows things up even when he's losing!"

"This may sting a little! Hey it worked!" 

"Lets see if JJ has any work for me... maybe even the paying kind!"

"This guy thinks he's a vampire huh? I bet if I wait until night I'll 
have a better chance of tracking him down!"

"And then there were none!"

"All in a days work!"

"Don't worry about it, now RUN!" 

"Geez! More of you guys? Gimme a break!" 

"You know, I'll never forget the words of the last guy who threatened 
me, he said 'NOT IN THE FACE! NOT IN THE FACE!!'"

"Fasten your seatbelt, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!"

"Thanks for flying Air Spidey!"

"Every bodies a critic!"

"Hmmm, what's that suspicious package over there...?"

"Are you... breaking up with me?"

"This suit makes me feel even MORE good about being Spiderman!"

"I'm still not sure what this is, but... I'm sure I like it."

"I just can't get enough of this!"

"Now you know why I love this new suit!" 

"Webbing - 1, Lizard goo - 0!"

"Ah, why didn't I just think of a black suit in the first place??" 

"Its like this makes me a whole new Spiderman..." 

"Time to speed things up!"

"Move it Spidey! This is NOT a drill... hmmm, well actually it is!"

"Faster Spidey, you know the drill!" 

"If they really wanted to punish this guy, they could of just made 
him eat his own food!"

"Dr. Connors, wait!!" 

"Got to avoid that debris or it'll slow me down!" 

"Can't let that falling debris slow me down!" 

"Stop Kraven! These are people you're killing!" 

"YUK!!! These walls are covered in slime! I don't think I'll be able 
to climb them... not even sure I'd want to!" 

"Nowhere to run now Doc!" 

""Leaping Lizards and I thought I was acrobatic!" 

"Great, he went into the sewers! Uuugh, I gotta build a nose filter 
into this mask one of these days!" 

"You say the nicest things! Maybe you could talk to my landlord about 
an extension on my rent!" 

"Yep, I'm in the right place!" 

"With all things considered, you got off easy!" 

"No problem, I'm even better than I was before!" 

"Look out New York! Spiderman is better than ever!"

"Tell all your friends that Spiderman's a little tougher than he used 
to be." 

"Wouldn't it have just been easier to ask for an employee discount?" 

"Did that hurt? Good!"

"You don't have a thing to worry about with me on the job."

"Too bad that's all ya got, I was hoping for more of a challenge!" 

"Doctor Connors!" 

"Gotta get these lizards off my back if I'm gonna catch up with Doc!" 

"I hope they don't get any bigger than that guy!" 

"It's a little too quiet all of a sudden..." 

"I'm not TRYING to hurt you... but there's a pretty good chance of it 
happening anyway!" 

"Now, can't let Doc Connors get away!" 

"How does it feel to go from the hunter to the hunted Kraven?" 

"You're about to find out that spiders are much harder to kill than 

"Looks like hunting season's over! I'll let the police know you're 

"Hmm, its' shocking how I didn't know of that before!"

"What's happening to me...?"

"I should get some rest, my apartment sounds real good right about 

"Good thing you're here, now I don't have to hold back any more!"

"If this person they kidnapped is really a psychic, how come they  
didn't know they were gonna be kidnapped?"

"You can't see it, but really, you're making me blush..."

"Oh... you're good at this whole shady informer thing!"

"Come on, isn't anybody scared? Just a little...?"

"I bet that's JJ's vampire! Time for his photo shoot!"

"I should hurry, the last thing this city needs is a vampire on the 

"Well well well!"

"Hmmm, seems like our dark prince is afraid of the light..."

"Where'd he go?"

"Hey! Wanna go on a little tour?"

"Might be a good time to see how the research is coming along at Doc 
Connors' lab..." 

"You can't hide your secret's forever! I'll find out what you are!"


"I don't lose... especially now!"

"Anything broken? NO??"

"Nice fangs, you'll be picking them up off the ground in a minute..."

"Wait, did Halloween come early and nobody tell me?" 

"That's not the only thing that's about to expire!" 

"Wow, either this guys a real vampire, or the best method actor I've 
ever seen!" 

"We both do!"

"Careful doc, he could attack again!"

"Pretty soon I won't even be able to get arrested in this town; 
cops'll just shoot me on site!"

"Hot air is the best they could come up with? They should really 
leave the funny stuff to the professionals like me!"

"They say New Yorkers are jaded, but this is kinda ridiculous."

"What happened to the good old days when bad guys had a little style? 
No offence, but you're no Green Goblin."

"I wouldn't call you a loser, but I'm definitely thinking it!"

"This should be a happy ending. I beat the villain, got the girl and 
brought a family back together. But it's not that easy. Being Spider-
Man always comes with a price. And today, that price was a steep one. 
What keeps me going is Uncle Ben's words: "With great power...comes 
great responsibility." In the end people need heroes. As tough as it 
gets some days, I have to fight on. Maybe the best way to honour the 
people that I love, is to never stop being... your friendly 
neighbourhood Spider-Man."

Eddie Brock/Venom

"What's he up to?"

"This isn't over..."

"God! How could you give this up!?"

"Fair is fair Parker! Now let's end this!"

Flint Marko/Sandman

"Now you're just an itsy bitsy spider!"

"Who's the spider and who's the fly!?"

"Leave me alone pal, I'm trying to think..."


Mary Jane Watson

"Stop it, I'm gonna get sick!"

"Peter, this is worse than a roller coaster!"



"Stop it right now!"

"Peter, do something before someone gets hurt!"

Harry Osborne/New Goblin

"Time to put the Sandman to sleep!"


"Knock him up into the air and I'll do the rest!"

Dr. Curtis Connors/The Lizard

"You should not have followed me Spiderman!"

"Don't think you've won Sssssssspiderman!"

"Sssssoon you will be my most powerful lizard ssssservant!"

** Note that these are the only 3 things that he actually says in the 
game. The other things he spouts are just generic screeching and 
growling noises.

Special lines

Mary Jane - You should start charging tourists for rides!
Spiderman - No thanks. With my luck I'd get one of those passengers 
who stick gum under the seat.

Jameson - Now, what does a piece like that need?
Peter - To be thrown in the trash?

Venom - God! How could you give this up!?
Spiderman - Not sure about the name, but that face sure rings a bell.

Venom - Like looking in a mirror, ain't it? Only I'm bigger... and 
Spiderman - I bet I could sue you for copyright infringement and win.

Sandman - You saved her. Thanks Spider-Man. I'm sorry. I didn't want 
to fight you. I swear. It's just that Venom, well he said he'd kill 
her if I didn't help him. I had no choice.
Spiderman - Well she's safe now. That's all that matters.

XIV) People Like You

Well, you may be wondering what this little section is all about 
right? Heh, I thought that all the e-mails I got regarding this guide 
were going to be questions about the walkthrough, or requests for the 
Spider Emblem and Meteorite Fragments maps. But then I got this e-
mail ;

Hi Nick,  
I don't know how you folks do it!  A game comes out, and you write a 
walkthrough for it so quickly!  I just want to say, I am a Dad, and 
my son Ryan just loves Spiderman, and he was bouncing off the walls 
with excitement about Spiderman 3 (the Movie) coming out, and then he 
wanted the game.  It is too hard for him, of course (I thought, 
anyway), and in order to get through, we absolutely have to have a 
So, I just want you to know that of those thousands of views you get 
on your walkthrough, you have a lot of people who really need the 
help, and where it really makes some little kid out there very 
happy.  This is certainly the case here, and I just wanted to thank 
you for all your hard work and effort.  
I'm off to play Spiderman 3 with Ryan now for his "special time" with 
Daddy.  :)  

Its people like you Reid, who make me want to keep writing 
walkthroughs and adding new content to older ones. So thank you! -_^

XIV) Special thanks and No thanks

Special thanks

- Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for bringing us the Web Slinger
- Sam Raimi for directing the Spidey movies and all the cast and crew 
that made the films possible
- Vicarious Visions for making this game I guess
- Spiderman cause he's the star!  
- Black Suit for helping me out. I'll get you back someday! I 
- Everyone who emailed me with a new glitch or question to put up on 
the walkthrough
- Alison Kaplan for informing me of Wonderdog's evil doings
- Me for writing this guide and constantly updating it
- You for reading this guide, unless of course you're someone I hate

No thanks go to

- Activision for lying about what PS2 and Wii owners would get
- Treyarch for only developing the next gen console versions
- Whoever's bright idea it was to take out the free roaming subways 
and sewers from the PS2 and Wii versions of the game
- Vicarious Visions for not fixing the multitude of glitches in this 
game and for giving us nothing for obtaining 100% completion
- Wonderdog for selling this guide without my permission
- Cheat Code Central for also putting this guide on their website 
without my permission and ignoring e-mails that I have sent them 
telling them to take the guide off the site
- www.cheatcodes.com for also submitting this guide without my 

However, the 3 sites listed above have since removed my walkthrough, 
so that's a good thing.

Looks like you're done now, go outside and play.

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