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                            STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT
                                Table of Contents
                                1.) Clone Wars guide
                                2.) Galactic Civil War guide
                                3.) Galactic Conquest guide

                                   CLONE WARS

          Level 1- Naboo:plains- This planet is very simple, if you are an expert 
pilot. Simply spawn at the command post wit AATs and staps. Be a pilot and go solo 
in an AAT. Quickly blow straight through the shield and start firing at the giant 
gungan command post things. Once the pilot blasters have to recharge, quickly 
switch to co-pilot and fire at it. The reason why to go solo is becaus if you had a 
teammate in with you, they would be firing at the gungans. Once the shield is down, 
the other AATs can join in on the fun of destroying the little people. Eventually, 
you will win this level.

          Level 2- Naboo:Theed- Ok, this one is tricky. You really need to have 
skills in being stealthy, because you are going to need the enemy's gaian speeders. 
They are better than the AATs. If you can et a hold of an empty one somehow, feel 
free to have another join you in your ship. If you are not so lucky, be a droideka, 
their shields and repeating blasters should take care of the royal guards. If you 
manage to survive on your first try EVER!! GOOD JOB!!

          Level 3- Kashyyk:Islands- This one you will have fun with. 2 Strategies 
for this one. If you like to be a pilot then this is the one for you, select a 
pilot and spawn at the command post with the droid starfighters. Look on the map 
and go to the spot where there is nothin but practically yellow and start firing at 
the ground like a maniac. I ended up getting 27 kills within the first 2 minutes. 
If you like to be up closein combat, my suggestion is either be a super 
battledroid, droideka, or a droid demolishinist. The reason why is because the 
droid demolishinist has a missle launcher. Shoot at the feet of the wookies to send 
them flying. It makes it way more fun than being like a droideka. But A super 
battledroid does have a missle launcher as well. This is one of my favorites and i 
hope its one of yours too.

         Level 4- Geonosis:Spire- 3 different strategies that are, what i think, 
the best strategies. 1.) Choose to be a pilot and board a LAAT/I ship and fill it 
completely with clones. Then head over and destroy the techno union ships sp you 
can get that out of the way. When you complete that part, the map might be almost 
completely red with command posts (this is the fun part). Go flyin around with a 
full ship and start to destroy the little people. Pretty soon you'll need to start 
dropping them off at enemy command posts. By then you should have it beaten.
2.) Once again, be a pilot, but this time, choose the AT-TE. Fill it with clones 
once again and go for the techno union ships. This way is much faster due to 
powerful blasters. Once all 3 are down, start goin around to enemy command posts so 
that when people respawn, they can capture command posts easily. I found this 
strategy to  be very effective. 3.) Once again, the combat lovers take this one. 
Choose to be a regular clone trooper, and go around capturing command posts with 
less people around it. THats the best i can tell you for this level.

        Level 5- Rhen Var:Harbor- 3 more strategies once again. 1.) Choose to be a 
pilot and take the AT-TE. Get a full tank full of clones and begin your invasion. 
Head towards the cidatel (the one on the far side controlled by the droids) and at 
some point, AATs will come and start firing at you, but don't worry, you might have 
teammates coming with you in IFT-X tanks. Once that is cleared, watch out for 
turrets. Once you get in the middle between the ice caves and the cidatel respawn 
but do it quickly and respawn as a clone trooper at the AT-TE. Start heading 
towards the cidatel (note: You might want to bring some people with you). Begin to 
capture that command post, but be warned, its the main command post so it will take 
a while to overtake it. WATCH YOUR BACK FOR DROIDEKAS!!! Once captured, feel free 
to start to take the other command posts. 2.) Much like the first strategy, except 
this time be the IFT-X and do the same as the first strategy. 3.) Be a any clone 
you wish, but spawn at the ice caves. The ice caves is an excellent spot to start 
taking over the cidatel. But when i did it on an instant action game, i had like 4 
droidekas come in so look out. Once again go for the cidatel. WARNING: DROIDEKAS 
MIGHT BE OUTSIDE WAITING FOR YOU!!! If you survived this one, which you should, 
have fun at the next level.

       Level 6- Kamino:Topica City- This one will take you a while. I highly 
suggest being either a sniper or a jet trooper. Take command posts and a big jump 
for the lead at the beginning with the jet trooper.Once you have some taken over, 
attack droidekas with their sheilds up because your EMP launcher is probably the 
best weapon i reccomend on bringing their shields down. Once down, their commando 
pistols rock. They can fire faster than the blaster pistols. Once you get bored of 
the jet trooper, become a sniper. Almost every command posts have boxes nearby for 
sniping. This planet is one of the toughest ones in this series so, good luck!

       Level 7- Kashyyk:Docks- THERE'S ONLY 7 LEVELS??? Anyway, this level is gonna 
take a lot of skill. 2 strategies i highly suggest. 1.) Be a jet trooper and go to 
the end of any pier. Wait until the island is clear of droids. Then go for it. You 
can either, when u get to the island, A.) Take one of the vehicles or B.) Capture 
the command post, then take the vehicle. Your choice. Once you have a tank of some 
sort (Spiderbot or AAT) you can, once again, destroy the little people. 2.) Simply 
snipe. Once in a while you can send out recon droids.     


                               GLACTIC CIVIL WAR

              Level 1- Tatooine:Dune Sea- I see 3 strategies for this level. 1.) 
Quickly spawn as a pilot where the TIE fighters are located. Get in one and quickly 
drive over to the Rebels side and steal a X-Wing. Once in the X-Wing, destroy your 
TIE fighter. Go around and take out the speeders with your lasers and rockets. Once 
out of rockects, just attack rebels and tuskan raiders. Simple. 2.) Once again 
spawn as an imperial pilot, but this time take an AT-ST. Get another guy in with 
you and head to the spot on your radar that has the most rebels and start having 
fun. 3.) You can be a regular storm trooper and start to take out rebels and 
capture command posts (NOTE: I highly recommend taking the tuskan raiders's command 
posts first). Way to go, on to part II of Tatooine.

             Level 2- Tatooine:Mos Eisley- This is my favorite level out of this 
series. I very highly recommend being a dark trooper. It's blaster cannon can kill 
someone up close with 1 shot. Select a dark trooper and spawn at the market. Head 
towards the command post that on the map its surrounded by a circle. Head in that 
direction. Once next to the wall, you will notice that that there is a small slant 
on the side. Jump up there and wait for your jetpack to recharge. When your jetpack 
is full again,(be careful on where you land) jump up to the top. Then you will 
notice that a rebel command post is right there. Take it over. Then AT-STs will be 
availible. You can take it if you like to. IT helps by racking up kills for ya. You 
should then have this level complete.

             Level 3- Rhen Var:Cidatel- This one takes a while to concentrate on. I 
recommend the dark trooper (as always for when you are the imperials). When you 
spawn, you will see on your map a close, neutral command post (Crypt). Take that 
over and that will act like the ice caves in the clone wars. There will be lots of 
rebels though. Try to take the watch. It will give you an easy express lane to a 
command post on the bottom of the map. Then by now the rebels shoud be down to 1 
command post take it with a full on invasion from the crypt or your newly captured 
command post. Easy like cake.

             Level 4- Yavin4:Arena- This is my second favorite because it is so 
easy. Spawn at the east box as any imperial you like. Take the arena first. Then 
head for the west box on the other side. You will need grenades over there. Once 
they are both capture the rebels have their last one left, but it is hard. I 
recommend sniping until their army counts is to about 60-55. Then go in with people 
following you. You should either win by all command posts or all enemies dead. Good 

             Level 5- Yavin4:Temple- This one, i recommend the rebel soldier. Spawn 
at the main command post with speeder bikes. Take one and go all the way to the 
waterfall. Go up the hill and take out the imperials and take over the command 
post. A good opportunity for a sneak attack. Take over the remaining command posts 
and this level is as good as gold. (Note: You could take the AT-ST and attack 

             Level 6- Hoth:Echo Base- 2 Strategies for this one. 1.) You can be a 
pilot and have another person in with you and take a snowspeeder and take out 
people and the AT-ATs. OR 2.) You can be secretive and take over command posts with 
the multiple secret passages. Both are fun, but remember, STOP THE AT-ATs FROM 

             Level 7- Bespin:Cloud City- THIS ONE I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE 
WOOKIE. The reason why is because of its grenade launcher. In the beginning, you 
can start out at the rear flank as a wookie and head over the imperials and attack 
them with grenades. It makes it alot easier. But also try and be pilot, they are 
have the same weapon as a dark trooper,except a dark trooper fires more. Tak the 
carbon freezing chambor with no ease. The courtyard you might have a little bit of 
trouble with it though. 

             Level 8- Bespin:Platforms- STAY AWAY FROM THE SHIPS! Stay on foot for 
this level and take the early advantage by taking the Exstractor. If you like to 
snipe, then i have good news, and bad news. The good news is i found an awesome 
sniping spot. Go to the right side of the tunnels that leads from the control, to 
the exstractor and etc, and jump up while moving forward in air, you'll get up 
there and crouch and its awesome. The bad news, the turrets can hit you so take out 
he people onthe turrets first. 

             Level 9- Endor:Bunker- If you want to finish this one really fast here 
is how. Spawn at the rebel outpost as a wookie. Take a speeder bike and ride along 
the left side of the map. Once you can see the bunker, get off the speeder bike and 
DONT FIRE AT ANYBODY!!! Just quickly turn around on top andrun straight in, nobody 
will follow (well a pilot will come in to fix it). Launch grenades at it and fire 
your bowcaster as well. Once that is done, start attacking those outside. Then work 
your way up from behind an capture command posts.

                              GALACTIC CONQUEST 

            Ok,the first planet you must control is Bespin. If you already control 
it, you already have the game in the bag. Use it on all levels with vehicles. BUT,  

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