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                   MM.                                   .MM,.                
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           MMMMMMMMMM.              M     M              .MMMMMMMMMM.        
         MMMMMMMMMMMM.              MM  .MM             .MMMMMMMMMMMMZ       
                     MM       MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM       MM 

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Preface - x000x
Welcome to my Batman: Arkham City Guide. It's still a work in progress so
please be kind. I'm working on refining it and including as much information as
I can.

Version - x010x
Version: 1.0
Date: Oct 19, 2011
  Walkthrough done but needs refinement
  Still need to do collectibles
  Still need to do challenges

                          |                          |
                          |     Table of Contents    |
                          |          x100x           |

Table of Contents.............x100x

    Bruce Wayne...............x311x
    Tracking the Shooter......x322x
    Joker's Funhouse..........x324x
  The Steel Mill..............x330x
    Waste Exchange............x331x
    Loading Bay...............x332x
    Finding the Doctor........x333x
    Smelting Chamber..........x334x
    Finding Joker.............x335x
    Loading Bay...............x336x
  Joker's Errand..............x340x
    GCPD Outdoors.............x341x
  The Museum..................x350x
    The Jammers...............x351x
    The Subway................x352x
    Return to the Museum......x353x
    Gladiator Pit.............x354x
    Torture Chamber...........x355x
    War Room..................x356x
    Iceberg Lounge............x358x
    Solomon Grundy............x359x
  The League of Shadows.......x360x
    The Sewers................x361x
    Old Gotham................x362x
    Wonder Tower Foundation...x363x
    Wonder City...............x364x
    Demon's Blood.............x365x
    Ra's Al Ghul..............x366x
    Return to the Streets.....x367x
    Back on the Streets.......x368x
  The Cure....................x370x
    Mr. Freeze................x371x
    The Chase.................x372x
    Steel Mill Returns........x373x
    Smelting Chamber..........x374x
    Joker Boss Battle.........x375x
  Protocol 10.................x380x
    Chasing Choppers..........x381x
    Processing Center.........x382x
    Wonder Tower Foundation...x383x
    Wonder Tower..............x384x
    Observation Deck..........x385x

Augmented Reality Training....x600x

                          |                          |
                          |          Controls        |
                          |           x200x          |
X360 - x210x |

LT - Aim Baterang, (tap) quick Baterang
RT - Crouch
LB - Detective Vision
RB - grapnel (if escape is available)
L3 - Center camera
R3 - Zoom
Left Analog - Move 
Right Analog - Look
D-Pad - switch gadgets
A - (double tap) Evade
B - stun
X - Strike 
Y - Counter

Away + Y - Blade Dodge
Away + Y (hold) - Blade Dodge Takedown
B > X (repeat) - Beat down
B > A > A - Aerial Attack
B > B > B - Ultra stun

B + Y - Combo Takedown
A + X - Bat Swarm\Whiplash
A + B - Multi Ground Takedown\Whip Trip
X + Y - Disarm and Destroy
RT + Y - Ground Takedown

LT + Y - Quick Batclaw
LT + Y > X - Batclaw Slam
LT + B - Quick Charge (REC)\Quick Caltrops
LT + X - Quick Explosive Gel\Quick Bolas
RT > RT - Quick Freeze

LT - Aim gadget 
RT - Deploy gadget/hang down/crouch
LB - Detective Mode
RB - grapnel/escape
L3 - Zoom
R3 - Center Camera 
Left Analog - Move
Right Analog - Look
D-Pad - choose gadget
A - Glide
B - Drop down
X - Glide Kick/Drop Attack/Knockout Smash (during takedown)
Y - Takedown

RT + A - Corner Cover/enter grate

PS3 - x220x  |

NOTE: I played the X360 version so these may be incorrect. Please feel free to
correct me.

L2 - Aim Baterang, (tap) quick Baterang
R2 - Crouch
L1 - Detective Vision
R1 - grapnel (if escape is available)
L3 - Zoom
R3 - Center Camera
Left Analog - Move 
Right Analog - Look
D-Pad - switch gadgets
X - (double tap) Evade
O - stun
Square - Strike 
triangle - Counter

Away + triangle - Blade Dodge
Away + triangle (hold) - Blade Dodge Takedown
O > square (repeat) - Beat down
O > X > X - Aerial Attack
O > O > O - Ultra stun

O + triangle - Combo Takedown
X + square - Bat Swarm\Whiplash
X + O - Multi Ground Takedown\Whip Trip
square + triangle - Disarm and Destroy
R2 + triangle - Ground Takedown

L2 + triangle - Quick Batclaw
L2 + triangle > X - Batclaw Slam
L2 + O - Quick Charge (REC)\Quick Caltrops
L2 + square - Quick Explosive Gel\Quick Bolas
R2 > R2 - Quick Freeze

L2 - Aim gadget 
R2 - Deploy gadget/hang down/crouch
L1 - Detective Mode
R1 - grapnel/escape
L3 - Zoom
R3 - Center Camera
Left Analog - Move
Right Analog - Look
D-Pad - choose gadget
X - Glide
O - Drop down
square - Glide Kick/Drop Attack/Knockout Smash (during takedown)
triangle - Takedown

R2 + X - Corner Cover/enter grate

                          |                          |
                          |        Walkthrough       |
                          |           x300x          |

NOTE: I will assume you have Catwoman in this walkthrough. Please skip any
parts you don't need.

Prologue - x310x  |

After the cutscene, jump into catwoman's boots. Be careful because you'll be
given control right in the middle of a fight. This is a pretty simple fight
though as long as you aim towards your enemies and hit the strike button (X or
[] depending on console). Watch for enemies attacking denoted by little
lightning bolts surrounding their heads. Whenever that appears, hit the counter
button (Y or triangle) to block and counter attack. Just hammer through these

Once done, walk over to the safe at the top of the stairs and open it.

Bruce Wayne - x311x
When you finally regain control, try to move left and right using the left
analog stick to knock the chair over. When the guard tries to attack you,
counter his attack. This begins a rather long mini-tutorial on countering.
Just follow the guards orders and eventually you will be attacked by inmates.
Counter these attacks as best you can. You can also attack them yourselves at
this point.

This part is more like a regular fight. Despite still being in chains, you
can still attack and counter and eventually you'll be freed. Defeat the
remaining enemies with attacks and counter attacks. Then when you say something
about finding Alfred, head over to the dumpster and the climb up the ladder.
At the top, run forward and jump across (just hold A) to the air ducts. Follow 
the ducts around and jump up by the broken ladder and then climb the ladder
at the top up to the roof.

Keep hopping up one ledge at a time until you call Alfred. Once your talk is
over, turn right and you should see a tall building with ACE in big letters
going down along the side. Line up to jump across and grab the exposed ledge.
Grab it and circle around to the side of the building. You'll continue circling
around the building in a sort of navigation tutorial. Follow the button prompts
and you'll eventually make your way to a ladder and the top.

Batman - x320x   |

Once you've suited up, you'll start trying to hack a signal. You can listen to
either of the Green nodes for information and flavor audio but you want to 
use the sticks to navigate your cursor to the yellow circle. Once you're there,
hold the A button to decrypt the signal and listen in.

Once you've listened to the message, turn back towards the ladder you came up
and in the distance you should see what looks like a courthouse, as well it
should. Make your way along the rooftops until you get close. Hold the A button
and run off of one of the buildings to glide. If you are close enough to the 
enemies in front of the building, you should see a little blue Bat symbol 
above their head. This is your target and you can change it by adjusting your 
gliding. Once you've picked an enemy, hit the strike button to glide kick into
them, starting a fight. 

These enemies may have bats but that doesn't change them too much. It really 
only means you should be careful to counter them when they attack because 
their attacks do extra damage and may daze you a bit. If you manage to get
your combo counter high enough then you should be prompted to use a takedown
move by hitting two buttons. Do so to instantly take one of the enemies out of
the fight. Remember to keep the combo meter going so you can get more takedown
chances. Once you've eliminated them, move inside. Yes, through the front door.

The Courthouse - x321x
Once inside, go up the stairs and at the top, take a right and look through
the giant glass window into the center of the building. After a cutscene, go
right and you should see a ladder. You can climb the ladder... or you can just
use your grappling hook. Get to the top and Batman will mention taking out
the guard with the gun. Hold the right trigger to crouch and close in on the
guard. When you are behind him, hit the counter button to do a silent takedown.
Once he's down, look down and stand by the edge. You should see the glide kick
icon. Pick an enemy and hit the strike button and you'll automatically drop
down to attack.

This fight isn't really as bad as it looks. Most of the enemies actually flee
leaving you to fight what is probably a smaller group than you had outside.
Keep your wits about you and you'll do fine. After you finish the fight, watch
the cutscene.

Tracking the Shooter - x322x

Once you regain control, open the evidence tracker (aka. Detective Mode). Look
to the window on the right and put the cursor on the bullet hole. Hold the A
button until the green encircles the whole cursor. Once you've done that, 
search the floor in the center of the room for another bullet hole. Again, hold
the A button. This will calculate the trajectory and your next destination.

Use the grappling hook to climb back up to the ledge the guard was originally
on. Drop down the ladder and run back through the hallway. Instead of going
back down the stairs, continue on through the door with the green exit light
beyond. Once outside, you can use the grappling hook to get up to the flag pole
and to the roof. Feel free to listen to the guys bellow for some fun banter.
When done, turn left and you should see your destination. It's a large thin
tower with red banners running down the length. Make your way over and you can
sit on top of one of the gargoyles. Drop down on the guards, there are only
three of them. Once you've dealt with them head through the big door.

The Church - x323x
Once you are through the main door, you will be attacked. Just wait and counter
attack when appropriate. Once you've done that, wait for all the talking and
then you will be prompted to drop smoke pellets and then use your grappling
hook. Do so in that order. Thus begins your first stalker segment. This one
isn't too complex (no moving parts). Hit detective mode when prompted. All of
the glowing gold gargoyles are perches you can swing to using the grappling
hook. Move up towards the intersection. From there you can take down the
enemies on either side (one by the scaffolding and one in the confessional).
Just get behind each one by gliding and then use a takedown. You can do a
takedown through the back of the confessional. Once they've been taken down,
go back up to the gargoyles and then drop down from the one behind the last
two enemies. Come up behind them and hit the takedown button to take both out
at once.

Now that the room is safe, head back towards the front door and on the left
you will see a door that leads up to the bell tower (Batman will mention going
up there when you are near it). Go through the door and as you go up the wooden
stairs, if you turn right you can just grapple up through an archway. Walk into
the tower itself and grapple your way up from ledge to ledge and then take a
ladder up through the trap door (it will glow gold in detective mode).

When you get into the next room, inspect the sniper rifle using the evidence
tracker. Once done, Joker will talk to you and mention something about a boom.
Turn right and run towards the window. Double tap the evade button to jump out
of the window.

Joker's Funhouse - x324x
From here, you want to head roughly south east. Follow the map (hit back/select
to open it) and you're heading for the bridge to the industrial district. As
you go, you'll be alerted to the availability of the Augmented Reality
training. Feel free to pursue that to receive an upgraded grapnel (the gun that
shoots the grapple hook). Continue across the bridge into Joker's fun house.
If you're getting a Green arrow, then you're headed in the right direction.
Your final destination is the Steel Mill (which is a chimney with giant statues
attached). Once you finally find it, grapple up to the top of the chimney and
you'll enter automatically.

The Steel Mill - x330x  |

Waste Exchange - x331x
You'll find yourself perched on a wire. Glide over to the ledge on the side and
follow the hallway around. You'll come to a low gap by a trickling water pipe.
You want to run towards this and hit the crouch button. You'll slide through
the hole to the other side. Now make your way over the pipes here and you'll
eventually come to a railing that appears to be on fire. If you approach,
Batman will say something about how you'll be boiled alive. Enter detective
mode and look dead ahead. There will be hatch across the gap. If you push up
on the directional pad, you'll select your Batclaw. Aim and shoot at the hatch,
then repeatedly tap the A button to open it.

Go over to the rail and drop down. Head towards the center and drop over the
ledge. Slide to the left and then climb up again. Turn left and go onward.
You'll come back to the center section again but you'll be able to hop on the
rail in front of you. Do so and walk over the middle. When you run out of rail,
turn right and hop to the next one. Use this to cross to the other side. Follow
this platform around and at the end, activate detective mode. You'll notice
that the floor is a blue color and has a "Pow!" symbol in the middle. Select
your explosive gel (left on the directional pad) and then aim and shoot it on
the blue surface. Back off from it and follow the command prompts to detonate
it. Drop through the hole.

Head forward and crouch under the pipes. Don't walk into the pipes spewing
steam/water. Instead, choose your baterang and use it to hit the button above
and to the right of the hole in the wall. You'll automatically crouch. Just
follow this crawl space until you can see into a room with inmates. From here,
take a right and continue to follow the path until you come to some pipes
spewing fire. After a second or two, the flames will die down so you can cross.
Be quick though because the flame will return to its normal size quickly.
Just past the flames take a left.

Loading Bay - x332x
You'll enter the main room but you'll be under it in the vents. Go through the
vents and come out the other side. Once there, you'll be able to stand up.
Take a right and then crouch and go left. follow the path until you see more
pipes with steam and three green buttons on the other side. You have to hit
all three of these quickly to shut off the steam. To do so, tap the aim button
to quick throw instead of aiming. Head back the way you came and crawl under
the metal steps back towards the center room. You'll enter a squarish area from
which you can enter the center room. From this spot, you can actually enter
above with a takedown, eliminating an enemy right from the start.

The group above consists of about 8 enemies. Most of them are nothing special
however you should watch out for flying objects. Occasionally, an enemy will
grab a milk crate or brick from the side to throw at you. Keep an eye out for
this and dodge as appropriate. Aside from this, the rest of the enemies are 
pretty simple, not even carrying any kind of weapon.

Finding the Doctor - x333x
Take the door that leads west out of the room. There's nothing currently of
note in the next room so go through the next set of doors. You'll come to a
room and Batman mentions that he needs to find another way around so head to
the left. If you follow the conveyor belt, you should see a door with a giant
red button next to it. Hit the button to open the door and crouch under it.
Hop off the belt and the grapple up to the ledge. Head into the bigger room
and the grapple up to the vantage point for another stalker section.

This is pretty short but you won't be told what to do. Just go from vantage to
vantage until you're behind the enemies (there are only three). Drop down
behind the lone enemy and do a silent takedown. Then go down the stairs and
do a double takedown on the enemies there. Go back up the stairs and jump
through the window for good measure. Just cross to the door in the next room
(or play with the giant Harley statue for fun).

Smelting Chamber - x334x
The next room has six guards in it. The first two are an easy target so just
crouch down, sneak up behind them (they'll be right in front of you) and do a
double take down. Climb up to a vantage point. At this point, you'll have two
enemies wondering around and two in a room in the corner with the doctor. After
you get rid of the two outside, one of the two in the room will come out. To 
get the first two, you can either drop down and sneak up behind him for a
silent takedown or you can wait for him to walk under a vantage and do a
takedown from there. It shouldn't be a problem to do either because they are
fairly far apart. Once they are gone, move to the vantage attached to the room
and just wait for the guy in the room to come out. He'll go right under it and
you can do an inverted takedown. Swing over to one of the other vantages and
you can do a glide kick on the last guy through the window. Just make sure to
finish him while he's on the ground. Go over and hit A to free the doctor.

Finding Joker - x335x
Head out of the small room the doctor was in and turn left. Cross the center
of the room and you should see a shutter door with a motor above it (it will
be gold in detective mode). Take out your new toy which is right on the
directional pad and then hit RB/R1 to shoot an electric charge. Note that in
some cases you want to hit RT/R2 instead to have the opposite effect (in this
case, it would close the door instead of open it). Go into the small room and
do the same thing above the next door which will reveal a door right behind it.
This one you just walk through with the A button. Grapple up to the ledge and
enter the air duct.

Pop the vent open and drop down behind these guys. You can do a silent takedown
or practice using the guns quickfire stun attack. It really does just stun
them and is nowhere near permanant so keep that in mind. This guys really are
nothing though and there are only four of them so take them down however you
please. Once done, you should find yourself in a familiar room. Just turn
around and find the door. Keep heading backwards through doors until you are
back in the loading bay area from before and Harley Quinn will talk to you
through the giant Joker Mouth on the wall.

Loading Bay - x336x
On the opposite side of the room is a generator (glows gold). It's kind of
a cylindrical thing on a box. You want to alternate the two different electric
shocks to push the giant hook in the middle of the room forward and backward
like a swing. Eventually you will send it through the door in the Joker's
Mouth. Pull it back out and then grapple up through the new hole.

Fight! If you use the quick shot on the big guy, it will cause a spasm which
will swing his hammer in a big circle. Might sound kind of dumb in a 1 on 1 but
it's a great way to start the fight. Hit him with that a few times and you
should only have 1 or 2 enemies left aside from him. Keep your distance from
him and watch for his giant jumping attack. Once it's just the two of you, 
close in and hit him three times and then double tap the evade button to jump
over him. Hit him no more than three times and evade over him again. Rinse and
Repeat until he is dead. Climb back up and try again.

Catwoman - x337x
Now you get to navigate as Catwoman which is far more different than the
differences in fighting style (though not hard to adjust for). She can still
run and jump but instead of the grapnel, she just has a whip which doesn't
retract. This means that you can latch onto something and swing but then you
need to climb up the side of the building. This is actually pretty simple, only
requiring you to hit the same button a couple of times. You can aim in the
direction you want to climb if you look before you leap. However, you will be
rewarded with experience (in the upper left) for timing your leaps perfectly
so you make a fluid climb to the top. Make your way NE to Catwoman's home. 
You'll actually see a Bat Signal above your destination.

On the west side of Catwoman's roof is actually a caged in area that you can
hop onto. Go close to one of the gates on top and you can climb down through it
and hang from the ceiling. Go over the top of the enemies below and you can
drop directly from here for a combat takedown. The enemies are pretty simple
but you can use this to practice your whip usage. Hit the LT button to attack
an enemy with a whip which will knock them over from a good distance. Once done
you can approach Catwoman's window and hit A to get your Caltrops.

Keep heading NE (follow the green marker on your compass at the top). You will
soon come to a building crawling with enemies (you'll hear them before you
see them). These enemies aren't anything special, dispatch them and then head
for the tower in the water by way of the broken bridge. Be careful when you
cross just beyond the bridge because there are enemies with guns up here. You
can sneak up to take them down silently if you are careful. Use your ability
to climb around the side of buildings to your advantage. If you get caught,
use your whip to down them and then do a ground takedown to eliminate them
quickly without taking too much damage.

Once they are clear, head up the stairs to the catwalk and then you can
actually swing down to the underside of it and crawl along. You'll bump strait
into a Riddle statue so you might as well grab it and then go forward until
you are prompted to climb back up. This will put you on the other side of the
locked gate. In the next room, you'll get into a minor fight with only five or
so enemies. The most important part is that they act somewhat zombie like which
doesn't change how you fight them so much as just being neat. After you finish
them, a toxin will flood the room (not a Neurotoxin). Jump up to the ceiling 
and then climb through to the other side.

Again, once you climb up, you'll be confronted with a slightly larger group of
enemies. Just keep your wits about you, there is plenty of space for the fight.
There are about 8 or so enemies here. Once you've cleared them, there will be
more toxin, another jump to the ceiling, and then another climb around to the
top where you will be confronted with even more enemies. The difference in
this area is that one of the plants on the wall will occasionally shoot fire
balls at you. Try to move the fight along as best as possible to limit the
number of shots it gets and remember to watch out when it does shoot.

Joker's Errand - x340x  |

Turn left and grapple up that way. Keep going and try to find a high point so
you don't have to fear being shot at as much. You are headed North of your
current location to the GCPD Building just east of the Amusement Mile. If you
are wondering why the numbers going up is a good thing while looking for a cold
spot, it's because it's actually already a negative number but they placed the
negative sign in a terrible spot, making it hard to see. Or maybe I'm the only
one who thought that.

GCPD Outdoors - x341x
Once you get there, be careful of patrolling guards. They all have guns so be
sure to take them down one at a time while they are alone. If you are
discovered, use your smoke pellets. If you are fast, the smoke pellets could
even be enough to take out the enemies in the area (rather than just running).

After you've cleared the area, in front of the building is a ringing phone that
you can answer to start a side mission. Head around to the side of the front
of the building. There will be a shutter door that you can open with your
Electric Charge. It will only open a little ways so you'll have to do a running
slide under the door. Inside, turn right and head towards the double doors.
You'll take the encryption key from the radio and do another hacking game for
Penguin's radios. Find the yellow circle and then hold the A button. Now just
head through the double doors.

GCPD - x342x
Go forward a little ways until the ceiling above opens up. Then you can grapple
onto a ledge. Run forward and at the end you'll find a vent. Climb inside and
it will bring you around to the giant middle room and your first real Stalker

There are five enemies in the area. The easiest to take out will probably be
the front most two. One of them will be facing the front door and not turn
and along the same wall and up some stairs will be another guy facing a
different door way. Just wait until they are alone and drop down for a silent
takedown. Once you've got those two, there are two more that circle around
either side of the room. You may have to explosive gel the glass first but you
can actually do an inverted takedown through the glass. Just have patience and
wait for him to go right underneath. Take one down and the other two guards
will probably go to investigate. Wait until they come out from under there.
When they are finally out, select your baterang and use it to hit one guard
and immediately glide kick the other. You should knock down both enemies, then
just do a ground takedown on both to finish them off.

After a brief talk, head back to the entrance of the building. You'll be
trapped and download the unlock codes you need. Drop through the grate in the
floor and head into the nearby room. Climb back out and use detective mode to
find the unlock panel on the wall. Select your Cryptographic Sequencer. Target
the panel and shoot (RT/R2) to start the real hacking minigame.

You want to rotate the sticks to clear all the letters so you're only left with
one letter per column. The left stick controls the left bunch of letters while
the right stick controls the right bunch of letters. Rotate the left stick
slowly until the first column resolves into a single letter. Continue rotating
and soon the other letters should fall into place, one by one. Once you have
gotten the left group, hold the analog stick there and go through the same
process with the right analog stick and word. Once you have both words, the
doors should unlock. Head back outside. To get out, you'll have to open the
shutter and slide under like you did before.

The Museum - x350x  |

Climb up and then start heading WSW. The Museum is the Western most part of the
city. Once you get to within a building's distance, watch out for armed guards.
Drop in front of the museum and take out the guards here. They should present
no real challenge. Once you've cleared them out, there is another security
panel by the gate. Hack it to open the gate and then go through the door.

Once inside the museum, you'll meet a new enemy type. These enemies carry
knives and can't be countered like normal enemies. When they attack, if you
push away on the left stick and the counter button, you'll take a step back to
dodge their attack. Unlike normal counters where you just need to hit counter
any time they have the indicator above their heads, with knives you actually
have to time it for when they are attacking and you need to hit it for each
swing they take at you. When you successfully dodge a swing, you don't counter.
In other words, no damage is dealt to the enemy.

The nice thing about enemies with knives is that if you knock the enemy down,
they can drop their knives which just turns them into regular enemies that
can be countered like any other. In cases like these, I encourage you to be
aggressive towards knife wielding enemies, this will create a simpler group
of enemies to deal with. Do so here to deal with these guys quickly.

Jump through the window on the right and try to hack the panel in here. You'll
be told you can't do it and you'll have to head back outside to find the jammer
in question. 

The Jammers - x351x
The jammer is actually on the roof of this very building. It's above the 
northern wing. Climb up so you look over the jammer and then you can jump down
and fight the enemies. You should be careful here because while none of these 
enemies have weapons, they can get weapons from the green stack of boxes by 
the wall. If you hear some kind of siren, it means that someone is trying to 
get a weapon out. This person should be your priority because if they get a 
weapon out, it can end this battle pretty quickly.

Run to each of the screens on the jammer and break each one. There are three.
But wait, there's more! The other jammer is just north-east of the museum. You
should see it in detective mode. You may end up approaching this building 
from a lower level rather than higher because of the low lying buildings 
around it. It may be preferable to go around it and get up higher before trying
to take the enemies down. There are four of them. Two are together right next 
to the jammer and can be taken down with a baterang and glide. The other two 
will come running and if you leave you can probably do the same thing to them 
to quickly clear the area. Disable this jammer like the last one.

The Subway - x352x
It appears there is one more. You want to head south to the Subway station. You
can actually get in without removing any of the guards. The entrance is on the
west side. Just drop down on the far side of the glass and hop the barrier
to get inside. Go down the stairs and do a double takedown on the guards 
talking about reading. Go down those stairs and at the bottom, take a right
and continue down more stairs. This should open into the actual subway area.
Head to the back left and you'll see a vent that you can remove. You actually
want to grapple up onto the train nearby. Walk along the trains, and you'll
eventually have to slide under some pipes, hurdle over others and then break
through (with a simple attack) some boards blocking an archway. You should hear
a couple of guys talking about Solomon Grundy. Hop over to the next train and
crouch under the pipes.

Turn right and drop down behind the group looking at the painting of Solomon
Grundy. Try and take the left two in a double takedown and then you should only
be left with one enemy. Dispose of him and turn left. There will be a shuttered
door. Open it and slide under. You'll come to a stalker section. While you
could try and climb up past the guards to do your thing, I find it easier to
just hop into the grates. Get in the grate and follow it around to the far
side. Eventually someone will come up from the tracks and walk behind some
boxes, blocking view from everyone else. Wait for him to get behind the boxes,
hop out of hiding and do a silent takedown. From here, it's just a matter of
letting the guards come and investigate which will generally isolate them
from the rest. They come in groups of two usually so you just need to wait for
them to separate, take one down and hop back into the grate. Rinse and repeat.

Once done with that, head over and destroy the last jammer (on the far side of
the train car). Once you are done with that, you can simply return the way you
came. Just watch for enemies that you may have left hanging around outside.
Once you get outside, if you use your grapnel, you'll probably climb right back
up to the museum.

Return to the Museum - x353x
Head back inside and through the window you jumped through earlier. This time
you should have no trouble hacking the panel. Hack it and go back down the hall
and to the railing. Turn left and climb up to the vantage points. You'll see
a couple of thugs harassing someone below but before you intervene, there is
a new enemy type down there. It's an armored enemy type. To deal damage, you
first need to hit the B button to stun them. Then attack them like any other
guy. Be warned that this guy also has a knife (they really didn't want this to
be easy). Despite having only three enemies, you're looking at a very varied
fight so stay on your feet. They are an Armored knife thug, a knife thug, and
a regular guy. Make sure you dodge when necessary and you'll be fine. I highly
recommend getting the Knife counter Takedown as soon as possible because it
will make dealing with the armored knife guys easier.

Just to the right of the cop is your exit. Go down the hall and through the
single door. You can't do anything on either side of the hallway yet. Turn
right up ahead and inspect the gate you can't seem to open. You'll be told to
use a remote control baterang (control is inverted by default). You want to
throw it up and over the gate then back down to hit the button. Follow the hall
left and go through the door.

Gladiator Pit - x354x
This is a big fight with probably 20+ enemies. It's a hugely simple fight
though with no real diversity. In fact, you could probably make it through this
fight by just attacking and suffer only one or two hits. Once you've cleared
the room of the small fries, you'll have to deal with a Titan. This is a little
bit easier than in AA. You don't have to play chicken, you just have to execute
a three hit stun and then you can attack the Titan freely. Once you've done
enough damage, you can get on his back and ride him. He has a charge attack
and ground pound attack. Use him to do as much damage to the group of small
enemies that has joined you. Eventually you will get bucked off, at which
point I cleared the rest of the smaller enemies. They are weak and will go
down fast. Once they are gone, you can finish up on the Titan fairly quickly.

After Penguin departs, head towards the gate under the stairs. You will need
to throw a baterang over or through (it's possible) the fence on the right
to hit a button on the wall. I found it was actually easier to try and throw
the baterang through a gap in the fence than over it because the angle coming
back down was too steep. This will open a gate under the left set of steps.
Go through it and almost directly ahead of you will be a lift. Run and hop
over the fence to get inside and then shoot the generator to go up. At the top
you want to spray some explosive gel on the ceiling. Go down, detonate, go
back up and climb out of the elevator.

Torture Chamber - x355x
Go forward and you'll soon find another destructible wall. Blow it up, walk
through and go through the door on your left. Watch the cutscene and then hop
down to the ice to rescue the cop. walk very slowly so you don't break the ice.
If you hear a beeping sound, it's because you're moving too quickly. Once he's
free, head back down to find the other two. head towards the right side of the
room and be introduced to Penguin's friend. If you turn detective mode on, you
will see golden glowing hooks scattered around the room and something hanging
from the ceiling. Use the batclaw to grab and pull this object. It will fall
in the water creating a raft. Shoot it with the batclaw and pull it towards 
you. Hop on and then use the batclaw on any of the hooks in the room to pull
the raft towards them. Shoot at hook behind the cop and float over to his
platform. The second guard is a little bit trickier but not overly so. You
actually have to rescue him from the raft so make sure you get close.

War Room - x356x
To get to the War Room you need to cross to the south side of the Torture
Chamber. You'll have to use the raft to get to the ice, then cross and use the
raft on the other side to get close enough to grapple up to the doorway. Once
you climb up, you'll come to a hallway with some thugs, including an armored
thug. There is a security door in front of you so look for the panel on the
left to hack it. Once you've gotten it down, I prefer to start this fight with
a baterang just for good measure (for taunting you). Clear these guys out and
head through the door.

Go around the corner, slide under the gate and then to the right of where the
prisoner is being held, put explosive gel on the wall. A fight will start that
is rather similar to the one you had before. In fact, it's pretty identical.
If you shock the big guy, you'll get the same result. If you stun the big guy,
you can get a decent number of hits in on him. Once they are cleared out, head
through the wall to the right and around the back of the make shift cell. Free
Freeze by hacking the panel. He will tell you to go to his suit. Go back to the
torture chamber and cross to the northern side. Climb up and walk through the
door at the end.

Armory - x357x
You will enter a new Stalker area. Hop up to the statues and make your way over
to Mr. Freeze's suit. Drop down and do a silent takedown of him. From this
point on, they will scatter a little so it's a matter of separating them out
and picking them off. I highly recommend hanging by the stairs because it seems
to be out of view of almost every area (including the bridge). You do have to
be careful to listen for them saying something about "So you think you can hide
in the darkness?" which means they are going to use their infrared goggles to
search whichever vantage they are near. If you are near him, move to a
different vantage and you'll be fine. The only other thing to watch for is when
you get rid of half of the men, one of them will take a hostage. From that
point on, you can't be seen or you lose. Listen for Batman to give cues as to
what not to do. For instance, I dropped an inverted body by cutting the rope
with a baterang and he mentioned that if I used another baterang, they'd
discover my location. Once you've gotten the last two guys, go over to a
vantage by the bridge and wait for the hostage taker to turn his back. Drop
down and sneak up for a takedown. Be sure to be fast. Head back to the 
Torture Chamber. Go to the Iceberg Lounge. On the way, there will be a
surprise. You want to mash the strike attack and then continue to the lounge.

the Iceberg Lounge - x358x
When you enter this room, Penguin will be in the middle of the room with
Freeze's gun. To use the codes to disable the gun (that you got from Freeze's
suit), you need to get closer. Make your way around the outside ring, stopping
when you have a wall between you and Penguin. Wait for him to stop shooting
and move to the next wall. Keep moving until you get to the far side and can
walk up to him. When you start walking up to him, take out the Override using
the directional pad and use LT/L2 to aim. As you start walking towards him,
hold the RT/R2 to activate it. Keep holding it until you are on top of him.
Now punch him.

Solomon Grundy - x359x
Solomon Grundy is a rather indirect fight but you need to keep an eye on him.
He has an overhead attack that can reach pretty much anywhere. It's fast so you
need to dodge as soon as it's coming. His other main attack is that he can spin
the chains in a big circle. You have more time to plan this but you need to
time your dodge as they balls are going by you.

To defeat him, you must plant explosive gel on the three different pads that
keep changing colors and then set them off. You should be prompted to use the
quick spray and quick detonate. Notice the little jump Batman does during the
quick spray? That actually also counts as a dodge and will work for Solomon's
attacks. Just dodge when necessary and plant those explosives. Once all three
are destroyed, you can attack Solomon. Go pound on him to start the next phase

Phase 2 is rather similar to the first phase except you need to hit the pads on
the ground while they are open and they don't always stay open. You also need
to be aware that he might occasionally release a little critter on the ground.
This is easily handled with a quick baterang. Go about this fight the same as
the last and just remember to be careful to dodge his attacks. When you destroy
all three again, pound on him again. Once he's on his back, you need to go up
and "Finish Him"

And by that, it means start Phase 3. Phase 3 is similar to Phase 2 except that
he hits the ground causing a shockwave that can hit you pretty much anywhere
and he does it frequently. You also have to watch out for the little critters
because they come at you much faster. Destroy the three pads once more and then
attack Solomon Grundy a final time to destroy him.

Phase 4 starts with you being shot at. Just dodge left and right while still
making forward progress. Once you are in striking range, let rip on him because
he has no defenses. This will be over quickly.

The League of Shadows - x360x   |

Leave the museum and head NE. You're aiming for just south of Park Row and the
Ace Chairman's Building. You could also just follow the blood trail there but
hopefully this will save time. On top of the NE corner of this building, you
should find bandages. Scan them when prompted and then chase after the Ninja.
You will follow her for a little bit and then catch up to her. When the fight
starts, just wait for her to attack you and then counter to plant the tracker
on her. Meet a friend and act like a jerk.

You are tracking the assassin again but this time you will be quite a ways
away. Follow the arrow and the box to your destination which should bring you
all the way around the city to the Southwest part of the Industrial district.
You'll find a Subway Maintenance Access that you want to jump down. It might
be best if you try and glide and then dive bomb down because there are a few
guards around the top with guns.

The Sewers - x361x
Once in the sewers, just follow the path you're on until you come to big gap.
Drop down and take out the thugs here but be careful because one of them is
armored and there isn't a whole lot of room to maneuver. Make sure to use your
evade to jump over enemies so you can get some space. Once you get rid of them,
head down the tunnel and take a right. Crouch under the gate and then pick the
line launcher. You want to aim and shoot to go across the water but you want
to release your aim and then re-aim as you get to the intersection. You want
to aim left and then shoot again. This will send you in a 90 degree angle. 
Land and then take a left. Go down the hallway and take a right so you're 
standing on wooden boards above a group of thugs. Use a takedown to go through
the wood.

This fight is a little complex. Thankfully there are no armored enemies but
there are weapon crates scattered around the map and milk crates that enemies
will try to throw at you. That can create quite a handful for this fight. Your
priority should always be anybody going for a weapon. Take them out first
with gadgets if you need to. After them, as long as you keep moving, you can
skip the guys with the crates otherwise you want to go for them next.

Once they are cleared out, there is a panel on the Southeast wall. Hack it. Go
through the gate you just opened and you'll find yourself in a familiar place.
This is where the last jammer was. Near the jammer, in the northeast corner of
the room is a door so you can continue your search for the assassin. Go through
the door, use the line launcher to cross the water and then grapple up to the
ledge above. Go through the door at the top and walk forward.

Old Gotham - x362x
Walk through the hole in the wall, turn left and use the line launcher to get
moving across, then you want to do a second launch to the right half way
across. You want to try and line it up as best you can you actually connect
with the armored guy on the second line. Knock him down and do a ground
takedown to save yourself some trouble. Once he's down, quickly try to find the
enemies with the guns. One of them should be towards the front of the room.
At this point though, just keep pounding and moving and you'll be fine. Go
through the double doors in this room.

Wonder Tower Foundation - x363x
You are at another stalker phase. This level isn't too bad at all. Get up on
the gargoyles and circle around until you've almost put the middle shaft
between you and the hostage. After a minute, the man with the jammer pack will
come around under you. Just do an inverted takedown on him. Then circle around
so you can see the hostage. One of the two will go to investigate the body and
you should take out the one who stays by the hostage. Go back up and wait for
more people to come and check it out. You should be able to hit one with a
baterang and then glide kick the other. Do two take downs on them and then wait
for the last guy to come up and you can take him down too. Once they are all
taken care of, head back to the intern and talk to her. Head back into the big
room and head for the door on the north side.

Wonder City - x364x
Head through the next couple of rooms by activating the generators on the
ground. At the end, you'll be attacked by Ninjas. They have blades so you have
to treat them like enemies with knives. In this case, it pays to be aggressive
since they all have swords. They shouldn't be too difficult. Make liberal use
of strikes and evades. Once they are clear, there is a piece of floor that can
be destroyed with explosives. Open detective mode to find it by the projection
wall. Blow it open and then use an electrical charge.

Enter Wonder City and walk towards the door in the distance. After you take a
better look at the door, examine the different machines to access their video
memory. After you've examined a few of the robots, you will be attacked by
two ninjas in the middle of the street. After a few more robots, the same thing
will happen. But the middle of the street is a relatively safe place for the
fight. Use your strikes, counters, dodges and takedowns and you'll end these
fights quickly. Once you've examined all of the machines, head towards the big
door and just to the left is the secret door. Examine it to find the switch
and then you will be attacked. Be ready to counter and when you do, the door
will open.

Follow the tunnel and turn and eventually you'll come to a ladder. Climb up and
out. Walk forward and follow the light. you'll eventually be lead down some
stairs and through a door. Go through the door and do as he says, drink from
the chalice.

Demon's Blood - x365x
This section seems like it could be very hard but they actually tell you 
exactly what to do. Just follow the blue trail. When it goes down, dive bomb
until it climbs, then climb. Make sure not to touch anything while doing this
except for the giant blue crystal plateau. When you land on a plateau, be
careful because you may be attacked by clay ninjas. They are like the regular
ninjas except they provide more opportunities to counter and are on a smaller
surface. If you get to a point with a spinning orange-yellow vortex, you want
to dive bomb into it.

After diving into the second vortex, you'll find yourself in a room. Walk
through the door and up the stairs to see Talia. Walk through the next set of
doors for some talking

Ra's Al Ghul - x366x
First, you will be attacked by clay demons. Fight them off just the same as the
ones you did before. After you've defeated them, Al Ghul will come up in
giant form out of the sand. You want to shoot quick electrical charge shots
at him but they have to get beyond his rotating wall of soldiers. This is
easier than it seems. Just keep shooting and it'll slip through. The only
real challenge is doing this will dodging his other attacks. Just dodge
whenever you see any kind of attack coming. They travel fast and you can't 
afford to hesitate. Once this is done, you'll be attacked and need to keep 
hitting the counter button.

You'll get some conversation at this point but then you will be attacked. By
a lot of enemies. Hammer on the counter button until all of the indicators are
gone. This will give you an awesome combo counter to start with and then you
can just run around bashing on all of the enemies. If you don't kill all of
the enemies fast enough, the beginning of this sequence where you have to
counter multiple attackers will happen again with whatever remaining enemies
there are. Once you've cleared them all, Ra's Al Ghul will appear in his
giant form again. Destroy this form just as you did before and he will attack
you again. Hammer on the counter button again. 

After you finish the fight, you will have to use the reverse Baterang on him.
Hold the aim button and then use RB/R1 to lock on. Release the button to throw
the baterang to finish up here.

Return to the Streets - x367x
You'll have to head back up the way you came. It should be pretty quiet up
until you get back to the subway. Unfortunately, it seems it's actually easier
to get rid of the guards than to sneak by them. When you come through the door
into the subway you want to get on the gargoyle to the left (so you're over
the tracks). Eventually the guard with the jammer pack will come by near you
and you can drop down and take him out. Do so and return to the rafters.
move around a little so they don't find you.

This is not an easy area to clear. They have the infrared goggles so be careful
where you stay but as long as you make good use of your baterang (don't use it
too often or they'll find you) and take downs, it shouldn't be too much of an
issue. Just remember to move around a lot if they find you. When you manage to
clear this area, head out through the Southwest. When you go through the
shutter door, you'll actually find a new enemy. This one has a shield. To
defeat them, just stun them and hit evade twice. This will knock them down and
they will lose their shield, making them normal enemies again. Be aware that
their attacks can't be countered in any way so you need to just avoid them or
take down their shields.

Keep going until you get back the subway terminal. You'll have to crawl through
a vent to get into the room and you'll have a very large group of enemies
above you. This is a tough fight. You'll have a couple of shielded enemies and
plenty of people with bats and pipes. You should also watch for some thrown
weapons. Use the takedown on the armored guy to save you some trouble. Then
try and find and take down the shielded enemies. Even though someone else will
pick up the shield eventually, they can put a real stop to your flow so keep
the shields out of the fight as best as you can. Then deal with the little guys
until someone else picks up a shield and deal with him. When in doubt, just
evade until you have some distance.

Back on the Streets - x368x
Get some altitude and start heading Northeast of here. You don't have to go
far to find Quincy Sharp. This part is a little tough because it's five thugs
right around him. If you have the weapon deactivator or the disarming boomerang
then this is the perfect opportunity for those. Deactivate two weapons,
boomerang a third, drop on a fourth and then attack the fifth and you should
pretty quickly have eliminated the guns from the battle. After that, it turns
into a regular fight. If you don't have these, drop in on someone and make good
use of the smoke pellets. Either way, interrogate Quincy Sharp afterwards.

After a little bit of talking, you'll be headed to the GCPD. Head there but
be careful because there are guards with guns on a lot of the rooftops now.
It's actually safer in a lot of cases to glide through the streets than over
rooftops. Another safe alternative is riding choppers since they don't check
each other. Head over to the GCPD (east) and find a perch. There is a group of
enemies down below. Drop down on one of the regular enemies to take him out
instantly and then you have to use lots of stuns for the armored guy and the
two shields. Be sure to evade a lot on this battle and don't worry too much
about combat flow, just try and get it down because this isn't a particularly
easy battle.

Once you've removed them, just activate the door as normal and the bottom will
thaw. Then you can just slide under as you normally would. Enter the front
door of the building. You can't really sneak up on Mr. Freeze here so just walk
in the front door.

The Cure - x370x  |

Mr. Freeze - x371x
This is actually a pretty simple fight. You basically just have to set traps
for Mr. Freeze to stun his suit and then attack him while he is stunned. The
only real problem is that you can't stun the suit the same way twice and you
have to stun him five times. You just have to stay out of sight so you can set
your traps and not get destroyed by his Freeze ray. And make sure you watch for
his drones in the air. They will try and find you and ram into but usually you
just have to put something between yourself and them so that they'll crash.

Start off the battle by luring him to one of the magnets. Stand out of his line
of sight and aim at the magnet with your electric charge gun. When he gets near
it, shoot the magnet and he will get stunned. When he's kneeling on the ground
run up and pound on him until his suit actually takes damage (noted in the
upper right) and his suit starts beeping. Then run away and hide.

Second, if he follows you up to one of the high sides, flip over the railing
and hold on so you can do a ledge takedown OR if he stays below you can just
get behind him and do a glide kick from behind. Once you do one of these, you
can't do the other. Either of these will stun him. Then hit him for damage and

Third, do a takedown from behind. Just get behind him any way you like and
crouch walk up behind him. Hit him with a takedown to stun him.

Fourth, go to the room that has the wires running into the water. Just inside
is a button. Hit it when Freeze walks into the water to stun him but wait for
the voltage to die down before you attack him.

Fifth, in this same room, off to the right (assuming your still in the room)
is a destroyable wall. Go put explosive gel on it and wait for Freeze to come
in the room. Then run and slide under the wall. If he comes out then you can
slide back into the room. Just wait for him to get close to the wall and set
off the explosives. This will give you your last stun. Go in and finish him
off. Once his bar is exhausted, you'll have to burst his bubble. Punch him in
the face a few times and that should do it.

The Chase - x372x
Head towards the exit like normal except that it's blocked. turn around and
run down the hallway towards the gate. The gate is partially open but the
pipes are blocking the way. You want to throw your new freeze bombs at the
opening of the pipe so it blocks the pipe. Now you can just slide through. Go
through the door on the other side to exit the building. Watch events unfold 
and go to the rescue.

Head west but go slowly so you can see the beams from the sniper rifles. Watch
for them around the crash site and then follow them back to the source. There
should be two to the right and two to the left. Sneak up on them from behind
and take them out before rescuing the reporter. Be careful when taking out
either group because the sniping groups can see each other. However, if you
are quick, they likely won't have time to get a clear shot. With them out of
the way, go talk to the reporter. 

How you actually get there is up to you but you are headed for the Southwest
corner of the Steel Mill. Be careful because there are guards with sniper
rifles all over the place and they only get thicker once you get to the
Industrial District. You can go fast or you can go slow and take out all the
guards, it's really your choice. Either way, when you get close, Oracle will
give you a waypoint directly to where you are going. Outside is a small
stalker section. There are two snipers here, one on a really high tower and
one on a lower tower. Just make sure you get the high tower sniper and then
the low tower sniper.

After that, it's a cakewalk really. Just wait for the enemies to come out of
hiding and make use of your baterang and takedowns. They should fall in no
time. Make your way inside. Inside, freeze the first guy and then try and take
out the other two. It's a pretty simple battle but they do have access to
a knife and a shield so watch for those.

Steel Mill returns - x373x
Look down over the railing and you'll see water. Throw a cryo bomb into the
water to make a raft and then jump on. Use the batclaw to pull your raft along
but make sure you let go and duck before you hit the wall. When you come out
on the other side, use the bat claw to pull you towards the saws and then just
jump up to the ledge above. Make a new raft on the other side and use the rings
around the outside to stay away from the saw in the middle. Bring the raft to
the far side and hop off again.

Climb up and look through the window. Glide through the window to start the
fight. Keep a finger on your baterangs and the other on your counters. Those
will save you big in this fight. Use the baterangs on the people trying to get
weapons and counter everything they throw at you, which will be a lot. And
watch out for the armored guy. He's the only special type of enemy here.

..."And why did it end in a church!?" Best line ever!

Go through the only door in the room and do a takedown on the unarmored guy.
Then just stun the armored guy and take him down. Release the guy if you want
but if you stick around for too long, he'll attack you. Blast a hole in the
wall and go for a raft ride. Use the anchor points on the wall to pull yourself
away from the saws and then use the other up ahead to pull yourself under the
wall. On the other side of the wall, you will need to pull yourself back the 
way you came and off to the side. Get off the ice and onto dry land, then use 
the line launcher to get across to the other side.

From there, take a right and make another raft. Climb up on the ledge ahead.
This part is a little tricky. You need to throw a remote control baterang
through the hole in the door ahead, have it fly through the sparking
electricity in the next room and then it needs to turn around and go into the
other door and strike the panel in the small caged in room. It takes a few
tries and some practice. On the other side, make a raft and be on the lookout
on the right for a ledge to grapple up to. Once you get there, look for a
security panel. Hack that and a draw bridge will drop for you to cross. Cross
the draw bridge and take a right. Head for the double doors and eventually go
through them.

Smelting Chamber - x374x
This room is tough. You want to wait for someone to go under the gargoyle you
start under. Climb up there and wait for an inverted takedown opportunity.
After you get him, start hopping around. There's no real pretty way of doing
this so just wait for people to separate themselves from the group before you
drop down on them. Use the fire extinguishers so you can drop down and take
someone out without being noticed. You'll have to use all of your tricks to
get through this room.

After you clear the room, there is a shuttered door in the Northeast. Open it
and use the railings to cross to it. Go in and open the next door as well.
Climb in the vent and into the next room. Go to the far end of the room and 
use the conveyor belt to get into the room with the guard. You can hop in one
of the boxes (MGS?) and the conveyor belt will carry you around unseen. It
won't take you out of the room though so ride to the end and do a silent
takedown on him. Hop up on the ledge above to find Harley Quinn. Talk to her
for a side mission. Then continue on behind her.

Go under the small door into the next room and then take the door on your 
right. In the next room, if you can, disable the weapons of the two snipers up
in the doorway. Then you can just approach and take out the three guys on the
ground. Clean them up and then hop up and get rid of the snipers who will try
ineffectually to shoot at you. Follow the arrows on the floor.

Joker Boss Battle - x375x
Punch him a few times, he's a push over. Then fight the guys who come in to
help. Unfortunately, he throws every size at you. You have a one armed guy and
a Titan in this battle along with little guys and the Joker. Try to clean up
the little guys as best you can while staying on the move. I highly recommend
using the Electric Charge on the Hammer guy. When it's just the two big guys 
and the Joker, go for the Titan. Hit him with the Super Stun and then attack 
him until you ride him. Use him to attack the one armed guy. Rinse and repeat
until the Titan is dead, then take the one armed guy down and finally the
Joker. Be sure to watch out for train cars coming randomly throughout the
fight. They can do some decent damage.

Catwoman - x376x
Climb forward and up onto the catwalk. You are headed toward Park Row. You'll
find a few guys on your destination. You have an armored guard, a shielded
guard, and gun guard. Focus on the guy with the gun, then the guy with the
shield. The guy with the armor is easily countered whenever he strikes. Once
you've dealt with them, go into the sewer. Run along the sewer, into the 
confiscated goods vault. Go into the next room and after she talks to herself
a little, jump onto the ceiling and head into the next room. You want to find
three guards and pick their pockets (not take them down).

Head back to the control room and use the computer to unlock the door. Head
back towards the vault door and clear the area. Just isolate your enemies and
pick them off. Be sure to use the shortcuts in the stacks where boxes are

Head into the vault door and check the plant and the briefcases. You'll have
to fight your way out. One enemy has armor and the other has a shield but
otherwise they aren't anything special. There are six in total. Just make sure
to use the space you have in here to your advantage.

Now grab the briefcases and head out. When you're almost out, you'll have to
decide between saving Batman and walking away with the briefcases. You
get to choose. While there is a wrong choice, it is an interesting choice to
make at least once and won't really set you back any effort. When you're
ready, go save Batman. Crawl through the vent and you'll automatically make
your way to the Steel Mill.

Protocol 10 - x380x   |

Chasing Choppers - x381x
When you regain control of Batman, make your way outside. After a long talk,
start scanning choppers. Eventually you'll find the one you are looking for.
Grapple up to it and steal the command code. From here, head all the way around
the city to the Wonder tower. I highly recommend hitching a ride on a chopper
when you can because you are pretty safe when attached to one. At Wonder tower,
you want to head for the middle level (the one with the two Snipers). Deal with
them as you will and then unlock the door there. Head inside.

Processing Center - x382x
Follow the hallway and go through the shuttered door. Drop down to the lower
level and exit the far side of the room through the other shuttered door. Turn
left and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Drop down and face the
new enemy here.

The stun baton enemies aren't difficult to understand but they can be a pain
to deal with. Stun enemies can't be countered in any way and you can't attack
them from the front or you'll be stunned. The only way to deal damage to them
is by jumping over them and hitting them from behind.

Deal with these three enemies. Once you are done with them, you'll be beat up
by another group of enemies and you won't be allowed to react. Once you regain
control, pay it all back. Beat them good. You've got a little bit of everything
in this group so be careful. Watch for a gun, shield, and stun batons as
well as occasional thrown items. When you clear this wave, the next wave will
come with no weapons but one of the enemies is armored and there are plenty of
weapons on the floor. Try to make quick work of them before they can get any
weapons. Bounce the bozos and head through the manhole cover off to the side.

Wonder Tower Foundation - x383x
Head forward and drop through the hole in the ground. Eventually you'll come to
a ledge. Line Launch south and at the second gap, you want to shoot at 90
degrees to the left. Put explosives on the ground to blow a hole in the ground.
Drop down in there and meet the intern in the next room. She'll tell you about
all the guards (that you're probably already aware of) in the open room beyond.

This stalker area is rather brutal. If you can deactivate a couple of weapons,
use it on the two snipers on either end. The prime striking points are the
gargoyles in the inner ring. Use them offensively but once you've taken
someone out, head back to the outer ring of gargoyles and usually you'll be
fine. Do be aware that the enemies have thermal goggles. Just be patient and
stay on the outer ring and you should be fine. But don't forget you can still
use some of these Gargoyles offensively too. Decode the elevator when the room
is clear. Be aware that it might have multiple answers but only one of them is

Wonder Tower - x384x
Inside the elevator is another panel you need to hack to get it moving. At the
top, hop through the ceiling and go outside, there will be enemies waiting to
ambush you (don't take too long because they'll open the door). While the
glass takedown looks great, I'd go with taking down one of the two stun baton
guards because it will leave you in a better position. Just get moving around
and use takedowns on the stun and armored guards and this should be a fast
fight. Off to one side of the elevator is another panel to open the gate. Hack
it and climb through the door. Slide around to the back of the building and
from the antenna, grapple up above.

Once you reach the landing, turn left and jump to the pipe on the side of the
building. Follow that around as far as you can, and then you can grapple
strait up and then you'll want to grapple again off to the side. Head back
along the building and up the ladder into the elevator shaft. Run and Jump 
across to the far side landing (down one level). Head forward and take a right
and you'll come back outside to a giant antenna again. Walk out and then
tightrope walk on the wire. From about halfway along the wire, you'll be able
to grapple up on top of the caged in walk way you just come from and from there
you can grapple strait up above you.

You'll be just outside of the elevator shaft now and in the back of the room,
to the left will be another panel to hack. Hack that and it will open a door
far above you. You have to be right under the door to reach it with the
grapnel. Once up there, go through the hallway until you come to a dead end.
On the right side a little ways up you will find an air vent. You want to take
the lower path in the vent which will lead you outside. From here, you can
get to the gargoyles.

Observation Deck - x385x
Start the battle by hanging off of one of the outside ledges and doing a ledge
takedown. Use any neutralizing tools you may have (deactivate weapons, sonic
baterangs). There are two ladders in the room, they always go up one and down
the other. I found the best spot was by the ladder that goes up. If you go
through the middle of the room, Dr. Strange can see you and will point you out
so be mindful of that. Almost all of the dirty work will have to be done on the
ground so make good use of crawl spaces and cover. If you are patient though, 
you should be able to catch a guard alone at that spot and do a silent
takedown. However you go about it, there are five left (assuming you took out
the guard by the ledge).

When you are done, climb that ladder and go to strange's door. Hack the panel
with an awesome password and then confront Dr. Strange.

Immortality - x390x  |
Follow the marker. Be careful when you got to about 50 meters though because
there will be snipers all over the area (we're talking about ten or so). Take
your time getting rid of each sniper. You want to be very mindful of the lasers
and where they are pointing. For the most part start from the outside and high
up and work your way in to your waypoint and down. Again, be very careful
about whom you are taking out. There should be NO lasers near the enemy you are
going for and you might want to wait just a moment to make sure no lasers
sweep over him. If it's clear, sneak up with a silent takedown. You shouldn't
do anything other than silent takedowns because everything else will draw a lot
of attention and you probably won't manage to make it back to a vantage point
alive. After you've unraveled almost all of the snipers, drop behind the last
two by the doors and take them out. Head inside.

Clayface - x391x
Batman tells you right off what you need to do to defeat Clayface. Throw ice
bombs at him. Hit RT/R2 twice to through one. Just keep tossing them at him
and avoiding his attacks. He has a few attacks but they are painfully obvious
when they are coming. He has a blade attack that is in close on the first swing
and covers almost the entire area on the second. He also has a Hammer attack
where he can squash you, an overhead leap that can cover the entire room, and
an overhead swing that you can either dodge or use counter to dodge (you'll see
the regular indicator above his head during this). He has one other attack
where he turns into a ball which can be kind of hard to avoid if you're close
to him so it's a good idea to keep your distance.

So you'll dodge a lot. In between dodging you should just be hammering him with
grenades. Eventually his life bar will run out and he'll be frozen. Go beat on
him a little bit. Eventually, he'll thaw and he'll return to his attacks. He
will be more aggressive and take less damage than before but he's only got
one new attack this time. He will spin around and shoot little pieces of clay
at your feet. Just keep dodging this and repeat what you did last time.

Phase 3 is entirely different than the first two. Rather than fight clayface
directly, you'll fight little clay creatures. You'll also notice two bars in
the upper right. The orange bars are the creatures you're fighting. Once that
disappears, Clayface will appear from the giant puddle of clay. You need to
throw freeze blasts into his mouth. If you don't get it the first time, it
will slow him down giving you a much easier time at getting it in his mouth
the second time. This will lower the blue bar. But the more damage that you do
to Clayface, the more minions he will send at you.

The real tough part here is that the minions have an incredible reach so you
need to be very attentive to countering. It may even by wise to do just that
rather than attacking them. Drop four freeze blasts in his mouth and he's done


Or is it...

Epilogue - x3xxx
Head back to your apartment. Once you get there, drop into the cage like you
did before and approach your window. Then a fight will start. They are a pretty
simple group of enemies. Take them out and head to the museum. When you get to
the museum, there will be a few guys, one with a shield, in front. Deal with
them, head inside and deal with the group in the dinosaur exhibit. A couple of
them will have knives.

Run down the hall, through the door and into the gladiator room. There's a good
number of enemies here, a couple with shields and knives and lots of hammers
and thrown weapons. Thankfully there are no Titans or guns so just keep moving
and using your takedowns and you should be fine.

Go through either door, up the stairs and through the door at the top. You'll
be in the torture chamber now. You want to swing under the catwalk and head
right. Climb through the grate into the caged room. Then you want to pounce up
to the catwalk above and follow that path around to the north wing towards the
armory. You can drop down and there will be a few enemies just down the hall.
Be fast because they are packing guns but thankfully there's only three of

Head into the armory to start a stalker section. This section is interesting
because you can't get rid of all the guards. They keep respawning. Your only
real target is Two-Face. Depending on where he is, you need to sneak up on
him in a different way.

If he's on the bridge (like when he starts), you need to get over and hang on
the ledge and wait for a ledge takedown. If he's by the entrance walking
between the two balconies then you need to wait for a clear shot to sneak up
behind him. You can also catch him on the lower level. He will walk around the
Mammoth in the center. It's rather hard to catch him here but if you can get
around behind him for a silent takedown, it'll make finishing the fight a lot

The best method I've managed is to go to the back of the room so you're near
the Mammoth's rear end. Climb up the ledge of the bridge so you are on the
right side and wait to do a ledge takedown. Once you've done it, drop down,
turn 180 degrees and then run forward and left into the alcove. There should be
a vent here. Climb through it, take a left and run to the end and climb up into
the vent. Come out the other side and try to make your way into the room and
back up to the Gargoyles. With any luck, Two-Face will go back up to the bridge
and you can rinse and repeat. Feel free to use a pouncing attack if that is
what is convenient (for instance, when he's on the bottom floor).

One you've finished with him, you are back to Batman and can roam the city
completing riddles and side-quests.

                          |                          |
                          |          Riddles         |
                          |           x400x          |

Across from the museum and south is a building with a maze on it. This is also
the same building where you can change characters. There are two generators and
a switch on the roof and a ball in the cage. Use the generators to move the
ball. Since each generator can move in two directions, you can move the ball in
all four directions. The switch will open two gates inside. You just need to
get the ball to the other side of the maze so you can retrieve the trophy.

Court House - Halfway down the stairs to the holding area, turn around and look
up. This statue should be above the doorway from the first floor.

Courthouse - Go in through the back door and into the court room. Immediately
to your left is a boxed in desk with a gavel and two handguns. Scan the

                          |                          |
                          |       Side-Missions      |
                          |           x500x          |

You start this mission at the GCPD but you don't actually do anything until you
receive your first call at the Museum. 

NOTE: This will contain answers to Riddles, you've been warned.

Head to the church and you'll be presented with a Riddle. The answer is Organ
so scan the organ at the back of the room. Head to the Court House and back
to where Two-Face was. Take out the thugs there and you will be presented with
a number puzzle. You must line up the numbers so the bottom number is 275 and
the right number is 325.

After this, you'll be given a word puzzle. The answer, is secret.

Mysterious Watcher
You will find him first across and to the left (south) of the GCPD building.
He will talk to you and leave a symbol on the ground. Scan it.

                          |                          |
                          |        AR Training       |
                          |           x600x          |

Grapnel Upgrade
Level 1
The first training involves simply gliding through the 5 rings. Just run off
and glide and turn left and right as needed.

Level 2
This level requires you to dive bomb. Glide through the first ring and while
you are above the second one, hit the RT/R2 to dive bomb strait to the bottom.
If you hit one, you should hit the others.

Level 3
This is a little tricky. Fly over the column of rings and dive bomb but as soon
as you hit the bottom most ring, return to a regular glide and continue forward
and slightly right to the next ring. Make sure you pull back on the stick so
you climb a little bit after you dive bomb. You have to make it through this
ring and one more beyond it to finish.

Level 4
So fly over to the first column and dive bomb but as soon as you're done, pull
up and head to the next column. The goal is to be high enough that you can dive
bomb through the second set of rings. Do so and then you just have to glide
through a couple of rings beyond the column (which will be slightly left of
this column).

Advanced Level 1
This seems simple at first but turns into a nightmare. You have to glide off
of the sign by hitting A and pull back on the stick so that you make the first
ring. Then you have to dive bomb through the next two rings and let off close
to the ground to hit the fourth. Getting the fifth is tough. When you let off
of the dive bomb, you want to tap back just a little bit so you don't fly into
the ground but you not too much or you'll fly into the wall above. Then you
still have to maintain your flight through the tunnel without crashing. Try
going lower than higher because the curved pipes are easy to crash into, even
if you think you won't.

This will take a lot of practice to get.

Advanced Level 2
Start gliding towards the first ring and then Dive bomb as soon as you get to
it so that you're going through the bottom part of the ring. You actually want
to level out a little early and this should help you have control better once
you get inside. Hit the second ring, go inside and hang a left. Be careful not
to hit walls and there's an island in the middle before the last ring. Don't
accidentally land on that.

Advanced Level 3
This is similar to Advanced Level 1. I start at the back of the crane so I have
more time to get oriented. Jump off from the back and approach the first ring.
Dive bomb through the first ring and when you're about half way to the water,
let go of the dive bomb and correct yourself. Then just coast through the
tunnel. The only thing that's tougher about this one is that if you fail, you
are let off in a group of thugs so you need to pay attention.

Advanced Level 4
For this, you need to glide forward, dive bomb and do a 180 at the same time,
level out and coast backwards. How you actually do this is that you want to
glide towards the first ring but start turning left just before you Dive Bomb.
You want to stop pushing left when you are about half way through your turn
and then quickly pull back on the stick and stop the dive bomb. If you manage
to get under the bridge then you're golden.

                          |                          |
                          |          Gadgets         |
                          |           x700x          |

Legal - x900x
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