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This will give an explaination of the symbols and writings at the end of the 
game.  There are different messages throughout the room that you can see if you 
use your Eagle Vision.

In front of the Animus Table there are the following:
Pentagram-  It has many meanings but is often misinterpreted as a Satanic 
symbol, however what makes it interesting is that it was once used as the 
official seal of Jerusalum.  It is also used to represent the "Five Wounds of 
Christ" and it used in Christian arcitecture.

Yona Guni-  is a Japanese island which has become famous for its sunken rock 
and stone structures.  If they were man-made then they would be the oldest 
buildings presently known to man.  This would also present evidence that there 
was once a cilivization here.  The site also has squared off megalithic blocks 
that resemble those at Stonehenge and Easter Island

Pictures-  There is a picture of Oriental buildings and what appears to be a 
mountain and a Torii.  A Torii is a traditional Japanese gate that marks the 
transition from the sacred to the normal world.

To the left of the table:
There is a triangle of letters, which when vertically read from the bottom 
right corner to the left reads:  "they drained my soul and made it theirs i 
drain my body to show you where i saw it"  This means that the writings you are 
seeing is in blood, which you will also find out when you enter the bedroom.  
It also means that the places being described are the locations of something, 
which is assumed to be the locations of the Pieces of Eden.

Numbers-  Below the triangle is what appears to be a barcode with the number 
12212012 below it.  This is actually a date:  12/21/2012 or December 21st 
2012.  This is the last date of the Mayan calender.  The barcode is kind of 
smeared but it could be an ancient counting system, which becomes important 
when looking in the bedroom.

Circles-  Above the triangle are three interlocking circles.  This is known as 
a triquetra.  It has many meanings but in the Christian religion is used to 
signify the Holy Trinity

Pictures-  In the corner of the room are pictures of a monkey, bird, and a 
spider.  These are the Nazca Lines.  They are gigantic lines in the Nazca 
Desert drawn by an ancient culture.  What makes them interesting is that they 
only make a discernable picture when viewed from a plane of helicopter.  Since 
these ancient people would never have been able to see there creation, nobody 
actually knows how they made them

On the platform with the computer things:
There is a picture of what appears to be Machu Picchu.  This is often refered 
to as the "Lost City of the Incas".  If you look at it there appears to be the 
step like structures with the mountains in the background.  This is also the 
city that holds an Incan astronimic clock.  To the right of this drawing is 
what looks like some sort of temple, most likely Incan.

To the right of the table:
There is a square of letters which when read vertically starting in the bottom 
right corner reads:  "artifacts sent to the skies to control all nations to 
make us obey a hidden crusade do not help them".  This means that, in the game, 
the Templars have sent the Piece of Eden into space so that they can control 
people for their crusade.  This is also implied in some of the emails that can 
be accessed on the computers.

Above the square:
The eye anclosed in a triangle is known as the Eye of Providence or All-seeing 
Eye.  It is often interpreted to be the eye of God watching humankind.  It can 
also be seen on the back of a US one-dolar bill; floating above an unfinished 

Below the square:
There is a triangle filled with eyes with a glowing apple on top.  I have no 
idea what it means, sorry.

On the patlform with the computer things:
There is an Eye of Ra, which is another symbol for the Eye of Providence and 
what look like pyramids.  They go from little to medium to big, much like the 
pyramids at Giza.

In your bedroom:
When you first look at the writings on your wall it will end the game, but if 
you wait you will eventually regain control

Starting from the left:
There are different languages on the wall that I don't understand, however 
there is the phrase "We are all books containing thousands of pages and within 
each of them lies an irreparable truth."  There is also an omega sign which 
means "end", although no alpha; "beginning".  There is also a fractle and the 
writing Z(n+1) = Zn^2 + C.  This is called the Mandelbrot Set, which creates an 
aestetic fractle.  It is significant because it is an infinite pattern that is 
always the same no matter how far you zoom in.  The adjacent circles are a 
picture of this.  The number is the long form of the Incan system 
for 12/21/2012.  The barcode in the other room also has the same meaning 
assuming that there are 20 lines.  I couldn't tell because they were smeared.  
I don't know what the thing in the middle is but the number 22:13 is a 
reference to Revelations 22:13 which reads, "I am the Alpha and Omega, the 
beginning and the end, the first and the last."  There is the phrase "I've 
entered the abyss and never returned."  There is also the writing "Quetzcoalt's 
hunger lies the answers."  I think this is similar to Quetzalcoatl, which is an 
Aztech god often refered to as the feathered serpent and is connected to the 
planet Venus.  He is also refered to as "The God of the Morning Star".  His 
birth was also supposedly a virgin birth.  It should also be mentioned that 
Lucifer was called "The Morning Star"

I just think that this is interesting and that anyone who says Assassin's Creed 
doesn't have a good story line just didn't know what everything meant.  It is 
profoundly deep and I assume the rest of the trilogy will be as well.     


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