The Complete Beginners Guide - Guide for The Sims 2

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-Table of Contents-
1 -- Controls
2 -- Creating a Sim
3 -- Needs/Mood
4 -- Careers
5 -- Skills
6 -- Multiplayer

(These controls asume that you are using Direct Mode)

Move Sim - Left Analog Stick
Zoom/Rotate - Right Analog Stick
Select - X
Freeze - L1
Fast Forward - R1
Switch Sims - R2/L2
Cancel interaction - Triangle
Open/Close Pause Interface - Start Button

--2--Creating A Sim
Begin by choosing to be a boy or girl, of course. The four portraits at the top 
of the screen are your grandparents. The middle ones are your parents. Your sim 
is in the middle. You can keep repeating until you find one that you like.  You 
can always change your appearance later. If you are in Freeplay, you can also 
Add and change 3 other family members. 

Social -- Stay Social by talking on the phone, to other sims, or chatting 
Bladder -- Be sure to get into the bathroom enough so you don't end up leaving 
a mess in your living room!
Hygeine -- Wash your hands or take a shower/bath to keep your sim smelling like 
Hunger -- Keep your tummy silent by filling it up with some goodies :)
Fun -- Do something entertaining such as watching tv, dancing, partying, etc...
Energy -- Take a nap or get an energy drink
Comfort -- Rest in a chair, or do something, well, comfortable!
Room -- Stay in a roomy environment to keep your Room Bar full!
If you have extremely low needs your sim could die. You might also die by 
interacting with certain objects that you are not good with such as repairing a 
tv and getting electrocuted.

--Wants and Fears--
Accomplish your wants to move on in career mode. Gold wants will help you 
progress. Platinum Wants will unlock another location for you in career mode. 
Also, you can call a Therapist if you are having trouble with your wants/fears.

There are 10 different career paths. You can find yourself as nice job by 
reading the newspaper or looking online. YOu can advance in your job by 
building skills that have something to do with your current career path. 

There are seven different skills in The Sims 2. Here they are:
Cooking - Cook a meal and read cookbooks
Mechanical - Study a Mechanical book or repair things
Charisma - Practice Speaking or Kissing or write a blog
Body - Exercise or use a punching bag
Logic - Play chess, design a game, or read a book
Creativity - Play a musical instrument or paint something on an easel
Cleaning  - Clean up around your house

You can play together in 2-Player mode. You will not be able to Fast Forward 
unless both players hold R1. But you can still Freeze Time.
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